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Interview with John Loftus pt 2
INTERVIEWER:,How did you become an expert on the Middle East and Arab history?,50:44:03>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, Yeah you know unless you have a couple thousand dollars to spend on a bio warfare suit and the supplies don't go. You'll just put another strain on the resources. ,INTERVIEWER:,They don't want tourists?,49:57:09>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, Well I made the mistake of asking my friends in the intelligence community to tell me every dirty trick we ever pulled on Israel and put it in the book called The Secret War Against the Jews and that came out in 91. and I think ever since then I have been deluged with people from various intelligence communities with more and more information about what's really going on in terrorism. I visited Jonathan Pollard in prison and heard his side of the story and I think that's gonna be a very interesting way to have a new book about how we got involved in this? Why are we at war in the Middle East? What could we have done differently? And quite frankly I think that our policy makers both democrats and republicans had a people that were blinded to ah the growing rise of Saudi founded terrorism. And that's the bottom line for me is there was enough money to generate a whole wave of terrorism. The Saudis use to brag that everyone in our State Department is so nice to them because they know when they retire they'll be taken care of. see it's not a bribe if you don't pay the money till them until the day after they leave government service. Then give them a book contract or a consulting contract.,51:53:13>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, A lot of double dipping. Steve Emerson did a very good expose of that. um so the Saudis found you can't by the US government but boy you can rent corners of the State Department. ,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,52:19:08>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, Yeah I have a, I think there's a lot of people within the US that if you give them enough money they would ah express their anti-Semitism in the form of terrorism. There was a sweet little professor at the university of South Florida named Sammy Alarian and a bunch of my friends in the CIA and FBI came and said look this guys a major terrorist. He and this professor Mashala are running Islamic jihad. Professor Shala by that time had taken off to Syria. He's now publicly known as the world leader of the Palestinian Islamic jihad. But professor Alarian was still there. ,INTERVIEWER:,Ramadan Shala?,52:55:23>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, Yeah Ramadan Shala was the ah 95 took over the Palestinian Islamic jihad. He's probably the leading director of suicide bombs into Israel. And ah but his partner in America, I couldn't believe the evidence professor Alarian was traveling around the country video taping terrorist conventions. And was being introduced as the head of Islamic jihad in America which is called by a different name you know for security reasons. And um after Alarian speaks he's standing under the poster for the passing Islamic jihad and the man who introduced him gets up and says now who will give me $500 to kill and shoot. We have people standing by in Jerusalem who will go out and stab at you. Who will give me $500 and make your checks out to ICP. ICP was Sammy Alarian's Florida charity. These guys were getting tax deductions for terrorism. The money would come the Saudi charities in Virginia, through Sammy's charities in Florida straight to the Islamic jihad to send suicide bombers.,54:04:17>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, A remarkable system. So I drew up a lengthy complaint filled with classified information and I, because of my previously high security clearances I had to give CIA and the other government agencies warning and give them an opportunity to sensor the complaint. And ah the FBI came to visit me and said how'd you find out some of this stuff there are only 21 people in the US government knew this now you're 22. said sorry I can't tell attorney client privilege. The day before I was to file the complaint I got a call from the justice department. They said please give us more time we really are gonna shut down the Saudi charities in Virginia that fund the terrorist groups. I said yeah that's what you told me in January and again in February and now it's March. So I'll give you till 4 o'clock tomorrow (PAUSE) And so I filled my complaint under embargo at 10 and an hour later the government launched operation green quest.,54:58:22>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, They finally raided the Saudi charities. and as they're digging through the computer records, that's why you see in the crackdowns on the Hamas groups and the Islamic jihad groups and all the little terrorist groups the Saudis were funding here. It was easier for the Saudis to fund terrorists groups in the United States because our surveillance was so weak. The minute they heard the word Saudi they just all turned away. And so they were actually having terrorist conventions in the United States because we were the safest place in the world for terrorist to meet.,INTERVIEWER:,Are we getting the John Malvo story right or is he possibly a ?,55:36:22>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, No he was just a nut case. I don't think there's much to that. I think these guys are (PAUSE) there will always be that sick 1% of the public that you know wants to be known throughout history. Look at Saddam Hussein there is a man who gives himself the Hitler salute in the mirror everyday. I mean he wants to