(HZ) US Palm Springs Growth
Hollywood’s desert oasis is booming once more
Hollywood actors Robert Montgomery, Clark Gable and Irene Dunne at launch of the victory ship "Carol Lombard" in the U.S.
Launch of the victory ship 'Carol Lombard' to honor the movie star Carol Lombard. Lombard died in the line of duty. A flashback shows the actress Carol Lombard signing autographs for the people. The launching ceremony-US Lieutenant Commander Robert Montgomery and U.S. Captain Clark Gable, husband of Carole Lombard, look as Irene Dunne smashes a bottle against the hull of the ship. Flashback shows Carole Lombard at a show. Location: United States USA. Date: 1944.
In 1936, Adolph Zukor begins the second quarter century of his career in motion pictures
/n00:00:00:00 intv Lee, who has made more than 160 movies, new movie is Return of Captain Invincible // intv artist ab career, incl 2:1 stills of his work // intv author of 82 bokos, mostly ab america ...
Various Subjects
TAP-9-I Beta SP
Squirrel Scares Lady, Hallelujah
A squirrel climbs on a woman (Carole Lombard) in bed, scaring her. Clip opens with shot of children's chorus singing Battle Hymn of the Republic. FIC - 1937 - CLR
1937 Oblivious man (Fredric March) invites sad yet excited woman (Carole Lombard) to New York
Vincent Duluc, Hugues Nancy
France 5
ISSUE_NO = 766A NO_OF_ITEMS = 4 DESCRIPTION : IN MEMORY OF A STAR - In memory of Carole Lombard, Irene Dunne launches a liberty ship bearing her name. Also at the launch were Carole's husband, Clark Gable and Robert Montgomery. CARD_FILE = 44531 CARD_TITLE : In Memory Of A Star (Liberty Ship - Carole Lombard) SHOT_LIST : Cut story - GS of Carole Lombard during tour of country selling War Bonds. Pade to liberty ship "Carole Lombard", pan down bows, to stand where Lt. Commander Robert Montgomery, Captain Clark Gable, with Irene Dunne are standing. GS of Irene Dunne smashing traditional bottle. Ship runs down slipway. GV of those on stand watching same. Cuts - Few shots of launching. KEYWORDS : Personalities - Politicians; Personalities - Relatives; United States of America; Fund Raising; Ships and Boats; Navy - Active; Ceremonies - Launchings; Deaths; Ceremonies - Memorial; Americans MATERIAL : Neg & Lav 7625 Indian Sound Lav 7469 LENGTH_SHOT = 68 DATE_SUBD = 02/07/1944
Starlets Support War Effort
Two shots of Hedy Lamar and other actresses dressed as nurses raising money for the Red Cross in a movie theater lobby. Followed by several shots of Hedy Lamarr and other actresses at an outdoor war bond rally. Dorothy Lamour speaks into a microphone. Two shots of Carole Lombard accepting donations at a bond rally.
Clark Gable weds Carole Lombard; couple seen on return from honeymoon; several CU
Carole Lombard Outtakes
Carole Lombard laughs and curses when she can't cut a piece of meat during a restaurant scene, another actress sings and whistles after forgetting her lines in a romantic scene, and Lombard yells and runs away when she enters a scene too early. FIC/WA - 1938 - B/W
JTS Testimony ex salaried Orange after trial conviction of the CEO
Sports Page:
ISSUE_NO = 457 NO_OF_ITEMS = 13 ITEM_NO = 8 DESCRIPTION : Santa Anita Handicap. CARD_FILE = 32710 CARD_TITLE : Santa Anita Handicap. SHOT_LIST : 52,000 spectators see "Stagehand" win the Santa Anita Handicap and $50,000. The finish of the race is repeated in slow motion. KEYWORDS : United States of America; Sport; Horse-racing; Personalities - Performers; Marlene Dietrich; Rex Bell; Osa Johnson; Hal Roach; Carole Lombard; Clark Gable; Darryl F. Zanuck; Mrs. Virginia Zanuck; Joe Schenck; Constance Talmade; Personalities - Relatives; Camera Effects; Personalities - Producers; Americans MATERIAL : Lav 4129 Comb Dupe Negative 06385 LENGTH_SHOT = 389 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
Car Theft Surge
A history of Universal Pictures and celebration of its Golden Anniversary in Universal City, California.
A cake celebrating Universal's 50th anniversary is displayed. Thomas Edison seen in his laboratory. Drawing shows woman looking through an Edison Kinetoscope. Hands demonstrate flip card motion pictures. A model of Edison's "Black Maria" studio. Kinescope pictures displayed include 'Charlie Chaplin and the Dumb waiter' , 'Billy West in the Absent Minded Janitor', 'Ham and Bud in The Sausage Factor!', and 'Bill Hart's Best.' A man watches Kinetoscope of a Bill Hart movie with cowboys fighting in a saloon. Scenes from Carl Laemmle's 1909 film 'Hiawatha' Movie set. Cameramen behind hand cranked camera. Outake from 1935's 'East of Java' shows Charles Bickford mauled by a lion. Aerial view of Universal City. Will H. Hays presents Carl Laemmle with plaque honoring 30th year as film maker as Cecille B. Demille, Mary Pickford and Will Rogers look on. Other celebrities include Edward Arnold, Otto Kruger, Jesse Lasky, King Baggot, May Robson, and Binnie Barnes. Clark Gable, Jack Oakie, Jack L. Warner, Carol Lombard, and William Powell at a Hollywood premiere. 'Spartacus' opens at the Pantages theater. The movie 'Back Street' premieres. John Gavin, Anna May Wong, Miyoshi Umeki, James Shigeta, and Nancy Kwan are at the opening of 'Flower Drum Song.' Movie premieres of 'The Pajama Game' and 'Love, Come Back' featuring Rock Hudson, Doris Day, and Tony Randall. John Saxton and Janet Lake attend premier of 'Midnight Lace' Other celebrities include producer Ross Hunter with Julia Meade and Lana Turner. Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin attend premiere of 'Come September' Rock Hudson accepts German film award. Premiere of 'Anaguas a Bordo' with Tony Curtis. Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, and Janet Leigh at premiere of Spartacus. Kirk Douglas attends royal showing of Spartacus in London. Princess Margaret congratulates him as well as Universal President Milton Rackmil and VP Americo Aboaf. Milton Rackmil and Cary Grant Universal's 50th anniversary cake. Location: Universal City California USA. Date: 1962.
