Entertainment Americas: Arts Biennale - Brazil host exhibition of world artists
TAPE: EF02/0320 IN_TIME: 20:50:44 DURATION: 5:56 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Sao Paulo. Recent SHOTLIST 1. WS of entrance to the Biennial of Arts 2. Pan from satellite photos of big cities to wide of American Sarah Sze?s installation 3. Tilt-up of Sarah Sze?s installation 4. Pan of American Sarah Morris paintings 5. WS of public looking at paintings of Lebanese Nabil Nahas 6. Pre-roll Nabil Nahas 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nabil Nahas, Painter: "I was very pleasantly surprised, the audience seems to be extremely positive to the paintings and I didn't know they would react to them and I'm quite pleased about that." 8. CU of Nabil Nahas painting 9. VS of Tatsumi Orimoto?s post-box 10. Zoom-out and pan from wall to floor of Londoner Keith Tyson?s art work 11. Pan of dust-bins with sculptures inside made by Russian Alexander Brodsky 12. CU of clay model city 13. WS of art work of Sliman Mansour, from Palestine 14. CU of Sliman Mansour art work 15. WS of exhibition 16. Tracking shot inside the art work of Venezuelan Carlos Cruz-Diez 17. VS of installation that re-creates a shanty town made by Cameroon artist Pascale Marthine Tayou 18. Pre-roll shot of Juliana de Oliveira 19. SOT (Portuguese) Juliana de Oliveira, 11 year-old Student: "I think that it can be useful in my school. I think that all schools should bring students here. You can learn a lot . I was just thinking about it." 20. VS of cones sculptures made by Brazilian artist Eduardo Frota 21. VS of photographs made by the Brazilian artist Arthur Omar 22. Pan of room with installation of Brazilian artist Marcos Chaves 23. Pre-roll shot of Maria Sotomayor 24. SOT (Portuguese) Maria Sotomayor, Peruvian Tourist: "You see, it looks very interesting to me. It?s really very beautiful. It?s a new concept of art in general, and it?s also the vanguard of Latin America arts, isn?t it?" 25. VS of art work with lamb?s blood by the Brazilian artist Karin Lambrecht 26. VS of couple entering the installation of the Brazilian artist Carlos Fajardo 27. SOT (Portuguese) Carlos Fajardo, Brazilian Artist: (Q: What do you want to say to people with your installation?) "It's a state of reflection. It?s a state of reflection where the people start to re-think about their physical relations with the outside world, with the world in general, with the space and also with the person that is next to them." 28. Zoom-out from satellite photo of London to wide of girl looking at it 29. Pre-roll shot of Alfons Hug 30. SOT (English) Alfons Hug, Curator of the Biennial: "The Biennale is in one of the biggest cities of the world, Sao Paulo, with about 20 million people and I was interested in how the urban drama will be reflected in contemporary arts and how the zeitgeist, or the spirit of our time will be transformed into contemporary arts. A lot of artists actually came to Sao Paulo for site visits half a year ago, they studied the building and the city and they made site specific works for us." 31. WS of exhibition BRAZILIAN ART BONANZA Sao Paulo is hosting the biggest art exhibition in South America, the 25th Biennial of Arts of Sao Paulo. Dubbed 'Metropolitan Iconography,' its theme is the world's biggest cities and it includes works of 200 artists from 70 countries. Taking place inside the Biennial Building in Ibirapuera Park, its goal is to discuss how urban chaos influences the works of contemporary artists, with pieces ranging from paintings, to sculptures and installations. For example, New Yorker SARAH SZE created a tower out of materials like straw, light boxes, cocktail sticks and polystyrene.Painter SARAH MORRIS, also from New York, used strong colours to portray the facade of Manhattan's sky-scrapers. And with four huge oil paintings, that are over two metres high, Lebanese artist NABIL NAHAS, caught the audience's eye with the results of 10 years of work. Japan's TATSUMI ORIMOTO has a piece in the Biennial dedicated to her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease. Orimoto's post-box has five little televisions inside, showing her mother doing her every day activities. Meanwhile, KEITH TYSON, from London, built up a kind of map using the walls and floor. One of the most visited art works in the exhibition is from SLIMAN MANSOUR, a Palestinian artist. She brought some actual land from Palestine and painted red roses on top of it, to discuss the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. South American artists are well represented in the exhibition, thanks to some interactive art works. One of the most celebrated of the exhibition is by Venezuelan CARLOS CRUZ-DIEZ, who built a Casa De Luz, otherwise known as a House Of Light. Brazilian CARLOS FAJARDO has been attracting attention with his installation of a huge glass, steel and marble structure, intended to make the audience reflect on the outside world. And for the first time, the curator of the Biennial is a foreigner, German ALFONS HUG. For him, what is striking about exhibition is the way contemporary artists relate their work to the ever-changing world. The Biennial of Arts of Sao Paulo is open until July 2nd and organisers hope it will receive over 350,000 people in that time.
