Produced c. 1964<br/><br/>Date With History - Hiroshima Reel 1 & 2 (Check Copyright)<br/><br/>01:00:10 Aerial shot of Bikini Atoll. August 6th 1945 (superimposed). 0700 hrs (Superimposed). B 29 bomber flying above the clouds. (Voice over of radio call to Enola Gay). C/U wing propellor turning. . C/U mouth of pilot speaking into microphone. B29 bomber. Aerial view of Hiroshima, Japan. C/U pilot with microphone. B 29 bomber, mountain in background. C/U pilot. Title superimposed - "Date With History - Hiroshima" <br/><br/>01:01:11 Traffic scenes of Hiroshima streets. Shots of various buildings taken from boat on river. Women in traditional Japanese costume picking flowers. Women carrying wood on their heads. Scenes of traditional Japanese buildings in the Hiroshima area. Ancient looking bridge over river. Traffic scenes in Hiroshima city. (Sound of air raid warning siren). High angle shots of various parts of Hiroshima. Japanese look out in uniform standing by bell. Japanese look out in simple shelter. Japanese lookout guards eyes as he looks to the sky. Plane passes over head. <br/><br/>01:02:10 B 29 bomber above clouds. Cuts between C/U of pilot and shots of plane. Plane banks. Aerials of Hiroshima. B 29 Superfortress plane (Straight Flush) banks. C/U name of Enola Gay on side of plane. Shots of plane in air. High angle shot of Hiroshima street. Street scenes of Hiroshima. Zoom in to desk calendar showing date Monday 6th August. <br/><br/>01:03:14 Japanese children clapping and playing. Japanese children sitting at tables eating with chopsticks. Two young children laughing. Two women making a bed. B29 above clouds. C/U Enola Gay name. C/U pilot. C/U interior of plane (possibly the bomb aimer). B 29. Japanese doctor looking down microscope. Aerial shot of Hiroshima. Shot of propellers and engine. Interior of plane (Bombardier working). <br/><br/>01:03:51 Japanese soldier looks up to the sky. He is wearing headphones and a microphone. He makes a report into his microphone. Two B 29 Superfortress bombers flying. Japanese men in helmets look up to the sky, one uses binoculars. Two bombers fly overhead. One of the planes in flight shot with the wing of the other plane in the foreground. C/U engine. Plane banks away. Bomb bay doors open. Interior of plane, bombardier in his place. C/U hands of crew member on control panel. C/U faces of aircrew. Plane banks. <br/><br/>01:04:38 Japanese children playing. Japanese child eating rice with chopsticks. Ship burning in Pearl Harbour. American troops landing on island in the Pacific (Voice over says this is Iwo Jima). Troops landing (Voice over says Guadal Canal). Troops following tracked vehicle in jungle area (Voice over says New Guinea). Various small landing craft at sea. Aerial shots of fleet of warships. (Script talks about these events being "Avenged"). <br/><br/>01:05:05 Quick sequence - Japanese man on knees (possibly in prayer). Japanese children play on a slide. Japanese soldier in helmet shouting. Japanese inside, doing flower arrangement. Graves of America troops. Japanese troops walking across field. Factory. Hospital shot. Burning ship at Pearl Harbour. Japanese troops. Japanese flag coming down flagpole. <br/><br/>01:05:19 Cuts to black. Atomic bomb explosion from ground level. Aerial of A-bomb explosion. Mushroom cloud. Massive clouds after nuclear explosion. Aerials over destroyed Hiroshima. The landscape is virtually flattened. Shots of ruins of buildings. Burnt shadows on bridge. (Showing where people stood when the explosion happened). <br/><br/>01:06:53 Ruins of Hiroshima after the explosion of the Atomic bomb. People walks through the ruined streets. Burnt out tram. Remains of Shinto temple. Burned out building. Remains of Hiroshima. Patterns of dress burned onto persons skin. Victims bandaged in makeshift hospital. Burned and maimed victims (some shots are quite disturbing). Ludovic Kennedy in film library talks to camera. <br/><br/>Spacing.<br/><br/>01:08:15 Ludovic Kennedy interview with Leonard Cheshire about the Atomic bomb.<br/><br/>01:12:08 Winston Churchill at the Quebec Conference in 1943. He walks down from a plane. Photo call with President Franklin Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Prime Minister of Canada William Mackenzie King. C/U Roosevelt and Churchill. Photo call at Quebec, Canada. Ludovic Kennedy speaks.<br/><br/>01:12:49 Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy presented with a medal by American President Harry S. Truman. Stills of War Secretary Stimson. President Truman giving speech (no sound). Ludovic Kennedy speaking to camera.<br/><br/>01:13:47 LV Oak Ridge, Tennessee. C/U sign pointing to Oak Ridge - "Prohibited Area Only Authorized Personnel Admitted". Ext. Atomic Bomb factory. People walking. Men read newspaper pasted up on wall - "Power of Oak Ridge Atomic Bomb Hits Japs". People queue at cinema. Sign outside advertising Pathe Newsreel "Plane Rips Into Empire State Bldg." Woman walks towards camera past sign "Think! Are You Authorized To Tell?". Long View of industrial complex - may be Oak Ridge or Los Alamos - paperwork unclear. Int of nuclear laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Massive pieces of equipment.<br/><br/>01:14:45 Albert Einstein with Ben Gurion. They sit in a garden and shake hands. C/U Einstein. Interiors of labs at Oak Ridge facility. Scientists move equipment around with a great deal of care.<br/><br/>01:15:00 C/U Swastika at the top of Nazi flag. Nazi rally. Adolf Hitler walks through ranks of Nazi supporters. Flags fly in the background. He gives a small salute. <br/><br/>01:15:20 Ludovic Kennedy speaks to camera. Atomic weapons chiefs including Brigadier General Leslie Groves (sp?). L/S early test explosion of an Atomic Bomb. Mushroom cloud clearly visible as the explosion spreads. Still of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Still of Churchill and President Harry S. Truman. General Dwight D. Eisenhower during wartime visit to Europe. He is walking with various other officers. Stills of General Leahey, General Arnold, General Eisenhower. Various L/S of White House. <br/><br/>Note: Good documentary about the dropping of the A-bomb on Hiroshima. See other reels. Shotlist included in paperwork suggests the planes are B 57 bombers, they appear to be B 29's. Paperwork includes shot list. Some of the shots of Japanese lookouts are not of the right date.
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