Various Subjects
News footage- Bill Clinton take Oath of Office/ EXT. CBS and NBC buildings/Japan manufacturing electronics and televisions/ Electronics store- selling HDTV, people buying televisions, tv stores/ Students using internet (early internet use)/ Bill Gates visits White House speaks about technology/Footage of a Senate vote/Vintage footage- construction of above-ground pipeline/ News footage- large satellite dish/ Vintage footage- man uses phone that hangs on the wall/News footage- John Malone speaks for TCI/ Int. cable company, satellite dishes/News footage- Ross Perot campaigning/Man at home on internet
WS AERIAL View of Bill Gates home surrounded by trees / Medina, Washington, United States
HD-164 Beta SP
00:00:00:00 [Clinton in San Francisco leaving home of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D)]---LS Clinton is escorted by secret service behind gate/ EXT Tudor home of Feinstein/ PB from Feinstein house to ...
HZ Jordan AI Summit
Jordan hosts Arab AI summit
LOS ANGELES # 4 - Sunset Blvd / Hollywood Sign / Chinese Theather / Beverly Hills / Rodeo Drive
4:00:00>>>Sunset Blvd. (Corner of Sunset and Halloway) - Billboards, advertisements (taken from Sunset Blvd) 4:03:03>>>Green LA (Taken from Highland) 4:05:19>>>The Hollywood sign 4:08:20>>>Paramount Studio (front gate) 4:11:05>>>Hollywood Walk Of Fame - CU's on Bill Cosby, Aretha Franklin. >>>>>>>>>Chinese theater (w/ PAN from Hollywood Blvd), Side walk shots (showing stars), C/u on stars Tom Cruise, Snow White, Robin Williams 4:16:00>>>Beverly Hills Homes (taken from Sunset Blvd.) 4:20:11>>>Beverly Hills Hotel 4:21:27>>>Palm Tree Driving Shot (Beverly Hills ) 4:24:03>>>The Ritz Carlton Hotel 4:24:30>>>Rodeo Drive (shops & Street) - Rodeo Drive inserts 5:00:00>>>Century City - Century City inserts 5:04:10>>>Westwood (town inserts)- Westwood Village (movie theather sign) - People inserts 5:10:14>>>UCLA Campus (students, buildings, ect.) 5:13:59>>>Westwood Village - Signs, inserts, people, stores, etc... 5:15:44>>>Traffic on 405 freeway (from overpass) 5:19:07>>>The Valley from Mulholland Dr. - Various Mulholland Dr. 5:21:17>>>Long shot of city (skyline) from Laurel Canyon - City pans from Laurel Canyon,Century City from Laurel Canyon 5:25:37>>>Melrose Ave. - Johnnie Rockets restaurant ( Melrose) - People shots, sidewalk and store front shots
The benefactors 2.0
Radio France: filmed programmes
00:00:00:00 - 16:47:04 16:50:27 MS of SUV in front of home 16:52:05 16:53:21 VS of Buddy and other dog playing in yard 16:53:44 16:54:11 Gate of home opens, SUV cavalcade leaves residence (0:00)/
A2 / France 2
Instant Library - Jan-Mar 2018
Sweden - IKEA announces death of founder Ingvar Kamprad at age 91
10:00:00:00,Gate at steel mill, Men working in loading yard, Men working in steel mill, Furnace opens, load of iron goes in, Men handling rods in furnace, Men cutting, grinding, drilling steel, Man welds with mask, Door Sign: CHADBURN BROS. STEEL WORKS, Men in Manager's office, Foreman reads letter at desk, Fraternity Sign: PSI ZETA PSI, Man asleep on couch, Two students chat in dorm room, House with picket fence, Old Man smokes pipe, reads in parlor, talks to wife, Students pull up to house in fancy car. One gets out, Parents greet student on porch, Bill dashes into kitchen, grabs rose, kisses her, Fancy parlor, Butler answers door, Rich Student greets mother at fancy stairs, go up arm in arm, Business Men smoke, argue in fancy parlor, Butler announces: "Dinner is served.", Parents and Ronald have Brandy in drawing room, Shot of portrait of Woman in drawing room. Men stare at it, Rich old men with Brandy, talk, toast Portrait, Father pours drinks for Mother and Son. Toast and drink, Family sits at dinner