US Catholic Scandal - Cardinal says church begs forgiveness for abuse scandal
TAPE: EF02/0252 IN_TIME: 04:23:28 / 07:34:52 DURATION: 1:21 SOURCES: ABC RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: S.California, 26 March 2002 SHOTLIST: 1. SOUNDBITE: (English) Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Catholics in southern California (Part overlaid with priests in audience): "I have never felt so devastated - so sad. I never dreamed that any priest could so betray and defile his vows, and wreak such havoc upon innocent children and youth. We plead for forgiveness from our youth - our young adults who have been so harmed and from our adult Catholics who have placed their trust in us - and have found us wanting. A small group of priests has managed not only to harm so many children and young people - but this small group also dragged the blanket of shame and guilt over the rest of us. Many, many lay people and priests have asked me in the past weeks, when will all of this end? When will it all be over with? I truly believe that the hope for day will come, and not before all those guilty of child abuse whether they be bishops, priests religious or laity are no longer engaged in any ministry of the church." STORYLINE: Roger Mahony, head of America's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, has spoken frankly for the first time about the sexual abuse scandal in the Church. Speaking at on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, he addressed a group of 3-hundred Catholic priests, and asked for forgiveness from the youth. The Roman Catholic Church has struggled with sexual abuse scandals nationwide since January, when it was disclosed that a Boston-area priest suspected of abuse was moved from parish to parish. Mahony, spiritual leader of some five million Roman Catholics in southern California, last month reportedly dismissed up to 12 priests who had allegedly abused minors in the past.
Mohawk Trail
Mohawk Trail. A television program about the Mohawk Trail through northern Massachusetts and New York in the 1960s.. 1960s, Mohawk Trail, New England, Connecticut River, Massachusetts, countryside, French King Bridge, Gill, Erving, Poet's Seat Tower, Greenfield, Deerfield Valley, Town of Greenfield, Mohawk Trail sign, Deerfield River, Mohawk Indian Bridge, father and son looking for Native American artifacts on riverbank, stone head from tomahawk, man pointing to possible Mohawk Trail starting point, paths in woods, cars driving on road, Historic Deerfield, Old Town Hall, Frary House, Asa Stebbins House, Hall Tavern, Wilson House, Memorial Hall, Indian House, tomahawk in hole on door, Hertel de Rouville portrait and seal, names of villagers killed in raid, Old Deerfield Cemetery, Liberty Pole, North Heath Road and Bissell Covered Bridge signs, Bissell Covered Bridge, Shelburne Falls, Bridge of Flowers, Mohawk Park, Wishing Well, Hail to the Sunrise Statue, trail, boys fishing, Adams, McKinley Square, Mount Greylock Veterans War Memorial Tower, people looking at view from top of Memorial Tower, view from top of Memorial Tower, Pontoosuc Lake, sailboats, people paddling in canoes, people swimming with dog in lake, cars driving on road, Williamstown, Main Street with First Congregational Church, Williams College, Haystack Monument, Rensselaer, New York, Fort Crailo, well, Shuckburgh Yankee Doodle sign, living room of Manor House, loophole, Catharina Van Brugh Van Rensselaer portrait, Schenectady, Union College, John Howard Payne Home Sweet Home plaque, Jackson's Gardens, Howe Caverns, man putting Howe Caverns bumper sticker on car, stream, skyscraper, car POV driving on highway, Cooperstown, tulips, Otsego County Jail, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Woodland Museum double decker bus, dioramas, James Fenimore Cooper statue, Fenimore House Museum, exhibits, bronze busts of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Dolley Madison, folk art portrait paintings, Farmers' Museum, buildings, blacksmith hammering horseshoe, man hooking up oxen to cart, woman making gingerbread old fashioned way and baking over dutch oven, Mohawk River, countryside, Jordanville, Holy Trinity Monastery, lilac bushes, priests, farmer riding tractor, Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site, American flag on flagpole, Oriskany Battlefield Monument, museum exhibits, Rome, Delta Dam, Delta Lake, Mohawk River, St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, The Beeches, Roman Wolf Statue, people dining, antipasto buffet, menu being unrolled, Oneida Lake, man fishing in lake, Oswego, man's hand using pointer to point to Mohawk Trail on map, Fort Ontario, Curator Wallace Workmaster leaning against cannon and discussing Fort Ontario, women and children walking under archway, people walking on fort, British flag, French Colonial flag and historic United States flag being raised on flagpoles, soldiers in historic uniforms
“May Processions 1959-1961” Footage approx 650 feet?Type – Kodachrome 50 foot each camera originals?Date 1959 – 1961?OTHER FYI:?originally found in two metal cans with the following camera store brand names: Gemmel Drugs Photo Shop, Ontario ($1.14)?Montclair Pharmacy (,73 cents) These cans & reels were discarded?Content:?Large Catholic Church / School gathering First Communion?Excellent (mostly) exterior footage of campus grounds and hundreds of children and young people and parents! Nuns, priests, staff etc. Better than B roll footage! Unfortunately not once did the filmmaker take a picture of the name of the church or school? Well shot footage, very nice!
