The Clemson Tigers defeat the Georgia Bulldogs 26-7 in college football
Title: "First in 41 Years! Clemson Beats Georgia" superimposed over Clemson kicking off / 1st quarter - Clemson #60 B.C. Inabinet, tackle, passes to #40 Joe Pagliei, halfback, who catches and is forced out of bounds / Clemson player #67 Billy O'Dell, fullback, around end / Clemson player #66 Don King, quarterback, passes to Pagliei who catches ball, bobbles it, crosses goal line for a touchdown / WS crowd / 2nd quarter - Georgia fumbles and Clemson player #20 Charlie Bussey, quarterback, recovers / Side view crowd / Clemson's King passes to #70 Joel Wells, halfback, who catches ball / Clemson scores touchdown / Top view crowd / 4th quarter - Clemson fumbles and Georgia recovers / Georgia player #15 Dick Young quarterback, passes to #85 Roy Wilkins, end, who catches ball behind goal line for touchdown / Top view crowd / 4th quarter - Georgia's Young passes from behind and Clemson player #63 Walt Laraway, end, intercepts pass and scores touchdown / WS crowd / CU players pushing around on field / back view of crowd sitting down
NEWSFEED: JUNE 20, 2002, CHARLIE SHEEN/DENISE RICHARDS, PRISON THAILAND, MOVIE STARS, SPORTS, POLITICIANS, STORMS; Bars and Tone, Nightline promo - talkhead, US Report - MS talk head, Stills of magazine covers, shot from Spin City; MS INT Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards, CU Hansen, MCU Jon Waters, VAR shots from Mr. Deeds, CU Tom Cruise talk head; MS Dx Tom Cruise & Steven Spielberg on set, still graphic - US News & Report Weddings cover, MS talkhead; WS Dx Prison tower in Thailand, VAR shots prisoners and guards, WS prisoners cheering for World Cup, WS soccer team in green; VAR WS teams on parade w/nat'l flags, VAR MS & CU armed guards, VAR WS soccer-playing, MS tracking hurt player, VAR WS crowd; MS & CU Prison soccer player talk head, MS talk head, WS Winning team celebrates, CU winner kisses trophy, CU locking door; WS lo-angle George W. Bush at podium, CU African leader, CU Bush at podium talk head, MS retarded prisoner in courtroom, MS Dx same exits; CU INT lawyer talk head, infographics - justices, which states ban execution of retarded or mentally challenged convicts, quotes.. talk head, infographic; MCU talk head, MS prisoner saved by new law, WS tree split in half, CU pan up/down same, CU sawing branches, CU leaves rained on; WS Dx Trailer blown down, VAR MS details of same trailer, WS Dx pan Wizard of Oz Munchkins on horse-drawn carriage, MS Munchkins; WS Dx Munchkins lined up as speech given for them, CU Wiz of Oz director talk head, WS Dx Aerial massive wildfire, good dry cracked earth, drought- VAR; MCU Dx Farmer talk head, WS Nx lightning strike, WS Dx Aerial Tree explodes into flame, MCU scientist talk head, VAR WS Aerial fire; WS lo-angle crane tears down trees, MS same, MCU logger talk head, MS Firefghters burn undergrowth, WS firefghters hose house; CU firefghter talk head, WS lo-angle firefghters put out controlled burn, MS same, CU ground same, WS plane drops flame retardent ; WS Dx Aerial Plane crash w/emergency crews everwhere, z-in remains of plane, WS lo-angle ext courthouse, CU crying accused murderer; Still CUs of murdered men, CU lawyer talk head, VAR CUs jury, WS Dx pan across bridge construction, CU sledgehammer, CU bulldozer; WS Dx Hi-angle boat on river, CU construction workers talk head, VAR WS Dx Aerial of Water reservoir; POV Police Car Camera WS Dx city street shootout - seen twice (once in slo-mo), VAR Cardinals baseball clips; VAR Cleveland Indians vs Florida Marlins baseball highlights, VAR Cincinnati Red vs Seattle Mariners baseball highlights; VAR clips from UTexas vs Stanford baseball game, VAR highlights from Oakland A's vs Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game ;VAR clips from NHL awards show 2002, Play of the Night - Double play by Colorado Rockies, VAR clips from Tigers vs Braves; VAR clips from Royals vs Expos, VAR clips from Twins vs Mets, CU Airline official talk head, VAR CUs sea lion; CU photo of lost search dog, VAR MCU & WS owner w/search dog, CU newspaper clippings of same, VAR WS forest fire; CU pan down a split tree, CU sawing, WS smashed mobile home, VAR MS details of same, WS Laura Bush in nice home, MS same w/ interviewer; WS Nx Stormy night, VAR WS storm damage to buildings, WS man pulling fallen tree, CU same man ;
