Marijuana With Sonny Bono (1968)
1968 anti-marijuana PSA educational film narrated by Sonny Bono. Examines the facts on the use of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and their effect on certain individuals. Scenes of drug group therapy sessions, police making arrest, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, bad drug trips, drug addiction, drug addicts. A group of teenagers are arrested at an after-school marijuana party and angrily express their views on using pot as they are led to patrol cars. Their remarks are compared to those made by another group of teenagers who do not use narcotics or other drugs.
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U2 singer Bono and guitarist The Edge are interviewed their thoughts about playing their cutting edge new show in Las Vegas.
Music: U2 interview / GVs of 'Sphere' concert rig; Part 4 of 11 USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: INT Bono (U2 singer) interview excerpt SOT - Sinatra was extraordinary because he was a great interpretive singer / he chose songs to tell stories about his own life that he wasn't writing, including 'Mack the Knife' and whatever dark or bright side he wanted to show of himself to the world / to meet with him here was a kind of a moment / there is something about Las Vegas that we're very attracted to / at the very heart of who we are as a band is the concept of love versus luck really, if you think about it / I know that the world is full of unlucky situations, but I don't call them unlucky, I think we've got to build a society where people don't have to live off luck / I think that love can still overpower the most cynical systems / luck is to me a cynical system, but I do go gambling once a year, I'm famous for it, because we give all our friends 100 Euro in a sealed envelope The Edge (U2 guitarist) responding SOT - That's all you're allowed, that's it per person, that's the limit Bono responding SOT - Once a year / my wife's mother had never been gambling, she was eighty-six, she went to this casino and had 100 Euro, and was going to put it on the year of her birth / it came up on the roulette wheel '33', and I said 'I'm sorry Joy, I've blown it, I didn't get your number' / she said 'I put it on the next one' / I said 'you don't understand, it's just happened', she said 'no I do understand, and the same averages apply, can you put it on' / boom - love overpowered luck right there / luck is a way of seeing the world and you can have fun with it, we're having fun with it, I also delight in Las Vegas, we delight in Las Vegas for some of the more childish sides it offers up in the way of architecture / there's a great architectural manual called 'Learning from Las Vegas' / two great architects, they were talking about how architecture in the late 20th century was...
Item title reads - Pathe Special. Is it war? Italian troops reported across Abyssinian border. (Ethiopia). <br/> <br/>L/S of foothills of Mount Mussa Ali, the camera pans across to show a convoy of Italian military men, tanks and trucks driving around the winding roads. M/S of General Emilio de Bono, Italian Commander in Chief of all the troops in East Africa, on a horse. Various shots as he reviews the 23rd division who are marching past. M/S of a soldier kissing his two little children while his wife stands by. M/S of soldiers stood on dock next to a ship. <br/> <br/>Note: the first five seconds of the picture seem to be missing.
The lead singer of the group U2 visited the White House today. Bono chatted with reporters after meeting with President Bush on their shared concerns about global poverty.
Bono interview
Bono interview from Time Life's History of Rock 'N' Roll. Transcripts available upon request.
News Clip: Sonny Bono
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
US SR Bono
US SR Bono
The Dalai Lama sucks tongues
Radio France: filmed programmes
Sonny Bono Attending Mayor Meeting
Scenes of Palm Springs mayor Sonny Bono with his second wife Mary Bono and in New York to attend a mayors meeting with Ed Koch. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
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General Emilio De Bono arrives at a ceremony and awards medals to Italian Army Air Corps flyers
During the Second Italian-Ethiopian War, General Emilio De Bono arrives at an Italian Air Base. He reviews the troops, and addresses them. General De Bono awards medals to several flyers who then stand as a group for photographs. Ceremony concludes with troops passing in review. Location: Ethiopia. Date: 1935.
Germany Bono Matt Damon
Germany Bono Matt Damon
Sonny Bono's widow, Mary, officially announces today that she will run for the seat her late husband held in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Channel 4 News exclusive interview with U2 in Las Vegas
Channel 4 News exclusive interview with U2 in Las Vegas; USA: Nevada: Las Vegas: Sphere: INT Various of The Edge (U2 guitarist) and Bono (U2 frontman) looking at illuminated pictures on screen at Sphere venue with reporter and singing along to U2 song ‘Even Better Than the Real Thing’ The Edge (U2 guitarist) and Bono (U2 frontman) interview SOT. - EDGE - “It’s new kind of venue, I mean it’s totally immersive. We’re looking 120,000 sq ft screen. We measure it in acres. It’s over two acres of screen…”
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Mary Bono Wins Election
In Palm Springs, Mary Bono, widow of deceased Congressman Sonny Bono, wins his seat in the House of Representatives after a special election against actor and Democratic candidate Ralph Waite. Bono celebrates by hugging her daughter. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
Titles read: "BOTH SIDES OF THE CURTAIN - A topical peep at the Leicester Square Theatre. London. 'Snapped' during an actual performance." <br/> <br/>'Meet Percival Mackey and his boys -' <br/> <br/>M/S of the band leader Percival Mackey conducting. M/S of man holding guitar singing and jazz band playing. 'And the famous dancing chorus (with JW Jackson's Girls).' High angle shots of the dancers holding hands and dancing in line on stage. L/Ss of the audience watching. More shots of girls dancing. 'Freddie Forbes doe a spot of introduction.' High angle shot of the comedian Freddie Forbes on stage. He makes a joke about Doctor Crippin. M/S of woman with large pointy hats backstage. Forbes introduces the next act the Three Bonos. L/S of the acrobatic act the Three Bonos on on stage. They are all wearing silly costumes whilst standing on each others shoulders. They perform some comical (but very clever) somersaults. One member of the team announces that one of the Bonos will perform 'a double twist somersault without a springboard - a world record.' L/S of the impressive stunt being performed to the cheers of the audience. <br/> <br/>'Behind the scenes a small army is ready.' Excellent footage of hectic activity backstage, performers get prepare to go on, the props are put into position, and a woman puts a dress on, amongst other things. 'And now for a bark or tow from Morris Chester's famous dogs.' L/Ss of small dogs (including Jack Russells and terriers) jumping around playing a type of doggy football. Excellent footage of the singers the Four Admirals singing 'Where going to put that smile back on your face'. 'A four-legged frolic by the Hartmann Troupe.' Various shot of comic sketch with pantomime horse. 'And now for Yola De Fraine (and everybody) in Pat Aza's 'My Piano Man' (with Syd Roy's Lyricals). High angle shot of men in evening suits dancing on stage, numerous women dance behind in pointy hats. More backstage activity. Several more shots of the act performing watched by the audience. L/S of the curtain falling.
The Duomo - The Cathedral of Milan, Southern Cross-Head, Altar of St. Giovanni Bono
Interior, TILT up, view of the monumental Altar of St. Giovanni Bono. Built in the early 18th century in the southern cross-head. The statue of the saint is in the center, flanked by a guardian angel and the Archangel St. Michael. Large high reliefs depict events in the saint's life. The three colorful stained glass windows in the polygonal apse of the altar, two of which are seen here, were made by Giovanni Bertini circa 1840.
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Bono interview
Bono interview from Time Life's History of Rock 'N' Roll. Transcripts available upon request.