Beans are powdered and bean cakes made in rural China.
Pre-mechanistic methods used for flour grinding in China. Workers fill cloth sack with grains at a market. Workers loads grain sack on his shoulders. Farmer winnows the crop. Beans are powdered using a mule drawn grinder. Powdered flour is taken in a bowl to prepare the dough for bean cake. Woman spreads the dough on a frying pan. Bean cakes are prepared. Farmer's family sits around a table and eats. Location: China. Date: 1938.
Children and nuns harvest beans
Children and nuns harvest beans, Amstelveen, Netherlands, 1944.
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Broad bean (Vicia faba) seed germinating, timelapse
Timelapse footage of a broad bean (Vicia faba) germinating in sand over 12 days. The roots grow with gravity (positive geotropism) whilst the shoot grows against it (negative geotropism).
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Boston Bean, The
MEEX Egypt Beans
Fava beans a favourite meal during Ramadan
Java Jive
Coffee bean processing; shots of rotating machine carrying beans through water wash, CS of man at controls, shots of mechanical tray shaking beans dry, shot of belt wheel turning, shots of water carrying beans into shaking tray, CU of beans on shaker, shots of beans rolling through water wash machine, shot of beans shaking on conveyer belt, shot of stream of ripe coffee beans pouring from conveyer, shot of young man at controls, TILT DOWN to several shots of beans rolling into water wash, shots of water pouring out of drainage pipe, shots of large quantity of beans emptying out of dump truck, falling through grid in floor into water wash, men shovelling beans through steel grid, CUs of ripe coffee beans.
Pierre Richard, Philippe Katerine and Julie Andrieu
France 5
Coffee beans being circulated in a large vat.
Beans; 11/27/01
Beans - Challenge (02/15/1999)
It's the baked beans challenge in Boston, Massachusetts.
Large crowds along streets raise their hats to get beans as rituals take place in Meguro, Japan.
Large crowds gather for celebrating the founding of the Empire in Meguro, Japan. Large crowds along streets. A procession passes along the streets. Rituals take place. Saints distribute beans. People raise their hat to get the beans. Location: Meguro Japan. Date: February 23, 1933.
Big Bean; 8/3/1995
Really long string bean measured with a tape measure, cu of vines and realy long bean, women hold up string bean.
Gore / Lieberman "Bean Counter" Campaign Ad
[VARIOUS] Gore / Lieberman "Bean Counter" Campaign Ad
Factory equipment sifts and pours coffee beans.
Botany: time lapse shots of bean stalk sprouting up from soil, growing. Short sequence on man preparing to shoot bean stalk in flower pot. Time lapse shot of clock.