Entertainment US Kerouac - Excerpts from recently discovered Kerouac play to be published
NAME: US KEROUAC 240505E TAPE: EF05/0462 IN_TIME: 10:02:11:01 DURATION: 00:02:19:23 SOURCES: APTN DATELINE: New York, May 24, 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Wide shot photographs of typed manuscript which is in the possession of the Kerouac estate 2. Title page "Beat Generation" 3. Close-up address of Kerouac's agent Sterling Lord 4. Various, text of typed manuscript 5. Stephen Perrine, Editor-in-Chief, Best Life magazine, walks into his office and goes to computer 6. Cutaway of Perrine's hand on computer mouse and magazine on his desk 7. SOUNDBITE (English): Stephen Perrine, Editor-in-Chief, Best Life magazine: "Kerouac wrote it in 1957, the same year he wrote "On the Road," and when Kerouac wrote the play he asked Sterling (his agent) to send it around to some producers, particularly Marlon Brando, because Kerouac was obsessed with Marlon Brando. And "On the Road" had not yet been published, so the play was rejected, and Kerouac asked Sterling to put it aside, file it, and we'd revisit it later. They never did. So it wound up in this warehouse in New Jersey where it's been since about 1957. It's almost fifty years now since the manuscript has seen the light of day." 8. Cover of next issue of magazine which features excerpt from the play 9. Photograph of Kerouac in the magazine 10. Pages of magazine with Kerouac play excerpt being flipped 11. Text from play as printed in magazine 12. SOUNDBITE (English): Stephen Perrine, Editor-in-Chief, Best Life magazine: "At a time when Kerouac was writing this, it was a time where a conservative government and a conservative society was fighting against a literary movement that was trying to push those boundaries, and I think we find ourselves in the same kind of situation today." 13. Photograph and text on page from magazine KEROUAC TREASURE UNEARTHED Excerpts from a recently discovered three-act play by Jack Kerouac are due to be published for the first time next month in a US men's lifestyle magazine. Written in 1957 - the same year as his classic novel 'On the Road' - 'Beat Generation' was found in a warehouse in Jersey City, six months ago. Passages will be published in Best Life magazine - the entire play will be published this autumn by Thunders Mouth Press. 'Beat Generation' draws on Kerouac's life - via his altar ego, Jack Duluoz - and those of other 'Beat' writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady. Kerouac failed to build interest in the 'Beat Generation' in the theatre world, despite contacting figures such as Lillian Hellman and Marlon Brando. Kerouac died in 1969. Stephen Perrine, the Editor-in-Chief of Best Life magazine, said that he learned about the play while having lunch with Sterling Lord, Kerouac's agent.
PREMIUM FOOTAGE - please call for pricing - 1985 Documentary / Docu-drama about Jack Kerouac - Beats - Beat Generation - beatniks - poetry - literature - writers - 1950s recreations - Allen Ginsberg talks about Kerouac's drinking problem - Kerouac on the William F. Buckley show - he is drunk and irascible - he explains the term beat - John Clellon Holmes discusses Kerouac's drinking problem - one of Kerouac's paintings - alcoholism - alcohol
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Midwest Holiday
UK Daniel Radcliffe
Actor unveils "Kill Your Darlings" art exhibition and new movie
10,000 Maniacs
Hey Jack Kerouac
1950s TV SHOW
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Marilyn - Monroe - Auction VNR
PREMIUM FOOTAGE - please call for pricing - 1985 Documentary / Docu-drama about Jack Kerouac - Beats - Beat Generation - beatniks - poetry - literature - writers - 1950s recreations - biographer Ann Charters - poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti - they discuss Kerouac - cu lantern, bottle of Jack Daniels, writer at pad - drinks - Big Sur - cliffs and ocean - waves crash onto rocks - two-lane bridge - still: Kerouac in bar - still: Kerouac w/ mother - Stanley Twardowicz talks
1950s TV SHOW
US Playboy - Auction on 50th anniversary of men's magazine
