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At Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, robotics department students demonstrate their project a companion robot Zenbo. Professor Miguel Martin explains how the robot how the robot can listen and keep secrets by using built-in software and not cloud technology and student project leader Eduardo Perez Valle describes the development of the robot.
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Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
--SUPERS--\n00-32\nFareed Zakaria\nHost, GPS\n\n33-56\nBill Gates\nFounder Microsoft\n\n --SOT--\nFareed Zakaria, Host, GPS: "A lot of concerns people have about artificial intelligence combined with ...
Media, platforms and discourse analysis: methods, AI issues
US McCarthy Artificial Intelligence
US McCarthy Artificial Intelligence
1950 Robot
b&w campy domestic 1950's film w/ robot helping Housewife with household chores - Kitchen - oven - toaster oven - Coffee - tea kettle - dog eats food - pet - sci-fi - Science Fiction - AI - Artificial Intelligence -
ARTHUR C. CLARKE TALKS ABOUT MACHINES AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. WILL MACHINES BECOME AS INTELLIGENT AS WE ARE? ***** Arthur C Clarke Any machine that can make decisions choices, which can behave in a way which is not predictable by its designers. And there are many machines like this now has a very rudimentary form of artificial intelligence. The question is, how far will this intelligence develop when it becomes intelligent, when machines become as intelligent as we are assuming that we are intelligent and sometimes one doubts this? I think that most of the people in the computer field certainly the younger people believe that we will have intelligent machines and there is no limit to the intelligence which machines may ultimately develop.
The 90's, episode 112: DRUGS & OTHER WARS
01:37 Cold Opening with Bill Sampson. These folks are permanently poor - it's new in America. It's not what welfare was supposed to be, it's not what public housing was supposed to be... 05:15 John Parker by Skip Blumberg. In New Haven, Connecticut, ex-addict John Parker illegally distributes clean needles to intravenous drug users to prevent the spread of AIDS. Parker is in thousands of dollars of debt, paying for the program entirely himself. He claims that his program empowers people to feel like they can make a difference in their own lives, which is the first step towards treatment. On the day when Blumberg is shooting, Parker is also being interviewed by an ABC news crew. Blumberg 's shooting style contrasts greatly with that of the ABC crew, who prefer to set up artificial situations rather than shoot events as they unfold. 17:38 Todd Alcott performance piece by Skip Blumberg. Hyper, hysterical Todd loses his keys and can't leave his apartment. 22:55 High School Poets by Skip Blumberg. High schoolers read poetry that speculates on the future of the '90s. 24:03 Greater Yellowstone News by Phil Morton and Elizabeth Laden. Ice fishing for trout at Yellowstone. 30:05 Voices of Cabrini by Fred Bridges. Youth Leadership volunteer Anthony Tharpe reports on how his organization has motivated the Chicago Housing Authority to make repairs at Cabrini Green. 32:37 Patricia Ford commentary. Academic counselor Patricia Ford encourages African Americans who have made it to return to their communities and lend a helping hand. People don't reach back and lift others up as often as they should. 39:27 Days of Swine and Roses by Dennis Darmek. At the Wisconsin State Fair, a pig farmer sings the praises of swine: They're very intelligent, they never overeat, they have great toilet habits... and they really bring people together. We also meet Popeye, a man who can pop his eyes out of his head. 44:14 High School Poets by Skip Blumberg. Students speculate optimistically about the future. 45:30 Images of the Homeless from the student video magazine show San Diego Stew. Video montage of homeless street people with Bruce Springsteen singing This Land is Your Land in the background. 47:00 Policing the Police by Educational Video Center. A teenager in New York City talks about police harassment. 49:30 John Parker by Skip Blumberg. We visit a shooting gallery where IV drug addicts inject themselves. We learn that the health department has cut off his support and Parker has competition from gay organizations. An ABC news story reports that Parker has been found not guilty on the criminal charges against him. 58:15 An unidentified street performer plays under credits. By Esti Marpet.
