12 13 Edition Nord Pas de Calais: [issue of January 4, 2021]
AFP-41BS 16mm; VTM-41BS Beta SP
Travelogue of Pacific Northwest regions of the United States, including Seattle and Alaska.
1980s travelogue of Pacific Northwest regions of the United States and Alaska. Map highlights Pacific North West regions. Pictures show people and sites located in Mid West regions. View of oncoming Amtrak passenger railroad train approaching camera position as it crosses a bridge. Coast line views of ocean and inland views of waterfall. Elevated view of coastal areas in Washington state. A small waterway by a coastal village. A child is helped in reeling in a salmon fish catch on a boat. Ship crew nets the salmon. View of fresh salmon fish being grilled on barbecue grill. Views of ferry and ship in harbor at Seattle. View of space needle tower in Seattle. A lumber man competition shows hatchet or axe throwing contest, a two man sawing contest to cut a felled tree. Two young men in a log rolling contest in water. Ag group of people river rafting on rapids. Sled dogs running in snow pulling a sled. View from sled position of dogs pulling sled. View of Mount McKinley or Denali peak as seen from across a lake (possibly Wonder Lake). A group of native people, possibly eskimo, perform a traditional dance. View of a totem pole, two grizzly bears running on a shore line, big horn sheep in a herd, a passenger ship passing near a calving glacier. Passengers observe the glacial landscape. A glacier breaking (calving) and dropping a large piece into water. Orca or "killer whale" lightly breaching the surface of the water. View of a harbor with boats and low mountains in distance behind a bay area in Alaska. Wide view of a passenger bus traveling on a road in Alaska with a glacier in the distance behind. Yellow flowers close-up. A passenger ferry ship slowly moving on a bay of water. Location: United States USA. Date: 1986.
Canada Crash - Ferry runs aground, hits marina and docked boats
NAME: CAN CRASH 300605Nx TAPE: EF05/0576 IN_TIME: 10:52:05:05 DURATION: 00:01:41:19 SOURCES: CTV/CBC DATELINE: Vancouver, British Columbia, 30 June 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: CTV 1. Aerial zoom in view of damages boats under ferry 2. Aerial pan of damaged boats 3. Aerial view of diver jumping in water 4. Aerial pull out of divers rising out of water CBC 5. Wide aerial view of area 6. Aerial push in to rear of ferry 7. Wide view 8. Aerial view of terminal missed by ferry STORYLINE: A Canadian ferry crashed into a marina in West Vancouver on Thursday, crushing a number of yachts and motorboats, there were no immediate reports of injuries. The accident involving the 457-foot 'Queen of Oak Bay' happened as the ferry was pulling into the docking area. A ferry spokeswoman says the ship lost power while manoeuvring and it ploughed into two piers at the marina. Witnesses said at about 10 a.m. local time, the ferry missed the terminal berth and blew horn as it crashed into Sewell's Marina. One passenger on board says there was an announcement before the crash, telling people to get into their cars and brace themselves. The ferry is part of the province's extensive fleet of boats to connect Vancouver Island and other coastal areas to the mainland. The accident occurred as many British Columbia residents were expected to flock to the ferries at the start of the long Canada Day weekend. The 'Queen of Oak Bay' returned to service on the run from West Vancouver to Nanaimo earlier this month after a $35 million upgrade. The ferry can carry 1,500 passengers and 362 cars.
British Columbia - Gulf Islands and West Coast Forests
>>>Tsawassen to Swartz Bay (Vancouver to Victoria) BC Ferries cruise through Gulf Islands of Juan De Fuca Straights. >>>Japanese tourists, Fast patrol boats cross wake of Ferry, cruising close to forested islands and lighthouses, Sailboats, East Indian tourists on board Ferries, Ferry docks at Swartz Bay. Port Renfrew, B.C. on West Coast of Vancouver Island at site of former logging camp Harris Creek. >>>Old railroad trestle over silted creek. >>>Tracking through roads in forest growth. >>>Pan lake in Back ground is new forest growth on mountain slopes. Salmon hatchery, hatchling salmon, >>>Electric generator runs from runoff of mountain streams. >>>Harris Creek Water reflects sun sparkles. >>>Clear clean mountain water runoff. >>>Lake Harris, kids swim. >>>Driver interior car, Gerry Taylor Fisheries biologist. >>>Stream rock lines, >>>Giant spruce tree 800 years old. >>>Pacific Ocean at Port Renfrew. >>>Tidewater pools and mussels, mollusks, sea shells in water. >>>Bridge over creek outlet and logged area in background with logging roads. >>>Cars board BC Ferry Swartz Bay. >>>Deck, Funnel, Mt. Baker Wash in BG, Canadian flag. >>>Student lectures on scenic islands aboard Ferry. >>>Great Sailboat shot passes lighthouse. >>>Ship Horn sounds. Mt. Baker from BC FErry, Coal loading dock at Tsawassen, passengers exit ferry. >>>Mr. Baker from Surry, B.C.
