Charles Barkley Arrested (10/26/1997)
Basketball player Charles Barkley was arrested last night for throwing a man through a window after the man threw ice on the star. Police reports indicate that Barkley grabbed the man from an officer who was trying to break-up a fight between the two. The report says Barkley then threw the victim through a plate glass window. Barkley was arrested for aggravated assault, but he was released on bond this morning. A public relations representative for the Houston Rockets says Barkley was resting this afternoon. The basketball star will be playing in tonight's game against the Orlando Magic.
Titles read: "ILFORD - FIRE! BIGGEST SINCE BLITZ". <br/> <br/>Ilford, Essex. <br/> <br/>Various shots of shops on Ilford High Road burning at night. Mass of flames belch out of the windows. Firemen fight the blaze. Shop fronts burning; one of the shops was a furniture store. Smoke belching from rooftops. Crowds watch. <br/> <br/>Various shots show the aftermath of the fire the following morning, with wrecked shops and debris lying about. Looks like bomb damage. Twisted girders of the buildings. Shop dummies strewn about. Damaged goods in the remains of the stores including dressing tables in the furniture shop.
People salvaging paper on Paper Holiday in Peoria, IL, for war effort during World War II
Universal Newsreel - riots in Newark, USA; 1967
Newsreel reporting on the Newark riots of July 1967. At least 24 have been killed and many more injured as a result of the emergency. Property has also been targeted and looting has taken place. Racial tensions are thought to have resulted in the violence, which has taken place in deprived areas of the city. The situation has been termed a 'rebellion' by Governor Richard Hughes and the National Guard has been brought in in an attempt to maintain control. Sniper fire has killed bystanders, policemen and a fire captain. Newark, New Jersey, USA; on or after 12th-17th July 1967. (Universal Newsreel_Episode 1967 – ABMA707K)
Hero Injects Drugs Into Villains
A white woman defends herself against an Asian attacker in a storeroom, crosscut with a dancing man being attacked by two villains in a shop. Closeups of the man inject a drug into the wrists of the villains, causing one to jump straight up out of sight and causing the other to jump through the window. Kitschy silent drug comedy starring Douglas Fairbanks. FIC - 1916 - B/W
Watts and Newark Riots
1967 B/W w/ Sound RACE RIOTS (narrated by Ed Herlihy). Violence - 24 Dead in Newark Riots. New Jersey. VS firemen fighting fires in burning buildings. Policeman taking Black man in to custody. Armed military vehicle driving on street at night. VS destroyed & looted stores. Press car w/ smashed window. VS troops taking cover on streets, holding rifles. Soldiers patrolling. Shootout w/ sniper in buildings & police. VS of building w/ smoke from bullet hits. Police searching & arresting Black people. Men loaded into paddy wagon.
00:00:55:00,Newspaper press rolling, Newsmen sell papers ("EXTRA EXTRA"), Train passes, Police stop train to search, John Wayne hides on train, Police chase Wayne, Wayne jumps on horse, rides away. Police chase, Man drinking by stream, sees Wayne coming, Wayne shot from horse, Wayne under water, breathes through straw, Wayne swims, Police shoot at straw, Wayne surfaces to find Jones on shore, Jones and Wayne ride to cave hideout, enter, Wayne in apron cooking at iron stove, Wayne collects dishes, Men play cards. Dissolve from long candle to short (NICE), Fight breaks out, Man hits Wayne with chair, Police in office read out reward notice for Wayne, CU: Wanted poster, Wayne pours coffee for Jones, Wayne and Jones ride into town, hitch horses, Wayne and Jones enter store, Wayne asks for Rutabagas, Wayne scribbles warning note on butcher paper, Wayne holds sack of broken eggs, Girl in store discovers note shows it to father, Sheriff and men hide out in store, Wayne and Jones come at night to rob store, Wayne shot through door. Jones helps him away, Wayne at desk writes letter, Jones enters saloon, asks bartender for "the dope.", Jones notices Wayne's hat band, Wayne watches stage from hilltop, Bandits wait for stage, Wayne hides in brush, climbs onto stage, Wayne robs stage, Wayne hides strongbox in tree trunk, Bandits stop stage, find no money, Wayne at store, raps on window, Bandit finds Wayne's hat band, Wayne confesses innocents to Girl, tell where money is, Wayne returns to saloon, Bandit tells his story, confesses crime, Jones and Wayne return to hideout, plan to rob train, Wayne gets dressed up, Wayne watches Girl through store window, Wayne gives Man note to take to Girl, Girl rides off, Sheriff follows, Jones Meets Wayne in saloon, Girl comes in to warn Wayne of Sheriff, Sheriff enters, FIST FIGHT, Wayne and Jones ride off. Sheriff follows, Men form posse, Sally tells Jones who Wayne really is, Jones races to head off Wayne, Bandits wait for Wayne, SHOOT OUT at abandoned mine, Man falls from cliff, Jones and Wayne ride stage through Mine shaft, Bandits Follow on horses, Posse arrives at mine, follow, Bandit falls from horse, Wayne on stage, grabs tree limb, jumps passing bandit, Fist fight, Wayne takes Bandit's horse and chases, Jones shot on Stage, Wayne climbs from horse onto State, Stage goes over cliff, Wayne rides team, Posse finds Wayne and Jones, Jones dying, confesses, Wayne walks off with Girl
DN-6 1 inch
A City Is
Night shots of firemen fighting fire, of smoke coming out of store window, of firemen working in smoke. No flames visible, but a lot of smoke.