table, Rose looks over Bill's shoulder. Reads ads from paper, Shot of Help wanted ad: HELP WANTED MALE. HOUSE TO HOUSE SALES, Bill circles ads in paper (NICE), Bill picks up cat, lets it out, Bill in waiting room for interview. Man announces job is filled, Pages fall off calendar (NICE), Bill in job interview. Rejected, Pages fall off calendar, Sign: Stock clerk wanted, Bill asks foreman about job, Calendar, Men enter factory (excellent), Men punch time clock at mill, Bill walks through mill with worker, Bill watches man working at machine, Super montage of Bill over machines in action, Boss smoking cigar at desk. Answers phone, Bill shakes hands with Boss in office, Men talk in office, Boss writes in calendar, CU pen writes on calendar, Butler wakes up Rich Son with half grapefruit, Butler hands Rich Son coffee in bed, Boss argues with Man in office, Men walk to mill, Bill and Rich Son, Ronald, talk outside mill, Ronald enters Bosses office, Bill and Family sit around in living room, CU Design sketches, Father and Mother go up to bed, Clock shows 8:30 fades to 11:45, Bill and Rose working at table. Argue, Bill puts the cat out, Men working in mill, Bill studies designs in mill, CU: Sketches of Automobile, Ronald answers phone in office, Ronald at desk talks with Rose in office, Ronald working in mill, Man at scraping machine, Ronald and Bill discuss plans in mill, Smoke comes out of machine, Machine shoots sparks, Man falls hurt, Men crowd around injured Man, Foreman balls out Bill, Man sits in Bosses office, Boss listens to intercom receiver, Foreman reports Bill to Boss. Boss fires Bill, Ronald argues with father. Father discharges him, Man consoles boss in office, Man working under Rolls Royce, Rose and Bill sit on Rolls Running Board, talk, Bill sits reading paper. Bill answers door. Talks with Men in Foyer, Mother calls from top of stairs, Shot of Men in mill, Shot of whistle blowing (NICE), Montage of whistle blowing, men walking off job (NICE), Strikers leaving factory, Bill talks to crowd of workers, Boss and Assistant look nervously out window, Boss and Assistant discuss strike, Boss at desk receives bad news, head goes down, Father and mother at breakfast table, Bill and Rose sit talking on porch, Bill and Rose kiss on porch, Men at Mill gate, Mill guard clubs Worker at gate, Man blows whistle, Workers come running, Workers running up to mill, men kneel over hurt worker, Angry Workers storm mill gate, Boss closes curtains in office, Bill storms into Bosses office. Boss reveals to Bill that he's his Father, Bill and Boss look out window at angry mob. Bill talks to angry mob, Father smokes pipe at home. Mother talks to him, Factory Whistle blows (NICE), Men go back to work. Mill in action, Boss listens to intercom receiver, Door Sign: PHILIP CHADBURNE BUSINESS, MGR, Door Sign: RONALD CHADBURNE, CHIEF MECHANICAL ENGINEER, Boss with partner in office, look at contract, Ronald dictates letter to Rose, Rose takes notes, Boss and partner leave office
President Obama signs the Jobs Act
One of the folks in the audience here today will be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg and one of them may be the next entrepreneur to turn a big idea into an entire new industry. That's the promise of America. That's what this country is all about. So, if these entrepreneurs are willing to keep giving their all, the least Washington can do is to help them succeed. I plan to do that now by proudly signing this bill.
EBC-71 Beta SP
FREEDOM TO SPEAK: the people of New York vs Irving Feiner
00:00:00:00 [Govt employees unpaid & sent home because senate didn't pass spending bill]/ Crowded DC sidewalk, Ext IRS bldg, man locking gate, people standing around w/the Natl Mall & ...