Istanbul cityscape with a dramatic sky
Istanbul cityscape with a dramatic sky, view from the Besiktas ferry port. Boats, and ferries pass by
Ferry Boat Leaves Queenstown Port And Horns
wide shot,lock shot,scenic,transportation,group-large,blue,green,white,travel,day,winter,australasia,alpine,park-reserve,rainforest,topside,ferry,tourism,new zealand,temperate,abe003,boat,leaves,queenstown,port,and,horns,hd,digital,file,hdv,1080i60,16:9,ntsc,wide,shot,lock,new,zealand,abe003_0009,ferry boat leaves queenstown port and horns
Istanbul, Turkey.<br/><br/>Aerial views of the city; a Sabena aircraft in flight. Several shots of Santa Sophia Mosque; the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge; men board boats that chug out into the harbour; people walk over the bridge, porters carry sacks and palates. On a moored boat a man feeds fish to a pelican. A man on the quayside displays fish around the rim of a bucket. Fish is grilled on a fish stall boat; a young man bites into a fish roll.<br/><br/>A man in the street sells bread rings; a man in a suit has his shoes shined. Aerial view of the city, taken from a helicopter. Several shots of ferries on the Bosporus Sea; views from the boats show mosques and houses beside the river. More aerial views of the city show the old and new architecture. From a boat on the Bosporus we see the Dolmabache Palace.<br/><br/>Aerial view from a helicopter of the ancient wall built around Byzantium (later Constantinople); more shots from a boat travelling along the Bosporus. Numerous fishing boats are moored; on the quayside a man carries live fish on a rope that wriggle before the camera. Nice brief C/U of an old man smoking a cigarette in a holder. At a fish stall a boy brings coffee for the vendor. On a moored boat a man barbecues some fish over an old tin. Other men mend their boats and fishing nets.<br/><br/>Several shots of the castle built by Mohammed the Conqueror; a young couple climb up the hill to the main tower. Shots from a boat of another castle and houses on the Asiatic side of the sea; more fishing boats seen in this tranquil village. At another point on the Bosporus we see modern hotels beside the water.<br/><br/>A man sits at a waterside cafe and smokes from a hubble-bubble pipe; various shots of the Blue Mosque exterior and the stained-glass windows inside.<br/>Cuts exist - see separate record.
A Sense of Place
VARIOUS SHOTS of people swimming at a beach on the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. Boats, mainly ferry boats, are navigating on the Bosphorus. A small motorboat is transporting horses.