A catholic priest kneels in prayer at a church in Hiroshima, Japan.
A Catholic church (Jesuit Church of Our Lady of the Assumption Hiroshima, Japan) and newly constructed houses in Hiroshima, Japan. A Catholic Jesuit priest walks from underneath a choir loft, at his side are four Japanese children. The Jesuit priest kneels in prayer. A church tower with debris in the foreground. The priest looks around the gutted interior while at his side stand the four children. A small barley field amid the ruins along the south east section of Hiroshima being tended by the owner. Newly constructed houses built on the former site of Japanese Transport Regiment Barracks which is located north of Gokoku Shrine (21-2 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0011, Japan) in Hiroshima.A Catholic church (Jesuit Church of Our Lady of the Assumption Hiroshima, Japan) and newly constructed houses in Hiroshima, Japan. A Catholic Jesuit priest walks from underneath a choir loft, at his side are four Japanese children. The Jesuit priest kneels in prayer. A church tower with debris in the foreground. The priest looks around the gutted interior while at his side stand the four children. A small barley field amid the ruins along the south east section of Hiroshima being tended by the owner. Newly constructed houses built on the former site of Japanese Transport Regiment Barracks which is located north of Gokoku Shrine (21-2 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0011, Japan) in Hiroshima.A Catholic church (Jesuit Church of Our Lady of the Assumption Hiroshima, Japan) and newly constructed houses in Hiroshima, Japan. A Catholic Jesuit priest walks from underneath a choir loft, at his side are four Japanese children. The Jesuit priest kneels in prayer. A church tower with debris in the foreground. The priest looks around the gutted interior while at his side stand the four children. A small barley field amid the ruins along the south east section of Hiroshima being tended by the owner. Newly constructed houses built on the former site of Japanese Transport Regiment Barracks which is located north of Gokoku Shrine (21-2 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0011, Japan) in Hiroshima. Location: Hiroshima Japan. Date: April 8, 1946.
Catholic Mission-style church in the US
The nation mourns the passing of His Eminence Patrick Cardinal Hayes, the Archbishop of New York and Cardinal Priest of the Roman Catholic Church. He is remembered with an excerpt from a speech he gave in support of children and the future.
DWZ-22 Beta SP (PAL)
/n00:00:00:00 /nLIVE FROM ROME: Crisis in the Priesthood; with Connie Chung; Interview (taped earlier) with Bishop Wilton Gregory, Pres, US Conference of Bishops; GUESTS: Ellen Brem, priest abuse ...
