The Army Corps of Engineers gives Ole Man River a concrete bed, in a massive engineering job to check erosion of Vicksburg levees by the Mississippi. The huge mattress of flexible concrete is laid in a round-the-clock operation.
Full title reads: "Clear Boys, Clear!". <br/> <br/>London. <br/> <br/>VS of army men of the Pioneer Corps and the Royal Engineers at work with picks, shovels and pneumatic drills clearing rubble and debris from the bomb damaged streets of London. <br/> <br/>CU One of the soldiers spitting on his hands and smiling at camera as he sets to work.
AFP-52BK 16mm
Army Corps of Camouflage Engineers builds camouflage at Fort Heath in Massachusetts.
Camouflage engineers at Fort Heath in Massachusetts during World War 2. Aerial view of Fort Heath with its Coastal areas. U.S. Army Corps of Camouflage Engineers builds camouflage for coastal defense battery installations. Engineers build gun emplacement and concealment using fishnets and other material to deceive enemy. They prepare camouflage paint and paint it on a roof. Tree branch brought in by army truck. Location: Massachusetts United States USA. Date: 1941.
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World War II: conflict in Libya, 1942
Mine sappers clear the way as General Montgomery directs the tanks and infantry of the British Eighth 8th Army in the longest sustained advance in military history. Newest phase of the British Eighth 8th Army's victory in Libya. General Montgomery, fighting son of an Irish churchman, directing the campaign that is hurling Marshal Rommel and his Nazis Africa Corps back across the desert in utter collapse. Past wrecked planes blasted from the ground and from the air. Seventy percent of the enemy's mechanized equipment smashed in its tracks. Through mud and muck the longest sustained advance in military history. Dirty and begrimed Nazis General Wilhelm von Thoma, Rommel's second in command, is captured by a British Hussar (Captain Allen Grant Singer of the 10th Royal Hussars). Arriving at General Montgomery's headquarters the prisoner is ordered flown to England. Mine sweepers, the engineers are the real heroes. Using magnetic detectors they go ahead of the tanks clearing the desert of German planted mine fields. The magnets sound a buzzer when they detect mines hidden in the sand. Now, infantry to the attack. So swift is the advance that as these pictures are issued news comes that Rommel's army has been split. Half his force is trapped. Pressing ever westward through the smoke of battle the Allied pincers close on Rommel as he races to join his shattered force with a Nazis army in Tunisia. Rear guards surrender one by one. Eight entire Italian divisions have been knocked out. Four of Germany's famed Afrika Korps divisions are done for. Down the (Via balbia or Via Balbo) road, named for Italy's late Marshal Balbo, a procession of trucks loaded with captives streams to the rear. Three hundred thousand prisoners taken by the British. Their days of fighting over. At El Agheila, where Rommel was expected to make a desperate stand, British fighting men see the tide of war turn for the United Nations as the Union Jack (British flag) flies over Libya.
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DV Miss River Level
The Associated Press was granted exclusive access to the only "mat sinking unit" in the world. AP's Robert Ray spent time with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the Mississippi River
News Clip: Time Capsule
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
General Lewis Andrew Pick in Missouri following 1951 Floods
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A2 / France 2
WEST GERMANY: Desert Rats preparation in Bergen Hohne
WEST GERMANY: Desert Rats preparation in Bergen Hohne; ITN WEST GERMANY: Bergen Hohne: EXT Tank corp commander (British army) PAN Challenger tanks warming up in depot / engineers checking over tanks / mounting machine gun Geoffrey Archer (ITN Reporter) interviews tankmen about their feelings going the Gulf and the reliability of their tanks SOT Tank crews milling around whilst tanks warm up / stationary tank on firing range / very dull weather / troops standing around preparing for night shoot Tank commander talks about preparing for war SOT - that he is preparing the men and the tanks for war, highly skilled men with a very reliable tanks that has evolved and shoots straight
1960s NEWS
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers emblem
WW II footage - miscellaneous stories of 1943
00:00:00>>>United News - 1943 - Heroes of 25 Raids bring bomber to US - England - Memphis Belle embarks for home - troops onto plane - bring on their mascot Scottie dog Stuka - guys giving peace signs and other troops waving goodbye to them. POV from in plane to other plane. Memphis Belle arrives in Washington DC and congratulated by Eisenhower and other. 00:02:25>>>College Grils Make Dolls for Yuletide Gifts - rows of dolls, college girls seen making dolls, now that factories convert to war effort, the dolls are strictly homemade, girls sewing dolls, decorating fireplace at Christmas with dolls 00:03:10>>>US Test New torpedo boats for British Navy - (PT )torpedo boats racing across the water - various angles, cu British flag 00:03:56>>>Truman, Stalin Churchill Meet in Berlin - Truman off plane as he arrives, Sec of War Stimson greeted by Russian Gromyko. Army convoy through Berlin - views of destroyed Berlin - Churchill, Stalin, and Truman together. INT conference room, Stalin and Churchill shake hands. Churchill and Truman together, Truman sits around table, Stalin sits, flag raising ceremony in Berlin, Truman speaks re: raising flag of victory over capitol over our greatest adversary...raising that flag we are raising it in the name of the people of US who look towards a better world...if we can put this tremendous machine of work for peace...we can look towards the greatest future - US flag raised. Eisenhower and other top military at attention. 