ISSUE_NO = 1691A NO_OF_ITEMS = 6 COMMENTATOR = Leslie Mitchell ITEM_NO = 6 DESCRIPTION : Our pictures show a charity performance in aid of children's charities, supported by the Variety Club of Great Britain. Stars at the show included, Kenneth More, Kenneth Connor, Dorothy Squires (who sang a song in the tigers' cage!), Eric Sykes, David Nixon, Stanley Baker, Janette Scott and Jackie Rae, Bruce Forsyth and many more. CARD_FILE = 83399 CARD_TITLE : GALA CIRCUS FOR CHARITY SHOT_LIST : Key scene. MCU Kenneth More. MCU Roger Moore and Dorothy Squires. MCU David Nixon. MCU Stanley Baker. GV Circus. MS Elephants. MS Camels. MS Horses. MS Horses. MCU Bruce Forsyth. GV Wild West Show. GV Girl is caught. MCU Two men fighting. GV Wild West Show girl rescued. GV Elephants. MCU Same over Billy Butlin. CU ditto. GV Tigers. MS Tigers. MS Dorothy Squires goes in cage. MCU Tiger. MCU Dorothy Squires. MCU Tiger. GV Tiger's cage. MCU Tiger. MCU Dorothy Squires. MCU Tiger. GV Tiger's cage. MCU Tiger. MCU Pan ditto come out and goes over to Bruce Forsyth. GV Trapeze. GV Crowd. GV Trapeze. INDEX : Animals, Entertainment, Exhibitions, Mankind, Personalities - Charlie Bauman, Kenneth More, Kenneth Connor, Dorothy Squires, Eric Sykes, David Nixon, Stanley Baker, Janet Scott, Jackie Rae, Bruce Forsyth, Billy Butlin, Roger Moore, Billy Smart MATERIAL : Dupe Neg 05507 FEET_SHOT = 163 DATE_SUBD = 10/31/1961
AFP-19LH 16mm VTM-19LH Beta SP
"Meet Dodo, the midget Skunk - the latest in pets to match your costume!" <br/> <br/>M/S of woman holding a skunk up to the camera. "And here's Charlie - just four months old, but apt to give a little trouble later on. He's a tiger!" M/S of a young girl sitting with her arms around a young tiger. "Dignity and Impudence again. "Tiger King" weighs 12 stone - "Impudence" 24 ounces!" <br/> <br/>Shot of a woman with a massive dog and a little one! C/U of the two dogs, one is dwarfed by the other. "And meet the Marmoset - ten ounces of mischief!" Woman holds up a stick upon which a Marmoset climbs. The Marmoset sits on top of her head, she tips her head forwards and it drops into a little bag - bizarre! <br/> <br/>Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 550.
The Princeton Bulldogs take on the Harvard Tigers easily defeating them 16 to 0 thanks to Charlie Gogolak who kicks three field goals.
Detroit Tigers baseball team at spring training camp, March 1950
Members of the Detroit Tigers gather for baseball spring training, March 1950. Close up of Tigers manager Red Rolfe. Players warm up throwing arms. Shots of three pitchers: #22 Virgil Trucks, #12 Art Houtteman, and #11 Dizzy Trout. Players field baseballs. Close ups of outfielders Charlie Keller and Dick Kryhoski. Outfielder Vic Wertz takes practice swing. Pitcher Ted Gray throws. First baseman Aaron Robinson takes a swing. (Note: There is no indication where this footage was filmed but Tigers trained that year in Lakeland Florida.) Location: Florida United States USA. Date: March 7, 1950.
Tigers and White Sox players waiting for start of baseball game
Title reads: "Big Top Aids Charities".<br/><br/>London.<br/><br/>Variety Club sponsor star gala performance at Billy Smart's circus. <br/><br/>M/S elephant in circus parade. M/S bison / buffalo with large horns. Various shots clown on stilts. L/S entertainment personalities arriving at big top. C/U Dennis Price. C/U Bootsie and Snudge characters C/U magician David Nixon. C/U C.J. Latta (Director of Associated British Pictures) and Billy Butlin (of Butlin's Holiday Camps). C/U film star Stanley Baker. Various shots television personality / comedian Bruce Forsyth with footballer Billy Wright and his wife, singer Joy Beverley. C/U film star Robert Beatty.<br/><br/>L/S circus audience. M/S film star / comic actress Hattie Jacques and comedian Eric Sykes parading around ring. C/U Arthur Haynes and Bruce Forsyth having comic argument. L/S horses trotting around ring. C/U section of audience. L/S Seven Hervik acrobats dangling off rotating tower. M/S Great Henry Domis somersaulting on slender high wire. L/S Charlie Baumann with his famous tigers. C/U tigers inside cage. Brucie tries to persuade singer Dorothy Squires to go into the cage. Dorothy sings into a microphone inside tiger cage, she looks nervously around at the animals. C/U Brucie looking a bit worried. C/U tiger on a pedestal. Dorothy leaves the cage.<br/><br/>M/S audience. C/U actor Jon Pertwee encouraging baby elephant to stick its trunk into a drink. M/S elephants performing in ring with girls sitting on their backs ("the Digger Pugh Elephant Girls"). C/U small child watching. Various shots of Burma the elephant stepping over row of men lying on ring floor. According to narrator they are all millionaires, amongst them is Billy Butlin. <br/> <br/>NB: Variety club press release, gala programme and newspaper cuttings on file. <br/>NB: pictures slips at 01:22:10.<br/> <br/> <br/>
Detroit Tigers practice at baseball spring training, Lakeland Florida, March 1941
The defending champion of baseball's American League, the Detroit Tigers, practice at spring training in Lakeland Florida, March 1941. Players warm up throwing arms, with pitchers Bobo Newsom (#12) and Schoolboy Rowe (#14) in foreground. Close up of manager Del Baker talking. Player slides into sliding pit. Shots of pitcher Tommy Bridges (#10) warming up; outfielder Barney McCosky (#21) hitting a ball and running to first base; Hall of Fame second baseman Charlie Gehringer (#2), hitting a ball and running to first;, Hall of Fame first baseman Hank Greenberg (#5) posing for the camera with bat; pitcher Newsom warming up; and Greenberg hitting a ball and running to first. Location: Lakeland Florida USA. Date: March 13, 1941.
