ISSUE_NO = 396A NO_OF_ITEMS = 13 ITEM_NO = 4 CARD_FILE = 5008 CARD_TITLE : January Weddings. SHOT_LIST : Bride arriving being Miss Mary Malcolm (grand daughter of Lily Langtry) and seen with bridegroom Sir Basil Bartlett. Shots of Joyce Wethered marring. Enters church. With husband. New name Lady Amory. SOUND : Commentator KEYWORDS : Celebrations - Marriage; Nobility; Personalities - Relatives; Personalities - Sport; Personalities - Performers; Golf; Lady Joyce Heathcoat-Amory; Sir John Heathcoat-Amory; Personalities - Politicians; Great Britain MATERIAL : Neg 413 Incomplete Dupe Negative 06444 Incomplete Dupe Negative 06466 LENGTH_SHOT = 36 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
Item title reads - Ladies' Open Golf Championship. Miss Joyce Wethered re-enters golf "lists" once again to prevent Cup going to America - and succeeds! Beating Miss Glenna Collett by 3 and 1, after being 5 down at the turn! St. Andrews, Scotland. <br/> <br/>M/S of Miss Wethered and Miss Collett standing together. Various shots of the golf game, people follow them round, good pan across course and golf club. M/S as the trophy is presented to Miss Wethered. M/S of her stood with it, C/U of her face, she smiles.
Item title reads: "Girls Golf Championship. "Joyce Wethered's of the future" - show much promise in opening stages."<br/><br/>Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire<br/><br/>C/U of girl golfers in school uniform sitting smiling, in a line on a wall. One wears a blazer. Various shots of golfers, teeing off, swing shots in the rough, in bunkers, using all the classic stances. One girl wears short white socks.<br/><br/>Note: Nice line of girls with happy faces ready for sporting action.<br/><br/>Joyce Wethered<br/><br/><br/>
British Ladies Beat French In Golf Test
ISSUE_NO = 123A NO_OF_ITEMS = 5 ITEM_NO = 2 DESCRIPTION : Joyce Wethered at Oxhey returns to game with big win over former rival, Madame Lacoste. CARD_FILE = 1464 CARD_TITLE : British Ladies Beat French In Golf Test SHOT_LIST : Teams seated. Pan shot of the ladies. Shots of the play. SOUND : Introduction KEYWORDS : France; Women; Personalities - Sport; Mlle. Simone de la Chaume; Great Britain MATERIAL : Issue only LENGTH_SHOT = 129 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
Item title reads - News in a Nutshell. <br/> <br/>Intertitle - 'Leith' (Scotland) - L/S of fire blazing at sailcloth and rope factory. Various shots of burning structure. M/S of fireman and engine. M/S of two men fighting the fire with a hose and water. Various shots of the buildings on fire and burning wreckage on the ground. <br/> <br/>Intertitle - 'Ilkley' (Yorkshire) - M/S as motorcyclists set off for the race and officials look on. M/S as one cyclist goes through a very muddy bog. M/S as one gets stuck and their wheels churn in mud. People watch as they bump around the course and through Brown's Brook where one man has to get off his steaming motorcycle and push. <br/> <br/>Intertitle - 'Leeds Castle, Maidstone' (Kent) - Good L/S of Leeds Castle. M/S of Patty Berg, a member of the Curtis Cup golf team, taking her shot. M/S as Britain's Joyce Wethered takes hers. M/S as Cecil Leitch takes a shot. L/S of people watching and castle in the background as Alfred Padgham plays his shot. L/S as people walk to next hole. M/S as Diana Fishwick takes her shot. M/S as Patty Berg putts. C/U of her smiling. <br/> <br/>Intertitle - 'Gravesend' (Kent) - M/S of All Indian cricketers sat in two rows, C/U as a coin is tossed. The English team, led by Tich Freeman, walk out for the charity game. Various shots as they play and people watch. <br/> <br/>Cataloguer's note: the stories 'Death of King Fuad' and 'Students Rag in Edinburgh' are missing from this issue.
ISSUE_NO = 436A NO_OF_ITEMS = 13 ITEM_NO = 11 Reported by Alan Howland DESCRIPTION : Open Golf Mixed Foursomes. CARD_FILE = 5770 CARD_TITLE : Open Golf Mixed Foursomes. SHOT_LIST : Pam Barton and partner F. Francis walk along. They are at Worplesdon for the mixed foursome. Others (Lady Joyce Heathcoat-Amory, Sir John Heathcoat-Amory, Mrs. Stedall, G.L. Adams) in the tournament. Joyce Wethered playing. Other shots of play. KEYWORDS : Lady Heathcoat-Amory; Personalities - Sport; Nobility; Enid Wilson; Commander Johnstone; Great Britain MATERIAL : Comb Dupe Negative 06352 Neg filed as 31957/4154 re-cut into issue for preservation See CARD 31957 LENGTH_SHOT = 39 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
NEWS PAGEANT OF MOVIETONE - reported by Leslie Mitchell
NO_OF_ITEMS = 11 ITEM_NO = 10 DESCRIPTION : TALLY-HO - AND ALL THAT CARD_FILE = 34734 CARD_TITLE : Hunt At Tiverton SHOT_LIST : At the home of Lord and Lady Heathcoat-Amory, a hunt gathers. Lady Heathcoat-Amory is present as the stirrup cup is drunk and the hounds and hunters start on the long trail. The fox breaks cover but finally gets lost down a drain. KEYWORDS : Nobility; Animals - wild; Animals - Domestic; Hunting; Food, Drink and Cooking; Sir John Heathcoat-Amory; Joyce Wethered; Personalities - Sport; Great Britain MATERIAL : Neg 4426 LENGTH_SHOT = 52 DATE_SUBD = 10/29/1938
NEWS & SPORTS PAGEANT OF MOVIETONE - Reviewed by Leslie Mitchell
ISSUE_NO = 488 NO_OF_ITEMS = 11 ITEM_NO = 8 DESCRIPTION : Henry Cotton Beats Three Lady Golfers CARD_FILE = 34535 CARD_TITLE : Henry Cotton V Three Women SHOT_LIST : Henry Cotton plays three lady golfers, Miss Enid Wilson, Madame Lacoste and Lady Heathcoat-Amory - and wins. NB In the background, acting as a caddy, is Pam Barton. KEYWORDS : Personalities - Sport; Golf; Women; Competitions; Mlle Simone de la Chaume; Joyce Wethered; Lady Joyce Heathcoat-Amory; Great Britain MATERIAL : Neg 4423 UP Dupe 04277 LENGTH_SHOT = 68 DATE_SUBD = 10/07/1938 ISSUE_NO = 488 NO_OF_ITEMS = 11 ITEM_NO = 9 DESCRIPTION : Golf Practice In Australia CARD_FILE = 34529 CARD_TITLE : Novel Golf Practice SHOT_LIST : Girls practice their golf by hitting at random a bucket of golf balls. The exercise teaches them the swing and the balls are recovered by a ball-boy wearing protective netting. KEYWORDS : Sport; Women; Education and Training MATERIAL : Print 4411 LENGTH_SHOT = 72 DATE_SUBD = 10/05/1938