Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown. <br/> <br/>Canadian Brigade for Korea - Montreal, Canada. <br/> <br/>Troops marching along street, halt outside church; pan up to St James Cathedral. C/U of shoulder badge of the Brigade. Troops marching along and filing into church. <br/> <br/>Interior shots of troops in church. <br/> <br/>L/S of saluting platform with Canadian Defence Minister Brooke Claxton and Mayor Camilien Houde taking salute as troops, tanks and guns pass. Flags are marched past. Infantry march past. M/S of Brooke Claxton and Mayor Houde. C/U of Brooke Claxton and Brigadier John M Rockingham.
Adrien Arcand/ Camilien Houde Freed
Camillien Houde freed: HASs of huge crowd out to welcome Camillien Houde after his release from prison, of Houde in the midst of a jubilant crowd. MLSs of Mayor Houde waving to people from back of convertible car.
Unissued / unused material. <br/> <br/>Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) on Royal Tour of Canada - Saskatoon to Montreal. <br/> <br/>Saskatoon. <br/> <br/>Various shots of crowd and welcome banner. Elizabeth and Philip leave station with Mayor Mills, they inspect Guard of Honour and receive gift of silverware from city. Several shots Royals shaking hands with officials. Various shots of Rivers, Manitoba. Royals at Joint Air Training Centre. Crowd. Elizabeth and Philip inspect Air Force Guard. Royal car drives away. Various shots Elizabeth and Philip visiting Deer Lodge Military hospital, they see patients. Elizabeth and Philip get into aeroplane. <br/> <br/>Port Arthur. <br/> <br/>LS large factory - "Grain Elevators". Interior shots Elizabeth and Philip looking round factory. Royal car drives away. <br/> <br/>Montreal. <br/> <br/>LS Elizabeth and Philip inspecting Guard of Honour and in car passing crowds, Brownies. Elizabeth and Philip at the Chalet Lookout. LS University of Montreal. Motorcycle escort arriving. Elizabeth and Philip get out of car and meet Chancellor of University, Archbishop of Leger. Party walks up up steps. <br/> <br/>Various shots of Montreal Forum at ice hockey match between Montreal Canadians and New York Rangers. Various shots of game Elizabeth and Philip arriving and watching game with Mayor Camilien Houde. Night shots of crowds in front of Windsor Hotel, Elizabeth and Philip on balcony. <br/>
WS, PAN LEFT of eastern part of Montreal seen from Camilien-Houde lookout on Mount Royal, ZOOM IN to LS of Miron chimneys.
Adrien Arcand/ Camilien Houde Freed
Radio-Canada Hockey: several shots hockey game.
Night shot, WS, PAN RIGHT of Montreal city lights seen from Camilien-Houde lookout on Mount Royal, from North-Eastern part of city to Jacques-Cartier Bridge, reverse shot.
Nos amours
HAMLS looking down on woods on slope of Mount Royal in winter, seen from Camilien-Houde lookout, TILT UP to MWS of Olympic Stadium and east end of city at dusk (4 shots).
November / Novembre
In Montreal, shot of Camilien-Houde road on Mount Royal with snow-covered stretches on each side; Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, the apartment buildings on Cote-des-Neiges Road and Saint Joseph's Oratory are visible in the distance.
Adrien Arcand/ Camilien Houde Freed
Adrien Arcand: brief shot of poster bearing Arcand's portrait. Shot of door with poster re "Parti de l'Unité nationale - Division du Québec". Shots of notice re mobilisation in French Republic, with design of Swastika and Maple Leafs superimposed on notice. Shots of piles of pamphlets, notices, Swastika banners, insignias. (same as NFB1940-FG-148)
Reportages nº 100
[Title: "Journée pan-américaine" (Pan American Day)] shots of detachment of the American army parading past camera with flags of North and South American nations. Shot of Canadian navy band marching past; Canadian Army soldiers parading by in background. Shot of colour party marching past camera. Cut to reviewing group, Mayor Camilien Houde, city officials, officers of the Canadian and American armies. Speech by civilian into CBC microphone. Cuts to spectators, to officers in reviewing group saluting. CU of wreath with "FDR" on banner. Mayor Camilien Houde lays a wreath at the cenotaph at Dominion Square. CU of wreath with "Ville de Montréal" on ribbon. More speeches, with cuts to flags, spectators, floral tributes to the war dead. CU of inscription on monument and ESTABLISHING SHOT of monument with honour guard in foreground.
