Chicago skyline view from top of moving freight train as passenger train passes train tracks from rear of moving train view from moving train: tracks, town, cars crossing behind train, suburban housing development train passes camera view from moving train: high-rise apartment buildings, factories train approaches view from moving train of rail yard men unload truck, move sides of beef along overhead conveyor at E MEYER CO. trucks at loading dock airliners fly over camera, one from AMERICAN AIRLINES ships pass under lifted drawbridge WIDE-ANGLE view from moving vehicle of skyscrapers Chicago skyline seen from tall building buildings, traffic, pedestrians CU traffic cop (seen again) HIGH ANGLE street, traffic LOW ANGLE skyscrapers pedestrians, dept. store cylindrical apartment towers construction workers work on top of very high building HIGH ANGLE view of skyscrapers, Chicago River mom, dad, Bud walk from house to car, say bye to dad dad drives away, boy walks along sidewalk with school books, past apt. houses apt. houses boy enters apt. house CU boy talks on intercom, talks to woman in elevator elevator sign: floors light up boy exits elevator, second boy welcomes him into apt. boys look at city from balcony HIGH ANGLE swimming pool, people sunbathing CU boys look down, smile Bikes parked on street HIGH ANGLE skyline, park, lake boys hold schoolbooks, walk, run, pass billboard, point to sign painter on ladder CU man looks down boys pass produce stand, chachka shop, cross street with help of cop boys walk toward El NORTH SHORE LINE El train passes view of tracks from front of moving El train motorman drives train view of tracks from moving train as train enters tunnel train enters underground station girl watches boys enter school view from rear of moving vehicle: man drives convertible on expressway, El train passes overhead CU serious businessman drives (seen again) helicopter WGN POLICE CU helicopter pilot talks on radio HIGH ANGLE expressway, river helicopter flies over city cars turn Moving hands of cops direct traffic HIGH ANGLE cars in big parking lot government buildings mayor, reps meet men plan CU hand, pen point to model of city back of slum buildings, dirty alley wreckers demolish old buildings, rubble burns new high-rise apt. buildings crowd watches firemen fight fire crowd of black kids look at camera firemen deploy safety 'trampoline' (YOU know, that thing people jump into), man jumps into it, obviously for the camera fire boat sprays water firemen work on fire boat men, machines build highway street-sweeping machine sweeps the street men in cherry picker change street light CU man drinks from park water fountain kids dive into water people play sandlot baseball game at major league ball park: batter swings, fans watch, TV cameraman shoots crowd of kids draw pictures at outdoor event buildings museums: people look at paintings, dinosaur skeletons people ride roller coaster predictable POV shot from front seat of coaster machinist works in factory CU machine parts move man welds switch engine in rail yard train moves through rail yard DELTA AIRLINES plane taxis drawbridge goes down after ship passes view from moving vehicle: trucks move apt. towers fiery steel mill shots woman opera singer sings in front of TV cameras CU cameraman's little TV screen in camera CU conductor conducts CU opera singer office building at dusk busy downtown street at night
Buenos Aires troops destroy squatter camps. Children play in a playground.
Drone Flight Alongside US/Mexico Border Wall with View of Puerto de Anapra, Ciudad Juárez
Aerial view of the US/Mexico Border Wall separating New Mexico and Chihuahua.
