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TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
DN-B-304 Beta SP (partial)
After the Show with Cass Daley
Testing Microwaves At UL
Technicians at Underwriters Laboratories test microwave ovens. Shots include a tracking shot of a testing area, a man taking readings from inside a refrigerator, a spokesman talking about UL. A man swings a metal ball against a microwave door and takes radiation readings with an electric wand. Closeup of a meter with needle and number readings. Closeup of smoke pouring out of a microwave, followed by objects on fire inside. Male and female technicians analyze unidentified machine parts. A woman in goggles studies a beaker. DOC/WA - 1970's - CLR
Two balls on Newton's rails, animation
Animation of two balls on a set of Newton's rails. The rails are used to demonstrate potential and kinetic energy, and the conservation of momentum. At the start the balls have high potential energy (blue). When they are released, their potential energy is converted to kinetic energy (red) as they accelerate under gravity. When they collide they rebound, but friction takes some of their energy and they end up at the bottom of the rails with no energy (grey).
Bartenders Bounce for AIDS VNR (09/14/1997)
Americans are hopping to the bar this weekend . . . literally. Bartenders in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco are participating in a national fundraiser to raise money for AIDS. The event has participants bouncing along on big, orange hoppity hop balls from ball to ball. The grand prize winner was John Sabato. Sabato raised the most pledge money nationally and hung in there all the way to the finish line. Sabato won the Cointreauphy, an original piece of trophy art, a seven day trip for two to Paris, a day trip to the Cointreau distillery in Angers and one-thousand dollars in spending money. In addition, Cointreau will donate to the American Foundation for AIDS research (AMFAR) in his name. END
1946 Football Instructional Video
b&w instructional short film about ball handling & maneuvers in football - football bounces on the ground - old uniforms - educational - sports - title card - spin ball - pass ball - slow motion close up of ball bounce - cutaways of hiking and passing - leather helmets - college football
Colorful balls falling stairs three dimensional animation
Colorful balls falling stairs three dimensional animation
U.S. Army training film about rape prevention and awareness portrays a would-be attacker plotting his attack
U.S. Army training film about victims of rape in the United States. Overall message about reporting the crime of rape to apprehend the rapist and to prevent it in the United States. School age girls and boys play four square and other games with a bouncing ball on a school playground. A group of girls play with the red bouncing ball. A man keeps an evil eye on them. Children play at jungle gym. Teacher seen at the playground. Children say goodbye to teacher and leave the building. One girl says bye to two girls. Teacher prepares to leave. Views of teacher walking into the building and the girl walking outside. The girl plucks petals of flower as she says 'He loves me or he loves me not'. A man cleans floor. Teacher at exit of a building. The actor portraying the attacker places his hand over face of the girl. Location: United States USA. Date: 1978.
Unissued / Unused material. <br/> <br/>Chelsea footballer Tommy Walker. London. <br/> <br/>Various shots Tommy bouncing a ball on his head and dribbling the ball. CU of him.
Silicones - An Excursion In Science
Silicones, a product of the science of chemistry. Scenes of a chemical laboratory. Aerial view of General Electric silicone plant near Waterford, NY in 1949. Scenes of a modern kitchen, close-up of clock and timer on an electric cook stove (electric range). Ladies in a tea room, latest fashion in dress and hat. Image of lady's high heel shoe and ankle. Old fashion food grater. Lady waxing automobile. Chrysler convertible automobile. Sign reads “Rolling Green Country Club”, Lady golfer strikes golf ball. Chris-Craft speed boat, with Chris-Craft bow flag, making turn on lake. Photographer with camera. B-29 Bomber in flight, close-up of spinning aircraft propeller. large electric panel with gages, meters, switches. Ladies surprised when caught by yard sprinkler. Shot List: 01:00:08;02 Boys bounce ball of silicone, stretches silicone, makes two balls 01:00:58;03 Scenes of a scientific chemical laboratory 01:01:16;00 Animation illustrating molecules of carbon and silicone 01:02:44;05 Aerial view of GE (General Electric) silicone plant near Waterford, NY in 1949 01:03:27;01 Close-up of clock and timer, electric cook stove (electric range) 01:03:53;00 Ladies being seated in a tea room, dress and hat fashions late 1940's 01:04:33;02 Image of lady's high heel shoes and slim ankle 01:05:23;03 Old fashion food grater 01:05:27;03 Woman (lady) waxing automobile hood 01:06:06;04 Chrysler convertible automobile on open road, turns into driveway 01:06:16;06 Sign reads “Rolling Green Country Club”, Lady golfer drives (strikes) golf ball 01:06:38;13 Classic Chris-Craft speed boat, with Chris-Craft bow flag, making turn on lake 01:07:40;10 Close-up of spinning aircraft propeller 01:08:51;09 Ladies surprised when caught by yard sprinkler
Bridgeman Images Details
Tomorrow's Officers
HAS of large group of young men doing P.T. exercises on parade square. CS of naval ensign flag flying from mast. Shots of Royal Military Cadets in dress uniform marching smartly toward and past camera. Shot of Royal Military Cadets lined up on parade square, doing rifle drill, presenting arms. CUs of domestic flowers, dahlias. Shots of Cadets lined up in swim trunks: at signal they dive into outdoor pool and swim back and forth at all-out speed. VCS of the Honorable Brooke Claxton, Minister of National Defence, during presentation ceremonies in the drill hall at Royal Military College in Kingston. Shot of Officer Cadets in drill hall, advancing smartly to dais to receive diplomas. Shots of basketball game between two Royal Military College teams. CS of ball dropping into basket and ball bouncing off rim in basket during game. Shots of buildings on the campus of Royal Military College.
