Scenes of the great tenor singer, Enrico Caruso. Mastered in Apple Pro Res 422 HQ and Uncompressed, available in all forms of HD and SD.
Item title reads - World's Greatest Tenor Dead. Last "Pathe Gazette" portrait of Enrico Caruso - of the golden voice. <br/> <br/>M/S as a doorman opens the door of a car, Caruso steps out with a lady. C/U as he takes his hat off to the camera.
Wilfrid Pelletier, chef d'orchestre et éducateur
Several shots of still photographs of opera singers: 2nd:Galli Curci, 3rd Grace Moore, 4th Enrico Caruso, 7th B. Gigli, 8th Lily Pons. Several stills of Wilfrid Pelletier in his youth.
Enrico Caruso
Shots of Enrico Caruso walking and talking to other men. DOC - 1900's - B/W
AFP-78N 16mm VTM-78N Beta SP
Mahalia Jackson, (born October 26, 1911, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.—died January 27, 1972, Evergreen Park, near Chicago, Illinois), American gospel music singer, known as the “Queen of Gospel Song.” Jackson was brought up in a strict religious atmosphere. Her father’s family included several entertainers, but she was forced to confine her own musical activities to singing in the church choir and listening—surreptitiously—to recordings of Bessie Smith and Ida Cox as well as of Enrico Caruso. When she was 16, she went to Chicago and joined the Greater Salem Baptist Church choir, where her remarkable contralto voice soon led to her selection as a soloist.
1917 Enrico Caruso
b&amp;w - Enrico Caruso - shot of early Telephone - large crowd - singing
Enrico Caruso's brother Giovanni arrives in US
Enrico Caruso, an Italian opera singer on a ship with his family in Italy.
Enrico Caruso in a boat at a harbor in Italy. He talks to his wife. She swims. He holds her baby and talks to her. His wife stands near him. Location: Italy. Date: 1921.
PUBLIC SQUARE 2: library L Nucéra/ the discs
CLEAN : Naples fetes Italy's great tenor Caruso with new museum
A century and a half after his birth, Italian tenor and opera legend Enrico Caruso is finally being celebrated by his hometown of Naples with a new museum (Footage by AFPTV via Getty Images)
Enrico Caruso
Various shots of Enrico Caruso including Caruso on a telephone, the crowd in the Metropolitan Opera House and Caruso singing Over There. DOC - 1910's - B/W
A view of the Caruso Museum, dedicated to the famous Italian...
NAPLES, NAPOLI, ITALY - 2023/07/19: A view of the Caruso Museum, dedicated to the famous Italian tenor Enrico Caruso, inside the royal palace in Naples. (Footage by Marco Cantile/LightRocket via Getty Images)
The Jazz Age wasn't all jazz and crazy fads-opera singer Enrico Caruso received a warm welcome in the United States. Transferred from film to HD - uncompressed and ProRes HQ - available in all forms of HD and SD.
ENRICO CARUSO (#88) (1906-1921)
1951 The Great Caruso trailer
The Great Caruso - 1951 trailer - opera / musical Mario Lanza, Ann Blyth, Dorothy Kirsten biography of Enrico Caruso - opera singer - academy leader - crowd in opera house - Caruso depicted in early recording studio - Caruso depicted in performance
HC-2 35mm; Beta SP; NET-327 Beta SP (at 01:19:11:00); DigiBeta
9H50 in the morning BOURGOGNE FRANCHE-COMTE on Wednesday, November 15, 2017
FR3 / France 3
Enrico Caruso and his family at an Italian port.
Enrico Caruso with his wife arrive in a boat. Caruso and other debark. Caruso and his wife at the dock. Stationary boats in the background.Caruso plays a hand-clapping game with several women. His wife goes into the water to swim. He teases her. Caruso picks up a chair and approaches the cinematographer threatening, playfully, then sets chair down and sits on it, backwards. He engages in fun, joke boxing with a young man. Caruso hold his daughter and his wife stands next to him. [Note: These are last known surviving moving images of Enrico Caruso, taken in Italy 1921, only a few weeks before his untimely death. His daughter Gloria (seen in the film) was born in December 1919, and was a year and a half. Enrico Caruso died from pleurisy in Sorrento on August 2nd, 1921, aged 48.] Location: Italy. Date: 1921.
Beaux Arts Ball; Mrs. Enrico Caruso/Harriman/Mr. Falls/Ms. Root, Jr. attend; CU women paint decorations; CU Mrs. Caruso, Mrs. Harriman paint; CU Mr. Falls, Mrs. Root paint; CU men paint posters, one of which mentionsVOLSTEAD; CU Falls, wife work on poster lettered TEN NIGHTS IN A BARROOM; CU workers, refreshments
FR3 / France 3
1900s Paris France
b&w archival documentary - Paris, France 1900s - audio - arts - scene from Oedipus Rex - scene from Hamlet - Comedie Francaise - opera house - Enrico Caruso - interior theater - 1900s fashions
Woodrow Wilson & Caruso
WW I era shots: closeup of Enrico Caruso, a large crowd accompanies President Woodrow Wilson and his wife walking up some steps, two closeups of Wilson working at his desk, shots of distinguished looking men meeting around a table (probably Wilson's cabinet), crowds wave flags in the streets and read newspapers, a crowd of men stand outside a barber shop. DOC - 1910's - B/W