African American businesswoman, Olivia Parks Stanford, co-founder of Rose Meta House of Beauty, in Harlem, New York City.
Street view of building with sign reading: "Rose Meta Cosmetics" at the top. An awning over the sidewalk carries words: "Rose Meta Beauty Salon." and address: 9 W. 125th Street. Co-founder, African American businesswoman, Olivia Parks Stanford, works at a desk and gives papers to a man. Olivia Stanford in the company's headquarters salon. A hair stylist styles a customer's hair. Customers pose after beauty care. Location: Harlem New York City USA. Date: 1950.
PA-1899 1 inch; PA-0124 Beta SP
Body Care and Grooming
1950s TV SHOW
My skin is really glowing today
4k video footage of an attractive young woman admiring her skin in the bathroom at home
Beautiful fireworks explode in the night sky.
Humpback whale mother and baby, Alaska, drone
Aerial view of a mother and baby humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) at the surface. Filmed off Dutch Harbour, Unalaska island, Alaska, USA.
Beauty Treatment
Shots of two men carefully inspecting produce at the market - they use it to beautify a woman's face. DOC - 1930's/40's - B/W
London. <br/> <br/>Newspaper cutting on file. <br/> <br/>V.S. The class seated and they are given instructions on massage of back and neck muscles for relaxation. Then they are shown how to apply basic face beauty preparation which the Red Cross trainees will then perform at special hospitals for therapeutic value. <br/> <br/>(Orig. Neg.)
Maternity hospitals are out of breath
Radio France: filmed programmes
Mother And Little Boy Watching TV
Land, Animated, Background, beautiful, Beauty, Boy, Bright, Care, Cartoons, Caucasian, Cheerful, Child, Childhood, Color, cute, Expression, fun, Happiness, Happy, Health, Healthy, Isolated, Kid, Lifestyle, Light, Little, Looking, Male, Mom, mother, One, People, Person, portrait, Positive, Smile, Standing, Sweet, Tech, Technology, Television, Tv, Watch, Watching, young, Youth
Fast Images Library
01:00:00 Beauty sunsets, sunrises, orange/golden, real time: Red sky, sunset over water, sunrise over water, ball sun over water, sun over lapping shore.01:06:39 Two men with dog (black Labrador), overweight man walking dog on leash in park, overweight man in sunglasses jogging with dog in park. 01:09:28 Overweight middle-aged man stretching in gazebo outdoors, getting ready to exercise, CU man wearing sunglasses stretching. 01:12:20 CU running shoes, woman's legs walk past, man bench presses, lifts weights in gym, exercises, working out. 01:15:14 Middle-aged man in glasses sitting on couch watching TV at night, lava lamp in bg, bored man, couch potato 01:16:24 Static shot of TV with black screen 01:16:47 Pan of food on table, a giant feast, banquet, lots of food, prepared foods, breads, fruits, vegetables, oranges, rolls, steak, chicken, seafood, fish, lobster (or is that shrimp?), corn on the cob, pasta, strawberries, bread, bell peppers, green beans, rice, baked potatoes, bananas, CU apples, grapes, chicken, salad, carrots, asparagus, bell peppers, strawberries. 01:21:57 Blue medicine bottle w/ and w/out label, "Preventive Medicine", pouring medicine onto spoon (white chalky liquid) 01:25:00 Man being cared for in ambulance, two paramedics, heart attack, inside ambulance where man is being attended to, emergency, medical, EKGs, IV, flashing lights, wires. (Ambulance says "West Coast Medical"), EKG readout, heart monitor. 03:00:00 Graveyard in winter, snow, graveyard, tombstones, statue of woman in snow, POV driving in snowy graveyard, military tombstones (?), tombstone with green statue of woman leaning on it, mausoleum, snow on green bush. 03:11:20 Gardening, CU trowel in dirt, hands planting greenery, plants, vegetables, planting radishes, pan many hands gardening, planting red cabbage, black kids gardening, planting (community service?), wear green baseball caps that say "Burpee", turnips, cabbages, artichokes, woman leads black kids through greenhouse, shows them plants, teaching. 03:20:28 Driving under freeway, overpass, driving in winter, POV side driving through poor neighborhood, city, urban, winter, gritty urban streets, apartment buildings in snow, POV driving looking up at city buildings, (could be New York? Chicago?) city as seen from ghetto, city in winter (probably Chicago), river runs through city, bridge in city. 03:22:12 Kids (from gardening) enter house carrying boxes of vegetables, white man comes and inspects vegetables. 03:23:50 City at night (grainy) (Chicago?), city at dusk, skyscrapers, high rises, WS highways at night, urban area at night.
