AID TO CUBA ENDS (01/20/1997)
Last flight of hurricane Lili aid left for Cuba today from Miami International Airport.
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Above the Horizon
AERIAL SHOT of small airport from camera plane soon after take off, body of water near airport. AERIAL SHOT along waterfront of city, seashore in lower foreground. Low to high level AERIAL SHOT over forest, river, fields, town, rim of plane hatch visible in lower and upper foreground. Helicopter AERIAL SHOTs over and around building sporting radome, building labelled "Aviation Building - Miami". Low level AERIAL SHOT over Miami up to beaches and over ocean, circular rim of plane hatch visible in foreground. Helicopter AERIAL SHOTs over small part of Miami, over aviation building.
DN-108 1 inch
[AVs of Miami Beach]
Holiday Weather - Miami; 11/26/1993
fog-bound airport
Planes display aerobatic maneuvers during 1940 competition
Travelers passing through Miami International Airport are being warned about the danger of the MERS virus. Signs posted near screening areas list symptoms and ask anyone who gets sick to contact their doctor. (May 14)
News Clip: Plane
Video footage from the WBAP-TV television station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story.
Location: Miami, United States of America / USA <br/> <br/>Story about Cuban prisoners being freed and welcomed by exiles in Miami. <br/> <br/>Title reads: "Ransomed Cubans Reunited with Families in Miami". <br/> <br/>VS. Busy scenes at Miami International Airport as a crowd of Cuban exiles meet to greet Cuban prisoners who have been freed. <br/> <br/>MS. A line of modern American ambulances wait to take any ill or wounded prisoners away. <br/> <br/>VS. Freed Cuban prisoners being greeted by friends and relatives at Miami International Airport. Many are ill or injured. <br/> <br/>(Comb. FG.)
8 p.m.: [05 April 2023 broadcast]
Rose Marie at Baseball Game, Miami Beach
Exterior shots of Rose Marie's mother's house in NJ; Vagabonds come to dinner at Stella's; Frank Sr. greats them; a brush fire with fire trucks on scene and man standing around watching fire; Gerry Danna walks down steps; Frank Sr. hands something to Frank Jr.; Cityscapre of Minniapolis Minnesota in July 1950 from hotel window; driving around university campus; sunset over city and view of neon lights at night; Rose Marie and Bobby on Cedric Adams' boat; Bobby and Rose Marie at aiport; view from plane; Frank Curley Jr in Fort Lee baseball unifrom holding bats; Game between Yanks and Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, shot of tickets; Frank Sr. and Bobby walking into game; Shot of game being played; Rose Marie's parents in back yard at Stella's with Bobby; Frank Jr standing by a car; shot of Frank Sr, Stella, Rose Marie and Frank Jr.; Bobby and Rose Marie; shot of Miami Beach and the Harbor; Cadillac Cabana Club; people at a pool; Delano sign; Dick Stabile and his wife; Rose Marie with Dick; Jan Murray, Martha Raye and her Daughter at the pool; Martha and Melodye wearing matching suits; Jan entertaining Melodye; Jerry Lewis mugging for the camera; Gang of friends at water ski school; Rose Marie skiing - view from boat pulling her; Bobby skiing; Woody Woodbury playing around; Trip with Woody to airport to meet Bobby; Chorus girls go with signs to greet Bobby when he gets off plane; greeting Bobby; Fishing trip on Fishangrilia - views of the coastline
Miami, United States of America USA. <br/> <br/>Documentation on file. <br/> <br/>GV. Of crowd lined roof of building at Miami Airport. VS. Refugees getting off plane and being met by social workers, they start to wave to people they know on airport roof. VS The refugees being put into coaches. CU. Of 'Stars and Stripes' flying. VS. Refugees at receiving centre giving their particulars. VS. Refugees being cared for at centre. <br/> <br/>(F.G.)
Iberia Plane Leaves Miami (07/26/1996)
It wasn't until 9:30 P-M eastern time that the hijacked Iberia Airlines jet..."brought" to Miami by a hijacker...finally took off with its oasengers for Havana, Cuba...its original destination.