1960s Home Movies First Communion
color - home movies - super 8 - 8mm - 1960s east coast - family - families - nostalgia - boys & girls leave church for first communion - pose with priest - family of four pose for outside home in yard - they wave to camera - 2 girls in white dresses - 3 little girls - Christianity - Catholic Church - religious ceremony - kids - children - playing - play
Lucien Larre Aquittal
In Regina, Catholic priest Lucien Larre was fined 2,500 and given a one-day jail term on two assault-related charges relating to youth. He was convicted of forcing pills down the throat of teen Susan Powers as a lesson on drug use. A jury aquitted Larre of nine charges, including sexual abuse. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
A Catholic procession leaves St. Nicholas Church and proceeds along the streets of Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Catholics attend mass in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Catholic churchgoers pray inside the St. Vitus Cathedral (III. nádvorí 48/2, 119 01 Praha 1-Hradcany, Czechia) of Prague. Children with flowers stand in front. An old woman worships. Worshipers pray near the tomb of the Kings of Bohemia. A procession leaves the Catholic church of St. Nicholas (Malostranske nám., 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia) and proceeds along the streets of Prague. The procession passes in front of an arcade and arrive at a street altar. Girls in white veils and dresses walk in the procession. Nuns and priests in the parade. Location: Prague Czechoslovakia. Date: 1946.
Rice, food for refugees during the Battle of Shanghai; Priest Jacquinot de Besange
00:00:00:00 Interview with priest outside church/ wide of modern church/ beautiful blue sky/ people out shopping in the sunshine/ traffic and street scenes/ people looking through market stall/ the ne ...
The 90's, episode 307: VIDEO KIDS
00:20 Cold open with Jade Carroll. TV woos you in - you watch it and sometimes you become a TV addict! 1:13 Martha Dewing by Skip Blumberg. Martha Dewing, editor of Children's Video Report, cites some frightening statistics on the prevalence of TV in children's lives. She says that parents don't want their children to be exposed to violence on television, but it happens through ignorance. 03:17 Jade Carroll and Molly Kovel by Dee Dee Halleck. Jade and Molly, two young girls, review the findings of a Weekly Reader survey of 5th and 6th graders. This survey cla ims alarming levels of television viewing amongst children in this age category, including the fact that 23% call themselves TV addicts. However, the girls proudly proclaim themselves to be above this trend. As for Jade: I've gone months without watching TV. 05:51 Media Class by Appalshop and Suzie Wehling. A survey of the communications program at Whitesburg High School in Kentucky. Despite being located in one of the poorest counties in America, they have a newspaper, a weekly radio show and a video class. One girl comments as she puts the paper together: The reason people put what we do down is because we're doing stuff better than what they're doing. They're kind of amazed we got the skills to do that. 10:15 Rockin' Robin by Robbie Leppzer. In Holyoke, Massachusetts, four girls sing and perform Rockin' Robin. 12:48 Ariana by Skip Blumberg. Two little girls are asked what tape they'd like to rent at the video store if they could rent anything. The girls want to see The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover because it is NC-17 and they want to know what adult movies are all about. The girls think that adults are trying to hide funny parts and scary parts from them and that children are missing out on these funny things. 15:48 Philip Morris Protest by Skip Blumberg. Skip Blumberg talks to the security manager (who is smoking a pipe!) at the Philip Morris headquarters in New York about getting an interview, but he is denied on the grounds that he has no press credentials. A group of protesters surround the headquarters. Their grievances include the way Philip Morris targets children and they demand a stop to advertising near schools and playgrounds. Children make up a large portion of those protesters. Anti-smoking activist Rev. Calvin O. Butts attempts to lead a coalition that includes Chicago community activist and Catholic priest Fr. Michael Flager to speak with the heads of the company. They are denied. Butts promises to return and take over the building. 