Brazil Flooding; 01/05/00
Asst shots of flooded towns in Brazil; Rivers overflow , houses under water; WS of bridge across flooded river; Aerials of roads and houses damaged by mudslides and flooding; Aerial of town under flood water; People ride boats through streets
Judo: return to the competition of Clarisse Agbegnenou in Tel Aviv with her daughter
France Télévisions Sports
A town along the coastline in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
A town along the coastline in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are boats in the water at the foreground and some buildings and a street with passing vehicles at the background. 4K masters are not available for immediate download. If you would like a 4K master please contact
Colonial architecture and market, Belem, Brazil
Tilting shot of colourful 17th century Portuguese colonial architecture in the old town of Belem, in Para, Brazil. The view moves down to an open air market.
Panning shot of a hillside village down to teenagers playing soccer in an organized league on a dirt field in Brazil.
Helicopter shot of Rio's Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara bay
Land, Brazil, Rio de Janerio, bay, beach, beautiful, bird's eye view, boat dock, boats, Brazil, buildings, calm, city life, coast, coastal, coastline, day time, destination, dock, fisherboats, guanabara, harbor, helicopter, helicopter shot, hill, hovering, landmark, landscape, marina, Mirante Dona Marte, modern, mountain, mountanous, nature, ocean, overcast, partly cloudy, Rio, Rio de Janeiro, sail, sailboats, sea, shore, sky, sky view, sugarloaf, sugarloaf mountain, town, tree tops, view, water, City
Climbing Stairs To Statue In Rio
On vacation, travelers climb stairs to a religious statue. There are also shots of the statue and a shot of the view from up high of a bay down below. DOC - 1950's - CLR
President Franklin Roosevelt denounces Italy's entry into the war as Germany invades France; German operations in South America
June 10, 1940, American man, in San Francisco barbershop, reads newspaper report that Italy enters World War 2 as part of Axis and against France and Britain. Barber cuts the mans hair. They both look over at a portable radio on a counter and listen as President Roosevelt denounces Italy's action. American family with a husband, wife, and boy sit in a living room and listen to the radio while William L. Shirer broadcasts from Compiègne as France signs an armistice with Hitler. Views of railroad carriage in clearing surrounded by German troops in formation. Hitler strides with Hermann Goering, Admiral Erich Raeder, and others. Statue of Marshal Foch. French General Huntzinger, and his delegation escorted by German officers. Hitler and his delegation rise as the French delegation enters the rail car. Germans drape Nazi flag over the Glade of the Armistice monument (French: Clairière de l'Armistice). View of the Eiffel Tower. German troops marching through the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysee in Paris. Hitler's railroad train entering Paris station. Hitler taking an early morning tour of Paris in an open car. Hitler and party admiring the Eiffel Tower during German invasion of France and occupation of France. View from Eiffel Tower of German troops marching along street. German rail guns in new positions on coast of France, pointed toward the English Channel and England. The German rail guns moving on tracks and firing. Animated map showing Allies overseas possessions. German residents in Brazil in largely German communities, with German schools, German school children, Nazi textbooks, and Nazi German newspapers in a town in Brazil. A Hermann Goering glider club operating in Brazil, as a glider is prepared for flight. View of Japanese residents in Brazil on behalf of Imperial Japan. SEDTA German airline planes with bomb racks operating in Ecuador, South America. Germans exercising at exclusive German clubs in Argentina, modeled after Hitler Youth. Narrator indicates these operations represented a "Fifth Column" ready to take over. Location: France. Date: 1940.
Brazil. <br/> <br/>Various shots, a composite story, showing women being trained along with men for the Brazilian Police Force. They are seen in classes, receiving instructions and firing fire arms, teaching children road safety drill and directing traffic and pedestrians in the town. <br/> <br/>(F/G) <br/> <br/>Date found in the old record - 05/12/1969.
