[Army-Navy Screen Magazine no.4, 1946] Animals Speak for Themselves. VS animals talk and sing. MLS Sargent Helen Meadowcroft addressing camera. MS Meadowcroft reading letter from sailor. VS animals.
DNA genetic screening
Conceptual clip of genetic screening, showing a DNA molecule and genetic code with a cursor tracking one of the DNA spheres. Gene tests are used to test for genetic disorders, prenatal diagnostics (preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), newborn screening and forensic testing.
À la dérive
CS of computer screen showing animated satellite weather map of South America, shot at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Sudies.
Titles read: "IRON ART!" <br/> <br/>Vienna, Austria. <br/> <br/>Various shots of metalworkers using iron to create ornaments, figures of animals, scrolls, fire screens, candelabra, gates and so on. The craftsmen use hammers to beat out the design. Several shots of finished ironwork in the workshop.
1970s: Women sit at desk writing on paper
1970s: Women sit at desk writing on paper. Man stands in front of large printer. Stocks and certificates. Woman looks at paper, animations appear on screen.
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MEEX World Geometric Screens
British Museum's screens made by Saudi artisan
Scientist viewing animal cells on computer screen in lab, 1970s
Scientist viewing animal cells on computer screen in lab, 1970s
Animation: target is tracked on a radar screen
Aerospace Force Communication Electronics. An animation shows a target being tracked on a radar screen. Location: United States USA. Date: July 14, 1961.
Computer graphics;
CU Computer screen showing assorted internet animated graphics
Early 1900s Broadway star Anna Held plays with young animals
1950s Prop 15 Promo
Political announcement - animated promo for Proposition 15 - screen reads Vote Yes on 15 - blue sky with TV antenna screen reads Free TV - animated bat and baseball - violin and bugle - football - bowling pins and bowling ball - screen reads Free against sky with clouds and TV antenna
Camille & Aurélia Marceau: the Mime Marceau told by her daughters
Radio France: filmed programmes
PA-0667 Digibeta; PA-1338 1 inch; PA-1090 1 inch
Extra (Esso Screen Ad)
Bacteria multiplying, animation
Animation of a bacterium dividing into two by binary fission. Each daughter cell divides in the same way, leading to exponential growth of the bacterial population.
Samsung Advert Times Square
The animations of a Samsung advert; filmed off of a screen in Times Square; New York; 2005.
PA-1090 1 inch; PA-0154 Beta SP; PA-0711 Digibeta
General Screen Advertising Shorts
Farnham, Surrey. <br/> <br/>C/Us of a cave prehistoric painting showing men hunting wild boars etc. M/S of Douglas Mazonowicz, a leading artist in serigraphy (creating prints by the silk screen method), working on a reproduction of a cave painting. He is painting over a silk screen; which he then lifts up to remove the painting underneath; it is of three horses. <br/> <br/>M/S and C/Us of an assistant mixing some inks at another table as the commentator explains the silk screen printing process. <br/> <br/>M/S as Douglas puts the painting, at a later stage in the process, into position under the screen; commentator tells us this 'Frieze of Little Horses' is one of many paintings discovered in the famous cave at Lascaux in France. The assistant brings the mixed ink over and pours it onto the edge of the screen. <br/> <br/>Douglas draws the ink across the screen with a squidger thing (does anyone know what these are called?), then lifts the screen, peels the painting from underneath it with his assistant 's help and they place it on a rack to dry. <br/> <br/>C/U of the finished painting drying on top of the rack. C/Us of other reproduction prehistoric paintings, showing people and animals. <br/> <br/>Note: There is a typed article by Douglas Mazonowicz on file about his work, plus correspondence between him and Pathe on the shooting of this story.
US Black Panther NY Fan Event
Fans dress up for an early screening of 'Black Panther'
Meet the Squander Bug - Australian anti-nazi cartoon encouraging war savings, 1943
A cartoon animation appealing for subscriptions to the 4th Liberty Loan. The advertisement, designed for screening in cinema theatres, features a Nazi Squander Bug" who encourages people to spend all they can
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United States UH-1 Huey helicopters in flight, Vietnam.
United States 9th Infantry Division redeployment in Vietnam. U.S. UH-1 Huey helicopters in flight. Aerial view of animals in field. Smoke screen covers land. Foliage and trees in field. Location: Vietnam. Date: July 14, 1969.
Int. middle class living room, no people Couple enter home after three weeks vacation, lots of newspapers Wife sorts mail Woman sits by phone, opens mail and reads letter aloud Animated shot of numbers filling the screen (good) Cartoon scene of Mr. Digit Live woman on phone Full screen of animated kids facing screen, playing, making faces Mr. Digit points to map of United States, animated points appear Mr. Digit points to numbers above his head CU live woman on phone Mr. Digit laughs United States map Animated company office Animated car phone conversation Animated man on moon talking to wife at home on earth Screen of numbers again Woman shakes head in agreement (good) Man puts arm around wife
HD: Big Bang Animation
High Definition: Animated imagery of maybe what the Big Bang looked liked. Footage is silent.