23:51 Erica Becker by Eddie Becker. Erika discusses the issue of teen smoking with her father. She says, Kids do things that are bad because their parents don't let them do stuff... I have friends who are smoking because their parents don't want them to smoke. Her dad counters, So you're saying you don't smoke because your parents encouraged you to smoke? She replies, No, but they say, 'It's your life. You can ruin it if you want to.' 28:26 More from Martha Dewing. We have to remember as adults that the kids are experiencing things now - they don't have any point of reference from three years ago, ten years ago - they're watching TV! 28:46 Copeira by Bart Friedman. Scenes from a class of young people learning the acrobatic martial art of Copeira in Salvador, Brazil. 30:28 Dr. Melanie Tarvalon by Starr Sutherland. Dr. Melanie Tarvalon, a pediatrician, says that black youths between 15-25 have a better chance of being killed than graduating from an institute of higher learning. There's nothing connected with color that makes African-American youth engage in violent behavior... This is a society that has violence everywhere you turn... I think its a mistake to blame African American youth for the violence that occurs in our communities. 32:13 Sean Parker by Fred Bridges. Ex-gang member Sean Parker warns a group of students against getting involved in gangs: Gang banging will take you further than you want to go, make you spend more than you want to pay, and keep you longer than you want to stay. Gang bangers don't live to become administrators or doctors and they don't live to become lawyers and judges. They live to become prisoners... or you will find them in the grave... 35:00 Schooled Down Home by Teresa Tucker-Davies. Piney Woods Academy in Mississippi orchestrates a program that brings down kids from Chicago housing projects to live in a safer environment. Philip Woods, a student in the program says, Everybody should get an opportunity to go down there and get a taste of that atmosphere down there... I thought I'd have to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life [to make sure that there was no one behind me]. 47:11 Irian Jaya by Mary Lou Witz. Kids in Irian Jaya, Indonesia scramble after a yellow balloon. 47:30 Betty Aberlin by Skip Blumberg. Aberlin from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood claims her success in children's programming is due to her arrested state of mental development, claiming she functions better in make believe than in reality. 47:48 Cheers Kids by Skip Blumberg. In Brooklyn, a troupe of young girls perform a rhythmic cheer: Hey Champions, ready for the first beat? Pick it up and bring back down... 49:14 Capital Children's Museum by Eddie Becker. In Washington D.C., we visit the animation lab at the Capital Children's Museum. Kids prepare the animated explosion of New York: It'll be funny to look at New York sink ... Chris Grotke talks about 5-year-old David Cook's piece, The New Exciting Galaxy of Space Dog and Space Kid from which some excerpts are shown. 53:06 Boy with a Microphone by Bill Stamets. Rutland, VT. A little boy with a microphone wanders around, interviewing residents of a farm. He comes across some pigs and asks, What do you explain? The pigs oink, to which he replies, Pigs, they don't explain anything. They're just pigs. He then tells the pigs to shut up when their oinking interrupts his investigation of a toy box. Access Only