News Clip: Men's beauty
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story. This story aired at 12:00 P. M.
HZ Morocco Beauty
Rise in demand for natural and organic beauty products
The beauty of the Pacific Islands south of the Equator
00:00:00:00 BEUAUTY SHOTS farm scenes; skyline shots// CLIP produced by Iowa Democratic Party; &quot;Politics&quot; dealing with Republicans and their lack of action on health care reform. (0:00) ...
The Dick Cavett Show (ABC)
Guests: Alexis Smith, Mort Sahl, Byron Janis, Joe Williams Watergate jokes in the monologue Aliexis Smith pushing her Broadway show The Women Mort Sahl pushing his comedy album Sing a Song of Watergate Joe Williams was a well-known jazz vocalist, a baritone singing a mixture of blues, ballads, popular songs, and jazz standards. Joe Williams performs: Nobody Cares, Beautiful People Byron Janis (born March 24, 1928) is an American classical pianist. Performs: Undiscovered Chopin Waltz, Grand Valse Brillant (first performance ever)
US CE Kattan Beauty
Beauty gurus Huda and Mona Kattan agree ‘contouring is life-changing’
COMEDY; 1944
09:01:19:10,City scenes, elevated train, Lower East Side, Gang of teen boys picked up by cops, Gang driven to small town, Gang fooling around with bus, man looking in tailpipe gets blasted in face with exhaust, Teen boys walk into soda shop and make eyes at beautiful woman behind the counter, Teen boys run after bus, jump on, Man and woman walking, woman is wearing a nurse's uniform, Teen boys getting ready for bed in a ward-like setting, Hand raps on window, Bela Lugosi talks to a man (night time-very dark), Man drives up to talk to another man (dark), Teen boys walk around at night, Lugosi lurks around in the dark, Teen boys stumble upon a cemetery, Newspaper headline: Monster Killer Strikes Again, Lugosi reading paper, Teen boys are led to Lugosi's house by a little person/midget, Lugosi speaks to teen boys, Lugosi leads boys to bedroom where one of boys can rest (he's been injured), Lugosi lights candle, Woman in nurse's uniform pleading with men to look for teen boys, Lugosi assures boys that their friend is being taken care of, Lugosi gives candlestick to black kid, kid looks afraid, Scared black kid lingers over injured kid, Injured kid gets out of bed, seems to be sleepwalking, Teen boys sneak around house looking for their injured friend, Black kid screams and runs away when he sees Lugosi, Two boys come across a mysterious-looking trunk, boys get scared and hide in trunk, Two more boys come along and try to open trunk, one grabs a hatchet to open it, Boys drag little person from under a chair, A mean-looking Lugosi comes after the boys, Two boys find rifles, Suit of armor falls on boy, Suit of armor holding candleabra walks toward two boys, Nurse flags down car, One of the boys was wearing the suit of armor all along, There is another suit of armor walking around, Boy finds secret passage way, stumbles upon a skeleton, The boys dress up as a scary man (mask and cape), Mask and cape fall away to reveal two boys with a third on their shoulders, the fall and mask hits Lugosi on the head, knocking him out, The boys find their injured friend in bed, he's unaware of everything that's happened, Police sneak into Lugosi's house, Police find boys and Lugosi, the boys have made nice with Lugosi, Nurse/woman screams as a man attacks her, The boys fight with man, police apprehend him, Lugosi performs magic tricks for the boys, Lugosi makes woman disappear
PA-1935 1 inch; PA-0153 Beta SP
Eyes and Their Care (An Introduction), The
Inside The Capitol
The Capitol rotunda, shot with great care and beauty. We look up and see a circle of windows like a necklace of light edging the golden ceiling. We look down and see tiny people below. A tighter shot shows shafts of light entering the dome. Another pans the fresco. DOC/WA - 1970's - CLR