00:00:00:00 [VS Killer whales beauty shots, whales breach, fluke majestically through blue waters and sunny skies...truly awesome]. (0:00)/
Visiting the Birds & Animals of the Far North
Visiting the Birds & Animals of the Far North. An expedition with Donald MacMillan in Greenland in the 1930s. 1930s, Greenland, Arctic, flock of birds in water and flying, Little Auk / Dovekie on Etah rocky cliffs, Glaucous Gull in flight, Inuit, Eskimo man catching birds with net, Eskimo children hunting for birds and eggs on rocks, Eskimo boy holding up bird, Eskimo boy eating egg, Eskimo boy wiping mouth with bird carcass, Littleton Island covered in Eider Duck nests, Eskimos emptying sack of ducks' eggs on rocks, mother Gull on rock, eggs in nest, chick's bill breaking through egg, chicks snuggling in nest, mother Eider Duck sitting on nest, person uncovering eggs from down covering, hatched ducklings in nest, Brant Goose eggs in nest, goslings learning to swim, male Eider Ducks swimming in icy water, Sea Pigeon / Black Guillemot swimming in water, Eskimo girl holding Sea Pigeon / Black Guillemot, Eskimo man holding Puffins, Eskimo removing rock to reveal Snow Bunting nest, Eskimo holding Snow Bunting nest and taking out birds, White Gyrfalcon on bow of Eskimo's kayak, Eskimo holding Blue Fox, seals, Eskimo with seal carcass on iceberg, Eskimo boys with White Whale carcass, walrus, walrus heads coming out of water, Eskimo in kayak perusing walruses, Eskimo throwing harpoon into water, Eskimos harpooning walruses from edge of ice, Eskimo boys running line through holes in ice and through slits in Walrus skin, Eskimos hauling Walrus out of water and onto ice, muskox, muskox chasing dogs, baby Muskox, Eskimo eating Muskox marrow, Eskimo cleaning cleaning / affixing Muskox skin to stakes, Eskimos using Muskox skin for bedding
Hawaii, United States of America (USA). <br/> <br/>Various shots show middle-aged Hawaiian women in flowery dresses and hats playing guitars and ukuleles while hula girls in grass skirts dance before them. Elderly women sit on mats in a village and thread flower garlands (leis) and weave mats. A Hawaiian man and woman travel down a water lily-covered river in a traditional boat (he paddles it along). Several shots show an unnamed city; a car park (!); American and Hawaiian flags flying; an open air shopping mall called Ala Moana. <br/> <br/>At Sea Life Park on the island of Oahu we see several shots of dolphins, porpoises and whales being fed in a large lake enclosure; spectators watch from a pirate boat moored in the enclosure; more sit beside the lake and watch the creatures do tricks. M/S of the exterior of Ilikai Hotel; L/S of the view over the waterfront and harbour as we go up in the glass lift. Views of the sea and swimming pool from high up in the hotel. Various beach shots: palm trees, western sunbathing girls in bikinis (with orange tans), Hawaiian girls frolic in the waves, men surfing on the waves. <br/> <br/>We take a boat trip out of the harbour with three young men - the sea is so blue! L/Ss of the coast and Diamond Head mountain. L/S of a Pan Am aeroplane coming in to land at Honolulu Airport; passengers coming off the plane are greeted with a lei (flower garland) and a kiss from Hawaiian girls. In a waterside garden two hula girls decorate a boat with leis; three hula girls in patterned skirts do a traditional dance. <br/> <br/>Several shots show a Luau - a Hawaiian feast somewhat like a huge barbecue - at dusk beside a hotel; two men carry a roasted pig on a stretcher through the seated crowd. Commentator says the pigs are roasted in an underground oven with sweet potatoes and pineapple - mmm! L/S of a beach and coastline at dusk / twilight. I want to be here! <br/>Cuts exist - see separate record.
1940s documentary on whaling operations in Antarctica part 4
1940s film showing whaling operations in Antarctica, graphic. Whalers' trip to the whaling ground of the Antarctic Circle: explanation of what happens to the blue whale carcass on the factory ship, scenes of whale butchering
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Prince Charles, the Prince of Whales, walking outside during the daytime.
FTG FOR DAVID WRIGHT GMA CS VO ORANGE COUNTY ORCAS / RARE SIGHTINGS OFF SOUTHERN COAST / KILLER WHALE FTG DV · DV footage: o killer whale - whales blowing out out water through their holes - o Orca jumping up out of the water o Another pod of dolphins - a dozen or more all swimming together across blue ocean..lots of amazing shots
Whales; 6/15/1995
Aerial of whales swimming and diving in the oceran, are they Blue Whales, aquarium workers try to soothe whale in tank, killer whale in ocean water.
WHALE BEACHED (1/4/2002)
US NY Blue Whale Cleaning
US NY Blue Whale Cleaning
AFP-136DK 16mm
Tourists swimming with whale sharks, Oslob, Philippines, drone
Aerial View of tourists swimming with whale sharks, Oslob, Philippines.