TAPE: EF03/1128 IN_TIME: 23:46:55 DURATION: 2:06 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: 17 Dec 2003 SHOTLIST- 1. Pan of auction room at Christie's 2. Playboy artwork with people taking bids over the phone in foreground 3. Man looking through catalogue 4. Items in auction: Hefner's little black books, and name plate from his desk 5. Close-up of black book 6. Screen shot of Jack Kerouac, manuscript "Before the Road" published in Playboy 7. Pan of Kerouac manuscript in glass case 8. Woman taking telephone bid for manuscript 9. Board shows 55-thousand US Dollars 10. UPSOUND: "At sixty thousand dollars, last chance, and selling to Mary's bidder for 60,000." Auctioneer hammers Kerouac manuscript at 60,000 US dollars plus buyers premium 11. Playboy Bunny outfit from Playboy club 12. Board showing eight-thousand US dollars for bunny outfit 13. Various of Bunny outfit in glass case 14. Auctioneer sells bunny outfit for 12-thousand US dollars 15. Marilyn Monroe photograph by Andre de Dienes -1960 16. Auctioneer and board shows it sold for 9,500 US dollars 17. Auction room 18. Tilt down from nude painting to employees taking phone bids 19. Hefner's 1988 Mercedes Limousine 20. Close-up license plate on Limousine 21. Pan across Limousine STORYLINE: A little piece of the "American Sexual Revolution" went on the auction block on Wednesday as Hugh Hefner auctioned off a collection of items from both the magazine's archives and his personal life to celebrate 50 years of Playboy magazine. On sale were various pictures, comics, even Leroy Neiman paintings that have been featured in the pages over the years. Also under the hammer were Hefner's little black books from years gone by. Possibly the most unique item was Hugh Hefner's black Mercedes limousine from the late 1980's, which came complete with an invitation for two to the mansion to collect the car and to attend the Playboy 50th anniversary New Years Eve party. The limousine and invitations are estimated to sell between 30-thousand and 50-thousand US dollars. Early on, the biggest ticket item was Jack Kerouac's manuscript for "Before the Road" which was published in the December 1959 issue of Playboy. "Before the Road" was estimated to sell between 20 and 30-thousand US dollars but actually went for 60-thousand dollars plus buyer's premium. Another item that brought a lot of attention and cash was a 1960's style bunny outfit from a playboy club, which sold for more than 12-thousand US dollars.
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Entertainment US Playboy
Playboy to stop running nude photos
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State - Animal (03/31/1999)
What is the state color, the state flower or state animal of Massachusetts?
00:00:00:00 - LIB:DESC [B-roll of the typed scroll containing the original version of Jack K erouac's beat generation novel "On the Road". Kerouac typed a draft of the nov el in April 1 ...
US Sean Penn
Oscar winner Sean Penn would rather write these days
The convoys of freedom
PREMIUM FOOTAGE - please call for pricing - 1985 Documentary / Docu-drama about Jack Kerouac - Beats - Beat Generation - beatniks - poetry - literature - writers - 1950s recreations - Kerouac reads On the Road on the Steve Allen show - NEEDS SPECIAL COPYRIGHT CLEARANCE - CALL FOR INFORMATION
US Playboy Auction - Christie's will hold auction of Playboy memoribilia after gallery showings
TAPE: EF03/0668 IN_TIME: 03:49:27 DURATION: 3:18 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: New York, USA, July 23, 2003 SHOTLIST: 1. Wide shot gallery with Playboy exhibit 2. Medium shot man looking at Playboy cover with Bo Derek 3. Close up famous Playboy cover with Bo Derek, photograph by John Derek, 1980, estimated 5,000-7,000 (US) dollars 4. Medium shot items from Hugh Hefner's desk 5. Close up Hefner "little black book" estimated eight to twelve thousand U-S dollars 6. Medium shot cartoon by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder, "Little Annie Fanny: The Artist", estimated 6,000-8,000 (US) dollars 7. Close up detail from "Little Annie Fanny" 8. Close up pan across manuscript from Jack Kerouac, "Before the Road," estimated 20,000-30,000 (US) dollars 