Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates VIP Pool / Azerbaijan Defense Minister and plane briefing FTP of Secretary Gates meeting Monday with the Azerbaijan Minister of Defense, General Colonel Safar Abiyev. The clip also includes video of Gates boarding the plane to depart Azerbaijan FTP of Defense Secretary Gates, who did a short on-camera briefing on the flight from Baku, Azerbaijan to London where he talked about Afghanistan
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED: 11/8-9/2006 FLOODING, ELECTION RESULTS AND MORE ELECTION RESULTS, RUMSFELD RESIGNATION, DINER COOKS, DEER IN DEPT STORE ;WA FLOODING rescue workers escorting woman, traffic- and cyclist- in knee-deep water, awesome kayaker ;Unnecessary sign- 'Water Over Roadway', distant cattle stranded on patch of high ground, undermined road, 'Road Closed' ;PELOSI COMMENTS ON RUMSFELD. MD MIKE STEELE. SUPREME COURT LATE TERM ABORTION rainy day people outside Supreme Court ;Anti-abortion protest and counter-protest, now they're either praying or turning into zombies ;RUMSFELD/ELECTION George W.Bush enters for press conf, soldiers in Iraq, Rumsfeld finishes swearing in- like a broken record ;Late afternoon Capitol dome, Pelosi arriving, speaking, Webb, Allen, GW Bush ending press conf ;NO TITLE Martha Stewart, McDonalds, filling French fry carton, hands pick orange from tree, new video game systems on display ;GW BUSH ON IRAQ press conf, different angles, good shot of reporters. CT LIEBERMAN press conf ;FL SENATORS SON ARRESTED. FILE MALVO SENTENCED. CA CELEBS ON PROP 87 DEFEAT Warren Beatty, filling up big truck & SUV ;Awesome burn-off tower. RUMSFELD BILL RICHARDSON REMARKS. BUSH CUT-AWAYS close-ups of Bush with Rumsfeld & Gates ;BUSH ON GATES/RUMSFELD -MS. DONALD RUMSFELD RESIGNS - MS. WALL STREET CLOSING BELL NYSE, the bell ceremony ;ROBERT GATES SEC OF DEFENSE -MS. More bits from the famous Bush/Gates/Rumsfeld address ;CARBS woman eating chocolate bar, great greasy frying pan of pork chops, cooking steaks on grill (they look awful); Grocery store meat counter, frying bacon and cooking steaks on grill in restaurant kitchen, 'low-carb' foods, needle on scale ;Seafood platters. SEAN MCMANUS ON ED BRADLEY. IA DEER IN TARGET STORE Christmas/XMAS trees and decorations on display ;Surveillance video of deer entering store, employees chasing the deer, deer slips (the V/O is just making things up) ;IA TOM VISACK CAMPAIGN HQ campaign signs on cubicles. BUSH WITH PRESIDENT ELECT OF MEXICO Bush cleverly says 'Adios!' ;MN ELLISON 1ST MUSLIM IN CONGRESS Ellison at diner, men praying in mosque, Capitol dome. WALL STREET CLOSING BELL NYSE ;GEORGE ALLEN CONCEDES. KY HOUSE EXPLOSION NX house fire, DX firefighters looking over remains ;
09:57:32:21 HD FOOTAGE//FORK ASSET//FILE 1//Defense Secretary Robert Gates travels to Middle East//10:13:32 Defense Secretary Robert Gates boards military aircraft/10:13:56 Gates disembarks airplane/1 ...
GEO-20 Beta SP
A2 / France 2
Acting CIA Director Robert Gates
Deputy Director Robert Gates is nominated to take over for CIA Director Casey who's been off the job due to surgery. PLEASE NOTE VIDEO & AUDIO OF NEWS ANCHORS & REPORTERS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING.
Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates arrival aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln after departing Muscat, Oman Arrive USS LIncoln Tour USS Lincoln Photo spray of Gates lunch on mess deck with sailors Photo spray of Gates watching fight ops on Bridge and Vultures Row FTP OF VIDEO 00a Participates in reenlistmentawards/all hands call VIP POOL: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln Slugged: 1340 GATES RS35 81 Disc # 302 AR: 16x9 13:50:51 Gates gets off of helicopter onto USS Abraham Lincoln 13:51:25 Gates salutes and enters aircraft carrier door / meets with McCammack 13:51:44 Gates talks to troops 13:52:19 Welcome Secretary of Defense written on sign 13:52:25 Gates at table eating with junior enlisted officers 13:52:48 Gates walks into bridge and talks to officer 13:53:13 Gates gets in high chair and talks to officer 13:53:37 Gates watches jet take off 13:53:55 cu of gates as he watches flight operations 13:54:19 cu of jet landing on aircraft carrier 13:54:30 troops lined up listening to Gates
French under surveillance, very public privacy
FR3 / France 3
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED: 8/12-22/05 PEACEFUL PALESTINIAN RALLY, ANTI-WAR PROTESTERS TX, GOOD 9/11 WTC, MODERN HOBOS, MILITARY FUNERAL, CA UNION PROTEST GAZA RALLY big crowd, Palestinian flags; Video cameras held above bustling crowd, old fellow under canopy making speech; GW BUSH DRIVES BY PROTESTERS presidential motorcade in countryside, going by anti-war protest, there's Sheehan, drive-by protest SEPTEMBER 11 TAPES 9/11/01 WTC collapse aftermath- new stuff, Alfredo Puentes, men searching thru rubble; IA HOBO CONVENTION contemporary hippie playing guitar, RR car going by slowly, man making potato soup NY MCNAUGHTON KILLED DX mourners watch pallbearers, funeral for police officer, Hillary Clinton, NYPD band, police attending SEPTEMBER 11 TAPES (audio) gruesome 911 tape or NYFD radio from 9/11/01 SRI LANKA FOREIGN MINISTER ASSASSINATED NX soldiers in jeep following motorcade, Emergency sign, guards around gate PAKISTAN BRITISH REACT TO KHAN IN COURT DX prisoner in handcuffs escorted past market, gateway, Int press conf CO NASA LOCKHEED MARTIN WATCH ORBIT Int people in auditorium watch rocket launch IRAN REACTIONS TO IAEA RESOLUTION protest march, men continuing chant under canopy, ayatollah sort of person speaking GA CARTER UNVEILS NUKE SUB Jimmy Carter watching submarine coming in, Carter & Rosalyn in submarine, Carter speech Sailors on top of submarine accompanied by tugboat or something OH CIFUENTES BODY RETURNS hearse with police escort, spectators with little flags along road EDGAR RAY KILLEN RELEASED wheelchair out of prison & into car A HIPPO SKIN INVESTIGATION hosing hippo in pool, people looking at zoo animal, CU hippo bathing, Int young hippo Research lab images- opening bottle, eyedropper, U.C. something...t/h with Nicholson-as-the-Joker smile, hippo at zoo SCHWARZENEGGER GOYETTE AFFAIR DX 2003 Schwarzenegger campaign rally, tabloid, a man with Keaton-as-Batman eyebrows Schwarzenegger shaking hands, signing bill, photo-ops with school children, at desk, speech ;IL SUPERCUTS LAWSUIT ha ha, estb Supercuts. SC MISSING WOMAN BOYFRIEND CHARGED photos, t/h AL SIX KILLED TRIAL handcuffed man going into bldg, attorneys, led back out into police car ;CA SUV FLIPS CAR CRUSHED Aerial accident aftermath on fwy, paramedics attend wounded, covering dead body, person on stretcher Aerial people standing outside stopped cars, hopeless traffic jam BUSH speaking before veterans, shaking hands, DX anti-war protest in Crawford, Sheehan ad, Chuck Hagel Iraq- soldiers in convoy, civilians drag scraps out of road, Iraqi politicians, Bush deplaning ;VFW CONVENTION SPEECH Bush speaking at Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, OH GROUP STAGES PROTEST demonstration against gas dependence, promoting walking & biking to work KYRGYZSTAN CRASH MINOR INJURY mountaineers watch helicopter trying to land...instead it crashes on glacier Burning helicopter crashed on snow CA SAME SEX MARRIAGE gay & lesbian weddings & a gay choral group on steps of City Hall, Rosie O'Donnell speaks CHOPPER HONORS 9/11 VICTIMS men working on motorcycle in garage, man riding customized motorcycle around UT OUTSIDE WHERE BUSH SPEAKS anti-war protest, Bush photo-montage IL AQUARIUM GETS DOLPHIN...a Stud Dolphin, Trainer feeding dolphin, petting dolphin. SEN KOHL ON ROBERTS'S HEARINGS; LEBANON EXPLOSION IN BEIRUT NX bombing aftermath, hole in wall, rubble, soldiers, fire engine, ambulance pulls up CA F-14 JET AT RONALD REAGAN LIBRARY delivering jet. CA WORKERS RALLY AT CONV CENTER union protesters gate-crash convention Restaurant lobbyists awaiting Schwarzenegger fundraiser lunch, Rolling Stones concert, protesters outside convention center IRAQ CONSTITUTION VOTE DELAYED. Olivia Newton John & John Travolta perform Boats in marina, charter boat Freedom. GEORGIA FLASH FLOODING flooded village, dog swimming, people wading
