Aerial view of Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang city,China
Aerial view of Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang city,China
Peking (aka Bejing) China. Cut story with American commentary. <br/> <br/>MS UN Secretary General, Dag Hammerskjold shaking hands with Chinese officials GV. Reception. MS. Hammerskjold and Chief of Chinese Delegation, Chou En Lai shaking hands MS. Hammerskjold and Chou En Lai shaking hands. GV. Cocktail party. MS. Chou En Lai toasting Hammerskjold. GV. Conference. MS. Hammerskjold and Chou En Lai chatting. <br/> <br/>F.G.
IN SITU: Abéo, the dynamics of success
FR3 / France 3
Adv: International Women's Day (03/08/1996)
++China Abbas 2
President Xi meets Abbas in Bejing
New Taxis For Bejing; 01/11/99
Chinese men flip taxi on it's side; Chinese junkyard filled with old destroyed taxis; Men salvaging parts to build new taxis; Chinese taxi van drives at camera (actually rear POV of taxi);
Che Guevara
00:00:00:00 - 00:06:00:00 >>> Che's early childhood in Argentina. River landscapes, waterfalls... a tea plantation... cities and towns. 00:03:07:00 - >>> street rally for Juan Peron, late 1960s 00:03:51:00 - >>> 12 year old Che, BW photo 00:04:42:00 - >>> 18 year old Che, BW photo 00:05:29:00 - >>> poster of Che on moped, BW photo. First poster of Che was an advertisement for a bicycle. 00:06:05:00 - 00:11:59:00 >>> Motorcycle diaries. 2 guys on motorcycle, dirt roads, mountains. Footage from sixties recreates road trip of 1951... Che and Alberto Granadas. Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia... scenics, narrative, and maps retrace trip. Che is politicised by oppression of Indians. 00:07:20:00 - >>> Machu Pichu scenics 00:07:39:00 - >>> Indian woman lighting ceremonial candles (30 seconds) 00:08:23:00 - >>> Amazon river scenics, AERIAL 00:08:48:00 - >>> Che Alberto Granadas on raft, BW photo, 1952... at Amazon leper colony 00:09:10:00 - >>> police execution... military police shoot young man, BW movie, 1952 Columbian civil war 00:09:51:00 - >>> Bolivian Indians, CUs, knit caps and bowlers 00:12:00:00 - 00:17:59:00 >>> Che in Central America... learns Marxism... joins revolutionary movement 00:12:21:00 - >>> Fidel Castro arrested and handcuffed, BW photo 1953, deported from Guatamala 00:13:25:00 - >>> banana pickers in banana grove, BW film 1950s... American business oppresses workers 00:13:44:00 - >>> Hilda Gadea... Che's lover... teaches Che about communism/Karl Marx, BW photo 1954... mother of Che's child 00:16:58:00 - >>> Che and newborn daughter, BW photo 1955 00:17:10:00 - >>> Mexico City scenics... streets and apartments, color film circa 1960s... Che lived here in mid-50s 00:18:00:00 - 00:19:59:00 >>> Mexican countryside / ranch where Che trained with Fidel Castro... 1956... preparing for Cuban revolution 00:20:00:00 - 00:21:59:00 >>> Heading to Cuba to start revolution... circa 1956... tracing steps from Mexico to Cuba 00:20:30:00 - >>> boat called Granma... BW photo 1956 ... used by Che and Castro to invade Cuba 00:22:00:00 - 00:24:30:00 >>> Cuba in late 1950s... Batista's Cuba... Havana nightclubs, Cuban workers in countryside 00:22:49:00 - >>> Batista ...Cuba's president... BW photo 1957 00:23:16:00 - >>> Cuba horse farms / cattle ranches 00:23:29:00 - >>> Cuba sugar cane farms... peasant workers... oppression of workers 00:24:03:00 - >>> Havana nightclubs / showgirls 00:24:31:00 - 00:30:15:00 >>> Guerrilla fighting in Cuba ...BW movies of Che and Castro... late 50s... Sierra Maestra mountains to Havana 00:24:40:00 - >>> Castro's men in Cuban countryside. Fighting Batista's army. BW film ca 1957 00:26:09:00 - >>> Che and Raoul Castro (Fidel's brother). BW photo 00:26:15:00 - >>> Castro and Che ...BW movies... guerrilla fighters marching in mountains 00:27:00:00 - >>> map of Castro's path across Cuba 00:28:25:00 - >>> Che, happy and strong after crucial victory on road to Havana. BW photo 00:28:32:00 - >>> Castro speaks to camera in English... describes political philosophy before taking Havana. ca 1958. BW movie. not a communist, wants democracy, social justice, well planned economy, no seizure of land. 00:30:09:00 - >>> Castro takes Havana ...triumphant marching... Batista fled...everyone cheers. BW movies ca 1959 00:30:20:00 - 00:34:00:00 >>> Castro and Che run the country... Che steers Castro to communism. 