go down in history as the Arab Hitler. He's may say he's mad or pathologically evil but he's still a genius. He still has an awful lot of power. Ah people like him we made mistakes in tolerating that kind of behavior. We should have been advocating democracy, education, tolerance. Instead we were letting the worst bigots and the dictators rise to power as long as they sell us oil at a discount.,INTERVIEWER:,What would you say is the wisdom for the Bush Middle East policy?,56:31:11>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Well I think the current Bush administration is very different than his dad ok. His dad was the leading Saudi lobbyist. Vice president Bush pounded the table in front for Ronald Reagan saying that we should bomb Israel. We should bomb and Israeli airbase because they had just bomb the Ociac reactor in Iraq. And Saddam Hussein was our friend. Luckily Regan talked former president Bush out of that.,56:55:09>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Young President Bush is a very different guy towards Israel. Um a few years ago a friend of mine from Florida Mel Semler who is now our ambassador to Rome. Back then Mel took governor Bush to Israel and their tour guide was Sharron. So the 2 men got to know each other. They toured the whole country and it really changed his attitudes. So unlike his father and his grandfather for the first here is a you know a member of the Bush family who is really pro Israel. That's never happened before. ,INTERVIEWER:,Anything else on George Bush Senior ?,57:34:07>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Well for years after he left office former President Bush were partners with the Bin Laden family. With a company called the Carlyle Group. And they were the leading lobbyist for the Saudis in Washington DC. The Carlyle Group is probably the most influential firm for the Saudi interest. And after 911 the Bin Laden family quietly resigned and they're allowed to leave the United States under very expedited circumstances so as not to embarrass the President, the former President. There's a lot of things that will be coming out on that.,INTERVIEWER:,What about the Bush policy to replace Arafat?,58:27:07>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,I it is true that we sort of were heavy handed in our demand that they replace Arafat as the Palestinian leader. It also true that most of the Palestinians desperately want Arafat to go. But on their own time and their own schedule and they will all rally together if we tell them he must go. I think Arafat is not gonna out live or outlast Saddam Hussein. That Saddam Hussein is really the last major money source for Arafat and as the American intelligence groups go through the Iraqi archives the money trail to Arafat is becoming clearer and clearer. We know the money has been funneled to him to launch terror attacks in Israel. The Syrians know this too. The Syrians have told all of their terror groups to have no communication with Arafat because they're afraid that ah once the US goes into Iraq and find the links to Arafat that they're gonna blame Syria for these attacks against Jews., INTERVIEWER:,You mentioned so many things calling attention of police besides Israeli policy, settlements (PAUSE)Israeli checkpoints. Can you really INAUDIBLE or are they actually a solution?,00:25:22>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,I think that Israel has a reactive policy towards terrorism that every time there is a new terrorist attack they close down the checkpoints and have more security precautions. And all that does is disrupt the Palestinian economy further and irritate the moderate Palestinians. Um the Israelis ultimate weapon is the economic one. The average resident of Gaza there's a per capita income of 1,700 a year. the average Israeli 17,000. 80% of Palestinian families derive their income from the Israeli economy. They have really no economy of their own. By closing down the Israeli economy it's really bankrupted the Palestinian people. They have had no benefits form the peace process and all of the burdens. Um we need to think outside the box. You know I think if you just build a wall around Israel it's very expensive and ah it will effectively sentence the Palestinian people to a lifetime of misery.,01:29:18>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,One of the things being suggested, and this is sort of interesting, is that we do in Iraq what we did in Afghanistan. Find the last king put him back on the throne, hold a constitutional convention. Well the Hashemite's were the last king in Iraq. So the king of Jordan's family could effectively reassume the throne of Iraq . they're descendants of the prophet Mohamed. It would be a step towards the restoration of the Kal--- INAUDIBLE . So you would see you know a Kurdish province, a Suny province, a Shea province maybe even a Palestinian province. There's a lot of talk about giving the West Bank back to Jordan. Right now they don't want to do it because the it would upset their demography so much. the Palestinians would have an overwhelming majority. But ah it is interesting that if you immerge Iraq and Jordan then the Palestinians become a tiny minority in a much larger kingdom.,02:26:23>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Now the Jordanians have no love for Palestinian terrorists. I mean King Abdullah's grandfather Abdullah the 1st was killed in 1948 precisely because he wanted to make peace with Israel. In black September the Hashemite's killed more Palestinians in 1 month than Israel has killed in 50 years. So Arafat would not survive long under Hashemite dynasty. 