The Evening Team of May 3, 2024: guest Benoit PEDRETTI (EDS).
Electric - Sheriffs - Car
Sarasota Sheriff's Dept. gets electric patrol car.
Interviewer: It sounds like you're being careful about the roles you choose. Yea I am.. because I told myself thank god, I mean, my first movie was with Mike Myers and all these other great actors and I said ‘well I can’t go back because I gotta work other great people’ so I’ve been given that opportunity and now I’m working in another movie, dream girls, with Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman and all these amazing people. Observe
Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown. <br/> <br/>Eden addresses UN in Paris. <br/> <br/>M/S Eden walks to platform and commences:- <br/> <br/>MS Anthony Eden walks to platform and commences:- (natural sound). It's only too sure Mr. President that we are today confronted. with difficulties enough and to spare the loom and vex us in every conscience yet if the nations have the will to solve them here in this organisation this is the machinery by which it can be done. If they have not the will to solve it there is no machinery which by itself alone can work that miracle. Here we have an instrument to hand and we must use it, as the charter says and the centre for harmonising the actions of nations and by that I mean the actions of all nations for in my judgement it would indeed be a tragedy if this organisation lost for any reason its university its appeal and its wildly representative character the man of all creeds and convictions... and abuse for example sir, on Wednesday last three of the powers represented here in this assembly the United States France and ourselves, we put before you several proposals for disarmament within a few hours they were denounced by the Soviet Union in a speech which certainly did not err for the side moderation. Mr. Vyshinsky's contract of abuse didn't anger me but it saddened me and I think it must have saddened and discouraged millions throughout the World who read or heard of it. In my view, the people of our countries do not expect their leaders to shout abuse at one another but rather to make contracts and to try to reach understanding for peace the most fantastic of all the charges levelled against us last Thursday was that we are LS Warmongers. let me... we've suffered too much as individuals. and as a nation, we had six years of war. For more than a year of that war, the countries of the Commonwealth and Empire stood along, alone in the fight against Hitler's aggression, While those who are now calling us warmongers had a pact with Hitler. LS..... now before I deal with positive tasks for this Assembly, there are now general points which I desire to make. We are told that membership of the North Atlantic Treaty is incompatible with membership of the U.N. This assertion is based on the charge that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is an aggressive bloc, which it certainly is not, and never has been. Article 51 of the Charter expressly recognise the right of collective self-defence and the North Atlantic Treaty is firmly based on that article. Its sole purpose, is defence, and why then you may ask, why then was the North Atlantic Treaty necessary. I was not a member of the Government that signed it, but I and my colleagues thoroughly and wholly support and the answer to that question is, that the disparity between the forces of East and West can. CU. become a grave danger to peace... well, then, how then, fellow delegates can we apply the principles I have just set before you to the work of this Assembly which is meeting now. First Mr President let me make this clear, we in turn, France United States and ourselves, we intend to persevere with out disarmament proposal. We do not insist upon them as the Soviet delegate maintained, but we invite this Assembly to examine them with sincerity and goodwill. We ask our critics to study them, we suspect that they have been so busy laughing at them that they haven't really had time to read them.... MS but artificially separate conventional and atomic armament and I understand that argument, Well now we've linked them together is that an advance, or is it not, if our disarmament proposals contain nothing else, I submit in all seriousness to my fellow delegates that for these reasons alone, parts of the arrangements that deal with the Atomic weapon for these reasons alone they are worthy of the Study of this assembly. But now the criticism is made, do we in these proposals link the reduction of armaments with the settlement of outstanding political issue. but of course we do, that's perfectly true, but that doesn't suggest that we're looking for reasons for delay or nor still less does it prove the insincerity of our efforts, but isn't it obvious to anyone who seriously thinks about these matters particularly to those who shared through those long disarmament discussions at Geneva so many years ago, isn't it clear to all of us that genuine disarmament can only be achieved step by step. with a reduction of tension and a settlement of urgent political dispute, why if we come before you fellow delegates with grandiose