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HACKERS 1.0 #4
Animation of an human brain receiving and sending signals
Animation of an active human brain
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HACKERS 3.0 #2
'AI is the future': in this Parisian restaurant, ChatGPT is used daily
Le Parisien
Interview with Alan Dershowitz pt 2
INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 01:27:14>>>,The way in which Israel occupied particularly the West Bank is a fascinating story that I think many people just don't understand. Um Israel never attacked Jordan what happened is in 1967 Israel had intelligence information that nobody disputes that the Egyptians were gonna start the war they did start the war they did start the war they sealed off the ah the straits of Tehran. INAUDIBLE admitted it was an act of war Israel had every right to treat it as an act of war they did bomb the Israel I'm sorry. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 02:03:03>>>,Israel had the right to treat it as an act of war they bombed the Israeli airfields they bombed the Iraqi airfield and never touched the Jordanian airfield. Jordan started firing at Israeli cities 6,000 shells landed in downtown Jerusalem and in other populated areas still Israel did not retaliate only after Jordan flew it's planes and started bombing Israeli cities in the heartland of Israel did Israel retaliate by destroying the airfield in Imam. Even then it accepted a seize fire and sent emissaries to Jordan saying Israel will not set foot into Jordanian territory won't even capture the western wall the holiest sight. It won't even go and try to reclaim the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem if Jordan will simply seize fire at that point. King Hussein refused to do that probably got through a period INAUDIBLE assonated he did and he sent in the legion ah the strongest of the armies and in the course of the defensive war Israel captured the west bank at considerable loss to itself. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 03:15:26>>>,Michael Lauren who has written the definitive history of the 6th day war comments about how remarkable it was that Israel was able to win this war with hardly affecting a single um civilian. Almost no Arab civilians were killed in the entire 6 day war. The largest number of civilians killed in the 6 day war were Jews. Jews who were killed in the initial bombings of the cities and Jews who would kill in Arab countries during pogroms that were conducted during the 6 day war. And so it's quite remarkable how Israel was able to conduct a war like that far away from population centers bombing airports and destroying military bases where all the Arab countries goal was a war of extermination. A war designed to kill as many Jewish civilians as possible. Thankfully that didn't happen either. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 04:17:24>>>,There is no international law that has ever previously required a return of territory captured in a defense war. Human resolution 242 which I played a small role in drafting I was an assistant to justice INAUDIBLE Goldberg who was the united states representative to the united nations and he consulted me I was at his apartment at the Waldorf Astoria. As 242 was being drafted 242 was the first declaration of international law ever to require a country to return territories captured in a defensive war but it didn't require Israel to return a single piece of territory unless the second provision of 242 which is always omitted in discussion was complied with that as all these states in the area recognized the territorial integrity and the right to exist in every other state in the area. In other words Israel had no obligation to return an inch of territory either to Jordan or to Egypt or to Syria unless those countries recognized Israelis right to exist. Israel offered to return the territories. The response was the cartoon meeting in which all the Arab states issued their three no's. No negotiation no peace no recognition. Israel at that point satisfied 242. It's only when Israel made peace that Israel was obliged to return territory captured by Egypt it did it returned every inch of territory captured from Egypt that Egypt didn't wanted back they wanted the Gaza back. That's too bad they should have taken the Gaza back they didn't want the Gaza back. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 05:52:14>>>,Um Jordan when it made peace had renounced the west bank to the Palestinians but Jordan did get back a 300 square kilometer that was in dispute in the INAUDIBLE section of um of Israel. And Israel has offered Syria the return of the INAUDIBLE heights in exchange for full and complete peace something that the Syrians have rejected. So Israel is in full and complete compliance with 242. At Camp David it offered back territories captured during the 6 day war. Doesn't have to return all the territories. Lord Carrington justice Goldberg everybody who had anything to do with the UN resolution 242 understood that there was no obligation ever on Israel's part ever to return to the pre 67 borders what INAUDIBLE even called the Osowitz lines which made Israel vulnerable to attack. It was entitled as the result of winning a defensive war to make some territorial adjustments. And um camp David and INAUDIBLE included small territorial adjustments between 4 and 6 percent of the west bank. In which in exchange of Israel is prepared to give back about 3 percent of Israeli territory to a Palestine state. Certainly filled compliance with 242. Israel is the only country in full compliance with resolution 242. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 07:25:21>>>,There was a greater Israel movement in Israel which was completely renounced by everybody including the current prime minister Ariel Sharon. Um the greater Israel movement is dead. Um it was always a tiny tiny movement very unpopular in Israel never got anything like a majority. Every Israeli government has been prepared to give back territory. Ah the most hawkish INAUDIBLE governments gave back ah the Snide including oil reserves and forward airbases and settlements which they dismantled immediately. And the current hawkish government of Ariel Sharon has been prepared to give back ah the vast majority of territory though not to return to the pre 67 lines. Um the greater Israel movement is tiny and fading whereas the greater Palestine movement 83 percent of Palestinians according to a recent poll would not be satisfied unless all of Palestine became an Arab Palestinian state and Israel no longer existed. INTERVIEWER:INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 08:31:26>>>,67 lines were always artificial. They were not ah lines drawn in any rational way. They were the result of the way fighting ended in 1948 at a seize fire not recognized by many of the Arab states and certainly not recognized by the Palestinians. The ah Jerusalem was easily cut off from the rest of Israel ah at the Latroon area. And there were other points in which Israel could be simply off its waste. INAUDIBLE it was one of the greatest dubs in Israel history referred to the pre 67 lines as the Oswitz lines. Ah the United States was against the return of the pre 67 lines. England was against it. The Soviet Union tried to introduce a resolution in 1967 calling for Israel to return to the pre 1967 lines and that resolution was never accepted by the security counsel. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 09:35:00>>>,Israel's disadvantage would be that it would be extremely vulnerable to a pincer attack by either Arab armies masked in a Palestine state. Or also very vulnerable to terrorist attacks coming from ah the Palestinian state. Having said that I believe that if Israel could get real genuine peace by actually returning to even the 67 lines a very significant number of Israelis would support that just like a very significant number of Israelis would support the return of um much of Jerusalem ah to the Palestinians. But if think about the 67 lines that would mean the end of the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. What conceivable argument would there be that the Jewish quarter or Jerusalem which has been a Jewish place of residence for thousands of years should suddenly and has a completely Jewish population should suddenly revert to a Palestinian state. That would make absolutely no sense. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 10:48:08>>>,Jerusalem is the easiest point to resolve. Ah that will not be a barrier to peace. Um intelligent people can think of condominium arrangements and other arrangements. Barak offered that ah others in Israel have offered that. That's not the biggest problem. The biggest barrier to peace is the fact that the vast majority of Palestinians would not be satisfied with having a Jewish state side by side with a Palestinian state. As Hamas has said even Jewish state the size of a postage stamp would not be possible under Islam law. By the way that's not true of Islamic law. Islamic law never included the claim that you couldn't have a Jewish state in Palestine until it was so interrupted by the grand INAUDIBLE of Jerusalem who's a nazi. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 11:39:11>>>,Settlements in the west bank are neither illegal nor do I think they're an obstacle for peace but I think they should end. Um Israel certainly has the right to have Jews live ah ah in places where Jews have lived historically. Take for example the INAUDIBLE which was a INAUDIBLE and in the 1947, 48 war Palestinians came and slaughtered all the residents after they surrendered with their hands up. Ah they were just short a 120 of them. Ah the grandchildren and the children of the residents of INAUDIBLE block moved back and established a settlement nothing illegal about that. What's illegal is china moving hundreds of thousands into Tibet. You don't hear any resolutions about that at the United Nations. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 12:24:09>>>,Nor is it a barrier for peace because we are not very close to peace in the Middle East before a single settlement was established. And it wasn't a barrier to peace with Egypt the settlements ended as soon as peace was a real prospect. On the other hand I don't think they make any sense. On the other think it makes a lot of sense to have forward outward settlements in areas that eventually become of a Palestinian state. So I would like to see the settlements end but I think calling the settlements a barrier to peace is an excuse. The barriers to peace are Palestinian terrorism, the unwillingness to accept a Jewish state, the claim of refugee to a right of return. The greatest barrier to peace is that for decades the Palestinians were more interested in there not being a Jewish state than in their being a Palestinian state. Once a majority of Palestinians want a Palestinian state more than they want to see the end of a Jewish state there will be a Jewish state. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 13:30:12>>>,Israel has already indicating a willingness to support a Palestinian state. Um I think a Palestinian state would be the best thing for Israel provided it was a peaceful Palestinian state. Now a state requires a monopoly of force. When Israel became a state the first thing Benguari did was it disarmed Esal and INAUDIBLE and even made Pam--- part of the Israel defense forces. Ah the Palestinians should not get a state until and unless they are prepared to disarm Hamas and disarm other terrorist groups certainly those within the fata movement the al axa brigades and and others. Ah instead Yasar Arafat compliant in brining arms on a boat from Iran to be used by territories. That's not the way a state acts. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 14:29:00>>>,If statements in fact stood in the way of a contiguous Palestinian state there would be a barrier to such statehood. I think that the settlements that would stand in the way of the Palestinian state would be terminated and, and ended. Ah contiguity by the way was never a criteria previously. Ah the appeal commission did not create a contiguous ah Jewish state. Um even the um US partition created a state which was technically contiguous but realistically was really divided ah into ah two INAUDIBLE separate easily cut off the units. Ah um I don't know how you're gonna solve the problem of contiguity between um ah the West Bank and the Gaza. That will require some creativity land bridges leasing arrangements other kinds of routes but contiguity the United States is not contiguous. I mean we have 2 states Alaska and Hawaii that are not contiguous. It's not the end all and be all of statehood contiguity. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 16:15:01>>>,The non sense that comes out of the mouths of some people saying because there are checkpoints and because there is occupation that you're entitled to blow up children and murder mothers ah wheeling carriages and kill students at the Hebrew university cafeteria and murder Jews in prayer and blow up an airplane ah coming from a Hanukah vacation in Kena. I mean even the Jews during the holocaust weren't being subjected to inconveniences but were being murdered ah never set out to kill children. Ah none of the resistance movements in Europe ever murdered children. Ah ever murdered innocent people. Never even murdered the wives of, of, of the nazi leaders. Ah this is the lowest of the low in terms of morality saying because there are checkpoints because there are inconveniences, because there are denial of work permits we are entitled to murder in cold blood children is just a complete moral non INAUDIBLE. And the tragedy is so many people have accepted it. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 17:29:05>>>,The other myth is that Palestinians are driven by desperation to terrorism. How come the Tibetans don't engage in terrorism? How come other people throughout history who have been far more oppressed have never murdered children. Terrorism is a tactic of choice it is picked by elite leaders like Yassar Arafat who send out young children as one of the worst forms of child abuse sending 11, 12, 13, 15 year old children to kill them self. Mrs. Arafat from a fancy suburb says that he, she had a son she would hope her son would become a mortar suicide bomber. That's not desperation that's simply a choice of tactics. And the reason that it's done is because it works because the international community has rewarded Palestinian terrorism by giving them special status at the UN. Much greater status then the Tibetans ever had then the Kurds ever had then the Americans ever had then the Boosts ever had. The message that's sent is that the worse your terrorism the more we'll recognize you. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 18:39:27>>>,And it's worked extremely effectively. If you just look at how Arafat played (ring) ALAN DERSHOWITZ 19:15:05>>>,The more Palestinians have engaged in terrorism the more recognition they've gotten from the international community. And some of the people who are most at fault (ring) INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 20:17:19>>>,Collective punishment the UN imposes collective punishments. It imposes sanctions for example who is hurt by a sanction everybody is hurt as a result of a sanction. Collective punishment is pervasive throughout the, the world . Ah the worst forms of collective punishment are terrorism. Another form of collective punishment is boycotting all Israeli scholars regardless of what their views might be on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Divestment is collective punishment and yet hypocritically one sees those who practice collective punishment complaining when Israel imposes economic sanction on people who are complicit in terrorism. Ah houses are blown up only under Israeli law as construed by the Supreme Court if the person who owned the house knowingly was complicitious in terrorism. It's simply and economic function it doesn't look too good because on Arab televisions they create the impression that people are still in the house when the houses are destroyed. I'm not saying I'm supportive of house destruction but in terms of a continuum of punishment it's one of the most minor punishments imaginable. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 21:28:14>>>,I'll give you an example we had a famous case in the United states a few years ago in which a woman was raped on a pool INAUDIBLE in Fall River Massachusetts. Ah a couple of people actually raped her. A couple of other people held her down. A couple of other people blocked her way so she couldn't escape. A few other people cheered when the rapists were raping her. And a few other people simply could have called the police and refused to do so. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 21:54:28>>>,All of those people were morally morally culpable. The key is the proportionality the rapist are the most culpable the people who didn't call are the least culpable. If we had a system under which every one of them were punished but only to a slight degree consistent with their own complicity that would be a very, very fair system and that's the way I look at house destruction. House destruction is a proportional punishment to complicity with terrorism. Israel would be wiser if they didn't do that. I fact if they put people in jail for 30 days or 60 days if they were in any way complicit with terrorism that way there wouldn't be a big picture on television of a woman weeping while houses ah knocked down the day before she may have been encouraged for her son to be a suicide bomber and may have been sewing the belt. But ah it looks terrible when you're blow up people's houses. It doesn't look as bad when you put them in jail for 30 days or 60 days. But the Israeli Supreme Court has been scrupulous in demanding that any sanctions be proportionate to the complicity and terrorism. I wish other countries would be as sensitive. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 23:23:21>>>,This will sound surprising to some people but I've been teaching ah in the area of civilianizes and human rights and practicing for 40 years. There is my view no country in the history of the world that has been more sensitive to human rights and civil liberties when faced with the kind of both internal and external threats to its existence as Israel it is the number one country in the world in complying with the rule of law. It has the best Supreme Court in the world today. It is the only Supreme Court which involves itself in regulating the day to day activities in the army. It will intervene and grant an injunction against the army engaging in activities which it concludes violates the rule of law. It is the only country ever to take on the issue of the ticking bomb terrorists and to prohibit all forms of physical pressure moderate non lethal route. It is the only country to have instructed its army that under no circumstances may it hold on to prisoners beyond their term even if they want to hold them in exchange for other prisoners. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 24:39:00>>>,It has ruled that you can't transfer people from one area to another unless the person is complicitious in crime. Is has ruled that even if ambulances are used to transport terrorists if it bears a sign of an ambulance it cannot be fired upon. I chALANge anybody INAUDIBLE (no sound) ALAN DERSHOWITZ 25:13:09>>>,Israel is the best when it comes to the rule of law. And yet if you ask many students on college campuses today they will tell you it is the worst or among the worst. A student leader recently described Israel as the prime human rights violator in the world. There is no country in which the disparity between reality and acquisition and perception is greater. And that endangers not only INAUDIBLE. It endangers the rule of law, it endangers the United Nations, it endangers any kind of objective standard of evaluating people's conduct. When the best is called worst and the worst countries like Libya are on the united nations commissions on human rights counties like Syria countries like Belarus countries like north Korea countries that have no semblance of compliance with human rights are praised. The Palestinian authority tortures routinely. Has no system of trials. Kills people for complicity, murders political opponents and yet many college students around the country praise the Palestinian authority and believe that Israel is the prime human rights violator in the world. It's a topsy turvy situation. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 26:44:00>>>,If I were um space traveler from another galaxy and I was sent to the united states and world to find out who the worst violators were and I just read the united nations resolutions I'd come back to my planet and say there's only one outlaw state Israel is the worst and only human rights violator in the world and ah of course that would be wrong. The United Nations is a political organization and third world countries ah have enormous disproportion and influence particularly in the general assembly where most of these resolutions have occurred. Security counsel has also been one sidely condemning of ah Israel. The worst condemnations are vetoed by the United States but the United States even with its veto can't get the security counsel to condemn other countries. And so you get tremendous disparity. The worst are not punishment of china for example which has occupied Tibet far longer then the INAUDIBLE occupations on the West Bank is rewarded by getting the 2008 Olympics. Um whereas Israel is just completely and continuously condemned. That tells us more about the United Nations then it tells us about Israel. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 28:02:29>>>,A road map is not a solution a road map is precisely what it purports to be a way toward a solution. I approve of a road map I favor it. Um I think that ah it managed to at least temporarily stem the violence. Ah we talking point beginning and ah I like what I've seen so far um but it's only a road map. I don't think that American politicians should be standing in way of Israel and the Palestinians making peace cause they don't like the kind of peace that's being made some have done that. But um I'm I'm moderately ah encouraged by the direction of the road map. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 28:53:044>>>,At this point and time both sides are just putting their toes in the water a little bit to see what the other side is going to do. Politically it's difficult for Israel to dismantle the settlements until unless they see some progress on the part of controlling terrorism from the other side. Palestinians probably believe the same they can't take actions that might ferment the civil war by disarming the terrorist until they see concrete actions on the part of Israel. That I think is the virtue of the road map that it requires both sides to at least put their feet in the water a little bit and test the temperature and determine whether it or not it ah further steps can be taken. I'm cautiously optimistic. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 29:48:05>>>,If in fact the only way the Palestinians can disarm terrorists groups is by fermenting a civil war then the Palestinian authority is not ready for statehood. Ah then they need ah to be controlled from the outside. The worst possible solution to this problem will be the establishment of a Palestinian state which then becomes a terrorist entity which Hamas takes over or is given free reign. The the consideration for making a Palestinian state is to create a monopoly of violence a monopoly of arms a monopoly in which an attack comes if it comes from the Palestinian authorities it has a return address. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 30:32:04>>>,You know how to respond. And if there is a monopoly enforced you know how to respond. If there's not a monopoly enforced then Palestinians can have a state while at the same time maintaining deniability over terrorist's actions that come from its borders that's not an acceptable situation. INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 30:51:12>>>,The conflict is like all geopolitical conflicts in part about real estate. Um controlled land is very important but deep down its not about ah real estate it's not simply skewed between different claimants to the land. It really is about whether or not the Jewish people have a right to have an independent Jewish state ah in the birthplace of Judaism. And ah the answer to that is yes. The answer to that on the ground is yes the Jews by hard work and perseverance establish a state ah in an area where they have deep roots and if the Palestinians had accepted that state early on they would have their own state and as soon as the Palestinians want their own state more than they want the end of the Jewish state there will be both a Jewish state and a Palestinian state and that's the optimum resolution. INTERVIEWER: There are those who say that this is no longer about Jews and Arabs its about ah east and west and western values and eastern values moderation and moderation INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 32:05:18>>>,Every war reflects larger issues than the combatants. The Israel Palestine conflict is between two nations each seeking their own national entity ah but it's also between ah modernity secularism represented by INTERVIEWER: Go on ALAN DERSHOWITZ 32:34:22>>>,Whatever conflict you might have with modernity ah a religion has an obligation to deal with it in its own terms. You tell your own congregates not to drink coca cola not to watch television not to wear mini skirts but you don't blow up Jewish children ah in order to deter you own children from wearing mini