5 thousand Hasemite troops have been quietly moved into the West Bank in the last 30 days. 12,000 more are scheduled to arrive in the next 12 months. and to build have up a total of some 20,000 Hashemite troops. What I think you're going to see over the next year or two is that the king of Jordan will gradually take police power over the West Bank the Israelis will pull out. the king of Jordan, from what I'm told from my friends in the intelligence community, is quietly willing to offer the settlers dual citizenship. They will be both Jordanian and Israeli. So they can stay in site. ,03:33:21>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Um it'll be interesting to have Iraq and Palestine and Jordan all ruled by Hashemite ruler who is at peace with Israel, pro-western and favors democracy. , INTERVIEWER:,Doesn't sound like much of a majority to have Hashemite rule 3 societies each one of which the majority is non hashemite. Isn't that against Bush's whole theory of spreading democracy?,04:02:22>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,The idea 1958 Iraq actually had a democracy. It was headed by a monarchy as there was in England but they had a parliament it was a working functioning system. They want to restore that. but the idea is that by going back to the way things stood before World War I um the southern caliphate of Arabia you can unite all disparate and ethnic groups but with a democratic base. Each one would have autonomous self rule in their own province but be part of a democratic collation presided over if name if not in fact by the Hashemite's. now this whole idea is terribly threatening to the Saudis. Because they were the ones that threw the Hashemites out of Mecca and Median at gunpoint. And the idea of the Hashemites returning is horrible. Almost as bad of a democracy. Democracy and the Hashemites is the ultimate poison to the Saudis.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,05:05:17>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,I don't think that the current administration is going to stop short. I think that we're gonna all the way in. we're gonna establish democracy in Iraq. There's been a lot of skepticism we're doing it for oil. People don't get it we don't really care who pumps the oil in Iraq. You know we'd be happy to hold it in trust for the Iraq people and not take a penny of profit. We've already made that offer. What happens is that once the Americans go in and establish a democracy in Iraq the sanction limits end. Iraq is only allowed to pump 1 million barrels a day. potentially it could pump 5 to 8 million almost as much as Saudi Arabia. So we wouldn't have to buy oil from the Saudis anymore. More importantly however pumps the oil whether it's Iraq companies or French companies on behalf of the Iraqis American ones more oil in the world causes prices to fall. Oil prices have the elasticity of a chain they go right down.,06:01:22>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,So if we dropped oil from 30 or 40 dollars a barrel down to 19 or 20 dollars a barrel that would effectively bankrupt Saudi Arabia. ,INTERVIEWER:,Is Saudi Arabia next? Is Saudi Arabia the next target for change? What is next? ,06:17:10>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Libya. ,INTERVIEWER:,What happens next? ,06:24:23>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Do you remember a weird speech that was made about the axis of evil ok. there's a bit to that. um when we go into Iraq we expect that we will find a document saying that some 405 Iraqi nuclear scientist have been moved to Libya. And that they're being equipped with plutonium from North Korea. That Kadafi has completed hallowing out a mountain to build a nuclear bomb assembly plant. And this hallowed out mountain is impervious to conventional bombings. Um so ah remember Bunker Buster bombs we used in the Gulf War it would go through 100 feet of concrete then explode. Well we have a new one now that may penetrate a 1000 feet of rock. And it can either carry a thermo barrack warhead or more likely a miniature nuclear bomb that would fry all the nuclear inside the mountain but collapse the mountain on top so no radiation escapes.,07:29:08>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,When we go into Iraq I think you're gonna see an intelligence treasurer trove. You're gonna find illegal weapons with French manuals and Cyrillic markings. We already know there were 80 German companies that were supplying Saddam Hussein. how many of them of were acting in violation of UN embargo. They've been doing it all along. I think Saddam Hussein is so confident because he knows precisely that France, Russia and china are making a fortune. They're all exporting his oil right now. the UN bureaucracy is making a fortune. The UN gets 2% of all the oil sold out of Iraq under their sanctions program. That's their administrative fee. It's the largest cash cow in UN history. And the bureaucrats don't want the gravy train to end. French companies have 60 billion dollars worth of contracts in Iraq. They don't want it to end. And the Chinese want to get a foothold in the area. So they're willing to start trouble too. In the long run it's all about the oil.