00:30:21:00 - >>> Che is president of bank. BW photo... Che chose Marxism 00:30:47:00 - >>> Che gives speech... BW movies... beard and beret... looks like Che from 1960's posters... more footage shows Che driving tractor... man of the people 00:31:53:00 - >>> Che signs trade deals ...with communists... BW movie 00:32:20:00 - >>> Che marries... wedding photo 00:33:08:00 - >>> Che and Castro smoke cigars drink champagne. BW photo 00:34:00:00 - 00:34:50:00 >>> Che flies to Russia and China... seeks aid and treaties... he tires of diplomacy 00:34:09:00 - >>> Che meets Kruschev in Moscow. BW movie 1960. 00:34:30:00 - >>> Che flies to Bejing (Peking)... meets Chinese leaders. BW movie 1960. 00:34:50:00 - 00:35:50:00 >>> Che disappears from Cuba... shows up in Congo... joins African revolution. ca 1965 00:35:32:00 - >>> last movie of Che... speaks French to African revolutionaries ...bad sound quality 00:35:53:00 - 00:48:00:00 >>> Che's final chapter... failed revolution in Bolivia... 1966 - 1967 00:35:53:00 - >>> La Paz and Bolivian countryside... color movie 00:40:24:00 - >>> Che and revolutionaries in Bolivian mountains... BW photo 00:41:18:00 - >>> Bolivian mountains ...where Che fought in 1967. color movies. Che fought Bolivian army who were trained and supplied by US army. 00:43:48:00 - >>> last photo of Che alive... carrying 2 children Bolivian mountains. BW photo Che's last diary entry... October 8, 1967 00:46:27:00 - >>> Che dead... killed by Bolivian army... photo released to stop Che's followers. color photo
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED 7/13-19/01, BEJING, CHINA CELEBRATIONS UPON AWARD OF OLYMPICS 2008, IRA EINHORN CONVICTED MURDERER IN FRANCE, GEORGE W. BUSH ;NX - CHINA, OLYMPICS CELEBRATION, crowds jubilant at the awarding of Olympics, Bejing 2008, celebrants in street; NX - CHINA, BEIJING OLYMPICS CELEBRATION, large cheering crowds, soldiers, flag waving, horn honking, massive crowds; DX - NYSE, FLOOR TRADERS AT WORK, pull back from floor and push in to cameras; DX - COP IMPERSONATOR, crying woman holds up Sheriffs t-shirt, she was arrested for wearing, Pinellab County; DX - SINKHOLES, giant sinkholes in street and grassy areas people walk around and point out to camera; DX - HOME DEPOT REOPENS, ext. of Home Depot, talking heads, stills of injured individuals, police put up security tape; DX - VERSACE ANNIVERSARY, tourists walk past Versace mansion in Florida where he was killed, ext. estb. of mansion; DX - NYSE, FLOOR TRADERS AT WORK, swish and pan of floor and trader activity on floor; DX - ACID ATTACK, young woman with disfigured face at medical center panel discussion, India poverty, slums, brought to US for help; DX - T-SHIRT TRIAL, repeat of tearful woman arrested for wearing Sheriff's dept. t-shirt, Pinellas County; DX - BIO-HAZARD BURGLARY, police tape, warehouse, discarded biohazard containers in weeds, police pick up containers/gloves; DX - SEAN SALLEY/COURT APPEARANCE, split screen judge, baliffs with prisoner, appearance via video satellite; DX - WEST NILE VIRUS PRESS CONFERENCE, talking heads, people sitting and listening to panel, talking heads; DX - MISSING INTERN/CONDIT/LEVY, Condit leaves office walks about, press follows, at work, Chandra Levy, police search woods; DX - IRA EINHORN, ext. house in France, int. of them at home, accused murderer, Ira Einhorn, interview with Einhorn's Mr. & Mrs.; DX - CHILDREN PLAYING T-ball, running the bases, parents look on, little boy hits ball off 't', children play catch; DX - REALTOR SHOWING NEW HOUSE, int. empty house, woman showing client around, potential buyer; DX - GA/EXPLOSION, people evacuated after explosion, aerials of group employees gathered outside of plant, talking heads; DX - ENCEPHALITIS OUTBREAK, int. stable horses walk around, child leads horse, child rides horse in ring, cu on horses; DX - SHRIMP BOAT SAVED, commercial shrimp boat pulled off sand bar, in stormy sea; DX - ATLANTA/HOME DEPOT WORLD HEADQUARTERS, aerial of office complex for home depot chain, push in to bomb squad on ground; DX - PLANE DROPPINGS, man holding objects that fell from sky, possibly from airplane, aerial planes on tarmac; DX - BUSH/DASCHLE, George W. and Laura Bush, greeted by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles
The Great Hall Of The People
A shot of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall on Tiananmen Square in Bejing, China.