NT MS people sitting in a box seat, INT MS 4 altar boys walk up to altar with objects, pope blesses them ;MS bishop holding big bible over head, walking w/altar boys, Pope stands up, PAN MS cardinals praying ;CU INT cardinal roger mahoney praying, WS INT catholic clergy standing & praying inside church ;MS 2 elderly nuns praying, MS INT pope seated, delivering prayer ;MS INT row of cardinals bowing at altar, MS pope reading from a book being held by 2 altar boys ;MS INT POV row of cardinals praying, focused at mahoney, orthodox priest standing at end of screen ;VAR INT various Z-IN/OUT of church service & church interior ;CU bishop holding a plate of cardinals' hats, VAR people in church ;CU cardinal's hands clapping, then clasping, MS cardinal roger mahoney ;MS INT mahoney being led to altar, pope crowns mahoney cardinal, mahoney bows & leave;INT MS mahoney greeting other cardinals, while other archbishop gets crowned cardinal ;PAN WS audience in church applauding ;VAR archbishops being elevatedto cardinals ;MS INT children's choir being led by a priest, w/ adult choirs in bkgd ;
Hong Kong Child Abuse - Priest arrested, two others accused in sex abuse scandal
TAPE: EF02/0382 IN_TIME: 07:15:46 DURATION: 1:16 SOURCES: ATV RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Hong Kong - 4-5 May 2002 SHOTLIST: 1. Former priest, with head covered by coat, being taken to police station 2. Various of Catholic church in Hong Kong 3. Interior of church during Sunday mass 4. Close-up of notice posted outside church, reading "The diocesan authorities cannot and will not tolerate paedophile practices in any shape or form." 5. Cutaway from inside church 6. SOUNDBITE: (Cantonese) Chan Chi-ming, priest: "We should always teach our children how to protect themselves and their bodies. Adults should also try hard to protect children." 7. Cutaway people leaving church after Sunday mass 8. SOUNDBITE: (Cantonese), Vox-pop, local Catholic: "I think parents should take more responsibility and care about our children and how our children are dealing with Catholic priests in general." 9. Various people leaving church STORYLINE: A former Catholic priest in Hong Kong, arrested for allegedly committing indecent assault on a teenager 11 years ago, was released on bail on Sunday after police detained him overnight for questioning. The 42-year-old man, known only as Lau, became the first suspect to be arrested after the Roman Catholic Church in Hong Kong admitted on Thursday that three of its priests had sexually abused children. The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong said earlier that the church had received five child sex abuse complaints and had begun investigations. The church has declined to reveal details of the cases, but it said out of the three priests accused of molesting children, two were local Chinese and had been suspended from public ministry, while the third offence took place in another country prior to the priest coming to Hong Kong. During its Sunday masses, the church tried to reassure its members that it would not tolerate child sex abuse. Admitting that its past policy in handling priests who have sexually abused children might not be adequate, the church pledged to form an inter-disciplinary committee for a review of its procedures. The accusations echo the scandals that have rocked the Catholic church in the United States, where abuse claims have resulted in multi-million dollar law suits and calls for senior figures to resign over claims they ignored the priests activities.
DN-LB-523 Beta SP
War-Torn Chapei A sorry Wreck After Big Battle
DVD NEWSFEED: 4/17-21/2008 POPE BENEDICT XVI, BLACK WIDOWS TRIAL, NM WILDFIRES,GASOLINE HIGH PRICES VARIOUS ;DX-EXT AERIAL HILTON HEAD SC, GOLFING IMAGES OF PGA TOURNAMENT, MAKES THE PUTT, BIRDIE, GOLFERS, CROWDS IN BG ;DX-EXT IL PRO-BASEBALL REDS/CUBS TOM ARNOLD PITCHES BALL, YOUNG GIRL IN STANDS WATCHES;DX-EXT DC, POPE BENEDICT XVI VISIT, greets officials, speaks to crowd about sex abuse scandal ;repeat Pope's visit DX-INT DC, POPE'S SPOKESMAN ON MEETING WITH ABUSE VICTIMS, T/H DX-EXT DC, POPE BENEDICT XVI, LEAVES CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY IN POPEMOBILE, WAVES TO CROWD SECRET SERVICE ON FOLLOW VEHICLE ;DX-EXT MI UAW STRIKE, crowds of protesters and people with pickets, t/h interviews workers;DX-EXT OH POPE BENEDICT XVI, SERVICE, STUDENTS, Nun, t/h from students ON