In Kashmir, India, we see four men pulling an old barge along the Jhelum river; several shots of boats on the river; the floating market place. On the coast of Israel, Roman ruins support the sea wall; high angle shot of the Roman theatre. Cut to M/S of the Roman theatre in Petra, Jordan; several shots of ruins and caves; man rides camel through caves. <br/> <br/>A western car is driven through the desert in Saudi Arabia; men are seen herding sheep and goats. At their tent, a veiled woman pours coffee for one of the men to drink. Various shots of the oil refinery in the desert. C/U of three storks on a nest; commentator says they fly from the east to Denmark each spring. Several shots of a street in Aarhus, reconstructed to look as it would in the time of Hans Christian Anderson; tourists wander around. People sit outside a cottage and eat interesting-looking Danish food. Brief shots of Hamlet's Castle at Elsinore and the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, with children on fairground rides. <br/> <br/>Top shot of Moscow, Russia, seen from a ferris wheel; several shots of the city including the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Gum the department store and Lenin's Mausoleum in Red Square, a large fountain, stately architecture. A Russian soldier (looks Asian) takes a photograph of one of his comrades before a fountain. M/S of the Ukraine Hotel. Cut to skyscrapers in New England, USA; shots from a restaurant at the top of the Prudential building in Boston; aerial shots of the area. Brief shots of a replica of the Mayflower ship at Plymouth; a schooner sailing on the sea. <br/> <br/>In Istanbul, boats in the harbour of the Golden Horn; views of the Bosporus Sea. Cut to various shots of mountains from a cable car and mountain railway in Switzerland; the Matterhorn; brief shot of the town of Zermat. In Bulgaria we see a girl in a horse and trap being sprinkled with rose petals in the countryside; numerous girls pick rose petals in a field; people in a restaurant drink rose liqueur; a man in a tower calls people to prayer. Cut to Paris, France, and several shots of the Eiffel Tower and the view from it. Shots of the Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, the Seine, neon lights at night; the Moulin Rouge; fireworks over the Seine. <br/>Cuts exist - see separate records.
Hong Kong Star Ferry - Star Ferry pier closes after almost fifty years of service
NAME: HKG STAR FERRY 20061111I TAPE: EF06/1075 IN_TIME: 10:26:36:13 DURATION: 00:02:19:18 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Hong Kong, 11 Nov 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST ++Night Shots++ 1. Pan from buildings to pier 2. Wide of passengers walking through turnstiles 3. Mid of passengers paying fee at cashier's counter 4. Close up of coins being passed to cashier 5. Close up of boarding light turning from green to red 6. Pan of passengers getting on board 7. Wide of passengers taking pictures of pier 8. Close up of passenger taking picture of pier 9. Wide of pier against high-rise buildings seen from the moving ferry 10. SOUNDBITE (Cantonese) Laurel Tang, Hong Kong resident: "Although this pier will disappear soon, its spirit can be carried forward to the next generation. So I have my son with me so that he can feel how we took the ferry before to work or to school." 11. Wide of passengers onboard a ferry 12. SOUNDBITE (English) Vera Ilic, Tourist: "It doesn't matter how sentimental you are about it. Hong Kong keeps growing; it has too. Give and take, that's what it's all about, isn't it." 13. Wide of the new pier 14. Wide of ferry approaching pier with new pier in the background 15. Mid of sailor pulling in rope attached to ferry 16. Chimney of ferry passing in front of new pier 17. Wide of last ferry leaving pier 18. Long shot of sailor waving to passengers inside ferry 19. Long shot of clock tower showing 11.30 pm (1530 GMT) local time 20. Wide of last ferry leaving pier 21. Wide of clock (UPSOUND: Pier clock ringing midnight) 22. Mid of pier and clock tower lights being switched off 23. Wide of ferries (UPSOUND: Ferry horns) STORYLINE: Hong Kong's famous Star Ferry pier closed it's doors to the public on Sunday, after 48 years of service to the region. The pier is due to be demolished due to a government reclamation project to relieve traffic congestion in the area, and a newly relocated pier has already been built to replace it. However as it's end approached, residents and tourists alike grabbed their last chance to get on a ferry at the pier. For the crowds that were lucky enough to get onto the remaining ferries, the most important thing for many was to capture was the iconic view of the pier against the famous Hong Kong night skyline. For others though it was the feeling they wanted to capture. "Although this pier will disappear soon, its spirit can be carried forward to the next generation. So I have my son with me so that he can feel how we took the ferry before to work or to school," said Laurel Tang. Despite the sense of loss, one tourist thought the disappearance of the pier was just another step in the ever changing environment of Hong Kong. "Hong Kong keeps growing; it has too. Give and take, that's what it's all about, isn't it," said Vera Ilic, who was visiting from Australia. The new, three-storey pier complex that is set to take it's place, is scheduled to open for business soon. Meanwhile, the green ferries, that have been icons with a history reaching back 100 years, will remain on the water, until their new pier is ready for service. At midnight, the pier's clock chimed for the last time and the lights on the pier were turned off, leaving only the ferries to blow their horns in one last goodbye to Hong Kong's Star Ferry pier.
Holiday concept of 4k Resolution.