Chicago Cubs players pose for photo opportunities before World Series game against the Detroit Tigers
Chicago Cubs pitchers Henry Wyse on left and Paul Erickson posing on field in Briggs Stadium / manager Charlie Grimm posing / Stan Hack posing / whole team in dugout posing / Hack and Bill Nicholson posing / pitcher Hank Borowy in dugout posing / Andy Pafko on left and Harry Lee "Peanuts" Lowrey posing / Pafko posing / Hack, Nicholson, Pafko and Lowrey posing / Note: exact day not known
A Princeton versus Harvard collegiate football game at Princeton Stadium features many field goals kicked by Charlie Gogolak.
AFP-9BF 16mm; VTM-9BF Beta SP
c 1955 <br/> <br/>This is a duplicate copy of documentary also found on tape PM1863 and PM1864 - this version has been transferred from neg so is better copy. Footage is in slightly different order in this version. <br/> <br/>Pathe retrospective. This reel is about musicians. Library material used should be found in more complete versions elsewhere. <br/> <br/>Reel 8. <br/> <br/>The lights go up in the Pathe cinema and the audience including Charlie Kunz, Victor Silvester, Jack Payne and Henry Hall laugh and chat. Jack Payne (?) speaks French and conducts the band in a rendition of "Tiger Rag" - includes L/S and C/Us of the band. Jack Hylton is seen recording one of his hits in the studio, he conducts his band. Geraldo conducts his band. Joe Loss takes his boys through their paces. <br/> <br/>The wild men of Archer Street Harry Roy and his band are shown cavorting around and being generally bonkers - quite funny! They play a version of "Run Rabbit." Roy Fox leads his smoothie band in a tune. Felix Mendelssohn's band play a Hawaiian melody as a beautiful girl in a lei sings "Sophisticated Hula". Henry Hall leads the BBC dance orchestra. He speaks into a microphone then rounds of the performance with a little "Auld Lang Syne". <br/> <br/>C/U of Henry Hall in the Pathe cinema audience laughing uproariously. The audience all chat and laugh amongst themselves. The projectionist puts the last reel back in the can and we see the woman seen earlier returning it to the large stacks of cans. We then see the mood and rhythm of today. An elaborately dressed African band play a tribal style dance song and a woman dances in a trance like style - some sort of voodoo going on. <br/> <br/>The narrator states: "Pathe Pictorial goes on, in colour now, recording our ways and our own times. Tomorrow, this will be our yesterday."
Game One in Detroit of 1934 World Series between St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers
President John Kennedy attends first baseball game played at DC Stadium, between Washington Senators and Detroit Tigers, in 1962.
U.S. President John Kennedy attends the first ballgame played at the new $20 million District of Columbia Stadium, or DC Stadium, in April 1962. 45,000 spectators in stands for the opening of the stadium and the Major League Baseball season. Glimpse of the new DC Stadium in Washington, DC, filled with baseball fans. President John F. Kennedy enters the ballpark, accompanied by David Francis Powers, and proceeds toward seats bearing the Presidential seal. Spectators in nearby seats stand to greet the President, and several shake his hand. Scene shifts to players and newsmen on the field all focused on President Kennedy. News photographers are busy photographing him. Camera shifts to President Kennedy making a long throw followed by the ballplayers scrambling for it on the ballfield. View of the President smiling after his throw, with Illinois Republican Senator Everett Dirksen standing to his left, and slightly behind him, and David Powers to his right. Senator George Smathers of Florida is laughing behind them. The President bends down momentarily revealing Senator Mike Mansfield of Montana, directly behind him and Special Assistant to the President Lawrence "Larry" O'Brien, at Mansfield's right. Associate Press Secretary Andrew Hatcher, wearing sun glasses is behind and to left of Dirksen. Closeup of Home plate umpire Charlie Berry shouting "Play Ball!" after brief rain delay. Lights are on during daytime as game is played. Washington Senators player hits single to left field. Senators go on to beat the visiting Detroit Tigers 4-1. (Note: The stadium was later renamed Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, or RFK Stadium, in 1969). Location: Washington DC USA. Date: April 9, 1962.