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE? ,08:52:18>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,The multinational corporations are the last pirates in the world. They look after multi national interests and not after American national interests and it's time we realized that. these guys are out to make a buck. Oil prices are going to drop in the long term not just because of Iraq. In 5 years from now we we'll have finished a pipeline across Afghanistan. The new Caspian base oil discoveries are about the size of the Alaskan ones. We're gonna help the Russians build a pipeline to the pacific ocean to ship Russian oil to California. So the worlds gonna be a wash in oil in a very short time. um and every 10 years someone says that we're gonna run out of oil 10 years and that's been going on since 1910. um and we keep finding you know new and better oil discoveries.,09:39:01>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,I think that President Bush was right, I hate to admit it I'm a democrat, but he was right about ah we do need to switch to the hydrogen fuel cell approach. You know our coal fields can generate in an environmentally safe manner and have hydrogen to run everything in the United States. The waste product is pure water. And that's not so bad.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE? ,10:06:10>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,There's a major war going on inside the White House right now between what I call Bush's daddy's crowd the old oil and the traditional you know support the Arabs at all cost cause they're selling us the oil and the new people Condoleeza Rice I think is an absolute genius. Um and she really knew these terrorist groups back when the Russians were funding them. and now that the Saudis are funding them she knows how to the game is played. So I think there's a real sense in the White House that we simply can't afford to give into dictators anymore. No more appeasing the Saudis. 9/11 showed us the price that we have to pay for that. Um we have to bring democracy to the Arabian peninsula. We should have done it 50 years ago. Better late than never.,INTERVIEWER:,Will Saudi Arabia become an out right enemy or will it not go quite that far do you think? ,10:57:21>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Um one of the problems is if you take away the Saudi royal family you probably get some provinces in Saudi Arabia that would vote for Osoma Bin Laden. Ok so there is some sense that maybe the best thing to do is simply to back off turn our attentions to Iran and Libya.,11:16:25>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Iran is ripe for a democratic revolution. 83% of the population want the Mullahs out they want democracy back. I think we should support that.,INTERVIEWER:,Pakistan's run by INAUDIBLE and they've got nukes. ,11:35:12>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, I would say that about 25% of the Pakistani population would be supporters of the Islamic extremists but because of the peculiarity of the Pakistani electoral system those extremists have an inordinate impact on ah the legislation. Pakistan is, is only a democracy in a name. It really isn't it's a dictatorship. It's controlled by the army. Turkey is much the same problem. They have about 25% of their population are you know hardcore Muslim radicals but the army literally controls the power behind the scenes in Turkey. What we're finding out is that education, freedom of the press really destroys a lot of the old myths. They find out that um Israel is not in some crusading alliance with America to destroy Islam. That Israel has been respectful and tolerant of Islam. That we're not the enemy. That maybe the enemy all along has been Muslim dictators who distract their own people with waves of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. I mean we need to do a better job of educating the kids over there so we don't have another generation of bigots.,INTERVIEWER:,If we're able to pop up democracy all over the Middle East will Jews get a break? ,13:58:26>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,If democratic states pop up all over the Arabian peninsula yeah I think it would be good for Israel. In the first place it would cut off rogue states and communication with each other. Democratic nations rarely vote to go to war or institute terrorism. But you know Israel and America share a common bond apart from you know love and respect for each other we are modern nations. That's one of the reasons I believe that Israel has been so persecuted for you were the first religion in the world to require literacy to practice your faith. By the year 85 BC every Jewish village no matter how small had to have a teacher. Widespread public education. And I think that that caused a tremendous growth not just culturally but in terms of business that the Jews became the postmen of the Middle East because they could always read and write. And wherever Jews settled they could recreate their culture . they were the people of the book. Um I think Asian kids in California maybe they're the new Jews today. you know they arrive in this country within 1 generation they're talking about too many Asian valedictorians let's put quotas on Asian kids in med school and law school. Exactly what's done to the Jews in the US 30 years ago.,15:17:15>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,So ah the only way for Jews to safe is to increase the education levels of their neighbors to the point where they can understand that you know how they have been manipulated into hating Jews and hating America. Modernity isn't the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy.,INTERVIEWER:,What should be the future of Israel now that the cold war is over and the paradigm has changed? ,15:44:12>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,We should be open and honest about our relationship with Israel. I remember in the Gulf War we actually flew wounded soldiers in planes over Israel to have them treated in hospitals in Germany. You know how many kids had their lives endangered because we didn't want to use perfectly world class hospitals inside Israel. It was as if we were embarrassed to be allies of Israel. We're not embarrassed anymore.,INTERVIEWER:,Can you expand on