Warner Pathe
DN-LB-516 Beta SP
Bible Anniversary Rites Marked By Pageant Parade
Gutenberg Bible on display at Library of Congress in Washington, DC
Chaplain reading bible
Close up Chaplain reading bible;
Olive trees on a hill
Silhouetted olive trees on a hill, timelapse.
US NY Sothebys Bible
US NY Sothebys Bible
Holding up a bible, Dr. Sutherland states that astronomers have revealed that the Bible is up to date in every detail.
Ruth, the bold gleaner
Canadian Women's Army Corps Recruits
Two MSs of Gideon Bible on the table, hand being placed on it (19/02/1943).
Different early Bibles on display in Library of Congress in Washington, DC, along with part of Dead Sea Scrolls
DN-LB-024 Beta SP; NET-570 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00)
[Pre-WWII - German Lutheran Church Service]
L'Éclipse du sacré
MS of Father Julien Harvey, a Dominican priest and author (deceased in 1998), reading the bible at the altar of the Bellarmin Monastery chapel.
Public School Bible Class (08/07/1997)
In a move sure to raise eyebrows and discussion across the country.. a Ft. Myers high school will begin offering bible study classes as part of the regular curriculum to be chosen as an elective. Robbin Simmons has more.
World Wrap; 12/29/1993
Guttenberg bible displayed
Candles burning
Candles burning in a church in Spain
Between the lines: the perfumes of the Bible
Close-up of woman reading bible
Close-up of woman reading bible