Olivier Py: "Our festival is the most beautiful thing in the world
Radio France: filmed programmes
1967 Detroit Riots
b&w newsreel - narration - Detroit Riots - Michigan - night - aerials of fires - State of Emergency declared - flames - smoke - burning buildings - paratroopers and National Guard aid police force - curfew established - smashed storefronts and windows - people on street collect loot from stores - looting - firemen fight large blazes - moving pov of damaged buildings - President Lyndon B. Johnson speech over very good tracking shots of devastating damage - LBJ talks about law and order, says riots, looting and murder have nothing to do with civil rights
Night shots of traffic on Montreal streets, of two fire engines speeding past camera. Two shots of reflection of man on store window. CU of trash container, traffic passing in background. Shot of store mannequin, reflection of neon light superimposed. MS of middle section of skyscraper, a few lights shining from windows.
Fire in Trump Building; Fire Rescue Sequence; Cars on Flooded Highway; Store Fire
8/9/2001 - 9/7/2001 - Fire in Trump building. Good sequence of fierce fire at a Fine Fair supermarket. Good sequence at a flooded section of the Whitestone Expressway. A very good sequence as firemen take a comatose man and woman out from a second story window into ladder tower, bring them down and the EMT to revive them. A helicopter rescues two men from the towers at the 1964 World's Trade site, lowers two policemen to tower, lifts two men and then policemen by a cable lift from helicopter door. A rescue at a highway accident. ,0:03:09>>> Fire in Trump Building. Firemen in the lobby, firemen standing in front of building. CU hose attached to autosprinkler pipe on plaque outside building. Night. Good dramatic shots as camera approaches a roaring blaze from front windows and roof of a two floor residence, a ladder tower silhouetted against the blaze, shower of sparks as part of roof breaks away. Good ZI as fireman in tower pulls out roof parts with his hook. He then turns on hose stream into the blaze. ,0:03:09 - 0:05:31 >>> Night. Fire engine in the street at the Trump Building. Shots from street into lobby, many firemen, ZI to hose on the floor folded with nozzle attached. Many firemen, at the ready, standing outside under the Trump Building sign. ZI to hose attached to Siamese standpipe citing the floors that are serviced thru it to the sprinklers, water dripping from the connection. ,0:05:31 - 0:16:41 >>> Night. Fire in a Fine Fair supermarket. HA down to blazing roof and firemen on ground spraying water.Firemen working at a store fire, break open roll down gate, carry ladder thru adjacent parking lot with cars to go to smoking roof. Camera goes around to the back of building with flames and smoke from the roof. Good shot of flames and smoke shooting skyward. Good HAs to flames and firemen on adjacent roof shooting hose stream to the flames, and to outer wall of apartment building behind it to stop the fire spreading. Good HAs and ZIs to flames. Many various HAs and PANs to fire engines in street. ,0:16:41 - 0:28:59 >>> Front of building. Sign Fine Fare Supermarket, firemen pouring water thru broken front window. Shot thru window shows roof almost completely gone. Various firemen pouring water onto the fire from ground outside, from inside building and from ladder tower. Many shots from many angles and showing fire fighting activity. ,0:27:10>>> High pressure hoses spraying into store windows,0:33:00>>> Cars and trucks at a flooded highway. Some cars go thru, Some are stuck.,0:36:00 - 0:47:00 >>> Good rescue sequence. Man taken out window into the ladder bucket that lowers to the ground. Firemen carry comatose man and woman and place on the ground and start to administer chest compressions as oxygen masks are placed on their faces. They are put on stretchers and rolled to the ambulances as chest compressions are continued. Female EMT are present. Older man in bathrobe is walked away with a fireman.,0:49:00 - 1:03:58 >>> Police helicopter with searchlight arrives over one of the towers of the old World's Trade towers in Queens. A policeman slides down a rope to the tower and back up from the tower to the helicopter.,1:20:00>>> Good shot of firemen in a ladder bucket silhouetted against the day sky and start the high pressure hose toward the building. ,1:23:00>>> Date 8/28/01 - Firemen on street at a garage fire,1:25:00>>> Tower ladder #155,1:30:00>>> A man rolled away on a stretcher,1:45:00>>> A store fire
AFP-52BH 16mm
00:00:00:00 [MOSCOW MASTER #1] [CNN &amp; BBC crews rousted by KGB] crews &amp; KGB pushing &amp; pulling camera, mostly Russian spksm. One KGBer stands @ window to prevent crew from taking Red Sq ...