that? ,16:15:09>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Well I think that ah someone said Israel is Americas largest aircraft carrier. That ah we are of a great staging area both in Haifa where we bring supplies ashore and in Alat. One of the reasons we were concerned about Alat and Akaba was that Akaba was the port where we were gonna be resupplying a lot of the troops going into Iraq. We were concerned about chemical attacks in that area. That's why ah there's a battery of the new improved patriot missile and the new arrow 2 missile that section we have to keep the ships bringing the supplies in (PAUSE) training with the Israelis. We're learning a lot from Israeli tactics in urban warfare for example when we are going to send armored units it to seize the inter sections and strong points. But the door to door stuff will only be done at night when we use night vision glasses. We have a new imaging device that can see through walls. We have thermo barrack hand grenades that can stun the occupants without waves of concussion without setting everything on fire and burning the building down. So ah you know one general told me recently that he thinks we're gonna see more red white and blue flying in the streets of Baghdad when we liberated them like we did in Kabul., ,17:35:29>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, And Israel has played an important part of this. Israeli intelligence has been terrific. Israeli pilots have been flying our special forces troops into Iraq to prepare for the war. If the war goes as smoothly as people think it will be in no small part due to the contributions of Israel to the military campaign. ,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE? ,18:40:22>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,I think the greatest hoax of all time the best con game is that myth of the Palestinian refugee. The Arab states are saying there's 3 million 6 million Palestinian refugees. Here are the facts. the British took a census before 1948. there were exactly 460 thousand Palestinians living inside what is now Israel. Um after the 48 war of independence 140 thousand remained. So 320 thousand people left. That's all that's left that's all there ever was exactly 320 Palestinian refugees. Now the Israelis to their credit said that they're responsible for about 1/3 of that. they did have some military units kind of chase people out. but it's clear overwhelmingly clear that 2/3 of those 300 thousand they were ordered out by the Arab governments to get out of the way because they were gonna drive the Jews into the sea. They abdicated their areas under orders from the Arab leaders.,19:40:18>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Um so 320 people where did the rest of those refugees come from. Well they weren't refugees. Everyone who was poor in the Arab world who lives in Gaza the West Bank got refugee status in order to go on welfare because we were paying through the United Nations. And so all of a sudden instead of the 320 thousand refugees you get 3 million refugees. And they're not really refugees at all they're people who live in the West Bank always lived in the West Bank didn't flee anywhere but they're counted as a refugee simply because they're on the welfare rolls of the UN. ,INTERVIEWER:,What do really know that intelligence wise about the start of this conflict? ,20:29:15>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,I think the second intafata occurred because of Arafat had to stop the peace process. Um one of his negotiators meet privately with one of the intelligence people after the Barak plan was put before them. and ah the negotiator said my god if we can not make peace with you on these terms we don't deserve to have a nation. The Palestinian negotiator ah made explicit promises with authority the idea about the refugees retuning to the Palestinian state to Israel concessions would be made. It was all signed and ready for Arafat's signature. Arafat came running in and reversed his own negotiators on many points. Arafat single handedly wrecked the peace process.,21:18:21>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,I think the Israeli counsel general was, was right that Arafat wants the status quo. He can go on stealing money from his clan. Um and if he has a nation his theft will be diluted. Israel has said that Arafat has stolen some 3 billon. CIA estimates are 5 billion dollars. Ah it's a scandal. And the Palestinian people more than 80% of the polls know that Arafat's a crook that he's stealing money from them. but um I think you have to distinguish between the indigenous Palestinians who always you know lived at peace with Israel pretty much and you know worked in jobs in Israel economy. And the Oslo exiles that came in with Arafat. As far as I'm concerned they were just a gang of thugs that did what every other Arab dictator has done you know use and exploit the people for his own benefit.,INTERVIEWER:,I see a lot of similarities with anti-Semitism and what went on pre World War II. Expand on that concept and could it happen here in the United States? ,22:54:28>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,Yeah. It's interesting to look at the parallels between anti-Semitism in pre World War II Germany and what's going on now. Germany was a society that was considered the most advanced most civilized in the world and they have a very high percentage of secular Jews in its capital city Berlin although there were a tiny portion of the population. But ah any time you get a small ethnic group that values education it's gonna do well financially. And it's gonna be a pain in the neck to all of us fat, happy, lazy Germans or Americans who ever we are. Um groups that have stressed