German women exercise with rubber balls in 1931 rhythmic gymnastics routine
Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. <br/> <br/>On a playing field we see various shots of young people playing a new game that involves running about, pushing, carrying, hitting and bouncing off a huge leather ball. It looks like fun - except for the people who get trampled on it the rush for the ball.
Balls on Newton's rails, animation
Animation of balls on three sets of Newton's rails. The rails are used to demonstrate the conservation of momentum. When a balls are released from the high end of the rails, their potential energy is converted to kinetic energy as they accelerate under gravity, before being slowed by gravity as they climbs the far side. On the rails with two balls, they collide in the centre and the energy is transmitted through the balls equally, bouncing them back to their initial position. On the left rails the energy passes through the centre ball, and the two balls rebound half the distance of the single one.
00:00:00:00 [Pro golfers at the PGA Tour Championship comment on the death of golfer Payne Stewart]-- PGA golfer Tiger Woods bounces golf ball on base of club, talks to unid man/ ZI Woods smiles/ ...
The IOC could rate the return of golf as an Olympic discipline after more than
FR3 / France 3
Journey from Zero
Interior shots of teacher and children walking into primary school class at Summit Lake maintenance camp, standing by desk, sitting down, working as teacher strolls about. HAS of boys sitting at desks, reading. CU of one of the boys reading. Shots of boys and girls, some Indigenous schoolchildren, playing with soccer ball in schoolyard. Sequence showing tightly massed children bouncing ball on their heads, jumping, running, having a strenuous time. Sequence showing Indigenous teenage girls playing with soccer ball in high school yard. Shots of boys playing football. MLS of Fort Nelson elementary high school, students milling about in front. MCS of young boys looking at picture book in class. MLS of children swinging on playground swings, prefab houses in background, mountains beyond. Closer shots of two children swinging energetically. Shots of children playing on seesaws.
animated cartoon - the story of California - travel - travelogue - tourism - gags - gag - orange grove - sneak throws Alum on oranges - cops - California Here I Come sing-along - bouncing ball singalong - train tracks - mountains - redwoods - nature - city - rain falls on Los Angeles - censored
Feathered Bouncing Grass Ball
Hairy green balloon is bouncing on a purple ground.
Bob Burns plays bazooka and Shirley Ross sings 'Clementine' on the 'Sing with the Stars' show.
'Sing with the Stars' features Bob Burns as 'Bob Bazooka Burns'. Begins with scene showing a bazooka being fired. Bob talks about the bazooka and shows the audience his humorous musical instrument, for which the weapon was named. Then, he and American Hollywood actress and singer Shirley Ross sing 'Clementine' together. For part of the song, Bob Burns actually plays his bazooka as one would play a trombone. The lyrics of the song are displayed for audience sing-a-long. Bob and Shirley joke about Clementine.Cartoon artwork of funny characters are shown on screen along with the lyrics, and a bouncing ball over the words for sing-a-long. Location: United States USA. Date: 1946.
Golfers Ernie Els and Bernhard Langer compete in a one-hole contest with some unusual course conditions. They each have three tries at making a hole in one on a course laid out in Washington Square Park in New York City, New York's Greenwich Village. They will tee off atop an arch 77 feet in the air, shooting over a 25 foot wide fountain, aiming for the cup, some 85 yards distant. Their winnings will go to their favorite charities.
Fifties Scientists On The Job
Great footage shows fifties scientists in lab coats working in metal research. A researcher raises a strip of paper-thin steel to his face. Nice shots of a scientist dropping a bowling balll on a sheet of steel foil. It bounces: steel foil doesn't break. Other scientists look at equipment. Also, a crane lifts a railroad car into the air. It's attached to a pencil thin steel cord. DOC/WA - 1950's-60's - CLR