Reportages nº 100
[Title: Miss Radio 1945] HAS of main table at banquet in Mont Royal Hotel, French radio luminaries, civic officials. Cuts to individual tables in banquet hall. Several shots of speakers Omer Côté, Onésime Gagnon, Augustin Frigon, director of the CBC and of Major General Laflèche at main table, with Mayor Camilien Houde seated at the right of the microphone. The speeches over, the presentation of awards takes place. Winners are presented to the assembly. Juliette Béliveau is one of the people presented. Jean Maurice Bailly, winner of "Radiomonde" award for most popular announcer, says a few words into the microphone. Miss Radio 1945 Jeanine Sutto steps up on stage with the runners-up and last year's Miss Radio, Mia Riddez. Jean Lalonde holding a microphone, leads the cheers. Miss Radio Jeanine Sutto says a few words and is handed down from the stage by Camilien Houde and Lalonde still holding his microphone.
Canadian News Stories
New oil electric locomotive hauls first load (00/00/1929): MS PAN of Canadian National train. MCS of CS Brook, inventor of new engine. Good TRAVELLING SHOT of railway tracks from front of train. TRAVELLING SHOT of contryside, TRAVELLING SHOT of parallel railway track, train wheels visible in left frame, LACS of train coming in opposite direction. Shots intercut with CS of train engineer at controls of train. TRAVELLING SHOT of crowd along track in station, LACS of train coming towards and past camera in station. MCS of Mayor McBride of Toronto welcoming Mayor Camilien Houde of Montreal.
WIDE SHOT of city and Jacques-Cartier Bridge seen from Camilien-Houde lookout on Mount Royal, ZOOM OUT an PAN to MS of people at lookout (0:26). MLS of Mount Royal Park, downtown buildings visible in background (0:39). ML PAN SHOTs of Old Port and downtown area seen from Saint Helen's Island (1:35).
TRAVELLING SHOTs looking back at front of bus moving along Camilien Houde Road on Mount Royal, MLSs, CUs. MS of bus, people boarding through front door, getting off through back door. ZOOM OUT from group of tourists waiting at stop by bus, other bus pulling up behind on corner of Decelles Street and Queen Mary Road. Short TRAVELLING SHOT of a few tourists at railing of look-out on Mount Royal. Shot of sightseeing bus passing by camera on city street. Side shot of driver driving. Shot of black hostess Cheryl Davis, view through front windshield in background. Various shots of tourists looking at sights, snapping pictures through glass of moving bus, women, men, children, hostess saying something in microphone.