proposals for immediate disarmament, isolated from any attack on these rear fundamental causes of tension, for that you might have accused us, and accused us, and accused us justly of insincerity. We have not done this we have been I' submit realistic and practical..... accept the Federal German Chancellor's request, what are we asked to do, but asked to agree to a commission to determine whether conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany in Berlin and in the Soviet Zone of Germany make it possible to hold generally free elections by secret ballot throughout these areas ..... wouldn't we thus bring nearer the day when a free Germany can play a part in peaceful association with a free Europe, then there is the issue of Austria, which has waited for so long. Can we not sign that Treaty.... to live and let live and why sir cannot Italy be brought into full membership of our organisation, why not this nation with its freely elected Government, and its ancient and glorious traditions, should be represented here. Why does the veto have to be used to prevent, why LS. does it frighten anybody..... the commonwealth call it what you will, here is a spirit which is stronger than race of creed and which can move man and multitude to a common purpose, today we are trying to find a new relationship not only within the commonwealth and empire, but with all nations and people with whom we come in contact. We want. it to be based on consent and goodwill and I believe that we have the experience and the understanding to give form and reality to this faith, and surely that is a task for us all, fellow delegates. In this scientific age what can anyone hope to achieve by violence except the destruction of life itself, By toleration, patience, restraints we can build a world worthy of those in all our lands who we remembered yesterday in loyalty to them, and to those who follow after, we must not and we will not fail". LS. Eden walking back to seat amid terrific applause. (Dupe Neg.)
Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw is interviewed on his first visit to Miami, FL
Interview with Shimon Peres
Interview with Shimon Peres discussing negotiations and talks with Arafat, attempts for peace and the Israeli attitude towards terrorism., INTERVIEWER:,There was a time when it papered that Yasser Arafat was a suitable partner for peace. What do you think went wrong? How did we come to the point now where we do not have that situation?,01:27:02>>>, SHIMON PERES:,Basically Arafat when he was the head of the Palestine revolution he has had head of the collation of armed groups with him. The moment he became the head of the autonomy we discovered that he's not able to make the shift. To be the head of the revolution is one thing. To be the head of the state is another thing to be the head of the state is another thing. Particularly the softest point was that he didn't understand that by just disarming the Fata, his party, and letting the other party carry arms it undercut his own authority. It's either him controlling them or them controlling him. and they stopped taking orders from them. so even if he would like to cut the terror he couldn't without disarming first the terrorist, the terrorists groups. Now Arafat ah made some contributions in the beginning quite courageous but then he emerged as an extremely weak leader of a state in being. And that's the greatest problem. , INTERVIEWER:,Was this a failure of his character or personality?,02:51:09>>>, SHIMON PERES:,It was, he became a victim of his habits. Because how they ran a revolution. you have this little bit money in brown envelopes. There was no rules and no regulations. you all the time negotiating with the other groups how to act terroristically. You don't have a separation of responsibilities between the legislative, the judicial and the executive. Everything is mixed. Then it's full of conspiracies. Then you have one leader. And all these habits that he's acquired during 30 years of his leadership he couldn't get rid of them. now I talked with him at great lengths about it and I told him look at Bangolia. He was also a head of ah, armed group not only but also in order to achieve independence for the Jewish. The minute he became head of the state he says no room for any other armed group but Daganah, which was the official armed group. And he went as far as ordering to shoot at the ship that brought arms to Israel and killing 20 people Jewish because they didn't take the orders. I told him if you want, if you won't do it you don't have a future. I told many times to Arafat. I think he was suspicious that I'm trying you know to introduce a division between me, him and the other parties because his reply was I shall disarm them politically. In the elections of 1996 after the assignation of Isaac Rabin another wave of terror started. I replaced Rabin as you know. and I did things which were very controversial in the eyes of the Israelis and very important in the eyes of the Palestinians. I handed over 460 villages to the Palestinians. 