education as a part of their culture invite envy. We banned Jews from farming in the 4th century cause we were having all Christian farmers go to Jews and ask them to bless their fields. Well you know any farmer who can read and write is gonna out produce an illeterate farmer. And the Jews would learn about crop cycles and things like that.,23:51:18>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,So we simply banned them from farming and drove Jews into urban professions. The idea is that Judaism is a very wonderful religion but the core to its values this concept the modernity of justice, of education of lifting ones self up and bettering individual and society. Um that's why I think the Jews and the Irish get along so well. My mother always said the Irish were one of the lost tribes of Israel. My dad says it couldn't possibly be true we couldn't be related because the Jews can't drink and the Irish can't cook so.,24:24:05>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,But anti-Semitism you know when Hitler began to come to power the idea was the Jews were the scapegoat. They could be blamed for the failure of the German community for the German leadership in the World War I. They could take the blame. The League of Nations stood by (PAUSE) rose in wave after wave. We did nothing. Same thing happened in 67. United Nations promised you know Israel would be free from international blockade and we pull all the UN observers out. we ran away. That exactly invited the cycle of response that we're fighting against now. the Iraqis think that the UN sanctions are meaningless. They could laugh at us so do the North Koreans. So anti-Semitism is always a political tool for exploitation. For political reasons you know it's you can always dig up this kind of thing. There's a very sad joke from the holocaust. Um during the Spanish civil war there was a brief lull in the fighting and one man yelled across the trenches José why are we fighting each other. We're both Catholics. We're both Spaniards. We speak the same language. Why why are we having this civil. And the voice yelled back it's because of the Jews. And the man said but there are no Jews in Spain anymore. He said that's why we're fighting each other.,25:54:23>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,And so historically the Jews have been a convenient, readily, identifiable scapegoat target for political exploitation. In the 11th century the French would throw the Jews out take their money then ransack them back in. they treated them like a yo-yo. Um but through all that the Jews were the keepers of the flame of modernity. You know that every generation kid by the time he's 13 has to be able learn to read and write. That was a tremendous advantage to the Jews in terms of their intellectual growth and their preservation of their cultural identity. And it offended the Christians during the dark ages. That the Christians were you know dying of the black plague. One of every 3 Christians died in Europe. Only 20 thousand Jews died. What was the difference. Well you know once a year the Jews would clean up every scarp of food in the house. They would change the plates and clean it up. um at saka they would literally move out of their houses for 3 days. Well lice and fleas wont last for 3 days without a host. So the book of Ludavictis was actually sort of the worlds first pubic health code. The Jews were healthier people. Now when the Christians saw this during the dark ages they thought well we're gods chosen people the Jews are prospering therefore the Jews must have started the plague.,27:12:16>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,and all the greats myths of the medieval ages of the Jewish blood line. That's how it began it was you know envy of a superior culture and that culture was based on literacy. Um Germany was a very literate society but the Jews again were an easily identifiable target and you could whip up a wave of propaganda against them. now the western world has been silent for the last 20 years while Arab propaganda has been flooding the world with myths and lies about Israel. And the Israelis unfortunately haven't reacted well they just simply haven't bothered to rebut them. they just shrug off their shoulders and say so what else is new. Um it has not been a priority for America. It is now. I think the most important thing we need to be doing is to reeducate people that they have been lied to about what is going on. That Israel is not the aggressor. Israel isn't the invader. Israel has been trying desperately to make peace. It may take a while to change some minds but I think change will come.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE? ,28:22:05>>>, JOHN LOFTUS:,We have to reeducate the world that Israel is not the aggressor. That Israel is not the invader. That Israel is desperately willing to work for peace. It's gonna take a long time to change the minds of the people in the Middle East but change will come inevitably.,INTERVIEWER:,In the long run Democracy and literacy is the key to peace in the region, Middle east? ,28:43:05>>, JOHN LOFTUS:, In the long run countries where the population are very literate and they express control of their lives democracy are not the countries that wage war. They're not the countries that fund racists terrorist groups. In the long run you're not gonna cure you know racism anti-Semitism until we have democracy and literacy restored to the Arab world. Maybe then we'll go back to the golden age of mimonities when Jews and Muslims lived in peace with each other.
The large format: aloe vera, the plant with a thousand virtues
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Lung cancer, animation
Animation showing a lung tumour.
