Las Vegas 1950s
Shots from inside a moving car of the famous strip. Shots inside a gambling casino. More shots from inside the car taking in more famous landmarks. Shots at night of the neon signs.
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Casinos - the major attractions in Las Vegas; neon lights advertising casinos and hotels.
Nighttime views of neon light illuminated attractions, Casinos in Las Vegas: Golden Nugget Gambling Hall, Binion's Horseshoe Casino, Four Queens and Fremont Casino. Visitors walking the sidewalks of the town during the mid 1970s. Location: Las Vegas Nevada USA. Date: November 24, 1976.
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vintage construction, gambling/ casino
News Clip: Gambling Series part one
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
HD SLOW MOTION: Pair Of Aces Falling On A Table
HD1080p: SLOW MOTION CLOSE-UP shot of a pair of aces, also known as "pocket rockets" falling on a table.
Las Vegas Strip, aerial
Forward track over the Las Vegas Strip, USA.
Santee Reservation Casino File
File of the Santee Reservation casino.
Unissued / Unused material - <br/> <br/>A Casino in Old Kent Road, London <br/> <br/>GV gamblers at Chemin de Fer and 'crap' tables. Lots of dice and gambling chips. <br/> <br/>(E/C Neg.)
Sahara Casino Sign in Bright Lights
Signage for the Reno, Nevada, Sahara Casino brightly lit at night.
DN-LB-532 Beta SP
Santa Monica, CA [Gambling Ship Is Gold Mine]
Michel-Edouard Leclerc
Radio France: filmed programmes
Slot Machines In A Casino
A wide shot of a casino is followed by a slightly overhead shot of a man pumping coins into a slot machine. DOC - 1998 - CLR
US Implosion
Famous Las Vegas hotel and Casino demolished
News Clip: Floating casino
B-roll video footage from the NBC 5 television station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Las Vegas Strip, aerial
View over the Las Vegas Strip, USA.
1920s: People ride on swing ride
1920s: People ride on swing ride. Women sit on spinning wheel ride and are tossed off. Roulette wheel in casino spins. People place bets sitting at table. Two women gambling. Women drinks from flask.
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Play casino and lose... his integrity
Radio France: filmed programmes
HD DOLLY: Spreading Cards On A Poker Table
HD1080p: DOLLY shot of an unrecognizable female dealer spreading cards on a poker table.
++Philippines Casino Video
Manila casino shows video of gunman's attack
The River Club, London. <br/> <br/>A look what's in this season at the fashion show of Mayfair Couturiers Ray and Dora Rhavis. <br/> <br/>John Mills and his daughter Hayley are seen in the audience drinking wine. Top shot of models dressed in glamorous cocktail dresses sauntering up the cat walk. Various C/Us of London's fashion elite in the audience. <br/> <br/>M/S of a gambling table in another part of the River Club. C/U of a sexy blonde woman playing cards. C/U of the roulette wheel. More shots of models on the cat walk. C/U of two women in the audience (possibly the Rhavis sisters?) <br/> <br/>According to the narrator models have to walk through the casino to get changed. Various shots of models swishing through unnoticed by the gamblers. A model in a smart suit walks through - gradually the men gambling begin to notice. More models slink past and the gamblers attention is drawn further away from the cards - they give nods of approval and we hear a smattering of applause. L/S of the casino filled with dirty old gamblers flirting with saucy young models. <br/> <br/>Note: shots (including some of John and Hayley Mills) from the male fashions section of this show were used in Colour Pictorial - CP 472 - BEAU MODERN on Pathe Master tape *PM0247*. <br/> <br/>Cuts exist - please see separate record.