00:07:15>>>Norway Freed - British officers arrive in Oslo to accept surrender of German officers. Col Darow is British officer. German and British military officers talk. RAF meet members of Norway's underground army. Celebrations in Norway - huge throngs of people. Norwegeian flags raised and waved - celebrations in street - Darrow recognized woman patriot of Norway. 00:08:46>>>In the Wake of War -destroyed buildings in Bremen - harbor where shipping was destroyed - great devastation - welcoming troops in street - prisoners and collaborating rounded up. Destroyed other towns in France = German POW's marching - another French Port destroyed and also town - Dunkirk destruction (strewn with minefields), British ships, General accepting German surrender, Channel islands now free from occupation, British flags flying, masses of artillery surrendered, German commanders surrender and taken prisoner, parade of troops 00:13:14>>>Allies Break Nazi Grip on Holland - British second army marching in fields of Holland - fighting in fields, howitzers fired, mine sweeping tanks lead way, British help rescue civilians trapped in fallen shelters, tanks firing, running across fields and burms, fire throwers, tanks in town to town fighting, people in streets 00:14:33>>Balkan Patriots Aided by Allies - airfield on Greece Islands where guerrilla battalions trained - men and women - young children marching - real troops marching, Tito visits Island, Tito slautes 00:15:30>>>US rushes new bases in Pacific - US engineers building secret bases - fighter planes being carried ashore and being concealed among palm trees, aviation gasoline, oil and supplies arriving, jeeps, food supplies, base for seaplanes being charted and beach cleared for landing strips, big tanks and guns arrive and readied, camouflage for equipment 00:17:13>>>New roles for women in war - US Navy nurses lined up for inspection. Various shots of women - Commander of Women's Army Auxiliary Corps - cu and on phone at work, ws. of women volunteers at recruiting stations filling out forms, Commander in DC being saluted, Women's motorcycle corp as dispatch riders to transfer messages 00:18:47>>>US reveals armed might for Churchill - Churchill and Roosevelt together at WH meeting Allied leaders to map strategy of war - Churchill reviews hug assembly US military who march pass grandstand. Churchill reviews teams of paratroopers - paratroopers out of airplanes by the hundreds jumping out of their planes for Churchill 00:21:00>>>Gunners train to man US bombers - calisthenics to strengthen hands and fingers of gunners. Gunners blindfolded to learn to reassemble and take apart each weapon. Climb aboard fighter plane - guns equipped with cameras instead of bullets to check for accuracy - team of planes in air - simulated battle 00:22:11>>>Tanks by the Thousands roll of the line - shots of huge tank factory - EXT, various tanks being demonstrated - INT of tank assembly line inside huge factory - Auto industry now centered on tank production - various stops along assembly line - vast stock piles of parts - PAN across from high vantage point, tanks completed and loaded onto trains and being shipped out for battlefields, tanks loaded onto ships, ships on open seas, tanks in the field and shooting in battle field 00:25:00>>>Huge freighters rush iron ore to steel mills - PAN across steel mill in action in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh - good montage of smokestacks belching smoke, various steel mills at work, bird flying in air, ships at sea carrying ore to steel mills, wide PAN of open pit iron ore pit (strip mining at its finest!!!) - huge cranes removing iron ore from open pit and loading onto railroad cars, trains transporting ore (good shot on elevated trestle bridge) Below trestle trains unload the ore through chutes onto ships - ships transporting through frozen lakes and through fog, Excellent shots at night of belching smokestacks.
Army Engineers Dewatering Project at Niagara Falls
On the American side of Niagara Falls, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers work on a months-long dewatering project. A panoramic view shows the scope of the project. Observers stand on a platform to look at lowering water levels and the rocks left from the dried up falls.
News Clip: Flood talk
Video footage from the WBAP-TV television station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about
Army Engineers build spar trestle in record time at Fort Riley, Kansas
Curtis YP-20 Pursuit Airplane of United States Army Air Corps taxis at Wright Field in the United States.
Pursuit Airplanes of United States Army Air Corps. Curtis YP-20 Pursuit Airplane. It is powered by a Wright R-1820 and an engine of 575 HP. A man starts the engine and the plane taxis at the Wright Field. Location: United States USA. Date: 1933.
DV Mississippi FP
The Associated Press spent the day on the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was granted exclusive access to the only "mat sinking unit" in the world
DN-RLB-005 Beta SP