Ornate Building Facade
Static shot of an enormous, with spires, bell towers and domed roof.
Far-right German network on suspicion of plans to attack
Grand Est
Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg Travelogue from 1936 about the restored capital city of colonial Virginia, Williamsburg, Footage includes the campus of William and Mary College, Raleigh Tavern, the Capitol House, and business establishments which use colonial trade signs. Extensive footage of the Governor's Palace with tourists being led on guided tours of the surrounding grounds Clip #: MF-6F Length: 9:36 Year: 1936 Color: B/W Sound: Sound Decade: 1930s Region: North America Country: United States State: Virginia City: Williamsburg Subject: Famous Buildings Original: 35mm Keywords: 1930s, 1600s, 1700s, American history, reenactments, recreations, recreated, historical districts, historic buildings, stagecoaches, horse carriages, colleges, gardens, houses, lakes, mansions, retail stores, shops, tourism, tourists, sightseeing, tour guides, theatres, theaters 01:00:00:00 Title card: Andre de La Varre - The Screen Traveler presents 'Colonial Williamsburg.' Photographed & recorded by 'The Screen Traveler;' Released by Harold Auten. Williamsburg, Virginia College of William & Mary campus INT Wren Building, man opens front doors & reveals College Yard w/ Lord Botetourt statue, Duke of Gloucester Street in distance. VS College of William & Mary campus w/ historic buildings of colonial architectural style. Facade Wren Building w/ Lord Botetourt statue in front. Facade President's House & Brafferton Building. LS EXT dormitories built to restore colonial architecture. 01:01:39:06 Williamsburg, Virginia WS pedestrians & cars on Duke of Gloucester Street. VS EXTS & facades of buildings (local businesses) restored in colonial architectural style & street scenes around Duke of Gloucester Street. Facade Williamsburg Theater (Kimball Theater). TD facade A & P grocery store that is a colonial mansion. VS CU shop signs in colonial style - Peninsula Bank & Trust Company, College Pharmacy & Drugs, Williamsburg Drug Company, Travis House. 01:02:43:11 Williamsburg, Virginia VS EXTS & facades of buildings restored in colonial architectural style & street scenes in residential area. Fa�§ade of Dr Blair's apothecary shop, Fire Department, Public Gaol (jail), public library, courthouse. Magazine building surrounded by scaffolding (under reconstruction). VS EXT Bruton Parish Church, people leaving Church. EXT George Wythe House, St George Tucker house, William Levingston house. 01:04:21:04 Williamsburg, Virginia VS EXTS & facades of buildings restored in colonial architectural style. VS private home gardens planted in traditional Colonial style. Woman walking through garden & smelling flowers. VS facade & EXT Raleigh Tavern. CU sign & bust of Sir Walter Raleigh. Woman in contemporary (1930s) dress greeted in doorway of Raleigh Tavern by woman in Colonial period dress (costume). 01:05:33:11 Williamsburg, Virginia 17th Century stagecoach (horse-drawn carriage) driving up to Capitol Building. Women wearing Colonial period dresses (costumes) helped out of coach by drivers in costume. VS EXT Capitol building, 1930s cars driving past. CU tower at top of Capitol Building w/ British flag. 01:06:49:19 Williamsburg, Virginia TRACKING SHOT along Duke of Gloucester Street past Governor's Palace at head of Palace Green. VS EXT & facade Governor's Palace w/ 1930s cars parked outside. MS visitors walking past wrought iron palace gate. LA CU statues of unicorns along top of gate. HA LS Palace Green. VS visitors (dressed in 1930s clothing) on tour led by hostess dressed in Colonial period dress (costume). HA kitchen court. VS fish pond. Visitors walking along banks of fish pond. 01:08:50:06 Williamsburg, Virginia Governor's Palace HA view elaborate & ornamental colonial garden. Woman in 1930s dress walking in garden & revolutionary burial ground. PAN row of boxwood trees w/ woman walking through pathway. LS woman sitting underneath pergola. VS EXT & facade Governor's Palace. Title Card: The End - A Screen Traveler Picture. Licensed by State of New York 01:10:47:23 OUT
AD-16 1 inch; 35mm Nitrate ; AFP-99BS 16mm; VTM-99BS Beta SP; DN-SLB-004 Beta SP