ABC UNI FTG ROBERT GATES AND PAUL MANAFORT ARRIVING AT THE DISTRICT COURT IN WASHINGTON DC Geneva caught Manafort entering on Marshall park entrance - video to feed in momentarily. In advance of arrivals, for awareness: Here are the respective lines for pool and ABC uni cams covering Manafort/Gates D.C. District Court arrivals tk sometime in the next hour. ***NY & DC DMCS AWARE *** Will circle back notifying all WHEN ARRIVALS OCCUR and what ABC UNI material we gather in addition to pool footage, editorial info and guidance on when elements feeding.
Shot 03/24/2011.## US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in Israel Friday. Libya will be a key focus. Press conference with Israel's defense minister Barak.## pa video## Barak intros Gates, Gates ope ...
A new University of Florida study suggests gated communities may not be as safe as residents inside them may think.
LE 20H: [show of 05 September 2018]
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
ABC UNI FTG ROBERT GATES AND PAUL MANAFORT DEPARTING FROM THE DISTRICT COURT IN WASHINGTON DC Geneva caught Manafort entering on Marshall park entrance - video to feed in momentarily. In advance of arrivals, for awareness: Here are the respective lines for pool and ABC uni cams covering Manafort/Gates D.C. District Court arrivals tk sometime in the next hour. ***NY & DC DMCS AWARE *** Will circle back notifying all WHEN ARRIVALS OCCUR and what ABC UNI material we gather in addition to pool footage, editorial info and guidance on when elements feeding.
Syria/ bloody repression against demonstrators, which worries the community
FR3 / France 3
Shot 03/22/2011.## Photo op with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.## pa video## Medvedev enters room, cameras clicking, shakes hands with Gates, and other in US ...
A tense standoff at Pennsylvania's largest mental institution ended Friday morning with one of the hostages being killed and the second being wounded. The gunman was taken into custody, police said. Dennis Czajkowski, a former nurse at Norristown State Hospital had held the hostages since Wednesday, shot and killed nursing supervisor Carol Kepner, state police spokesman Robert Whitbeck said. Czajkowski shot a second hostage, Maria Jordan, who was flown to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Whitbeck said. She was in critical condition. Czajkowski, 40, who apparently had been angry over being fired from his job, was taken away by medical helicopter with unspecified injuries. He also was in critical condition. Whitbeck said state police did not fire any shots at him, but the shootings occurred after authorities broke through a hospital window.
Trinity was the code name of the first detonation of a nuclear weapon. It was conducted by the United States Army at 5:29 am on July 16, 1945, as part of the Manhattan Project. The test was conducted in the Jornada del Muerto desert about 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, on what was then the USAAF Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range (now part of White Sands Missile Range). The only structures originally in the vicinity were the McDonald Ranch House and its ancillary buildings, which scientists used as a laboratory for testing bomb components. A base camp was constructed, and there were 425 people present on the weekend of the test. The code name "Trinity" was assigned by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory, inspired by the poetry of John Donne. The test was of an implosion-design plutonium device, informally nicknamed "The Gadget", of the same design as the Fat Man bomb later detonated over Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945. The complexity of the design required a major effort from the Los Alamos Laboratory, and concerns about whether it would work led to a decision to conduct the first nuclear test. The test was planned and directed by Kenneth Nichols. Fears of a fizzle led to the construction of a steel containment vessel called Jumbo that could contain the plutonium, allowing it to be recovered, but Jumbo was not used. A rehearsal was held on May 7, 1945, in which 108 short tons (96 long tons; 98 t) of high explosive spiked with radioactive isotopes were detonated. The Gadget's detonation released the explosive energy of about 22 kilotons of TNT (92 TJ). Observers included Vannevar Bush, James Chadwick, James Conant, Thomas Farrell, Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Leslie Groves, Robert Oppenheimer, Geoffrey Taylor, and Richard Tolman. The test site was declared a National Historic Landmark district in 1965, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places the following year.