9. Medium shot pan across advance proofs for Ian Fleming's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," estimated 18,000-24,000 (US) dollars 10. Close up detail Fleming advance proofs 11. Medium shot Herb Ritts photograph of Elle MacPherson, 1994, estimated 4,000-6,000 (US) dollars 12. Close up Ritts photo of MacPherson 13. Close up Andre De Dienes photograph, "Marilyn in bed", 1960, estimated 3,000-5,000 (US) dollars 14. Wide shot pan across photographs 15. Medium shot Herb Ritts photograph of Cindy Crawford, "Skinsuits," 1988, estimated 5,000-7,000 (US) dollars 16. Close up Ritts photo of Crawford 17. Setup shot Christie Hefner 18. SOUNDBITE: (English) Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises: "Well I think in part perhaps this collection will educate people about how Playboy has been and belongs in art galleries, because of the quality of the fine art in the magazine as well as the quality of the photography. And I think it's in effect the old American hangup about 'well if it's erotic it can't be acceptable and serious,' and really, Playboy put to lie that division decades ago when it demonstrated the ability to be a great entertainment magazine as well as a magazine of ambitious ideas about important political and social subjects." 19. Medium shot tilt down on Martin Hoffman's "Woman Eternal," 1972, estimated to bring 3,000-5,000 (US) dollars 20. SOUNDBITE: (English) Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises: "What we're really hoping to do is to honour the vision of Playboy as a chronicler of pop culture for the last five decades and to reflect the breadth of the images and the ideas that have been the hallmark of the success of the magazine for the first fifty years of its life. So as much as anything we're really looking to touch lots of people through the opportunity to see the collection, buy the catalogue, visit it online and then ultimately a few hundred people will have the chance to own a piece of it." 21. Painting by LeRoy Neiman, "Bird (Charlie Parker)", 1957, estimated to sell for between 10,000-15,000 (US) dollars. 22. Wide shot pair of Alberto Vargas' "Vargas Girls" 23. Close up "Vargas Girl", estimated 25,000-35,000 (US) dollars 24. Medium shot Playboy Bunny Costume, 1960's, estimated 4,000-6,000 (US) dollars 25. Close up Bunny ears 26. Close up photograph of Hugh Hefner holding the first edition of Playboy from 1953, with Marilyn Monroe on cover STORYLINE: Playboy in an art gallery? Not what you might expect. But that's where you'll now find a travelling exhibit of Playboy art and memorabilia. The material will then be sold by Christie's auction house in New York in December. Christie's in New York is marking Playboy Magazine's 50th anniversary with an auction of books, cartoons, illustrations, manuscripts, memorabilia, paintings and photographs from the archives of Playboy Enterprises. The sale will feature a collection of literature, humour, interviews, photographs and artwork from the magazine, and offers a chronological cross-section of Playboy's historical contribution to popular culture during the last 50 years. The paintings section will showcase the core group of artists who contributed to Playboy's creative evolution and legacy, including LeRoy Neiman, Ed Paschke, Roger Brown and Patrick Nagel. The sale will also feature a carefully selected group of adult themes and nudity - the core of Playboy's identity. Significant literary contributions by such influential authors as Jack Kerouac, Ian Fleming, Vladimir Nabokov and Jean-Paul Sartre will appear next to historical examples from non-fiction, the "Playboy Interview" and "Dear Playboy". Further highlights include cartoons by Jack Cole, Eldon Dedini, John Dempsey, Erich Sokol and Shel Silverstein, as well as a selection of "Vargas Girls" by renowned pin-up artist Alberto Vargas. In addition, photographs will be featured by some of the most recognized contemporary and fashion photographers including Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Brett Weston and Lee Friedlander.
OBIT Sterling Lord STILLS
OBIT Sterling Lord STILLS
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