Holiday concept of 4k Resolution. Asian woman posing on a yacht in the middle of the sea. A fun summer trip to the sea with girlfriends.
AD-66 Beta SP; 16mm
Travel Into The Past
Travel Into The Past - A tour of the Charente River area and the town of Cognac in France France, wine, cognac, spirits, wheat, threasher, farmer, rice paddies, elephant, plow, boy driving oxen, bamboo, chinese woman picking tea, Charente River valley map, Cognac, brandy, eau d'vie, Angouleme, village ramparts, cathedral of St. Pierre, tractor plowing, Calvin's cave, Clam, Jonzac Chateau, mayor with sash, town hall, medieval walls, tower, Pons, Donjon tower prison, Abbaye Ste Marie aux Dames, Saintes, children, kids doing headstands, POV down main street, cafe, restaurant, slicing ham, serving food, Roman amphitheatre, Eglise Saint-Eutrope, church, Cognac, truck with barrels of brandy, bus, N141, Cognac sign, bridge over Charente River, main square, statue of Francis I, Grande Rue, timbered house, gate tower, Royal hunting lodge, fishermen, fishing, vineyards, pagan altar, tractor, team of oxen, military jet plane streaks overhead, Jarnac, bridge, restaurant, businessmen having a drink, chateau, tractor with wagon, picking grapes, loading into cart, wagon rolls away, bouquet of flowers, outdoor folk dance in traditional costumes with band, town square, distilleries, making oak barrels, cask, staves, hoops, charring and aging, filling with cognac, faucet, loading into warehouse, rolling down ramps, blending machine, bottling machine, inspecting, man blows horn, fire department, firemen run to firetruck, pulling hand pump on wheels, workers leave distillery, riding bicycles, crowd watching football game, soccer, seaside, La Rochelle, Transporter bridge, ferry on cables, harbor, port, sailboats, fishermen, outdoor market, marketplace, stalls, umbrellas, Boucherie awning, bakery, selling chickens, peaches, fruit, pears, butcher, French flag, town hall, loading boxes of cognac, sailboat, TFA-82 Travel Into The Past 1963 800 16mm color sound
Patagonia, extreme nature
FR3 / France 3
Istanbul cityscape with a dramatic sky
Istanbul cityscape with a dramatic sky, view from the Besiktas ferry port, boats, and ferries pass
PET-477 1 inch
New York City - Car POVs
[Thirty years of questioning about school violence]
A2 / France 2
Reel 3 <br/> <br/>More parts of the "rear subframe" are joined together by men with hydraulic tools. Parts of the suspension are fixed in. C/U of the rubber cone - a vital part of the suspension system. The finished body is lower from the roof onto the subframe. The wheels are fixed by hand on to the axles and then the nuts are tightened with a hydraulic tightener. Two men work inside the car. The car moves along the production line. At the end of the line a woman climbs into the the car and drives it away. <br/> <br/>The car is driven into a testing bay. The car is tested on a set of rollers. C/U driver changing gears in the car. C/U wheel on the roller. A tester opens the bonnet and we see the engine. He checks various parts of the engine. The bonnet is closed and the car is driven off. The wheels are aligned and the headlights are focused. <br/> <br/>The cars drive out of the factory one after another. A line of cars (Austin Sevens (7) this is an early version of the Mini). Members of the motoring press gathered together to see the cars. Man wearing press pass pins on a small rosette. Three men talk. C/U of engine. Press men and women stand around. Journalists from around Europe are there to inspect the car. The journalists begin to get into the cars and drive them. A man with a stopwatch signals when the drivers should start their test drive. C/U back of the car as it drives away. The name on the back of the car reads "Austin 850". The cars are driven away. Various shots of the cars being driven on the test track. Various newspaper headlines praising the "Austin Baby" inter cut with shots of the cars on the test track. <br/> <br/>The family from the start of the film return. The boy and girl are piling up things for a trip by the roadside. Their father drives up in a new Austin Seven (7). He gets out. They start to load up their luggage. The radio and Mum's hat box go on the back shelf. The suitcases go in the boot. A picnic basket and a tennis racket go into the side panels. Deck chairs go under the seats. More pockets are filled up and then the family get into their car. They drive away. C/U Dad driving. Flashback to the family standing at the bus stop as the bus drives past. C/U Dad. C/U of various family members in car. <br/> <br/>Driving through "jam packed London in complete ease" filmed from inside the car. C/U speed-o-meter. More shots of London from inside the car. C/U of feet on car's pedals. The car drives over Westminster bridge. Big Ben is visible in the background. The car is seen driving through Canterbury. Mom looks at the map and gives Dad the directions as he drives. The car speeds past. A sign at the roadside says "A20 Dover 5m". A man in a white coat and hat waves the car onto the ferry to Boulogne. The family passports are checked and they drive onto the boat. The ferry sails out of Dover harbour. The ferry sounds its horn. <br/> <br/>A model of the car stands next to Silver Cup (the Dewar Trophy) as the credits roll. Produced by Associated British Pathe for the Nuffield Organisation. <br/> <br/>Note: Very similar in many respects to "Wizardry on Wheels". Paperwork contains a copy of the commentary script. The Austin Seven was their version of the Morris Mini. Colour is faded in this print.
