VW-1632 3 4in.
American engineer tests a Heat-Suit made of light weight Aluminum coating fabric
Engineer D.J. Bennett prepares new Heat-Suit made of lightweight Aluminum coating fabric. The suit enables the wearer to stand at ease in a 1200-degree industrial furnace. The suit can be used for rescue operation. Location: Long Island City New York USA. Date: June 25, 1956.
Different activities during Nuit Blanche Montreal High Lights Festival. Dance floor on the Hydro-Québec Celebrating the light site, dancers. Loto-Quebec sphere, DJ. Place Jacques-Cartier. STM Shuttle. Dance recital at City Hall. Exhibition in the UQAM Design Center. Snowy City hall of Montreal and Place Jacques Cartier (Christmas lights). "Bell tower" of City hall. Snow slide on the Place Jacques Cartier. A crowd enters an STM shuttle. Reception hall with a large crowd and music. Luxurious ceiling light. A couple of swing dancers. Ballroom dancing demonstration in a reception hall of City hall. Two dancers fall. Dance class with all the spectators. Series of STM buses for urban transport. People on Place Jacques Cartier with brilliant lighting on the site. Facade of the UQAM Design Centre. Exhibition of various brushes and brooms with visitors. Keywords: BUS,DANSE,DJ,EXHIBIT,MONTREAL HIGH LIGHTS FESTIVAL,CITY HALL,MARCHE BONSECOURS,MONTREAL (CITY),JACQUES-CARTIER PLACE,OLD MONTREAL DISTRICT,SHOW,UQAM,OLD PORT OF MONTREAL
Noted 60s AM disk jockey Cousin Brucie.
Disco Dance Contest, 1977 (open reel video)
End of event, crowd views, dance party for audience, socializing and posing for camera with dj call outs and audience callbacks, boy girl disco dance. Creator: Nancy Rosin
Bridgeman Images Details
US FL DJ Khaled Album
US FL DJ Khaled Album
Canadian Rockies. Waterfall. Field of flowers with Rocky Mountains in background. Train track with mountains in background. Train POV of mountains. Tran passes in front of mountains. River in front of mountains. Lake in front of mountains. Rushing river. *PREMIUM RATES APPLY*
News Clip: DJ: Thomas E. Joiner
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
DJ Playing Music in Nightclub
DJ mixing music at club
Radio DJ Reads Commercial
A radio disk jockey reads kitschy commercial copy, meant to illustrate the more unseemly aspects of radio. FIC - 1940's - B/W
Person Uses Turntable At Radio Station
Land, United States, Temperate, Topside, Alaska, Haines, north america, Disc, DJ, Entertainment, Hands, Jockey, Music, Phonograph, Player, Playing, Radio, Station, Turntable, Radio Station, Turntable, Close Up, Lock Shot, PEOPLE, Day
DJ booth - c/u hands - record - buttons - control panel - nightclub - disco
'We are the CGT! ': we found the DJs of the union tube that ignites the demonstrations
Le Parisien
No title. Way-out fashion show at charity dance at Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. <br/> <br/>Various shots male and female models dancing round wearing futurist / psychedelic clothing. M/S pirate radio DJ Simon Dee and others lifting a pyramid covering a girl. L/S girl with transparent crinoline dress and beehive wig watching. C/U girl in futuristic wedding dress with eye holes in the veil. C/U pan girl in shiny skin-tight catsuit. C/U another girl with flashing light on her head. Models dancing round the floor. C/U woman wearing very scanty pvc bikini. C/U another girl with helicopter blades on her head on her head. M/S models parading. Guests applaud. M/S line of models walking towards the camera. <br/> <br/> <br/>
News Clip: Jackson Reaction
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story about reactions to the verdict in the Michael Jackson trial.This footage includes interviews with people on the street and a radio DJ at 94.5 K-SOUL. The story aired at 6:00 P.M.
Item title reads - Eton Wall game. St. Andrew's Day celebrated with the customary enthusiasm between Collegers and Oppidans. <br/> <br/>M/S of young men walking along wearing shorts, jackets, hats, long scarves and wellingtons. Various shots of them chasing a ball on the ground by the wall. <br/>This clip features a young George Orwell (verified by Orwell biographer D.J. Taylor)
Rear view of large group of people enjoying a concert festival performance. People in foreground are released.
Crowd dancing and cheering at a festival concert while glitter is falling from above.