1939 Newsreel Pre WWII
Brazil - b&w - h/a down to scenic skyline Rio de Janeiro - c/u husband and wife w/ dog - woman, seamstress in factory - sewing machine - mother with two daughters - German school in South America - interior classroom - students study - c/u Nazi newspaper - German gliding club - hangar, aircraft - Vae - Japanese storefronts in Brazil - pedestrians - c/u Japanese man - map of South America - Ecuador - strategic areas - Panama Canal - German airplanes - pilots - passport planes - h/a down Buenos Aires, Argentina - German tennis club - athletes - German business establishments - Condor Airlines ticket office - Havana, Cuba - Defense Conference - interior Congress - representatives from various republics - U.S. Sec. of State Cordell Hull speaks, flags of American Nations - F.D.R. speaks - U.S. military - c/u loudspeaker on wall - interior Pentagon - interior military aviation facility - mechanics - h/a interior military hangar - U.S. Navy - naval facility - construction - dock - riveter - architects design - blue prints - Naval academy - Army - Airforce - soldiers train at camps - makeshift equipment - flour bag bombs, stove pipe cannon - trucks become tanks - infantry - machine guns fire - c/u stacked beer cans on ground - National Guard marches through town - Grand Central Station - soldier kisses his girl goodbye - soldiers go to war - Congress - Selective Service Act - Army mobilization - F.D.R. speak in Congress - number 158 selected - selective service- draft - people listen - workers go to war - montage - African American man in kitchen with mother - reads draft notice - short order cook - Induction center - doctor examines men - physical - training - inductees - draft - enlist - Pre WWII
Brazil Pele Mural
Brazil town pays homage to Pele with mural
Young Woman in the City Portrait
Real People
Brazil WC Salvador
Netherlands fans party in old town ahead of quarterfinal
Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sightseeing location in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte. A film about the planned city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil.. Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. aerial view of the planned cityBelo Horizonte, Corral del Rey mountains, pan up boulevard with trees, Minas Gerais map, aerial view of Rio de Janerio, aerial vie Sao Paolo, Ouro Preto, people at cafe, Belo Horizonte, tree lined boulevard, Governors Palace, Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, Post Office, City Hall, Mayor Juscelino Kubitschek, Banco Do Brasil building, Feira de Amostras exposition of economic wealth, gold nuggets, gold mining, Morro Velho, gold ingots, mines, iron ore, iron mine, Itabira, car down dusty town road paved with iron ore, hematite, men with picka, laying railroad ties, building roadbeds, ore loaded into trucks, POV train full of iron ore in opend cars, railyard, Monlevade iron mill and foundry, smelting iron, molten iron, ironworkers, casting, iron rails, sparks, quartz crystals, mica, mining quartz, large quartz crystal, quartz mine, truck full of mica, mica mine, men holding sheets of mica, bulldozer pushing ore, men in cave with drills, cutting and trimming shop, leaves of mica, men working at tables sorting mica, manganese, chromium, aluminum, calcium, silver, nickel, graphite, Kaolin, zirconium, diamonds, semi-precious stones, castor beans, coconuts, peanuts, rice, wheat, beans, corn, tobacco, cotton, city square with streetcar circle, traveling shot down city street, raod building, railroad building, factory construction, suburbs, residential districts, houses, private homes, apartment houses, hotels, Brasil Palace Hotel, primary schools, students in uniforms, classroom, Music conservatory, Instituto Juan Piniero agriculture school, animal husbandry school, public library, orphanage boys school, Ribeir?o das Neves penitentiary prisoners work in shop, machine tools, making model boat, San Vincent de Paulo hospital, doctors operate, city park, zoo, Minas Tennis Club, men plaqy volleyball and dive, swimming pool, acrobatics, men do flips, swing sets, Lake Pampulla residential district, modern houses Oscar Niemeyer, cathedrals, churches, construction of building and houses, Independence Day parade
05:05:18:00 HD FOOTAGE // FORK ASSET // Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a town hall meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. // 05:05:18 MS Secy of State Hillary Clinton, remarks in progress /// 05:13:4 ...