Wheels Across Africa
Wheels Across Africa Armand Denis 1936 1930s B/W Animals B/W Animals Explorers Africa Morocco A safari across Central Africa in Dodge trucks Armand Denis and Mrs Leila Roosevelt, Dodge, Morocco, map from Antwerp to Africa, trucks being unloaded from ships hold, Brussels. King Leopold and Queen Astrid of Belgium inspect trucks, cameramen, Place de la Concorde, Paris,loading trucks, docks of Algeciras, map of Africa, Ceuta, Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, biggest religious moussem, Mohammendan festival, arabs, pilgrims, horsemen, marketplace archways, firedancers, fire eaters, man breaking glass with feet and lays down in broken glass, man eating broken glass, snake charmer, African black cobra, drums and flutes being played, musicians. Fez city walls, market day, sheep market, water carrier, beggars, city gates, souk, artisan guilds, copper workshop, hand lathe, caftsmen, spinning wheel, rugs being woven on looms, tailor shop, making burnoose, potter spinning wheel, Atlas Mountains, truck through snow, stuck in snow, arab rides by on horse, down snowy road, desert, Ziz valley, Sahara Desert, oasis, palm trees, trucks drive through oasis village, mosque, mud wall houses, arabs sitting in shade, women carrying water jars from wells, camel chewing, caravan starts, baby camel nursing, caravan across sand dunes, French Foreign Legion men galloping on horses into garrison, cavalry, dismount from horses, trucks driving through sand dunes, changing tires, digging out truck with shovels and boards, refueling, pumping gasoline from tank, sandstorm, blowing palm trees, loading supplies into truck, man with pith helmet and clipboard, caravan of cars and trucks leaves city as crowd chases them, galloping horses, trucks drive across desert, camp in mid desert, making breakfast, Tuaregs, nomads, goats drink with children, filling water cans at well, camels drinking from bucket, Tuareg stronghold in Hogar region, Tuareg king, court orchestra, playing drums, veiled women dancing, Niamey, Niger River, marketplace, local chieftain reviewing warriors, woman with padlock in nose, ceremonial dress, Fort Niamey, wedding procession, bridal shower, men cheering, trumpet blowers, horns, wearing pots and pans on head as gifts, children hopping on one foot,men charging on horses with spears, French Congo, Bangassou, Mbomou River, Belgian Congo, trucks crossing river on native canoe ferry, cameraman filming bird playing with reflection, Great Congo forest near equator, log bridge, village life, native woman shelling beans, man catching tadpoles in straw traps in dugout canoe, tadpoles drying on racks, woman shaving a mans head while baby nurses, scar tattoos, man with filed teeth, dancing ceremony with drums, hats and masks, plate lip, men riding African elephants, trucks along river bank, herd of hippos, hippopotamus, crocodile hidden in water, comes ashore, Dodge safari sedan exploring sandbanks, large dugout canoe with motor, crocodiles, man with movie camera, elephants used to pull trucks across river with chains, trucks through tall grass veldt, setting up viewing camera platform in tree to observe and film wild animals, hippos, buffalo, antelopes, water buck, warthogs, baboons in tree, leopard eating, vulture, hippo running, leopard picks up carcass and walks away, vultures swoop down and feed, cheetah, British East Uganda, muddy roads, trucks stuck in mud, locust swarms, Kenya game plains, wildebeest, giraffes, plains burned by brush fires, impala, Rhinos, Rhinoceros, motion picture camera car, Akeley movie camera, filming lion, lion charges and is shot, dead lion loaded onto car, Mombasa, Indian Ocean shore. TFA-114A
Istanbul cityscape with a dramatic sky
Istanbul cityscape with a dramatic sky, view from the Besiktas ferry port. Boats, and ferries pass by
Pamplona Spain
