Airport Security; 2/12/1993
Hijacked plane on tarmac; people searched at airport security
Crowd of 12 thousand screaming teenagers gather at airport to welcome Beatles in London, England
Teenagers sleep closely pressed together in the airport at night. Names of the Beatles written on a 'Foam filled Beetle'. Beatles arrive at the airport. They come out of the plane and wave to the crowd. Policemen hold the screaming crowd of 12 thousand teenagers behind fence. People are also seen on roof. Policemen hold a fainted girl. Members of airport crew watch from windows. Policemen escort Beatles to a car amidst tight security Location: London England United Kingdom. Date: February 27, 1964.
Director of the Mutual Security Agency Harold Stassen, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles depart DC for Europe
Overseas. info: [issue of December 28, 2022]
FR3 / France 3
1977 Airport Terminal
interior airport terminal - crowd to & past camera - Airport security guard - police officer
Beatlemania - screaming fans
Pan of huge crowds gathered at airport in The Netherlands; LS of The Beatles getting of an airplane and waving; CU of fans; overhead shot of The Beatles walking through crowd with girls dressed in Dutch (?) outfits; overhead shot of large crowd moving away from camera; LS of The Beatles on a boat; montage of fans along canal waving and screaming; security pulls fans out of the water
Tourism & Terrorism tape 20
Securing airplane cargo hatch
Cargo hatch made secure and cargo container raised to height of airplane door. Filmed at Jan Smuts Airport (now OR Tambo Airport) in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1988.
Baggage Claim And Security
A baggage claim conveyor belt at an airport. Travelers lift their luggage from the baggage claim. Airport security workers at security stations.
France Security
Security at airports boosted after attacks
Passengers move through the security checkpoints at the Atlanta International airport. PLEASE NOTE VIDEO & AUDIO OF NEWS ANCHORS & REPORTERS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING.
MTR-1JT 3 4in., Beta SP
World Monitor
Airport Security; 2/12/1993
Hijacked plane on tarmac; people searched at airport security
President Richard Nixon and First Lady Patricia at Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell, Montana
A large welcoming crowd gathered at Glacier Park International airport in Kalispell, Montana, United States. They welcome U.S. President Richard Nixon and First Lady Patricia Nixon during their visit. A number of police officers and security detail are seen at the airport. The President confers with other elected officials present, including Mike Mansfield, the Majority Leader of the Senate, Montana Governor Forrest Anderson, Congressman Dick Shoup, and Congressman John Melcher. A large sign with the label "Kalispell Neon" says "Welcome to the Big Sky Country President Nixon." The President and members of his party proceed toward a waiting military helicopter and board while the crowd looks on. Location: Kalispell Montana USA. Date: September 25, 1971.
[Clément Beaune]
1990s Rio de Janeiro Airport
airport - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - airport customs and security - arrival / departure board