the pope's visit ;DX-EXT NC ENVIRONMENT, Catawba river endangered aerials of river and trees, aerial view of river, goes to dusk ;DX-TX CAMPAIGN 2008, GOV. NEWSER ON RACE, confident John McCain is the best choice to lead America, RGA ;repeat of Baseball Tom Arnold pitches ball ;HEALTHWATCH adhd HEART CONCERN PKD dumping out pills, measuring drugs, cu of blood pressure machine, stethoscope ;repeat of above, images of ECG or EKG outcome on paper readout ;CAMPAIGN 2008, AL, McCainvists school in Thomasville, greets parents and kids, shakes hands, kids chant USA;DX-EXT CA DOG ABANDONED BY FORECLOSURE OWNER, rescue by ASCPA, empty bowls no food or water ;DX-EXT CA BLACK WIDOWS MURDER TRIAL, suspect put into car,Olga Rutterschmidt, Ellen Golay ;DX-INT NV, LOST DOG REUNITED WITH OWNER, AND OTHER PETS, COCKERSPANIEL TYPE OF DOG, T/H OWNER ;DX-EXT NM WILDFIRES GROUND VIDEO, CU OF SPRINKLER, VARIOUS RESCUE VEHICLES, HELICOPTER TAKES OFF ;DX-EXT NM AERIALS WILDFIRES, SMOKE AND FLAMES, SCRUB BRUSH, MTNS, FIRE RETARDANT DROPPING PLANE, SEVERAL PASSES ;BRAZIL SEARCH MISSING PRIEST, LEADING PRAYERS, HOMEMADE BALLOON VEHICLE LAUNCHED, AIR SEARCH FOR MISSING PRIEST ;SC ST. SENATOR DUI ARREST, NX-POLICE VEHICLE, TALKING TO SENATOR, READING HIM HIS RIGHTS, POLICE VIDEOTAPE ;DX-EXT SC SCHOOL THREAT t/h, police on phone, crime scene investigation nothing much happening ;DX-INT TX, SCAFFOLDING COLLAPSE LAWSUIT NEWSER, PRESS CONFERENCE T/H ;CAMPAIGN 2008, PA, HILLARY CLINTON, campaigns,speech, crowd claps;MEDICAL HEPARIN FILE, BAGS AND BOTTLES, OF HEPARIN, vials,map of China, lab had no operating license, FDA bldg ;DX-EXT CA PROTEST CA STUDENTS OVER BUDGET CUTS, students protest on campus, orderly crowd, woman w/megaphone;DX-NYC LAURA BUSH ATTENDS FIRST BLOOM EVENT, talks to children,plants bulbs in park w/children, w/park rangers, speech;DX-LA GW BUSH AND CANADIAN PM STEPHEN HARPER, seating and talking with each other, trade between US/MEX/CANADA :NX-VENEZUELA BOMB SCARE CANCELS FLIGHTS, empty airport, planes parked on runways, very dark images , Air Europa ;DX-EXT CA, STEALING GAS FROM STATION TANKS, clean-up after gas stolen from tanks at gas station, firemen sweep up ;HIGH PRICES OF GASOLINE, people pumping, signs with prices of gasoline, $4.19, t/h gas prices ;DX-INT OK, WOMAN CHARGED SEX WITH TEEN, BOOKING PHOTOS, playground, elementary school ext, t/h officials ;HIGH GAS PRICES,SIGNS, $4.09, t/h about prices, lots of signs, graphic of prices, cars on freeway, pumping gas ;
Hungarian refugees working in factories, attending school in Chicago.
Sign reads "State of Illinois Department of Labor Division of Unemployment Compensation Illinois State Employment Service Affiliated with United States Employment Service". An Illinois State Employment Agency officer picks up a rotary dial phone to make calls. Employee making calls and inspecting files. A Hungarian refugee talking on phone and smiling. State Employment Agency Officer reads a file on his desk while talking on the phone. A worker lifts a cogwheel and puts it on a bench. Worker grinding teeth on a cogwheel. A Hungarian refugee cleaning a lathe at the Jones-Dabney Co. factory in Chicago. Hungarian refugee wears a white "Jones-Dabney Co." cap while working. A Hungarian woman works as a draftsman. Draftsmen drawing at drafting tables. External view of a Chicago area Catholic school. Elementary students attend class at a Catholic school in Chicago. Hungarian refugees attend Catholic school. A priest teaches students reading. "My Captain Boy Savior" is written above the blackboard. Hungarian refugee girls listening in class. Hungarian girl reading a Catholic children's book, "This is our Town: Faith and Freedom" (by M.A. Sister M. Marguerite, S.N.D.). "Boy Savior Our Guiding Star" written on the wall of the classroom. First grade students learn to write using crayons. Location: Chicago Illinois USA. Date: December 1956.
Church blessing for family pets at All Saints Catholic Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today.
EBC-136 Beta SP
Funeral procession of villagers in Bad Gastein after devastating avalanche