6 cities. And able to have elections including in Jerusalem. They praised and appreciate. All of a sudden they started to explode ah to explode bombs in ah Jerusalem, in Tel Aviv and in Ashkiranash. Arafat are you crazy with all the reactions what are you doing?,05:21:25>>>, SHIMON PERES, And in the beginning again he tried to convince the Hamas to stop it that you had to stop it without any effect. Finally when he saw that the situation was really becoming very severe he went to fight the Hamas. And he killed 20 of the Hamas leaders. He arrested thousands. He discovered the cashes of arms there are gifts and terror went down but the person who INAUDIBLE was Netanyahu who replaced me. I lost the elections because he didn't do it in time. I lost with 1/3 of a percent. Netanyahu won because Arafat waked up too late., INTERVIEWER:,What did he gain from it from doing all this?,06:07:19>>>, SHIMON PERES:, He didn't gain anything he lost. I was told that he was crying after he heard the results of the elections., INTERVIEWER:,And why do you think he did not accept what was offered to him at Camp David?,06:20:20>>>, SHIMON PERES:, First of all I think Camp David was not conducted with great wisdom. Barak and Arafat sat at the same place for 15 days. And Barak spoke with Arafat for ½ and hour. In the eyes of the Palestinians, not only the Palestinians Palestine is a very matter. And you feel like somebody's snubbing you. It's not very, it's not done in negotiations. In negotiations you don't negotiate just about points. You negotiate about relations. And if you win too much you may loose your partner. That was one thing. And then as far as I'm concerned those negotiating with Arafat some of my friends never take Arafat yes for an answer. I learn not to take his no for an answer. I'm never impressed by his no's. ,07:19:02>>>, SHIMON PERES:, I remember when we were negotiating in Cairo the whole night chaired Mubarak. In the morning when it came to the sign the maps Arafat said I'm not signing. In front of all the television. It was a scandal. It was a shame. And Arafat approached him and they didn't I'm not going to quote how he called him and he told him sign. What happened is Arafat took out the pen and signed. That's another thing. But there is a third point which we shouldn't forget. And I told it to Barak before. Barak demanded that Arafat will announce that after the agreement he will have no claims anymore. The minute (COUGH OFF SCREEN). The minute he says he raised two impossible issues at the time the issue of Jerusalem and the issue of refuges and bought it to the central of the discussion and we knew that we can not reach an agreement. ,08:18:15>>>, SHIMON PERES:, If Arafat should declare he doesn't have anymore claims it means he has to turn his back to the Palestinian refuges. Something that he cannot do. and I thought you don't have to buy from the other party all the dreams and all the demands. Let things hang in there. (COUGH OFF SCREEN). But all told Arafat committed a terrible mistake by rejecting the proposals of Clinton and Barak despite what they have said. And he's not paying the price for this rejection. , INTERVIEWER:,If you could compare him to King Hussein what kind of a peace partner was King Hussein?,09:04:23>>>, SHIMON PERES:, King Hussein wanted peace and he was a responsible negotiator for peace. But here let me say in a wider sense historically speaking. There are 2 ½ million Palestinians here in the territories. There are another 3 ½ million Palestinians that close the door on their leader, on the King on the throne. And they might, some people say you cant not (COUGH OFF SCREEN) make peace with the Palestinians. And I'm asking myself why do we have peace with the Palestinians in trans Jordan in the kingdom of Jordan. You know there are 2 cities close to each other Elad and Dakab maybe a few miles INAUDIBLE. During the 54 years of the existence of the stated of Israel not a single bullet was fired from one city to another city. There's the piece of land between the Red and the Dead Sea almost 120, 130 miles long without fences, without INAUDIBLE, without infiltrators. (COUGH OFF SCREEN) There Jordanians don't permit ah terrorist coming from Jordan into Israel. There are no suicidal bombers. Why is that? those are the same people. Why those 2 ½ million people decided to live peace with us and these 3 ½ million people are in revolt, in terror, in violence, in bitterness. ,10:45:07>>>, SHIMON PERES:, There are 2 differences. One is that in Jordan they have an organized government. Doesn't hang upon the whim of a single man. The have one army not 12 armies like the Palestinian side. They have one treasurer they don't have several treasurers. They have one commander in chief and not many commanders of chief. And I'd say certainly it's not a complete democracy they are far from it but there is separation between their legislative and judicial and ah executive branches. The Palestinians don't have it. So they brought in a INAUDIBLE and they live in a cultic state. There was nobody in charge in spite of all the authorities. The other thing which we have to take into consideration too. We don't dominate any piece of land in Jordan. At the early times of Zionism Jabatinisky said the 2 banks of the Jorda