United States soldiers in combat with Japanese forces in towns and in city of Manila, Philippines (WW2)
Street fighting in Asia during World War II (Pacific Theater). Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter takes off from field. P-47 fighters dive bombing Japanese-occupied towns as American infantry squads advance in battle-scarred town. The U.S. soldiers employ rifles, bazookas, rifle grenades, hand grenades, and flame throwers (which destroy wood and other lightly constructed buildings). Americans advance under fire from Japanese snipers and return fire. United States soldiers use flamethrowers on wooden houses. A dead Japanese sniper in rubble of building. A Japanese soldier running to surrender, carrying a white flag. A staged exercise in a Burmese village, to demonstrate proper techniques for combating occupying enemy in such a setting. Huts and building in village. Soldier signals other soldiers. Two persons acting as Japanese soldiers inside a building. American soldiers wade through water. Acting Japanese soldier walks to the river side with an empty bucket. American soldier attacks the acting Japanese soldier from behind. Views of various Japanese cities, like Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya. Traffic with pedestrians on road. Smoke arising from U.S. artillery shelling of Manila. U.S. Army artillery battery firing field pieces at targets in Manila. Smoke in the streets during the 1945 Battle of Manila. U.S. Soldiers advance through burning Filipino buildings. They advance in groups. U.S. soldiers firing in streets and helping wounded soldier to cross street in front of the import-export business Levy and Blum Inc (345 Echague, Quiapo, Manila, Philippines). They take cover behind rubble. Soldiers engage in street fighting against the Japanese in front of boarded store in Ongpin street, Binondo (Manila Chinatown district). Troops pass by a wrecked building. U.S. soldiers gathered around a chart. They fire gun from hole in wall. Soldiers check houses for booby-traps. Soldier at window of building. Tanks and troops advance. Smoke screen in street. Soldier talks into radio. Captured Japanese march under guard. Location: Manila Philippines. Date: 1945.
Item title reads - Sales: may the best girl win. <br/> <br/>London. <br/> <br/>M/S's people queuing up outside a large London department store. C/U woman jumping around to keep warm. Various shots of a man sitting outside a store eating the remains of the turkey and swigging from a bottle of wine. M/S 'Sale' sign being put up in a window, various shots showing similar signs in other countries including 'Verkoop' and 'Vendita' M/S of a man getting into a taxi with a sale sign on the meter reading '4 pence per mile'. <br/> <br/>M/S as the commissionaire opens the doors to the store and the people start to rush in. Various shots of the interior as people rush into the shop past the camera. Exterior shots show the crowds still piling into the store. M/S people crowded round the china counter. C/U women trying to buy plates, M/S of a man trying to buy crockery. C/U people's hands sorting through the crockery. C/U woman putting plates into a wire basket. M/S exterior showing shop dummies in the store window. C/U as two women spot something they want and rush into the store. M/S pan the crowded store. C/U man in bowler hat trying on dressing gown. Various shots of tills ringing frantically. M/S's as one begins to smoke, a man pours water in it. M/S people sorting through pile of clothes. M/S girl assistant wiping her forehead with a handkerchief. C/U people grabbing clothes. C/U man looking bored. C/U's of women examining bras in the underwear department. M/S two women fighting over a blanket. M/S naked shop dummies in window, M/S as a man carries one out of the store and down the street.