skirts or becoming modern or ah becoming more tolerant of others ah that's just not acceptable in a pluralistic world. INTERVIEWER: INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 33:12:00>>>,There are many currents within the Palestinian community. There is a great intellectual ah ferment within the Palestinian community. Palestinian community has produced some brilliant scholars. Um I think in the end we will see tremendous similarities between Israel's energy and the Palestinian energy and the Palestinians can finally focus on getting their own state rather than destroying the, the Jewish state. But there are elements within the Palestinian community which are very reactionist and very fundamentalist and ah radical Islam is taking a foothold ah within the Palestinian authority. I think they had their own struggles just like Israel has its own struggles. If Israel recollected peace it would be great conflict between secular Israel and religious Israel. Um and ah countries have to resolve those disputes internally. The difference is that the Palestinians have been resolving their internal disputes by killing other people by killing Jews and by killing Israelis and there's no justification for that. INTERVIEWER: INAUDIBLE ALAN DERSHOWITZ 34:26:06>>>,My whole life has been devoted to defending the underdog and I see my case for Israel the book I'm most proud of having written as the greatest underdog I've ever defended. Israel is the international underdog. If it ever looses a war it will be exterminated, it's civilian populations will be destroyed, another holocaust ah will occur. They're a 5 million Israeli Jews there are a billion ah Arabs and Muslims who support the um Palestinian cause. United nations supports the Palestinian cause against Israel. Um many academics are anti Israel. I've never had a greater underdog that I have defended than Israel. Israel is a multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious country ah always at risk always vulnerable to attack both internal and external and I'm so proud to be defending Israel because doing so is consistent with my life's work as a civilitarian, as a human rights activist as a defender of the underdog. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 35:40:08>>>,I challenge those who defend the Palestine cause over Israel and ask them why the Palestinians why not the other groups who are fighting against Chinese oppression. When have you last spoken out at the INAUDIBLE of Tibet? When have you last spoken out on behalf of the Kurds? When have you last spoken out on behalf of the mosques or on behalf of the Armenians and turkey. When have you last spoken out on behalf of Jews who have been subjected to discrimination in Syria and in other parts of the world. A true defender of underdogs will be on the side of Israel not uncritically of course but Israel's right to exist safety and security as a Jewish state is the great moral underdog battle of the new millennium. INTERVIEWER: How do you overcome the decades of brainwashing and patriotism that's been instilled in the Palestinian people and the Palestinian children through propaganda? ALAN DERSHOWITZ 36:46:00>>>,After the second world war people thought it would be very hard to overcome propaganda imposed on Germans and central Europeans and yet it happened it happened. Whether we're seeing a return to that I don't know but certainly between 1945 and the current time we saw that hated could quickly abate and peace could be substituted. I think the great moral issue of the 21st century is whether Israel's efforts to defend itself against terrorism and external threats will become yet another excuse. And an age old attempt to demonize and de legitimate and attack Jews whether anti Zionism will become a new excuse for Antisemitism in the world. That's the great moral challenge that we face and I'm glad that I'm on the right side of that challenge. And the message that I send to young men and women in colleges who unthinkingly oppose Israel and join in those who would destroy it my message to you is you're on the wrong side of history. You're on the wrong side of morality. You are complicit with an evil. You cannot any longer blame ignorance. It's too easy to learn the facts. And if you learn the facts and you learn the truth you'll see it's more complex that there's right and wrong on both sides and that to simply always condemn and attack Israel in a thoughtless way and to support those who would murder Jewish children and Jewish people in prayer puts you in very large company but in very bad company. ALAN DERSHOWITZ 38:32:01>>>,And if once again the Jewish community would experience what it experienced previously, if Israel were to come to a tragic end the way European Jewry did history will judge those very harshly who are on the wrong side of morality just as they judged others in the past.
News Clip: Hi tech toys
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
US FL Artificial intelligence Seniors
US FL Artificial intelligence Seniors
Neural network, conceptual animation
Neural network, conceptual animation.
Artificial intelligence, conceptual animation
Artificial intelligence, conceptual animation.
