high angle wide shot zoom in of rocket blasting off
News Clip: Astronaut
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Spectators watching Apollo 11 launch
Apollo 11 launch spectators. Spectators watching the launch of the Apollo 11 mission, 16th July 1969. The Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket was launched from pad 39a at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA, and was the first manned mission to land on the Moon. The crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Buzz Aldrin. Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20th and collected lunar material for return to Earth. Collins remained in lunar orbit in the command module. They returned to Earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean on July 24th.
1972 NASA Apollo 16
newsreel - NASA - Apollo 16 - 2 astronauts work on moon surface - collect rocks - big jumps
08:31:33:19 Walt Cunningham, Apollo 7; James Lovell, Apollo 8 and 13; David Scott, Apollo 15; Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11; Charles Duke, Apollo 16, Thomas Stafford, Apollo 10; and Eugene Cernan, Apollo 10 ...
America on the Moon
America on the Moon. The historic Apollo 11 Moon landing on July 20, 1969.. 1960s, July 16, 1969, Cape Kennedy, Cape Canaveral, Florida, Apollo 11 on launch pad 39A, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins wearing spacesuits, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin exiting van and walking to Apollo 11, countdown to launch of Apollo 11, Apollo 11 liftoff from launch pad, Cape Kennedy Mission Control center, people in control room watching Apollo 11 in flight, Apollo 11 streaking through sky, Lyndon Johnson and bystanders watching Apollo 11 in flight, radar control cameras recording launched vehicle through separation, view from lunar orbit of Earth receding into distance and Moon looming near, Lunar Module Eagle separating from Command Module Columbia, LM descending to Moon, dialog between Armstrong and Mission Control about touchdown on Moon, One small step for man..., people in Mission Control Center, Armstrong and Aldrin descending steps of LM to Moon, Armstrong and Aldrin raising American flag on Moon, Armstrong and Aldrin walking on Moon and communicating to Mission Control about Moon's surface, Armstrong and Aldrin collecting Moon samples, seismograph and laser target, view of Earth from Moon, LM lifts off from Moon to meet Columbia in orbit, LM docking with Columbia, crew demonstrating weightlessness as they relax in spaceship, view of Earth from lunar orbit, USS Hornet (CVS-12) Prime Recovery Ship (PRS), radar scanning horizon for splashdown from USS Hornet, Navy helicopter hovering over water, astronauts wearing isolation garments in lifeboat after splashdown, President Nixon watching homecoming from USS Hornet, Navy helicopter lifting astronauts out of water into helicopter and transporting to USS Hornet, Mission Control watching recovery footage, helicopter touching down on USS Hornet, astronauts disembarking helicopter to USS Hornet and being quarantined, President Nixon talking with astronauts in quarantine van
Manatee Head-Moving Mouth And Lips
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Apollo 16 blasts off on April 16, 1972. POV space module orbitting the moon. The lunar rover tours the moon's desolate surface.
Apollo 16 & Apollo 17
Daytime lift-off of Apollo 16 and subsequent lunar dune buggy ride by astronauts. Nighttime lift-off of Apollo 17, followed by astronauts walking next to American flag on moon, pan of moonscape and astronaut standing alongside large moon rock. DOC/WA - 1972 - B/W
Apollo 11 spacecraft takes off from Cape Kennedy in Florida
Last few seconds of countdown for launch of NASA Apollo 11 mission from Cape Kennedy in Florida. Saturn Rocket ignites and liftoff commences carrying Apollo 11 on the first manned mission to moon. The crew includes Neil A Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E Aldrin. Location: Florida United States USA. Date: July 16, 1969.
DN-B-007 Beta SP
Space Program Highlights - Mercury thru Shuttle pt. 2
APOLLO 16 & 17 (CQ03253)
APOLLO 16 and Apollo 17 launches. Lunar buggy on surface of moon. Apollo 17 night launch. Astronauts plant flag on the moon. Astronauts on moon.
Primary election campaign day, Wallace in Florida, 1972
Shows the campaign of George Wallace speaking to the Florida voters and later in a hospital bed after being shot. Street scenes from the early 1970s. Other Democratic Primary hopefuls were Senator Muskie, Sam Yorty, Mayor of Los Angeles, and Senator Hartke. On the Republican side Senator John Ashbrook and Pete McCloskey enters the race. Shows Democratic Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and her campaign workers in Florida. Shows Henry Jackson speaking to voters in Florida. Shows Hubert Humphrey speaking to voters. Shows McGovern on whistle stop train tour. Incumbent President Nixon speaks to Congress, at a press conference, and with the Apollo 16 Astronauts. People shown working in local campaign offices and passing out campaign literature on the streets. McGovern nominated at Democratic National Convention and Senator Thomas Eagleton picked as his running mate. Eagleton later withdrew due to disclosure he had been hospitalized with a nervous disorder early in his career. Sargent Shriver replaced Eagleton. Shows demonstrators Miami, Florida marching with banner 'Women In Revolt' Demonstrators against Vietnam War and demonstrators supporting Vietnam War march. Scenes of Democratic and Republican National Convention. Nixon and Agnew ticket. Excellent 7-second clip of hand making a snow cone and handing it to a little girl in a crowd of children in this film.
Bridgeman Images Details
US SC Apollo 16 Astronaut
US SC Apollo 16 Astronaut
A2 / France 2
Moon landing astronauts get prepared and Saturn V carrying Apollo 11 is launched from Florida, United States
The launch of the NASA Apollo 11 from Launch Complex 39 at the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island in Florida, United States. The Apollo II command module atop Saturn V rocket in stand. Saturn V in launch pad. Command Module Pilot Major General Michael Collins,Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr (Buzz Aldrin" and Commander Neil Armstrong get prepared for flight. The three astronauts in their space suits walk with other men. The astronauts in an elevator. Ignition of the Saturn V rocket and liftoff. The launch pad being removed. The spacecraft is launched. The Apollo Lunar Module in orbit. Astronauts inside the spacecraft operating the controls and in weightless environment. Location: Cape Kennedy Florida USA. Date: July 16, 1969.
[Space launch of the Artemis rocket: the program]
A2 / France 2
United States of America (USA). <br/> <br/>American President Richard Nixon walking past military band on his way to greet the Apollo XI astronauts at Cape Kennedy, Florida. They have just returned form their moon flight. President Nixon stops at a large capsule with a window. Nixon applauds the cosmonauts, they look through the window and smile. Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins are clearly seen through the window. President Nixon talking into small mike which is connected with capsule. Marine guards in background. Close up shot of Armstrong looking through the capsule window. More shots of President Nixon talking into mike, astronauts in the capsule, military guards behind, press etc. Dignitaries seated, some military men, smiling - Henry Kissinger among them. Close up shot of sign for quarantine on the capsule. Man comes from the audience to talk to the astronauts. He speaks into mike and then leaves. Nixon speaking into mike. Man in uniform comes to mike to deliver a prayer. Close up shot of the window showing the three cosmonauts praying. All having their arms on hearts - national anthem is played. <br/> <br/>(16 mm.)
NASA; color, sound; 1950's-1970's; MERCURY/ GEMINI/ APOLLO OVERVIEW.
1972 NASA Apollo 16 Splashdown
newsreel - NASA - Apollo 16 - command module capsule on 3 parachutes splashes down in ocean