The Queen Mary 2, ocean liner, art auction, at sea, auctioneer selling paintings
The Queen Mary 2, ocean liner, art auction, at sea, auctioneer selling paintings
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Auction At Fish Market
Ocean, Japan, Temperate, Topside, Asia, Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market, Seafood, Fish Market, Fish Processing, Close Up, Wide Shot, Animal, Environmental Impact, PEOPLE, Day
1946 County Fair
Rural County Fair - Cattle auction or competition - Cows
US Hollywood Auction
US Hollywood Auction
Jewelry of royalty auctioned at Christie's Auction House in London for Lord Mayor's Red Cross fund during World War II
B&W slave auction stills white man holds black baby
Look To the Land
1954 Color Sync - Look To the Land 63D Presents the viewpoint that America has often unwisely used its land and forest resources, that all people are dependent upon the land and must, therefore, be directly concerned with the problems of conservation. Documents the misues of these resources and the resulting problems. Visits a New England farm auction, the Connecticut Valley, an Alabama cotton farmer, a Dakota farmer,a Wyoming cattleman,and a timberland region. Conservation, erosion, POV down country road waterfall rapids deer running logging timber cutting falling trees ruined farmland mine construction building dam concrete blacksmith waterwheel hay pitchfork steam whistle New York City from New Jersey New England highway POV small town church farm auction auctioneer bidders tractor county agent ruined field river factory industrial waste pollution POV dirt road in rain cotton plants abandoned plantation house hitchhiker thumb sharecropper in jeep plowing field, damn construction dump trucks concrete molds factory pine seedlings chopping tree logging POV car at night country road midwest fields of wheat farmer Missouri river valley flood drought barren soil tractor plow POV far west roads Colorado Route 50 with truck cattle ranch cowboy on horse rancher cow skull bulldozer range fire auger fence post cows grazing timber tree falling logging with chains fighting control forest fire trimming pruning POV forest road irrigation canals forest management river basin damn construction irrigation power plant grid high tension wires POV road at night, global warming
Netherlands: the art of growing tulips
A2 / France 2
Van Gogh Painting Auctioned in Japan
In Japan, a rediscovered Van Gogh painting is auctioned off. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
Various Subjects
People at cattle auction
People looking at cattle in pens in a barn at a cattle auction. Filmed in Carmarthen, Wales, UK.
DN-LB-519 Beta SP
Famous Actress Auctions Off Her Worldly Goods
Hitler's statue being auctioned in Germany
A newsreel titled 'Hitler's big bust costly' shows bust statue of Hitler being auctioned at a ceremony in Germany. Nazi flags and a dining set and glassware are also examined by auction bidders. A man invites people to bid for the auction as he speaks from a podium. Location: Germany. Date: December 13, 1945.
SLO MO LD Wooden judge's gavel striking the dusty sound block
Slow motion medium locked down shot of a wooden judge's gavel striking the dusty wooden sound block sitting on the table next to a law book. Shot in Slovenia.
United States, 1940s: Man loads pigs into trailer
United States, 1940s: Man loads pigs into trailer. Trailer drives along path. Man at auction. Pigs in auction stalls. Field with tree and livestock.
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US Prop Store Auction
US Prop Store Auction
1946 County Fair
Rural County Fair - Cattle auction or competition - boys leading cows
Flamboyant Auction Shills
Two men converse in front of an audience at an auction, then flamboyantly point out bidders during auction.
1920 Action on the trading floor is at its peak
FSN-117 Beta SP