74TH ACADEMY AWARDS, INT/EXT KODAK THEATER, WHOOPI GOLDBERG, SIDNEY POITIER, RANDY NEWMAN, JOHN GOODMAN, JOSH HARTNETT, WILL SMITH ETC; VARIOUS COMMERCIALS CANNOT LICENSE! INT Kodak Theater 74th Academy Awards Whoopi Goldberg introduces awards for Scientific and Technical Awards, Charlize Theron; Whoopi Goldberg introduces Best Animated Feature, Clips from JIMMY NEUTRON BOY GENIUS, MONSTERS INC., SHREK, Nathan Lane; Mike & Sully from MONSTERS INC, Jimmy Neutron, Shrek & Donkey, SHREK wins Best Animated Feature, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry; MOVIE CLIPS AMELIE, BLACK HAWK DOWN, FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, MOULIN ROUGE, PEARL HARBOR, BLACK HAWK DOWN wins Sound Design; Josh Hartnett, MOVIE CLIPS MONSTERS INC, PEARL HARBOR, PEARL HARBOR wins sound editing, Josh Hartnett, Donald Sutherland; Marcia Gay Harden, MOVIE CLIPS from IRIS, TRAINING DAY, SEXY BEAST, FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, ALI, Jim Broadbent wins Oscar; Dame Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, Aerial of Oscar Audience in Kodak Theater, NX Times Square, VARIOUS COMMERCIALS DO NOT USE! INT WS Kodak Theater Decorated stage, Whoopi Goldberg, Will Smith, MOVIE CLIP FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, Elijah Wood, Maggie Smith; Ian McKellan, Cirque Du Soleil performance spin hoops Roll in metal circles Fly on ropes Toss people Man flies Twirl on ropes; Performers in gols costumes fly over audience, Kirsten Dunst, Toby McGuire, MOVIE CLIPS from AI ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, FELLOWSHIP OF RING, PEARL HARBOR; FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING wins Best Visual Effects, Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson, PAN WS of Audience,Ryan O'Neal, Jean Hersholt award; Jon Voight & Will Smith, Paul McCartney, Arthur Hiller, Ron Howard, Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Samuel L. Jackson, var audience; NX Glenn Close stands next to lifesize Oscar, COMMERCIALS DO NOT USE!!, INT Kodak Theater Box seats for important people; Donald Sutherland, Ben Kingsley, Musical performance by Oscar Orchestra Many movie clips (too many to list); Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant, MOVIE CLIPS from AI, BEAUTIFUL MIND, HARRY POTTER, FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, MONSTERS INC; FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING wins Best score, Whoopi Goldberg, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Samuel L. Jackson, Ron Howard, Will Smith; Sydney Poitier's family sits in box seats, VAR Clips from early films featuring black actors, Sidney Poitier's film clips; Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr, Spike Lee, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Lou Gossett Jr, Forrest Whitaker, Whoopi GOLDBERG; MOVIE CLIPS featuring Sidney Poitier, Cuba Gooding Jr, Laurence Fishburne, Spike Lee, Lou Gossett Jr, Denzel Washington, Whoopi; Spike Lee, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Whoopi Goldberg, MOVIE CLIPS of Sidney Poitier var, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Poitier accepts award; Nicole Kidman, WS Oscar audience, Standing ovation Sidney Poitier Honorary Oscar, Marisa Tomei, Jada Pinkett, Julia Roberts; Maggie Smith, Jon Voight, Reese Witherspoon, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Connelly, Poitier's family; Antonio Banderas, Daniel Radcliffe, NX Donald Sutherland by lifesize Oscar, COMMERCIALS CANNOT LICENSE! Whoopi ties scarf around Oscar statue, Naomi Watts & Hugh Jackman, MOVIE CLIPS THE ACCOUNTANT, COPY SHOP, SPEED FOR THESPIANS; THE ACCOUNTANT wins Best Live action short, MOVIE CLIPS from FIFTY PERCENT GREY, FOR THE BIRDS, GIVE UP YER AUL SINS; STRANGE INVADERS, STUBBLE TROUBLE, FOR THE BIRDS wins Best animated short, Josh Hartnett, Sting, Enya, Randy Newman & John Goodman; Faith Hill, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Newman wins for Best Song, Standing ovation, John Goodman, Clint Eastwood; Elton John