AFP-99BS 16mm; VTM-99BS Beta SP; DN-SLB-004 Beta SP; AD-16 1 inch; 35mm Nitrate
FR3 / France 3
Ostentatious Barn's Bell Tower
Several shots of a bell tower atop an ostentatious, barn shaped auction house.
Europe Ai Weiwei
AP-APTN-2330: Europe Ai Weiwei Wednesday, 11 May 2011 STORY:Europe Ai Weiwei- REPLAY Artists campaign for release of Ai Weiwei as new exhibit opens LENGTH: 02:30 FIRST RUN: 2130 RESTRICTIONS: AP Clients Only TYPE: English/French/Nats SOURCE: AP TELEVISION STORY NUMBER: 688227 DATELINE: London/Paris, 11 May 2011/FILE LENGTH: 02:30 AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY SHOTLIST: London, UK - 11 May 2011 1. Wide of poster of detained artist Ai Weiwei being put up on exterior of Lisson Gallery 2. Various Weiwei's work, Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads at Somerset House in central London Paris, France - 11 May 2011 3. Close up of 'Leviathan', created by artist Anish Kapoor inside Grand Palais, pull out to wide shot people inside exhibit, which Kapoor has dedicated to Weiwei 4. Interior of 'Leviathan' 5. Various of people inside 'Leviathan' art work 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Jean de Loisy, Curator of Anish Kapoor's 'Leviathan' exhibit: "Anish has done a political statement about Ai Weiwei that refers to the unbearable situation in which artists can be. You can't put an artist in jail for his work, for his ideas. And that's the statement of Anish Kapoor." 7. Wide shot hall of exterior of 'Leviathan' 8. People walking under art work 9. French flag seen through glass roof of the Grand Palais 10. Visitors looking at the exhibit 11. Tilt down of 'Leviathan' 12. SOUNDBITE (French) Jean de Loisy, Curator of Anish Kapoor's 'Leviathan' exhibit: "Anish Kapoor reacts very often to political situations that are unacceptable, as well as to urban situations and economic issues, in England. But he is very supportive. He is calling for the solidarity of other artists, and that is why he made a statement to say that the imprisonment of Ai Weiwei by China seemed to him unacceptable." 13. Wide exterior of the Grand Palais museum 14. Poster hanging outside Grand Palais of 'Leviathan' FILE: Beijing, China - November 2010 15. Weiwei outside courthouse in support of fellow artist who was being tried there 16. SOUNDBITE (English) Ai Weiwei, Chinese artist: "We come for support and we want to witness this very very typical court session which happens everywhere in China." 17. Wide of court house with people gathering outside STORYLINE Chinese artist Ai Weiwei may have vanished, presumed to be in detention in China, but the world is determined not to forget him. More than a month after one of China's best-known contemporary artists was arrested while trying to board a flight to Hong Kong, his name, his face and his art have been highly visible across the globe. China's communist rulers have steadfastly refused to say where Ai is or who's holding him. His colleagues in the international art world say they want to make sure he doesn't disappear from view. In the UK, an exhibition of the artist's work previewed on Wednesday at Somerset House in central London, a high-profile venue in the English capital. And in west London, at the Lisson Gallery, a two-storey-high black-and-white photograph of the artist has been mounted on its facade. Elsewhere, "Release Ai Weiwei" reads a message inscribed on the top of London's Tate Modern, one of the country's most-visited galleries. The Somerset House outdoor exhibition features 12 massive, open-mouthed bronze animal heads meant to recreate the traditional Chinese zodiac. The heads, which were exhibited in New York before coming to London, are called "Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads," and are Ai's first major public sculpture installation. The animal heads, several of them with playful expressions, each weigh about 800 pounds (362 kilograms) and measure 3 feet (1 metre) by 4 feet (1.2 metres). Each sits atop a narrow bronze column. The Somerset House exhibition was planned in advance of Ai's arrest, but now is a de facto demonstration of solidarity with the 53-year-old artist, whose work has often ridiculed the ideology of China's one-party state. In Paris on Monday, British sculptor Anish Kapoor dedicated his latest monumental