Crowds watching Apollo-Soyuz mission launch, 1975
Crowds watching the launch of the Apollo spacecraft for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), the first international space mission, on 15th July 1975. The mission saw the Apollo spacecraft dock with a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft in orbit, and was known as the "Handshake in Space". It was aimed at being a detente during the Cold War and Space Race, and paved the way for future collaborations.
Long Shot, The
racetrack crowds - ms man with racing form wanders through standing crowd
Up the Yangtze
MLS of crowded alley in Fengdu marketplace.
Large crowd applauds and waves flags during anniversary of King Christian X, Copenhagen.
Crowd applauds and waves flag during anniversary of King Christian X. Massed crowd in front of Palace. King in car passes through the crowd. Policemen on horseback control the crowd. King's car moves through the crowd. Papers fall from tall building. King's car moves on decorated street. Location: Copenhagen Denmark. Date: October 1946.
PA-2183 1 inch
[Beatles, Crowds of Girls Screaming]
Kaiser Meeting Crowds
Bridgeman Images Details
Unknown Location. <br/> <br/>Travelling shot large crowd.
FR3 / France 3
Huge crowd turns out for the funeral of former Marshal Rodolfo Graziani in Rome
Time lapse of Passenger walking and running on escalator in rush hour
Passenger walking and running on escalator in rush hour, New York City, United States, 4k time lapse clip
SKorea Crowd Crush
SKorea Crowd Crush
Multi-ethnic crowds
Panning crowded restaurant
Panning crowded restaurant
Us DC Pope Crowds (Lon NR)
Pope Greets Crowd Before White House Visit
Huge shoal of krill by kelp bed, Chile
Huge shoal of krill around a kelp bed. Krill are small prawn-like crustaceans in the order Euphausiacea. They are a critical part of the marine food chain, feeding on plankton and themselves being preyed on by a variety of animals from small fish to baleen whales. This shoal was filmed off the coast of Chile, where the cold Humboldt Current and its associated nutrient-rich upwelling creates a highly productive ecosystem.
Observers: [05 November 2022 broadcast]
France 24
Scenes of crowds from different parts of the world
A street crowded with pedestrians walking. A crowded beach full of umbrellas and beach-goers. African men and women in a crowded marketplace. African woman, with a basket sitting on top of her head, walking among the crowd. A crowd full of Indian men. Location: United States USA. Date: 1971.
Crowd in West Berlin celebrates last year's anti-communist uprising but celebratory atmosphere is dampened when celebrants beat communists