Special Envoy: [13 June 2013 broadcast]
A2 / France 2
PA-0726 Digibeta
Right to Health: Neighborhood Health Centers in Profile, A
Battle Creek, Washington D C, Minneapolis, Georgia, United States of America USA. <br/> <br/>Transcript on file, American commentary with dramatic music. <br/> <br/>LS. Federal Civil Defence Administration H.Q. pan up building. CU. Sign: Federal Civil Defence Administration. MS. Activity inside headquarters. Various shots, domed radar stations in Canada. MS. Radar detector. CU. Notice on door: Restricted Area. CU. Inside the radar detector. CU. 'Spotters' seated at radar screens. CU. Radar screen. LS. Elevated, of people plotting the plane's course on huge map. Various shots, inside headquarters of message being received from plotter (Natural Sound). MS. Messages being received by the National Warning Control System. LS GV the Pentagon Various Shots officials leaving by car MS Defence Secretary Wilson leaving by car LS helicopters on lawn of Pentagon LS army officials boarding helicopter LS helicopter in flight (2 shots) VS traffic along streets VS of patients being evacuated from Minneapolis Northwestern Hospital LS the US Atomic Energy Commission installation outside Augusta, Georgia. VS traffic & pedestrians in streets of Augusta MS men talking through microphone and walkie-talkie CU post in ground: Civil Defence - state of Washington LS The Capital Building in Olympia in the state of Washington (this is not Washington DC) VS interior of the Capital Building of federal officials leaving their desks as the Alert is sounded VS officials leaving the Capital Building MS the sirens (2 shots) VS of people talking shelter on Times Square, New York CU siren LS Civil defence Secretary Peterson visits the Emergency Press HQ LS Murray Snyder, assistant White House press secretary briefing newspaper men MS people at work on tele printers CU sign: Minneapolis MS van passing camera with Department of Civil Defence written on its side LS MS slum building is set on fire and burning VS 'victims' being treated VS 'survivors' being checked for radio-active fallout MS surgeons performing 'operation' VS deserted streets CU the 'all clear' from siren VS back to normal in Times Square with traffic and crowds. <br/> <br/>(F.G.)
chicago 1961
Stock Footage Chicago 1960's. Shows a green line train of the Chicago L (elevated public railway system). Chicago traffic and street scenes. Chicago skyline. Building demolition and construction scenes. Various street scenes of people and traffic. Parade with äóìkeep Chicago cleanäó float. Buildings being torn down. Shows high rise housing project for the poor in the inner-city. Shows the unemployed. Various scenes of housing, the people, and living conditions in the intercity (inter-city) and Chicago ghettos. Children playing in the ghettos of the intercity. Poverty in the slum area of Chicago. Night scenes of the bars, clubs, and burlesque section of Chicago. Various scenes of people, children at play. Shot List of Stock Footage (start web movie at time code shown for each clip) 00:00:01:14 Chicago Rapid Transit, The Green Line, the Chicago L. 00:01:03:09 Aerial view Chicago Skyline. 00:02:33;13 Close-up view of jackhammer pounding, sound of jackhammer being used. 00:04:03:10 Homeless man pushing a buggy. 00:04:31:10 Homeless man with sack over his shoulder. 00:07:14:04 African-American man and woman sitting on äóìstoopäó or porch, Chicago intercity ghetto. 00:07:41:07 High-rise apartment building, public housing for the poor. 00:09:23:13 Shows hand äóìrubber stampingäó forms. 00:09:44:04 Several unemployed people sitting on äóìstoopäó of walk-up apartment building, ghetto area. Various scenes of the idle, unskilled workers, Chicago slums or ghetto. 00:11:03:0. Exterior view of 2-story walk-up in the intercity, shows dilapidated interior of flat" or apartment.
Bridgeman Images Details
Unemployed Black Youth
African-American youth hanging out in Harlem. Blighted streets, young men standing around, smoking, with nothing to do. Camera pans a slum street, finds an employment agency store front with signs like "no cash needed to get job". DOC/WA - 1960's - B/W
Slum plans gets underway in Youngstown in Ohio
Slum plans gets underway in Youngstown Ohio during the Great Depression. Views of dilapidated houses and shacks. Execution of low cost housing plans. Demolition of the old tenement buildings by work crews and city officials at a ceremony. Citizens, white and African American, watch the demolition of the houses. Location: Youngstown Ohio USA. Date: May 11, 1938.