work, entitled "Leviathan," to Ai - even though he acknowledged he'd never met him. Speaking at the exhibition in the Grand Palais museum in the French capital, its curator Jean de Loisy, explained. Kapoor's work, which resembles a gigantic inflatable plastic amoeba, was drawing the crowds on Wednesday. In China, where Ai is thought to be held secretly by state security, activists have also raised their voices, but despite the growing outcry, China has refused to answer question about the artist's fate. Ai was detained on April 3, and China's Foreign Ministry said he was under investigation for economic crimes, but his sister says he is being punished for speaking out about the communist leadership and social problems. Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: infoaparchive.com (ii) they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory. APTN APEX 05-11-11 1933EDT
HB-43 35mm Beta SP HB-44 35mm Beta SP
Entertainment Daily: Framed - Bruges art show says the Virgin Mary was the first supermodel
TAPE: EF01/0896 IN_TIME: 14:32:11 DURATION: 5:41 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: One time news access only DATELINE: Bruge Belgium-December 2001 CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: One time news access only SHOT LIST . 1. Wide shot man sketching Bruges skyline and canals. 2. Tilt up facade of medieval building renovation 3. Renovated facade of building. 4. Tilt up wool market tower. 5. Pan from horse carriage along street to Groeninge Museum sign 6. Interior Groeninge Museum. Close up hands stitching dress. 7. Wide shot interior Groeninge museum gallery, exhibition preparation. 8. Mid shot artist Kate Blacker and television crew.. 9.Painting Virgin with canon van de Paele by Jan van Eyck. 10 Close up cloth in painting 11.Close up man in painting 12. Sot Kate Blacker: "The Virgin Marys are beautifully dressed in these paintings, they are not the poor virgin in the stable with the donkey, these are really elegantly dressed haute couture dresses that they are wearing. There was a sub-plot in these paintings, the Virgin Mary is in fact a mannequin, she?s wearing the fabulous clothing of fifteenth century Bruges and the cloth merchants or wool merchants who sponsored these paintings are showing off their wares." 13.Painting 'Death of the Virgin' by Hugo van der Goes. 14. Designer Tim Van Steenbergen with black dress mounted on wall. 15 SOT Tim van Steenbergen, designer: "It was immediately composition, you have these central figures and actually you can take all the paint away and you get a series of lines and constructions and that for me was the point to work on the dresses, that are really like sketches. You have the central part which is the corset and this woman in it That's why for me it was so important to have a shoot with the person in it." 16. Pull out from polaroid test shots to artist Kate Blacker 17. Photographer Bjorn Tagemose discussing images 18. Make up artist and model 19.Top shot dress on frame in television studio. 20. Mid shot model being laced into corset 21. Video photo of photo shoot 22. Video photo of photo shoot 23. Wide shot of model in dress on frame. 24.Tilt down from reflector to model in different white dress in frame 25. Mid shot designer into frame, model tilts head down. 26. Mid shot photographer and camera 27. Model in large black dress 28. Preparation of fashion shoot location. The renaissance room Bruges city archives, Bruges, Belgium. Pan to wooden panels. 31. SOT Michel de Wilde, curator cultuurcentrum, Bruges: "The game is played very well, the hierarchy of fashion design is here completely, from the financial people to basically the assistants, they're all here, light people, make up, models etc etc, glossy magazines, we will have it all, but she (Kate Blacker) goes a fraction beyond that, and that's interesting, the critical element is there." 32. Artist, photographer and fashion designer with camera 33.Video photo of model (anti fashion pose) 34.Video photo of model (fashion pose) 35. SOT Kate Blacker, artist: "The three points of view are coming together in one image. We have Tim's dresses, we have Bjorn's lighting and the way he takes photographs and my conceptual position and needs in a sense from the photography to put across the ideas that I have. There are tensions but interestingly enough we all agree, we're just coming from different directions." 