Tucson Rioting
COMEDY; 1942
06:05:47:15,Military parade, East End Kids watch Parade, Recruiting poster: "I Want You", East End Kids in recruiting office, Marines recruiting poster, Kids in office, play with scale, Marine Captain tells them they're too young, Navy recruiting sign, Kids in Navy office, smoking cigars, Mr. Kino, store owner, chases man out of shop, Kids watch, Kids take fruit from cart, Kids throw fruit at store, Kids threaten Mr. Kino (fiercely anti-semitic), Mr. Kino chases Kids out with knife, Cop tells kids to move along, Phil, (Gabriel Dell's Older Brother) Meets with Woman in Uniform, Huntz Hall plays violin, bad. Does bit with instructor, Goofy violin instructor conducts, Kids listen, Instructor demonstrates for Hall, Hall and Instructor choose with Bow, like a baseball bat, Kids march through streets, Kids break into Mr. Kino's store, Kids bust up stuff in store, Kids discover Mr. Kino dead, Mrs. Kino appears at top of stairs, screams. Kids run, Cop comes to Door of Store, Kids in hideout, Cop shows up at hideout, Kids at police station, Japanese spies in store room, listen to radio, Japanese plot with Phil, Kids study constitution on wall in Police Station, Cop lectures about American Rights, Cop hands newspaper to Cop at desk, Cop looks at paper, Kids in street, Bobby Jordan counts his money, Kids chase him, Phil arrives at Nora's house for date, Cop, Nora's father comes home, shows Nora the newspaper, Headlines: NAVY OFFICER FOUND GUILTY, Nora finds out, Cop kicks Phil out, Father comforts Nora, Kids in pawn shop, pawn junk, violin, Hall notices Japanese spy in back, Kids leave, Hall steals sunglasses, Kids on street, Hall with sunglasses, Kids arrive at Kino's store, give Mrs. Kino flowers, money, Japanese Spy comes in to pay debt, Mrs. Kino writes receipt, gives it to Spy, Spy swipes something off desk, Kids see Spy to door, Spies in store, plot, Spy searches clothes for paper, Kids in hideout, discover note in pen, Gorcey holds match to reveal message, Man in Chinese Laundry throws broom at entering Kids, Kids show Chinaman the note, Chinaman grumbles at kids as they leave, Kids on street march to store, Gorcey enters, Kids watch through window, Gorcey shows old man the note, Gorcey wrestles to get note back, Old Man commits Hari-kari, Kids run, Kids dash into Police Station, tell Cop, Spies in storeroom plot with Phil, Cop and Kids enter Tea Shop, Cop and Kids question Old Man, Cop leaves, Spy in stockroom removes Old Man disguise, Kids enter Tea Shop, Question Spy, Hall takes comedic violin lesson (teacher gets flustered), Hall snoops around, Steals sack from Violin case, Kids in street, study sack, Kids appoint Bobby Jordan as lookout, Phil waiting on step, stops Nora on her way in. They argue, Phil storms off, Quarrels with Brother Dell, slaps him, Nora looks out window, Kids talk with Nora, show her the note, Kids come to Hall's home, load up on stew, Gorcey examines powder in sack, Stove catches fire, Kids fight fire with seltzer bottles, Cop/Father runs in, Kids spit water onto fire, Hall's Mother hits kids with mop, chases them out, Kids tell story to cop, Nora enters Tea Shop, Bobby Jordan asleep in doorway, Nora shows note to spy proprietor, Accomplice grabs Nora, drags her through secret door, Bobby Jordan watches crowd of men enter store, Men go through secret door, Jordan spies through Window, Jordan reports to Kids in Hideout, Cops go into store, Spy spots Kids out window, Kids in front of store, Cops search store, discover Magnesium, test it with match, Kids in alley, climb in window, Bars closes on window, trapping Kids, Hall leans on secret door, Kids go through door, Kids creep down staircase, Jordan falls through trap in floor, Kids catch him, Kids Creep into store, frightened by cat, Kids go through secret door in store, Kids hide behind boxes, Men in black hoods pass, Kids jump Spy, tie him up, Kids put on robes and hoods, Spies enter, bow to Kids in Hoods, Spies don robes and hoods, Hall clubs tied up Spy, Kids in Hoods enter Secret Hooded meeting, Spy in elegant Japanese robe. Heads meeting, Phil takes off hood, in front of group, Tied Spy wakes up, Phil takes blood oath, Tied Spy frees himself, Spy Exposes Kids, all take hoods off, Kids run, Spies chase, Spy appears through secret door, throws switch, Kids fall through trap door in floor, Phil punches Out Spy, Spy Leader, commits Hari-kari, Kids run, Spies chase, Kids, Spies, fight, Gabriel Dell escapes out window, Hall throws vase at Spies, Phil and Kids free Nora, Dell leads cops to scene, Spies with sabers, come after Kids, Cops arrive, find Spies unconscious, Kids reclining. Gorcey in Japanese robe, Just Married sign on car, Kids hold up Samurai swords Phil and Nora pass under, Phil reads orders, he's shipping out. Darts off, Kids and Nora pile in car
[Mozambique: Gorongosa Park, a paradise for animals]
A2 / France 2
15-Jun-1998 MONTAGE Continuing battles between English fans, Tunisians and police in Marseilles / Marseilles, France / AUDIO
Boy Scouts salvaging paper on Paper Holiday in Peoria, IL, for war effort during World War II