Firefighters work to put out a car fire.
Car driving into fire hydrant on sidewalk
Car driving into fire hydrant on sidewalk
DN-B-128 Beta SP; NET-622 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00)
[FBI Academy Firing Range - Day & Night]
Historic Vehicles 1968
Uxbridge to Rayleigh. Old vehicles parked in field, crowd admire. Old hearse. Old fire engine. Coach/car. Old bus. people look in fire engine compartment. Numerous old cars. Men in old fire brigade uniforms at a car. Steam engine. Music organ side of van. Trucks.
Bridgeman Images Details
Location unknown, Australia? <br/> <br/>Various shots of the Australian stuntman crashing cars by driving into other cars, through fire, overturning etc. After crashing into another car, the man is helped to get out by several men - he smiles.
Car Fire; 12/19/1994
car fire on LIE; lots of smoke/flame NICE
News Clip: Fires
Video footage from the WBAP-TV station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about firefighters working to kill fires at Pioneer Palace in Tarrant County. Volunteer firefighters use the fire for training purposes.
night - cu fire on sidewalk catches cars on fire
Ukraine Invasion Kyiv Burning Car
Ukraine Invasion Kyiv Burning Car
Western Plains / Night Shift / Dorval
Night Shift: shots of firemen sliding down pole in fire house, of men landing on bottom floor, opening doors, driving fire engines out of station. Side shot of fire chief getting into car, driving away in a hurry.
Rotisserie Cars
Japanese recycling plant that melts and compresses cars for recycling. Shots of street traffic, car on fire, car rotating and metal press. DOC/WA - 1960's - B/W
FBI Special Agent recruits fire machine guns at targets from moving cars in the United States.
Special Agent recruits of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at a firing range in the United States. Two cars with a police siren in a field. Agents fire machine guns at targets from moving cars. Hit targets. Location: United States USA. Date: 1936.
Car bomb explosion, slo-mo
High-speed footage of the detonation of an improvised explosive device (IED) car bomb. Filmed at the UK's Health & Safety Laboratory, Derbyshire, UK.
Burning car in the night
Burning car in the night with really big flames coming out
GM Lawsuit (05/18/1998)
There is a settlement in the GM lawsuit.
Cars crash, speed, compete at the 100-Mile National Sportsman Stock Car Championship at Langhorne Speedway, 1951
Car Fire; 12/30/1992
Car dealership fire; Able Ford totalled
Song of Eskasoni
LATERAL TRAVELLING SHOTS from car driving in town of Eskasoni First Nation Reserve (Mi'kmaq), passing by fire hall and houses on shore of Bras d?Or Lake.
Burma? <br/> <br/>Various shots of smoke, fire and explosions in a town - possibly Burmese. Houses on fire, troops, tanks and armoured cars moving through streets. <br/> <br/>Plane flying overhead dropping supplies with parachutes. Man on ground looking on.