Plane Crash Carrying Carole Lombard Shocks Nation
Luxury plane carrying actress Carole Lombard crashed over Nevada / view of plane flying over snowy mountains / rescue crew on mountain looking for crash site / footage of Lombard in Indianapolis working to sell war bonds, wearing fur coat / raising American flag / giving speech / Lombard sold more than 2 million bonds / footage of Lombard with husband Clark Gable just after they were married / clip also includes Will H Hays and Henry F Schricker.
Hollywood stars show up at Santa Anita Park to see Seabiscuit run in the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap
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AFP-19H 16mm; NET-54 Beta SP (at 01:19:05:00); DigiBeta
US Memorabilia - Christies auctions various Warhol, Monroe memorabilia
NAME: US MEMORABILIA 20060616I TAPE: EF06/0532 IN_TIME: 10:03:20:05 DURATION: 00:02:41:17 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: New York - 16 June 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Exterior Christie's auction house 2. Room of film and entertainment collection at Christie's 3. Pan up Andy Warhol clothes, one of three cowboy shirts up for auction, estimated value for each $600- $800 US Dollars 4. Andy Warhol photograph, holding paintbrushes, included in the Lot with the paintbrush 5. Andy Warhol paintbrush, used by the artist in the mid-1980's, estimated value $1,000- $1,500 US Dollars 6. Andy Warhol's trademark silver wig, estimated value $4,000- $6,000 US Dollars 7. Photos, "Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio, Honeymoon in Japan, 1954," estimated value at $800- $1,200 US Dollars 8. Close up photo, "Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio, Honeymoon in Japan, 1954" 9. Pan up fur coat owned by Marilyn Monroe, estimated value $15,000- $25,000 US Dollars 10. SOUNDBITE: (English): Helen Bailey, Head of Entertainment Memorabilia at Christies New York: "We also have some tools of his (Warhol's) trade, if you like, we have one of his paintbrushes which is heavily used and one of his polaroid cameras that we found a photograph of him using in Central Park in the late 60's, so all of these things, they're very, very personal items, a lot of them are appealing not just to Warhol fans, but to our clients who tend to collect very personal celebrity memorabilia." 11. Andy Warhol camera, Kodak Instamatic S-20 camera, estimated value $4,000- $6,000 US Dollars 12. Marilyn Monroe personal address and telephone book, circa 1960-1962, estimated value $10,000- $15,000 US Dollars 13. Page from Marilyn Monroe personal address and telephone book 14. Mahogany wingback armchairs, belonging to Clark Gable, estimated value $800- $1,200 US Dollars 15. Clark Gable Memorabilia 16. Photograph of Clark Gable wearing wristwatch pictured next to photo, lot valued at $2,000- $3,000 US Dollars 17. Photograph of Clark Gable and Jeanette Macdonald, taken on the set of "San Francisco," shows Gable wearing a bracelet given to him by Carole Lombard 18. SOUNDBITE: (English): Helen Bailey, Head of Entertainment Memorabilia at Christies New York "One of the highlights of is certainly this bracelet that Carole Lombard, his (Gable's) wife gave him, they married in 1939 and she died in a plane crash in 1942, but it's always been fairly well know that they were having an affair for many years before they got married in 39, it's interesting because the bracelet is engraved 'I love you C.L.' and we found some photographs of him wearing it certainly as early as 1934, so it's interesting that their affair was really going on for that long, especially when he was married to his previous wife." 19. Close up Clark Gable gold bracelet, given to him by Carole Lombard, estimated value $2,000- $3,000 Us Dollars 20. Audrey Hepburn "Breakfast at Tiffany's" poster, valued at $2,000- $3,000 to poster titled, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," circa 1919, valued at $30,000- $50,000 US Dollars 21. Room of film and entertainment collection at Christies STORYLINE: One of Andy Warhol's signature silver wigs and a bracelet that was a gift from Carole Lombard to Clark Gable will be sold at Christie's in an auction, on the 22nd of June, of film and entertainment memorabilia. The wig, worn by Warhol in the 1980s, has a pre-sale estimate of $4,000 to $6,000. The Warhol memorabilia is being sold by the artist's nephew Jeffrey Warhola and also includes a paintbrush, used by the artist in the mid-1980's, with an estimated value $1,000 to $1,500 US Dollars. In addition to the gold-linked bracelet, inscribed "I Love You CL," Gable's estate is auctioning a copy of the book "Gone With the Wind" inscribed to Gable by producer David O. Selznick. Other highlights include a rare poster from the film "the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and Marilyn Monroe's personal address book from the early 1960s.
Lucky Punch
Shots of a woman knocking out her husband. She then tries to revive him. FIC/WA - 1937 - BW