36. Primitive painters 37 Close up same as above 38 . Close up painting 39. Pan from dress on wall to photograph on wall at 40. Opening of exhibition Framed in the Groeninge museum 41. Pull out from photograph to black dress on wall 42. Model in front of photograph 43. Photograph of model in large white dress. MANNEQUIN MARY AND THE FIRST FASHION VICTIMS The medieval city of Bruges in Belgium, the European City of Culture 2002, is the birth place of fashion as we know it, according to the creators of a unique arts installation. Its historic building testament to the wealth that was generated through the wool and cloth trade which flourished here during the fifteenth century and funded the first fashion revolution. The city was also a cultural centre where rich patrons commissioned and appeared in works by the painters who became known as the Flemish Primitives. The world famous collection of these paintings is housed in the Groeninge (grerninger) Museum where the artist Kate Blacker is unveiling an unusual exhibition inspired by the city's glorious past. Based on research, the artist has concluded that the city gave birth to the idea of fashion, as we perceive it today, and the Virgin Mary was the first supermodel. For the first time people changed clothes because new designs were available and were consider status symbols by the burghers of Bruges. Blacker says the museum's paintings were the the 15th century contact sheet for the pioneering haute couture of the time, and the Virgin Mary was the muse. She joined with designer Tim van Steenbergen and photographer Bjorn Tagemose to create a unique art installation to celebrate fashion history's opening chapter in Bruges. Blacker was used the main events in the Madonna's life as visual springboards to come up with new images and to hint at a connection between the iconic status of the Virgin in the paintings and the model in modern fashion photography. The Annunciation, the Crucifixation, the death of the Virgin and her ascent to become Queen of Heaven are all subtly insinuated into the final photographs. As with the paintings, these images work on different levels and steer away from classic fashion poses or the dresses and subject matter would simply become a fashion product. Blacker worked with photographer, designer and model for the anti pose, sometimes catching the model in natural actions of stretching or yawning, not aiming so much for fantasy images but where the model in the dress looked like a real person. Tim van Steenbergens dresses are inspired by the painting 'Death of a Virgin' where the Virgin at the centre of the picture is surrounded by cloth which stretches to the very edge of the frame. The designer took this idea and made his dresses into tableaux or theatrical sets. Attached to the frame structures they can be hung on the wall or worn off the frame. Using advanced Haute Couture techniques and the best quality Flemish textiles he has made a contemporary interpretation of the finery of fifteenth century Bruges. Presented simultaneously as tableaux and as dresses, van Steenbergens designs seem to successfully bridge the gap between Art and Fashion. While many fashion designers commission designs from artists for use in their collections, it's rare that an artist commissions professionals from the fashion industry to make an artwork but Blacker was convinced that it was possible to produce a glamourous image with content, to give the dresses and images multiple meanings. The exhibition opened in September to much critical interest and publicity, its run has been extended into January.
Bell Tower & Domed Roof
Zoom out from bell tower to enormous, ornate building. Followed by closeup of domed roofs.
Serie loiret. Close up on the enamels of briare
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Project of rehabilitation of the Domaine Commétreuil in hotel complex, provoking controversy
Grand Est
You're So Vane
Several closeups of winged flying cow weather vane turning in the wind. Also shots of ornate barn type of building.
18h50 - Passion: The house of tools and working-class thought
Grand Est
AD-51 Beta SP; 16mm (B W & Color)