Historical monuments and landmarks of the Washington DC area as seen in the early 1950s
A female Air Force service member walks up to a IBM Card Sorter with a stack of punch cards. She loads the card sorting machine and presses the start button. Early computing punch cards fall into various slots. She transcribes information from these cards and hands forms to officer at a desk. Sergeant sitting at desk, talks to an Airman. View of U.S. Capitol building and Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Tourists look at Lincoln statue in LIncoln Memorial. View of National Mall and reflecting pool. Man takes picture of woman with Washington Monument in the background. View of the Jefferson Memorial, and then across the river in Arlington Virginia, a view of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Airman stands in front of church. Close up views of 1953 license plates on cars from various states including California, Wyoming, Iowa, Texas, Tennessee, and the Canal Zone. View of various embassy buildings in Washington DC. View of the White House. Large crowd of visitors walk down the North entrance drive in front of the White House. U.S. military servicemen riding in a bus. Bus stops at drop off area in front of Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, in Alexandria, Virginia. Sign board reads "Mount Vernon Home of George Washington." Service members touring on grounds of Mount Vernon, and exterior views of front of main house at Mount Vernon, with service members seated on chair on porch, and looking out at the scenic Potomac River from the porch. View of information center building at Bolling Air Force Base, and a woman inside giving information on sight-seeing to service members. Military service members standing outside the entrance at the base of the Washington Monument. Wide view of Supreme Court building. Another sign board reads "National Zoological Park" in front of the National Zoo. Tourists view a giraffe inside the Washington Zoo. 1950s car drives through shallow water cascading over road in Rock Creek Parkway area. Elevated view of a parade in Washington DC as military units pass in review. Location: Washington DC USA. Date: 1953.
Grain Handling in Canada
Several CUs of pile of wheat on table, hands sifting, feeling. Shots of faces of experts discussing wheat. HASs of Wheat Board in session, men discussing wheat. TILT UP from several bags of wheat to men standing, talking. Closer shots of men. HAMCSs of hands tapping on keys of card encoder. TILT UPs to cards moving through machine. Two shots of card sorter. CUs of bars of print out unit working at high speed.
PA-0878 Digibeta
Town and the Telephone, The
Employees using 1950's office machines, including automated sorting devices. One shot shows IBM logo on a machine.