town of Sao Salvador from harbor, people, car cross railroad tracks, POV from moving vehicle of streets, traffic, pedestrians VERY NICE, LONG, people in woods harvest, chop cacao, carry box of it away, spread it to dry, dockworkers move bales, man uproots cassava tree, shakes dirt loose, holds cassava, men work tobacco fields, women make cigars, put them in boxes, pedestrians, AERIAL Sao Paolo, Sao Paolo skyline, street, traffic, palm trees, skyline, people spin, weave silk (NICE INDUSTRIAL FACTORY FOOTAGE), workers make shoes, buildings, one with ARMOUR name, cattle in pen, workers clean sides of beef, man, snakes, men work pineapple field, pile up pineapples, AERIAL large coffee plantation, people tend coffee trees, man handles coffee beans on tree, man tends field, man loads bales onto mule cart, men drive mule carts through street, men do something with ground coffee on big lazy susans, Cups of Coffee on conveyor (lazy susan for tasting), Coffee exchange building, trucks at loading dock, crane loads bales onto ship, men check bales on conveyor belt loading onto ship, people harvest sugar cane, ship enters harbor of Rio de Janeiro, large office tower under construction, waterfront, AERIAL Rio harbor, Sugarloaf mountain, boulevard, harbor, Sugarloaf, view from Sugarloaf of plaza, ascending cable car, cable car ascends to Sugarloaf, Rio, mountains, harbor, people walk on street, plaza, monuments, traffic, Monroe Palace, street lined with tall palm trees, trolley passes on 17th-century aqueduct, street vendor, fountain, Monroe Palace, busy street, passengers board 1930s sea plane, sea plane taxis
8 p.m.: [February 4, 2023 broadcast]
A2 / France 2
USIA film describing the ways it conducts its world-wide operations
Segment of U.S. Information Agency film describing its world-wide operations. Map shows 217 overseas posts in 17 countries, of the USIA (also known abroad, as the U.S. Information Service). Animated map zooms in on one post, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Aerial view of Sugar Loaf Mountain overlooking the harbor and city. Street scene in Rio. USIA Public Affairs Officer, William A. Wieland, is seen walking along a sidewalk in the city. Next he is seen in the office of Ambassador James S. Kemper, briefing him about USIA activities. View of the Brazilian Foreign Office building. Mr. Wieland meets with the Chief of the Cultural Division there. Book stacks in the USIA Thomas Jefferson Library in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Wieland conferring with a librarian. He is also seen at the USIA broadcast facility in the U.S. Embassy. Film shifts to street scene in Cebu, the Philippines. A building displaying American and Philippine flags, is labeled: " United States Information Service." Inside, and American and a Filipino worker give bundles of literature to local workers for distribution. One, a bus driver, carries his bundle onto his open-sided bus, displaying the name, "Cebu, Autobus." He waves as he drives away. The USIA Public Affairs Officer is seen visiting the Mayor of Cebu City, Vincente S. del Rosario; giving a news release to the editor of a newspaper; broadcasting on local radio;and socializing with local editors. USIA drive a mobile movie van into a remote village where many children are playing. They set up a screen and projector. Almost everyone in town attends the showing. Scene shifts to USIA headquarters building at 1778 Pennsylvanis Avenue,in Washington, DC. Director Theodore Streibert holds a staff meeting. View of President Eisenhower addressing U.S. public media leaders about confronting the Soviet Union with truthful information about the U.S. and the West, on April 16, 1953,in Washington, DC. A USIA technician transmitting text of the speech to its public affairs officers around the world. Views of newspapers carrying the story in Paraquay, Ireland,Algeria, and Burma. The President's speech was printed in a pamphlet entitled "The Peace We Seek," ahd sent abroad where it was translated into Arabic,Japanese, Persian, and 20 other languages. Four million copies were distributed. Posters about the speech were also distributed. Location: United States USA. Date: 1954.
Colonial architecture, Belem, Brazil
Colonial architecture in Belem, Brazil. The city was founded by the Portuguese in the early 17th century, and was the first European city on the Amazon.