Crop Dusting By Helicopter/Montreal-Lachine Railway Centennary
Montreal-Lachine railway centennary: Governor general Alexander walking with RC Vaughan, President of Canadian National Railway arriving at Central Station. Sequence on drill put on by Vimy Patrol of the Canadian Legion, on inspection by Governor general. Arrival at the old Bonaventure Station. Sequence on unveiling of plaque commemorating 100th anniversary of railway by Governor general Alexander. Sequence on ribbon cutting ceremony by mayor Camilien Houde as Governor general and party stand by, christening of new buffet car "Montreal". Shots of girls in period costumes, of young girl presenting bouquet to Houle and getting kiss in return. LS of Bonaventure Station. Governor general and party boarding train. CU of name "Canadian National" on side of car. Sequence on steam train leaving, arriving. TRAVELLING SHOTs along way to Lachine. Unveiling of cairn at original station in Lachine by Honorable Edouard Asselin, Provincial Government leader. (22/10/1947)
Prince Bernhard's Visit
Prince Bernhard's Visit (03/06/1949): FOLLOW SHOT of KLM "Constellation" landing at Dorval Airport. Shot of aircraft taxiing to a stop, name "Flying Dutchman" on fuselage. Shot of the prince in midst of a group of military and civilian VIP's, talking, saluting. Cut to inspection ceremonies, Union Jack flag being dipped by colour bearer as Dutch anthem if played. CUs of prince Bernhard saluting, officers saluting. Shot of Royal Canadian Artillery firing salute to the prince. Shots of the prince inspecting Royal 22nd honour guard. Two shots of mayor Camilien Houde of Montreal welcoming the prince at city hall. Interior shots of ceremonies, prince signing golden book, conversation all around, presentation of crystal gobelet to mayor Houde by Dr A Plessman, president of KLM and of good wishes of the Burgomaster of Amsterdam. Shot of councillor JO Asselin talking with the prince. Shot of prince leaving city hall by car, crowd lining route. ELS of Royal Canadian Air Force "Northstar" taking off, in flight, "Canadian Air Force" on hangar visible in extreme foreground, landing. Shot of prince deplaning, walking with pilot, squadron leader Morrison, to hangar, driving off in limousine. Sequence on departure, prince saying goodbye to Dr A Sevenster, consul general of the Netherlands in Montreal, boarding Constellation plane, taking off.
Canada's Special Brigade on Parade
HASs of Mary Queen of the World Cathedral on Dominion Square. LAS of facade of cathedral. Shots of 2nd battalion of Royal 22e Regiment marching on Dorchester Avenue, forming up. CU of Royal 22e Regiment shoulder flash and United Nations Force insignia. Sequence on men entering cathedral for service. Shots of Christ Church Cathedral, crowd in front, of Black Watch pipe band parading past camera to cathedral. Shots of men entering church, of Minister of Defence Brooke Claxton and General Morton entering cathedral. Shots of Royal Montreal Regiment parading, men, tanks and light vehicles including mobile artillery. Several shots of parade, different units marching past reviewing stand, Brigadier JV Allard, Commander of Special Force Brigadier Rockingham, Major General Morton, Mayor Camilien Houde, Minister of Defence Brooke Claxton, JO Asselin and Air Vice Marchal Raymond reviewing on stand. Several LSs of 2nd Battalion of Royal Canadian Regiment marching on parade square, Lieutenant Colonel Bingham, Officer Commander of Regiment turning over documents to Lieutenant Colonel Kean, Special Force Commmander. Shot of Claxton delivering speech. Shot of Special Force led by Colonel Kean parading by reviewing stand. Shots of Brooke Claxton, General Foulkes and others on stand, Petawawa. (20/10/1950)
Heart Award / Opening of New Aviation Building
Opening of New Aviation Building: HAMLSs of building, moderate traffic moving by. Closer shot of building, words "International Aviation Building", "Airlines". Interior shot of airlines offices, women at work at desks, large transparent models of aircraft in conspicuous positions. Various shots of various airlines desks, personnel at work, customers buying tickets. Interior shot of large conference hall, delegates from different nations at International Civil Aviation Organization conference, speakers including Dr E Warner orating. Shots of various country name plates in front of delegates, of delegates wearing earphones for translations of speeches. Three shots of Highland band playing. Two LASs of Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable. Sequence on ceremonial part of proceedings, stage, microphones, VIP's including Mayor Camilien Houde of Montreal, Minister of Trade and Commerce CD Howe, Minister of Transport Lionel Chevrier, sitting on stage, speaking at microphones, Donald Gordon introducing speakers. Shots of Sir W Hildrep, of CD Howe cutting ribbon to officially open building as others, including Donald Gordon, stand by. Shots of three stewardesses posing, poster of Air France in background. (02/06/1950)