The Living City
The Living City. An award winning documentary short by John Barnes and Haskel Wexler which surveys the need for redevelopment of American cities and the forces which have created problems in urban areas; describes obstacles which deter the elimination of blighted areas and tenements and the relief of traffic congestion. The film includes scenes of St. Louis in 1890, and of present-day housing and building programs in Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.. 1950s, cities, descending elevator pov city buildings and construction workers, slum, girl standing on slum building balcony, urban renewal, excavator claw clearing slum debris, train passing by crowded parking lot, water wheel, oxen driven plow, blacksmith using hammer to hit horseshoe, factory, steam power, historical drawings depicting growth of cities and development of elevators and skyscrapers, structure of cities, construction site, skyscrapers, people watching construction activity, businessman and children leaving home in residential area, businessman driving from residential home through traffic and congested streets to job inside city, street scenes, traffic, pedestrians, policeman blowing whistle and holding up gloved hand to signal stop, box factory, stressed businessman taking with coworkers about transportation problems, furnished apartment for rent sign on tree trunk, mother chasing after boys leaving house to give them bag, teacher spinning globe and pointing out location to children seated at desks, children fighting in playground, woman shaking out mop over balcony, garbage truck collecting trash, boys throwing ball back and forth on city street, boy throwing ball and breaking store window, boys running away, boy pointing toy gun and pretending to shoot woman and children, policeman bringing boy home to mother with warning, girls playing dress up in slum, girl looking at reflection in broken mirror, images of city superimposed behind cracked mirror, City Planning Commission door opening, City Planner talking about roadblocks to city renewal, slum, horse drawn buggy, private builder talking about why he does not build new developments in slum, representative to slum owner taking about why he does not revitalize slum, low rent public housing project, slum tenants saying that they do not want to move, roadblocks to city renewal, traffic, cars driving on city street and highway, City Planner taking about people relocating to suburbs and taxes, Baltimore, Maryland, children playing on city street, woman looking out window blowing bubble, view through window woman reading next to lamp, housing code, housing inspector examining building fire escape, landlord talking to slum tenants, Baltimore Housing Court, judge striking gavel, judge deciding on sentences for tenant and slum owner, photograph of slum, housing project, playground, children swinging, city streets, factory smokestacks, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, polluted cityscape along river, Smoke Abatement Campaign, construction site, city model, Golden Triangle, downtown Pittsburgh, car pov skyscrapers, woman talking next to clotheslines, tenant meeting with planning officials, boys playing in alley, school located on heavily trafficked street, outdoor market on city street, church facade, construction vehicles clearing slum ruins, Chicago, Illinois, low rent public housing buildings being constructed, Michael Reese Hospital project, Lake Meadows Apartments, construction workers operating machinery, city model, traffic on busy city street, cityscape, Los Angeles, over the shoulder man driving car on freeway, cars driving on freeway, over the shoulder man driving car on city street and pulling into parking lot spot, hands turning ignition key off, cityscape, construction vehicle, slums being torn down, City Planning Commission door opening, city model, pedestrians crossing city street, boy playing baseball on slum alley, factory smokestacks, children playing jump rope, pollution from factory smokestacks, aerial cityscape, cars driving on highway near city, ascending elevator pov city streets and buildings under construction
Immigrant Slums
Documentary footage from the early 1900s shows New York City slum life. A web of clothes lines hangs from the back of tenements. A woman hangs out clothes and another one sits with her baby, affectionately petting the child's pretty head. DOC/WA - 1900's/1910's- B/W
American suburban homes, contrasted with poor conditions of slum area near the Gulf coast of Mississippi
Clip opens with ground level views of a suburban American neighborhood with homes along neighborhood streets. That scene is then contrasted with poor conditions of slum area near Gulf Port, Mississippi. A car being parked in front of a house. An African American child sits near water collected outside a slum. A man standing near dilapidated homes and shacks. A child plays with a puppy. Three children walking. Some children stands outside slum. Drainage water in front of a slum. A poorly formed hut. Poor conditions of slum area near the Gulf coast of Mississippi. Aerial view of suburban houses under the Forest heights pilot project that provides 200 low income families with government sponsored public houses. Final scene is aerial view of a suburb area in the United States showing many new suburban homes that have been built. Location: Mississippi United States USA. Date: 1966.
Poor housing in Montgomery, Alabama and downtown, bus comes into frame Rosa Parks in Police custody. Close up and signs document. People on streets of Montgomery Bus exterior and interior door opens People walking and riding in cars not riding buses. Municipal bus yard and on street buses lined up, ride mostly empty followed by police car African Americans walk, car pool a mass movement goes through neighborhood Ku Klux Klan rally burning cross, hooded men slums dilapidated housing.
Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened. <br/><br/>Reel 2.<br/><br/>Industrial scenes in United States of America (USA).<br/><br/>L/S Manhattan sky line.<br/><br/>L/S rocky mountains. Various shots cattle roaming over plains. Various shots horses being rounded up by cowboys. L/S logs on train wagon. Timber going down chute into river. L/S river full of timber. C/U wheat in man's hand. Various shots row of combine harvesters crossing large fields. Various shots miners working in coal mine. Small train towing coal wagons coming out of mine. Various shots Texas oil field. We see oil being pumped out into trains. Various shots of massive factory, visitors arrive outside by bus. Various shots furnace.<br/><br/>Various L/Ss Manhattan skyline in New York city. <br/><br/>Various shots crowd on the stock market, people shouting. C/U on the face of the man with glasses bidding. Big business, transformation of the natural resources into wealth on which American people depend. M/S of a man writing the newest stock prices on the blackboard. <br/><br/>M/S of the crowd in front of the bank. Cut to a face of a John D Rockefeller in a suit. Voice-over concludes: "yes, when and if you know how, you too, can become a millionaire."<br/><br/>Various shots of building sites and street markets - good New York street scenes. In 1932 power to administer the wealth lagged far behind the ability to produce it.<br/><br/>L/S of a crowded New York streets where police and ambulance attend to dead and dying - victims of a gang warfare. L/S of a police car with bullet holes and broken back window. People are around the car and a dead body covered with the sheet lies next to it. Cut to the police pushing people back from the crime scene. Closer look at the broken window and the bullet holes on the back of the police car. Reverse to the L/S of the people around the crime scene.<br/><br/>Vigilantes patrol organise to fight the crime - High angle shot of people carrying guns, walking. Panning shot of a man with the gun, walking. Narrator identifies the prohibition as the origin of gangsterism. C/U on the hands holding a bottle of liquor. L/S of men unloading illegal cargo from the boat. People behind the fence watching the operation.<br/><br/>Gangsters move to another field - racketeering. M/S of the three men, two younger and one elderly. Elderly man claims that he does not need protection. C/U on the faces of younger men. Cut to M/S of a man pouring paint over a dress hanging on the shop stand. <br/><br/>In 1932 the bootlegging and crime were triggered by Depression. Various shots of fuming factories. Several shots of the openings of factory gates, workers leaving factory and gates closing. Due to Depression, even those with jobs are often unsatisfied. When their demands are not met, they react by organising strikes and riots. <br/><br/>Shots of masses of workers demonstrating and the strike-leader speaking are juxtaposed with the shots of the opposite gathering where angry politician proposes drastic measures in fight against communists.<br/><br/>Various shots displaying the power of the US (United States) army. Line of trucks, cars, troops with guns marching. Army clashes with workers. Various shots depicting riots: gun shots, smoke, fires, stones. In the 1932 in the great industrial centres things did not go too well. <br/><br/>Things did not go well in the countryside either. Shots of plants and animals suffering from pollutants and paying the price of the industrialisation. Because of the ruthless timber felling and unplanned agriculture, topsoil has been blown away or washed off millions of acres. Shots of dead cattle, deserted land, corn fields dying. Farmers have no choice but to leave the dying land. "They call them 'Oakies', displaced farmers, migrant workers". Several shots of farmers packing up and leaving. <br/><br/>L/S of the Empire State Building. Cut to M/S of unemployed people sitting on the benches. Nearly one in four of working population is looking for work. L/S of a man stopping people on the streets, asking for job or possibly begging. Exterior of the employment agency. Inside the agency, a crowd asking for work. C/U on the back of the man's head while looking at the board with advertisements.<br/><br/>Often only a stone's throw from the glamorous skyscrapers live the unemployed. Panning shot from the nice, clean New York buildings to the ghetto of the unemployed. Several shots of the shanty towns of the poor with the skyscrapers in the background.<br/><br/>"It was about time that somebody from somewhere came and did something." - narrator says. <br/><br/>Panning shot of the moving car approaching the house. C/U on the face of a man in the car - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, future president of the United States of America. M/S FDR.<br/><br/>Title reads: "Time to Remember end of Part One". <br/><br/>Item continues on reel 3 - see separate records.
New York borough rated one of the nation’s top communities
00:00:00:00 VS houses overlook ocean shor :40,1:15/ VS new constr 1:00/ TS Rosarito Beach billboard :30/ VS slum barrios &amp; peasants :40. (0:00)/
A black and white police car slowly drives down the street of a New York city slum surrounded by black protestors.
Uganda, the hunt for homosexuals
A2 / France 2
A Drone Clip Of An Old Established Neighborhood That Has Become Dilapidated Over Time From Poverty, Low Income And Drug Use
Aerial view of a very old established neighborhood that had become run down because of poverty, drug use and joblessness in the area
DN-B-289 Beta SP