11:55:08 - 12:02:09, 1948 Color MOS: Spain Inc. Pamplona - Barcelona. Large open air restaurant with filled tables. Various young children. Religious parade thru streets, priests carry crosses thru narrow street lined with apartment buildings with balconies, men carry a heavy gold icon on shoulders, a cardinal's cape is held by attendant, military officers in parade. A carousel, children dancing in the street, men join in. Costumes being worn and many people at this festival, figures of Magi and others ten feet tall worn and some dance. Young boys follow a man dressed with an enormous head mask. 12:02:09 - 12:07:11, 1948 Color MOS: Spain Inc. Pamplona - Street photographer taking pictures of men wearing sombreros. Men carrying large banner Decano Caballero. Various young girls showing their finery dresses. Many people dancing down the street, men blowing fifes and a drummer, CUs the fifes being played. Various young girls and boys dancing in street, walking with the tall figurines, men carrying flags, a costumed band walks by, various the priests, people looking down from balconies. Crowds of people and the figurines in the square. CUs dancing puppet being manipulated. 12:07:11 - 12:10:18, 1948 Color MOS: Spain Inc. Pamplona - Religious street parade. Helmeted soldiers, many various figurines, some just large heads and others ten to twelve feet tall and fully clothed, CUs as they pass, men dancing in circle in street, a small Ferris wheel. PAN the crowded square, people figurines, men dancing, figurine replica of a king followed by figurine of a Queen, CUs band, man blowing trumpet, drummer, crowd behind jumping up and down. Various HAs crowded streets, balconies, people running out from a street followed by the running of the bulls, bulls running thru street on way to stadium. 12:10:18 - 12:12:30, 1948 Color MOS: Spain Inc. Pamplona - Crowds of men run into the center of the stadium bull ring followed by the bulls. Various as hundreds of men and boys taunt the bulls as the bulls run at them on the dirt in the bull ring. Good shots as the bulls charge at people and knock some down as the men mill around. 12:12:30 - 12:14:35, 1948 Color MOS: Spain Inc. Pamplona - People from the stands run into the bull ring and carry the matador out on their shoulders. Banner Caballero Decano. HA men dancing in bull ring. Various LSs end of street leading to stadium as men run out from street to the stadium, inside the stadium as bulls enter and men run all over taunting the bulls and some being gored with the bulls covered horns. Various people in the stands. 12:14:35 - 12:17:37, 1948 Color MOS: Spain Inc. Pamplona - Matador working a bull with his cape as blood streams down the bulls shoulders from the inserted picks. Various HAs, people in the stadium, exiting the running of the bulls street and entering stadium, the bulls running to stadium, milling around with people in bull ring, many men acting like bull fighters with their shirts, bulls charging and some men being knocked down, some not getting up. Good ZI men taunting a bull. 12:17:50 - 12:22:22, 1948 Color MOS: Spain Inc. Pamplona - MS men covering blood trail, from a slain bull, with sand. PAN the many people in the stands. Ceremonial entrance of the matadors into the bull ring led by two men on horseback and followed by picadors on leather covered horses to protect from the bulls. HA PAN and ZIs to stands and jumping and dancing men in stands. CUs matadors. HAs matador working with cape, picador on horse stabbing bull as bull tries to gore horse. CUs man drinking from pouch, band playing in stand. Good shots as matador works the bull with his cape, picks in the bulls shoulders and blood streaming down, matador readies his sword, makes final passes with his cape, aims his sword and plunges it into the bull, the dead bull being dragged out from the bull ring, people in the stands cheering. Matador being awarded the bulls ears. Various men in stands drinking from various size pouches and bottles. 12:22:23 - 12:25:27, 1948 Color
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