AFP-45ER 16mm; AFP-45ES 16mm; NET-251 Beta SP (45ER at 01:19:50:00); DigiBeta ; NET-252 Beta SP (45ES at 01:00:00:00); DigiBeta
VNR: Bill Gates at Consumer Electronics Show (01/10/1998)
At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this morning, Bill Gates gave the keynote address, where he focused on the near future for the digitally hip. His address revealed an emerging world of digital devices that are beginning to provide consumers with new and exciting forms of entertainment and information in their homes, offices and even in their cars. Gates said software has become the key ingredient in creating a new generation of products that consumers are familiar with and how these products now offer previously unavailable levels of connectivity, functionality and ease of use.
(HZ) US Chinese Spending
Chinese househunters are buying into the American dream
Jeff Bezos is with us forever
Radio France: filmed programmes
14:42:00:00,Pilgrims land, Rebels fly "Don't Tread on Me" flag, Betsy Ross shows off flag, Men move west, Pioneers cut down trees, settle wilderness, drain swamps, build homes, Stagecoaches and covered wagons move through West, Western town, Iron spike is hammered into rail, Vintage trains steam into view, Ext. factory, Int. machine factory, Scores of factory workers, New York City street scene, 1940s California street scene, Farmers, Ranchers, Fishermen, Tobacco growers, Craftsmen, Laborers, Oil rig workers, Artist paints Cape Cod-ish locale, Woman chemist at work, Family sits down to dinner, Farmers, Man and woman on tractor, Bare shirted men do calisthenics, Scientist, Sheet metal workers, Chemist, Women in front of canning machines, Glass blowing factory, Dam, CU propeller spins, Bales of hay, Smokestack industry, Giant turbines and power generators, Smokestacks belch smoke, Steel factory, Appliance manufacturing, Man checks out huge steel pipe, New York City port, Auto factory assembly line, Steel rolls out of factory, Fabric mill, Train moves past stream, Coal workers, Coal train, Car in dryer, Steel manufacturing, Molten steel pours from cauldrons, Black smoke and flames rise from chimney, Rock quarries, Oil fields, Copper mines, Granite mining, Mountain blasted for ore, Coal train moves past, Molten copper moves past and is formed into wire, Forest, Man climbs huge tree, cuts off top, Two men cut down huge tree, Cut trees go to mill, Huge tree cut by machine, Rows of lumber, Home skeleton, Rolls of paper delivered at dock with New York City skyline in background, Printing plants, Newspaper roll off printing press, Citizens in New York City park, Radio studio control room, Motion pictures (western, musical) being made, Audience watches movie, Various farm scenes, Grapes, Tractors, Harvesting, Cotton picking, Maple syrup from trees, Sheep, Cattle ranching, Wheat, Canal for irrigation, Women harvest tomatoes, Various train shots (passenger, freight, streamliner), Boats in harbor, Golden Gate Bridge, Planes being built, Propeller plane takes off, Helicopter in the air, Dams generate power, Powerhouse, Suburban house with Mom and kids entering, "Robot" makes glass tumblers, Wallpaper factory, Storm, Times Square at night, "Pepsi" sign, United States Capitol, New York City churches, Statue of Liberty, Suburban home, Doctors in surgery, Man at typewriter, Man opens safe, Small town square, New York City aerial of major thoroughfare, Empire State Building, Builders, New York City street scenes, moves to aerial of street scene, Small town street scene, Men on unemployment line, CU savings bonds in $25, $50, $100 denominations, Women in library card file, Skyscraper seen as low angles as tourists pass in foreground, New York City seen from East River, Mount Rushmore, Class of kids given juice, Bill of Rights fades into Lincoln Memorial, Flag waves in wind (EXCELLENT), Kids exit school, Immigrants on boat, Empire State Building, Working farm, Country stream, Boys canoe on stream, Nightfall, Statue of Liberty (EXCELLENT), Hands of Americans (different races, etc) shake over map of United States (EXCELLENT), Silhouettes of Americans walk to Golden City on the hill (lifted from a feature)
WS AERIAL ZO View of Bill Gates home surrounded by trees / Medina, Washington, United States