News Clip: Dallas Hot Checks
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
LD Silhouette of a female basketball player dribbling
Wide locked down shot of a silhouette of a female basketball player dribbling across the basketball court. Shot in Slovenia.
Ship bouncing off waves
Ship bouncing off waves
Taiwan Market Opens
Taiwan stock market bounces back slightly
Boy Bounces on Trampoline
Boy bounces and flips on trampoline in backyard. Somersaults on trampoline. kids playing
A variety of space related shots. Includes a rocket launching, an astronaut bouncing on the moon and parachutes carrying a space capsule down to the water. DOC/WA - 1960's - CLR
1960s: Man bounces and sways to music
1960s: Man bounces and sways to music. Orchestra plays in backstage recording area. Man bounces to music in recording studio.
Bridgeman Images Details
Various Subjects
Hoar frost on barbed wire, Lake District, UK
A heavy hoar frost on a barbed wire fence. Filmed at Clappersgate, Lake District, Cumbria, UK, in Dec 2022
Girl jumps on bungee trampoline in city plaza
China, Girl, Child, Kid, Trampoline, Bungee, Bungee Trampoline, Elastic, Bounce, Bounces, Bouncing, Play, Plays, Playing, Plaza, City, Park, Square, Gloomy, Outside, Overcast, Red, Pink, Black, Asian, Canon 5D, MOV Files, HD, RT, real time, real-time, day, Handheld, BL152, BL152-211girl, Day, Asia, Land
Seat testing in Morris cars, Cowley, Oxford. <br/> <br/>C/U Feet bouncing up and down, pan up to men's faces as they sit on bouncing seat. C/U Operator. C/U Another operator. C/U Machine working. C/U Man bouncing up and down. C/U Feet bouncing. L/S Men bouncing, machine stops and they get off seat. Operators lift Vibrograph recorder up on to seat and start engine. C/U Recorder on seat. C/U Machine working. C/U Operator. C/U Hand pulling microfilm out of recorder.
Bouncing Souls
Full Concert (Not Logged)
1950s TV SHOW
DN-212 Beta SP (most segments); 1 inch
[Test Driving Ford Automobiles]
Young Man Dribbling A Basketball
HD1080p: SLOW MOTION shot of a professional basketball player bouncing and dribbling a basketball on the floor of a basketball court.
Bouncing Souls
Full Concert (Not Logged)
Professionals coach at youth basketball camp
PA-0212 Beta SP
Big Bounce, The
No title - Bouncing Baby Contest. Criterion, London. <br/> <br/>C/U young baby lying on floor prior to competition. C/U and M/S another baby. M/S as mothers pick up babies and walk into competition room. C/U young baby in bouncer. M/S as mothers walk through room - there are also other babies ready in baby bouncers. C/U baby bouncing in one of bouncers - pan down to baby's legs. C/U baby. C/U young baby sucking ear of toy rabbit and sitting in bouncer. C/U and M/S another baby bouncing. C/U baby's legs bouncing on floor, pan up to baby. C/U the winning baby, Melanie Jane Knight - 9 months old.