George W. Bush Speaking
Clip of a George W. Bush speech at The Economic Club of New York.
FSN-206 Beta SP
US Trump Speech Reaction (CR)
Visitors on National Mall React to Speech
Macron and Biden: "brothers in arms" against Putin
France 5
Bush Speech
[Bush Speech] [UNKNOWN]
1990s NEWS
GATT Pres. Bush speech
President Ronald Reagan gives a speech in Berlin, Germany and returns back to United States.
President Ronald Reagan in Berlin, Germany. President Reagan addresses members of the Berlin Garrison at Berlin Tempelhof Airport. In his speech, he questions why the Berlin wall exists, and jokes that he will put that question into a bottle and "throw it over the wall." Later, he visits Checkpoint Charlie and then speaks to a crowd of civilians in German. Officials and the crowd applaud as he proclaims, 'Berlin is still Berlin.' Air Force One lands at Andrews Air Force Base. President Reagan and his wife Nancy disembark from the aircraft. He shakes hands with Vice President Bush. Location: Berlin Germany. Date: June 1982.
President Bush Inauguration 1989 feat. Barbara Bush
George HW Bush, standing with his wife Barbara Bush, took the oath of office administered by Chief Justice William Rehnquist and became the 41st President of the United States of America. President Bush was congratulated by former President Ronald Reagan. Shows the 21-gun salute. After thanking former President Reagan for his service to America President Bush delivered his acceptance speech. January 20, 1989
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George H.W. Bush speech at local union 472
George Bush speech at local union 472 - Newark, NJ construction workers union - - black policeman, singing Star Spangled Banner Bush enters to cheering crowd, Governor Keane intros Bush, Bush talks to cheering crowd saying 4 more years
News Clip: Bush
B-roll video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
President of the United States George W. Bush delivers a speech.
1990 President Bush
newsreel - no audio - U.S. President H.W. George Bush at Annenberg estate - Palm Springs, California - m/c Bush stands at podium on estate lawn & gives speech
Bush Speech; 2001
George W. Bush makes speech at some event "..America's army of compassion"
Soviet Union military and civilians mobilize for war against Nazi Germany during World War 2
Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin addresses the people of the Soviet Union during World War II. Men, women, and children listen to the speakers broadcasting the speech made by Stalin. "This war is not an ordinary war! It is the war of the entire Russian people." the narrator translates Stalin's speech. A printing press prints Russian newspapers. Man distributes newspapers. Russian men riding horses. Patriotic Russian men marching into a town to enlist in the war effort. Women plastering Soviet propaganda posters. Women and children trained for military tactics. A short-haired Russian woman tests a rifle. Boys use pickaxes in mining. A woman joins the Soviet Army. A female factory worker works with a lathe. An elderly Russian man harvesting wheat. A locomotive train driving. A woman piloting a ship. Women driving tractors. Women carry large sacks on their backs. Russian soldiers taking a metal bedframe. Farmers raising cattle. Houses, factories, and other infrastructure destroyed by fire and dynamite by Russians themselves. View of the Dniepropetrovsk dam in Ukraine. Russians blow up the Dniepropetrovsk Hydroelectric Station to prevent it from falling to Nazi hands. A woman torches her house. Farmers produce in fields. An old man with rifle watches sky for Nazi bombers. Burning houses and villages due to Soviet scorched earth policies. Guerrilla units trained and they march. Guerrilla soldiers with rifles. Men and women Soviet guerrilla soldiers talking. Soviet men hide in the bush. Guerrilla soldiers push down a telegraph post. A burning train. Guerrilla fighters shoot down German soldier. A burning oil depot. Exploding Nazi installations such as bridges, buildings, and warehouses. Russian guerrilla soldiers fire with machine guns. Animated map depicting Nazi German forces stopping outside Moscow. The Kremlin in Moscow. Fresh reserves of the Soviet Red Army march in Moscow. Location: Russia. Date: 1943.
PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - President George H.W. Bush speaks to United Nations delegates - Barbara Bush applauds - various shots of delegates (excerpt: more of speech on master tape)
GWB (Bush);
George W. Bush in tuxedo, makes speech about Russia
Iowa State Fair Speeches- Biden and start of Hillary Clinton speech
Iowa State Fair: Biden (talks about the vote to go to war in Iraq, critical of Bush, getting troops out of Iraq, broll of
Gulf War, operation Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein, President Bush Sr, Conflict in Iraq 1990-91
Kuwait City seen from the sea - Saddam Hussein in uniform , with a group of Iraqi officers, Large Japanese tanker at sea - smoke rise from Kuwait City - Iraqi tank at speed, Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait City, cheering - Saddam Hussein with Iraqi officers, President Bush speech on the Gulf War - President George Bush shakes hands with US officer, US carrier - aircraft takes off - bomber in flight - carrier at sea - light bomber lands on carrier, UN Security Council in session - Saddam Hussein strolling with Iraqi officers - cheering soldiers, Saddam Hussein with ant-aircraft gun - President Bush visit the troops in Kuwait/Iraq, night bombing of Bagdad - target seen through bombsight of US aircraft - explosions, President George Bush announces USA's intend, i.e. to eject all Iraqi forces from Kuwait, General Norman Schwartzkopf in airfield - self-propelled artillery cross desert towards Kuwait, Conventional artillery fire - large rocket launchers - naval barrage - tanks and trucks advancing, Casualty on stretcher - destroyed vehicles - oil-wells burning - tanks parked near burning oil-wells, Large column of smoke in distance indicate Kuwait City - helicopter flies past - people greet the troops, US tanks move towards Kuwait City - tanks and APCs enter Kuwait city, President Bush speaks about 'Desert Storm' as the war is over
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2000s NEWS