Usa. Direct guillaume debre - polemic on versions of the American attack on the residence of
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Gates Trip to Afghanistan - Photo Op with Maliki and Talibani
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Trip Trip continues - tentative schedule for guidance Depart Kabul for Mosul Arrive Mosul Meet with MND-North Commander and Iraqi civilian leaders and Lunch with 2nd Iraqi Army Depart Mosul for Balad Air Base Helicopter to Baqubah to meet with 5th Iraqi Army and civilian Leaders Helicopter to Green zone for meetings with senior Iraqi Govt and US officials Meeting with Amb. Patricia Butenis, Deputy US Ambasador POSSIBLE TAPE DROP AND FEED FROM CNN BAGHDAD Roundtable with brigade combat team commanders at Camp Liberty Dinner with Gen. Petraeus at Camp Victory END OF THE DAY VIDEO FEED - VIA DVIDS Overnight in Baghdad SECRE. ROBERT GATES IN IRAQ: PHOTO-OPS W/ MALIKI & TALABANI, ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES/ AERIALS, ROUNDTABLE RS24/X75/Slugged: 1045 GATES FEED X75 (DROPPING INTO LOGGING) ROUNDTABLE WITH BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM COMMANDERS AT CAMP LIBERTY 11:00:22 Gates walking w/ Commander 11:00:54 Gates gladhanding with soldiers, TS 11:01:45 Gates sitting at table, zoom in, TS 11:01:58 pan of table to Gates 11:02:18 TS Gates 11:02:45 TS Gates Thomas speaking.. DEPARTURE 11:07:38 Gates shaking hands with Iraqi military leader, TS 11:08:21 Gates walking outside with Commander, TS 11:09:03 Gates gladhanding, taking photo 11:09:23 Gates entering plane, TS ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE BY HELICOPTER, AERIALS 11:09:55 Gates exiting plane, TS 11:09:59 Gates gladhanding 11:10:43 Gates enters helicopter, TS 11:11:17 ws helicopters 11:11:29 TS security/contractor 11:11:35 TS head on helicopter 11:12:43 OTS soldier sitting inside helicopter 11:13:05 aerials of buildings 11:14:20 Gates exiting motorcade 11:14:38 Gates & David Petraeus(backshot only) gladhanding with Iraqi officials PHOTO-OP WITH TALABANI 11:15:18 Gates PHOTO-OP w/ Jalal Talabani 11:15:32 pan from Gates to Talabani 11:16:14 zoom out to Gates & Talabani, WS PHOTO-OP WITH MALIKI 11:17:22 Nouri al-Maliki enters room head on, TS 11:17:44 Gates exiting motorcade, WS 11:17:59 Gates & General David Petraeus walking head on, TS 11:18:44 Gates & Maliki PHOTO-OP 11:18:51 zoom in Gates, TS 11:18:56 pan to Maliki, TS 11:19:29 Gates & Maliki, WS 11:19:34 push in to Gates & Maliki 11:19:42 push into Gates, TS 11:19:48 pan to Maliki, TS 11:20:08 TS Petraeus PRESSER WITH GATES & IRAQ'S MINISTER OF DEFENSE 11:23:29 GATES: growing sense of normalcy and hope. 11:24:22 Gates enters room, Al-Qadir(?) following (SEE 0930 GATES BRIEF X75 FOR LOG) 11:34:27 Petraeus, TS 11:40:31 Petraeus, TS 11:44:24 Bush & MOD shake hands, TS 11:44:32 Gates walks off BARS
Shot 10/14/2010.## US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with US Def.Sec. Robert Gates and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO.## PA VIDEO##