Home movies family and vacations
• Laurence Kuhns (last speaker, with home movie camera) with unknown white male colleagues at business lunch or dinner, African American wait staff - executives Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1960 • Adults and Children skiing, ski lifts, ski chalets 1960 • Peggy Kuhns and Bob Kuhns at Lumina Resort, boating - couple at Canadian lakeside resort 1963 • Boat trip down Trent Canal, Going through locks Ontario Canada 1963 • Rob Kuhns, baby, with mother, Peggy Kuhns in Toronto , Ontario, Canada 1963 • Parents Bob and Peggy Kuhns, with 1 year old son, Rob, on Christmas morning with family Toronto , Ontario, Canada 1963 • Peggy Kuhns with unknown couple, with daughter, Linda; 2 year old Rob Kuhns with Peggy and Grandfather, Merle Day, Christmas with family Toronto , Ontario, Canada 1964 • 3 year old Rob Kuhns, 1 year old Linda, mother Peggy, Grandparents Laurence and Dorothy at Lumina Resort with family at Canadian resort in Algonquin Park , Ontario Canada 1966 • 2 year old Rob Kuhns, baby Linda, mother Peggy, Grandparents Laurence and Dorothy at Lumina Resort, includes boating at Algonquin Park Canadian Resort in Ontario Canada 1965 • 3 year old Rob Kuhns, 1 year old Linda, mother Peggy, Grandparents Laurence and Dorothy on Christmas day - Toronto Ontario 1965 • 2 year old Rob Kuhns, baby Linda, mother Peggy, at swimming pool with others in Carmel California 1965 • House with flowers, DC 9 at airport, art gallery, in Carmel, California 1965 • 2 year old Rob Kuhns, baby Linda, at beach in Carmel, California 1965 • 3 year old Rob Kuhns, 1 year old Linda, mother Peggy, Grandmother Dorothy at zoo, includes animals and miniature train Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1966 • Pan Am plane wing, 5 year old Rob Kuhns, 3 year old Linda, mother Peggy at Shaw Beach Park, at house in Jamaica - beach and house, family, Pan Am jet, Kingston, Jaimaica 1968 • 4 year old Linda Kuhns, 6 year old Rob, mother Peggy, with Bill and Diane Anderson at home swimming pool - poolside at Miami house , Florida, 1968 • 4 year old Linda Kuhns, 6 year old Rob, at Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee Florida 1968 • 6 year old Rob Kuhns on bike with training wheels and in football outfit - Miami Florida 1968 • 4 year old Linda Kuhns, 6 year old Rob, mother Peggy, father Bob, grandparents Laurence and Dorothy on front lawn with tractor, at garden, on hammock, play softball, shoot bb gun - family playing on lawn Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1969 • 7 year old Rob Kuhns, 5 year old Linda, with mother, Peggy, Uncle, Jim Kuhns and cousins, Betsy and Kristen at Williamsburg, Houses, horse carriage ride - family vacation at Williamsburg, Virginia 1969 • Scenics of Caracas, Venezuela 1969 • 7 year old Rob Kuhns, 5 year old Linda, with mother, Peggy, grandparents Laurence and Dorothy on houseboat trip, swimming, sunset - family on houseboat trip in Florida Keys, Florida 1970 • Peggy Kuhns sings at outdoor concert in Viscaya Museum and Gardens - choral concert in Miami Florida 1971 • • 9 year old Rob Kuhns throws ring toy for Dalmation dog in backyard in Miami Florida 1971 • Stan and Bill Kuhns drive RV and go bridge fishing in Florida Keys 1971 • 10 year old Rob Kuhns, 8 year old Linda, with mother, Peggy and grandparents Merle and Margaret Day visit Busch Gardens in Miami Florida 1972 • 11 year old Rob Kuhns, 9 year old Linda, with mother Peggy and Dalmation dog on small boat trip, dog plays fetch on beach - family boat trip with dog in Florida Keys 1973 • 9 year old Linda ballet dances with 2 unknown friends, shot of Dalmation in Miami Florida 1973 • 12 year old Rob Kuhns launches model rockets, with Uncle Jim, mother Peggy and grandmother Dorothy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1975 • 13 year old Rob Kuhns, 11 year old Linda, and mother Peggy Kuhns walk street in Zermatt, family in Zermatt, Switzerland 1976 • Dalmation dog plays in snow - in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1975 • Volunteer fireman Bob Kuhns and others pull out fire trucks, small town parade with classic cars, high school band and firetrucks - in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1977 • Volunteer firemen competion, firehoses shoot water at barrel on cable in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1980
Shah and Queen of Iran water ski in Miami, FL
++US Trump Protest 2
Protest at Miami airport against visa ban
DN-LB-318 Beta SP
Reagan's Remarks at La Esquina de Tejas Restaurant, Miami, FL
Miami International; 11/21/01
Armed soldiers patrol the Miami International Airport; POV walking through airport; Very small lines at baggage check-in/ ticket counter;
News Clip: Miami
Video footage from the WBAP-TV station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about the Miami Hurricanes arriving in Fort Worth for a game against the TCU Horned Frogs.