8 p.m.: [January 25, 2023 broadcast]
A2 / France 2
The American Museum of Natural History's famous blue whale is getting its annual dusting. A worker piloted a cherry picker and carefully vacuumed the dust from the giant replica as onlookers watched. (July 8)
Tourists swimming with whale sharks, Oslob, Philippines, drone
Aerial View of tourists swimming with whale sharks, Oslob, Philippines.
Sri Lanka: the mirage of blue whales
A2 / France 2
EXT BROLL AERIALS OF BLUE WHALE UNDER WATER / LOCATION: Off the Coast near Palos Verdes, CA Blue whale reportedly stuck in a fishing net, you can see a line and net trailing from the tail-- The Coast Guard has been alerted. Peter Wallerstein- with Whale Rescue says he's been called by the federal government to help untangle the whale. The US Coast Guard confirms there is a blue whale rescue underway and says NOAA is sending it's dis-entanglement team to help.
00:00:00:00 Beautiful video of rare blue whales that have swum into Monterey OBay--this is an unprecedented event. (0:00)/
Whale - Dies (10/12/1998)
A sick whale found off the coast of southern Florida has died today. The whale nicknamed "Possum" by wildlife workers... died off Stock Island. The massive mammal was found beached in Key West saturday... and was moved to safe haven off Stock Island for evaluation. Authorities say an ingestion of plastic may have contributed to the whale's death. END
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PART 2: 03:00:00: red floating creature waving around underwater, whale shark swimming in blue (shot from behind), school of tiny fish surrounding and cleaning whale shark, baby whale sharks underneath their mother, scuba diver swimming along with whale shark. End of tape
1980s/1990s driving pov Pacific Design Center Big Blue Whale
Swing and Sway Trinidad Way
Swing and Sway Trinidad Way. A visit to Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada in the 1960s. 1960s, Trinidad, palm tree, brightly colored flowers, donkey cart, sugar plantation, catholic convent and school on hilltop, Port of Spain, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, girls covering their heads with headscarves and entering Cathedral, harbor, storage sheds along waterfront, Immortelle tree outside Church of England, samaan tree, poinsettias, Royal Botanic Gardens, President's House, mountains, The Red House, Masonic Hall, San Fernando Jama Masjid, mosque, minarets, nightclub, exotic dancer in sequined bikini dancing to calypso music, couples dancing to steel band, calypso dancers dancing on broken glass, bottle dance, Hindu boy doing acrobatic tricks, boy doing handstand on chair, boy walking with arms twisted around legs, boy doing headstand, woman and man doing East Indian dance, man wearing sunglasses playing piano, limbo dancer, man using machete to chop coconuts, smiling Trinidadian girl and boy, flowers overlooking water, men holding cocoa lily flowers, Trinidadian boys and girls walking on road, Tobago, home, yellow poui tree, fishermen bringing in catch to beach from water, Arnos Vale, fisherman holding up bonito and barracuda fish, fisherman cleaning fish on beach, shore, Fort James, old English cannons, sea from Fort James, sea rolling in, black sand beach, senior Tobagonian man, abandoned Moravian church, man filling bottle with water from tap and drinking, black eyed peas, Joseph's coat flowers, coffee tree, cocoa beans growing on tree trunks, Philodendron, Little Tobago, Charlottesville, houses along beach, bay, women carrying item on her head, smiling Tobagonian man taking off hat and bowing, Samuel Chance's Rose Hill Bar, Samuel Chance smiling and holding cigarette, goat racing, goat race, Tobagonian children calypso dancing, Grenadines, Grenada, Santa Maria Hotel, firetruck, smiling Caribbean woman, waterworks, fort, volcanic clay, man walking through fort, mountainous area, home for the aged, St. George's, cityscape, coast, iguana, water being sprayed on iguana, man grabbing and holding up iguana, harbor, fire station, boat trip with Nicholas Neckles through Grenadines, boat pov traveling along coast, commodore and son, ship's crew, crew loading supplies onto ship, boat pov coast, black sand beach, men fishing on boat, man lifting kingfish out of water to ship deck, man lifting minnow out of water, Caribbean man biting sugarcane off stalk, rocks in water, islands, people on ship deck, boat pov rugged shoreline, man snorkeling and swimming up to ship, St. George's, Grenada, cityscape, Esplanade, Santa Maria Hotel, crew lowering ship's sail, harbor, man holding up sea turtle, waterfall, bananas being loaded onto banana boat hold docked in harbor, pier and jetty under construction, plantation, orange tree, bee's nest in tree, True Blue Bay Resort, elderly man standing next to old French cannons and holding whaling gun, Howler monkey, man holding old hunting horn, woman blowing conk shell, mother holding baby daughter, pineapples growing, flamboyant tree, man shoveling salt into sack, abandoned lighthouse, sugar refinery, sugar mill, truck transporting sugarcane to mill, sugarcane being hoisted off trucks and stacked, Hog Island, old water wheel, experimental farm, cattle, Nicholas Neckles, harbor, cityscape, spider lily, government building, old fort, cactus, guesthouse, Grand Anse beach, beach house, Caribbean waters, brightly colored flowers