Wardour Films Ltd. presents a British Instructional Films production. <br/> <br/>Myxies are small mushroom like growths to be found on rotting wood or decaying leaves. Part of their lives they are vegetables, part of their lives they are animals (!). C/U shots of the toadstool-like growths. If the cells from the Myxies fall into water they turn into animals. Microscopic shot of tiny moving specks in water. They are tiny water creatures with a little tail. Microscopic shot of a human hair to compare with the tiny creatures floating around it. Myxies gather around floating rubbish. They split into two. C/U of Myxie pulling in its tail and changing shape. Through time lapse photography we see the change in form. It has no fixed shape and eats by surrounding its food. Very bizarre shot of the blob eating. Myxies join together into pairs and then "parties". Only Myxies in couples are allowed to join the parties. <br/> <br/>The narrator comments: "If the Myxie has been so bad tempered that it has failed to find a partner, it is not allowed to become one of the party, but is eaten up! This is a far greater encouragement to matrimony than any tax on bachelors". <br/> <br/>When the party of Myxies is large enough it decides to leave the water and venture on to dry land. Shot of pulsating Myxie thing! It turns back into an animal. Psychedelic shots of a changing, evolving Myxie creature. The shape is continually changing as it moves along. Microscopic shots of the cells of the Myxie. Myxies advancing and meeting. They join up and flow away together. Beautiful patterns are made by the moving Myxie cells. We see the Myxie devouring a decaying leaf. We see it quiver. The Myxie eats a toadstool stalk - seen through time lapse photography. The Myxie has no sense of smell. A drop of arsenic is put in front of the Myxie, it moves over it and "is taken very ill". We see the Myxie disintegrate. <br/> <br/>A Myxie faced with a drop of Epsom Salts immediately retreats "leaving behind in his hurry a lot of good food that it had already swallowed". When there is not enough moisture the Myxie dries up - we see this through time lapse. Myxie comes to life with "the autumn rain". Myxie growing. Frozen Myxie thawing out. We see a hungry group of Myxies balance across a single cobweb thread to get to a mushroom and eat it. Myxie fruit - Time lapse photography of the Myxie growing into toadstools. Cells grow on the outside of the caps. <br/> <br/>Note: this is a bizarre film about a bizarre entity! The time lapse photography is very good, with beautiful patterns being made by the Myxie. Weird!
United States, 1980s:lady looks at plant cells on growth plate
UNITED STATES, 1980s: lady looks at plant cells on growth plate. Man in lab
Bridgeman Images Details
Public service announcement features Gregory Peck on behalf of the America Cancer Society
Female organs, fertilization and growth of fetus and menstrual flow are shown in an educational film produced in the U.S.
From a early 1920s educational film on health and hygiene for girls. Clip focuses on sexual education, targeted to a female audience. Female organs and their functions are identified on an inanimate model in the United States. Sex glands shown on the inanimate model. Reproductive system overview with summary that healthy condition of these organs makes for happy wife hood and successful motherhood. The reproductive system shows ovaries, egg cells and fallopian tubes through which the egg cells reach uterus. `A fertilized ovum grows into a baby in the uterus. Vagina is the tube opening outward from the uterus. Reproductive system diagram depicts a male sperm cell fertilizing an ovum within the body of mother. An animated diagram shows that for nine months the child is kept warm, protected and fed within the womb. A fetus grows in the womb and the child is pushed out through the vagina into the outer world. A nurse cleans and bathes an infant child in a wash tub basin. Reproductive system depicts menstrual flow. Location: United States USA. Date: 1922.
Bacteria cell division mitosis
Cell division - mitosis and reproduction
EBC-310 Beta SP
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HUMAN BODY COMPILATION:Red blood cells, Film-51H blood vessels, DNA spiral Computer animation - very good sequences, Film-51L microscopic view blood T cells, auto immune system immunity body defense system AIDS infection, x-ray view skeleton, ribs, FILM-51-O T/L nerve growth, Ultrasound heart, Cardiography, Film-51P Genetic fingerprinting in lab, Film-51R Amniocentesis Embryo, ultrasound performed by doctor on pregnant woman, embryo on ultrasound screen (really good), 00:21:27, Film-51BD computer animated pregnant woman, naked body (cool), live flesh naked pregnant belly CU (no breasts or face viz), done over a period of months to show progression/growth of pregnancy,Film-51B-I microcirculation blood capillaries, 00:36:00, Film-51BK Human Fetus and human embryo, Film-51BM Human ovum fertilization sperm and egg, Film-51BN Human egg and sperm, Film-51BZ Sperm and egg pregnant woman, cell division, beginning of life! From egg to baby...microscopic view of blood through veins, Film-38G Endoscopy, ie where they stick that tube with a camera on it inside you, more sperm and egg, Film-38H Nerve cells brain (don't know which one this is), Film38AA Endoscope of trachea and bronchi (down throat and lungs)
TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0915 IN_TIME: 03:42:18 LENGTH: 02:37 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: English/Nat XFA For the first time, scientists in the United States have been able to reproduce nerve cells in a laboratory using stem cells drawn from bone marrow. It's a breakthrough that could possibly help people with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and spinal-cord injuries. Researchers at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey, took human bone-marrow stem cells from adults, placed them in a culture and treated them with a formula containing antioxidants and growth factor. The results were very positive. SOUNDBITE: (English) "There's every reason to believe that stem cell approaches, that gene therapy, and that related approaches will change the face of medicine in the 21st Century. And from that point of view, I think we should all be optimistic and hopeful." SUPERCAPTION: Dr Ira Black, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey If the findings are borne out, they might one day enable doctors to take cells from a patient's bone marrow, turn them into nerve cells and then inject them into patients' brains and spinal cords, replacing injured cells. Stem cells are stored in various organs and grow naturally into the specific types of cells needed by those organs. Stem cells from foetal tissue can grow into any type of cell; the latest study suggests that the same might be true for adult stem cells. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We obtained these cells from adults, and this obviates the need, at least in this particular context, to use foetal tissue, about which some people have been concerned". SUPERCAPTION: Dr Ira Black, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey The research, conducted at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, was funded in part by the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation. An account of the research was published on Monday in the Journal of Neuroscience Research, based in Los Angeles. By experimenting with the chemical signals he used to stimulate the conversion, Black and his colleagues were able to turn 80 percent of the bone marrow cells taken from rats and humans into nerve cells. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We've already begun transplanting these cells into various regions of the brain of rats, and into the spinal cord, asking very simple, basic questions, 'Do the cells survive?' The happy answer to that question is 'Yes, they survive'." SUPERCAPTION: Dr Ira Black, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey However it is likely to be several years, if ever, before any treatments can be developed as a result of the new findings. SHOTLIST: New Jersey, 15 August 2000 1. Wide shot Dr Black seated at microscope 2. Researcher at work on study 3. Exterior University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey 4. Closeup sign outside University 5. Zoom out researcher transferring liquid from test tube 6. Wideshot researcher at work in laboratory 7. Closeup Dr Black looking into microscope 8. Medium shot Doctor Black at microscope 9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dr Ira Black, Research study leader 10. Dr Black indicating tested stem cells on microscope computer screen 11. Closeup of stem cells on screen 12. Closeup of container of cells on microscope platform 13. Wideshot laboratory 14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dr Ira Black, Research study leader 15. Zoom out from researcher in laboratory 16. Researcher transferring liquid containing cells 17. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dr Ira Black, Research study leader 18. Dr Black seated at microscope 19. Researcher working on stem cell experiment.?
Massive Crowd Of People Using Smart Phone
New Year's day Of Shibuya, Tokyo Japan
Breast cancer treatment;
Breast cancer tests: Woman doctor (physician) and patient look at mammogram or mammography results; Women sit and chat at medical clinic (maybe cancer patients); Woman holds out arm and hand for test (blood test maybe); Woman works with gloves in some kind of laboratory, performs tests; Two women and one man look through some kind of microscope; CU magnified cells or disease; Female doctor and patient talk as physician writes; CU something put on glass for magnification; Microscope with "green" light; Cancerous cell magnified; CU gloved hands take medicine bottles out of box, insert needle and fill syringe with liquid; CU intravenous drip (I.V.); Woman sits and knits with I.V. in arm, may be chemotherapy treatment; animation of normal and cancerous cells and tumor growth with receptors
Four reels of unedited material. Shots of various organic things under a microscope. Also some x-ray footage and time lapse animation footage. As there are no intertitles it is impossible to say what is being filmed most of the time. Leader states that this is material filmed by Percy Smith who was responsible (with Mary Field) for many of the "Secrets of Nature" films. This is presumably material which was filmed for some of his British Instructional films used in classrooms for teaching purposes. <br/> <br/>Spores, amoebas, minute particles, pollen, water fleas, microscopic creatures, plants, worms, plankton, bugs, spores, sundew, cells, blood, corpuscles, growth, insects, ferns growing through time lapse photography, moths, bees, thistles, butterflies, pollination, wasps, dodders, growing shoots, spring, hops, Venus flytraps, ladybirds, ants, flowers, clover, <br/> <br/>Note: some of this material was used in Secrets of Nature films "Sundew" and "The Strangler" Some of the images are kind of psychedelic and groovy!
19 20 National Edition: [issue of 01 June 2018]
FR3 / France 3
United States, 1980s: micro cinematography of leucocytes in blood vessels
United States, 1980s: micro cinematography of leucocytes in blood vessels. Time lapse of cells in movement and growth stages
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Lung cancer, animation
Animation showing a lung tumour.