China Lawyer 2
Journalists pushed away from Bejing court
1990s NEWS
3/21/97, NEWSFEED, AUSTRALIA WHALES, ISRAEL PROTESTORS, FIRE BOMBING, YELTSIN AND CLINTON IN FINLAND AT SUMMIT; DX - Zaire, Mobutu returns, airport control tower, soldiers, plane lands, Pres. Mobutu returns, limo, red carpet; DX -Israel/W.Bank, explosion, damage, injured, soldiers, debris, trauma center, protestors, Yeltsin/Clinton; DX - Australia, whale babies, whales breech from water, sun sparkles on the water, various breeching from water; DX - Japanese envoy, Dominican Republic, formal govt. building, police motorcade, paparazzi; DX - USA, Simpson update, Mark Furhman takes lie detector test, Simpson estate, push in, Simpson; DX - Washington, DC, Gingrich, on Asia, press conference, Hong Kong, and Bejing, on humanitarian issues; DX - San Diego, Chinese Navy, ship enters harbor, pan ship, sailors on deck at attention, crowds docks stateside US sailors; DX - Middle East, tensions, injured, crowds, Pres. Israel, Arafat, Hussein, protestors, rock throwing, soldiers, fire bomb; DX - Helsinki, Summit, Yeltsin & Clinton, at summit meeting, press conference; DX - Albania, situation, traffic in square, fountains, soldiers, guns, empty medical cupboards, transport plane lands; DX - Australia, Cyclone, waves pound shoreline, debri, palms bending, rough stormy seas, driving rain, radar look storm; DX - Ohio, Stun Belts, estb. Victorian bldg., stun belt attached to prisoner, demo of belt,Supreme Court Bldg.; DX - UK/Japan, Beatles Auction, Beatles stills, auction clothes, guitars, drawings, piano, w/s auction crowd, bidding; DX -Zaire/France, Kinshasa occupation, soldiers outside gates, airport, int. of plane, protestors; DX - Lithuania/Netherlands, Lenin statue, placed in farming fields after having been taken down by people; DX - Israel/West Bank, conflict, protestors, rock throwing, soldiers, fighting civilians/soldiers, guns fired, cell phones; DX - int. PSA/Salicyclic acid aging skin, woman in pharmacy, puts on cream, talking heads, facial given to woman, repeat; DX - int. Dr. talks to patient about wrinkles around eyes
Bejing Sculpture
Shots of a high relief, heroic sculpture of Chinese people which is situated adjacent to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall in Bejing, China. The clip includes nice CUs of the people's faces with a variety of facial expressions. The sculpture has Mao Tse Tung's head with wheat under it.1970'
Ventura - China
IN SITU: Abéo, the dynamics of success
FR3 / France 3
Call To End Blindness; 09/07/99
CHINA: People at symposium that call foe the end of blindness by 2020; CU of hand signing document with pen; Chinese people get eye exams from eye doctor (optomologist?); CU cataract eye; Eye surgery, CU of lens being inserted under cornea (Graphic); People at the Bejing School For The Blind, Boy types at computer
NEWSFEED: 2/3/04, AIR FORCE ONE LANDS, GW BUSH EXITS, COLIN POWELL, WESLEY CLARK, JOHN EDWARDS, ETC...;DX EXT Air Force One lands on runway, passing by Marine One, Air Force One taxis on runway, woman films plane; DX EXT Air Force One taxies on runway, 3 people salute, woman films plane, ramp drives toward plane, hatch opens; DX EXT Bush exits aircraft, waves & walks down ramp, he walks toward Marine One & enters, crew enters back of chopper; DX EXT doors to Marine One are closed, blades begin to spin, z-in Bush in window, chopper taxis on runway, lifts off, flies away; DX INT Laura Bush enters podium to great applause, gives speech kicking off American Heart Month; DX INT Mrs. Bush enforces everyone to develop some form of exercise regimen, she introduces women's heart specialist; DX INT Dr. Biatto, female heart specialist gives speech,introduces Joyce who had heart attack w/out symptoms;DX INT Joyce tells her own story of heart attack, Dr. Hayes, head of Mayo Clinic speaks, gives overview on how heart works; DX INT Mrs. Bush greets more members of press & senators, she speaks a bit more on podium, she introduces President Bush' DX INT crowd stands up for Bush, Bush speaks out against heart disease. he signs proclamation for American Heart Month; DX INT Bush shakes hands of many women wearing red, he signs proclamation; EXT Colin Powell exits bldg, briefs press on talks w/Bejing; INT Bush holds fireside briefing w/Kofi Anon, Anon speaks to press; DX EXT snowy D.C. street, 3 story bldg z-in window, white bldg on Washington street, cops on sidewalk, z-out white bldg; DX EXT sign 'Senate Office Buildings Closed', guard stands by door, Dirksen Senate Bldg, pan to guard, z-in guard; DX EXT peds walk on sidewalk, raining, man walks up to guard, 2 cops walk beat, cop car; DX EXT John Edwards shakes hands of supporters, so does John Kerry, INT Howard Dean speaks to crows, Kerry shakes hands; INT Wesley Clark shakes hands of people in diner, EXT Bush exits Marine One, USA Today newspaper, people voting;
Forbidden City Ceiling Detail
Shots of beautiful ceiling detail in The Forbidden City.