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NEW YORK FIRE (1/11/1997)
An early morning fire in Manhattan left fifteen people homeless today. The blaze began shortly before six A-M in the first building and spread into two adjoining buildings. The three buildings suffered heavy smoke and water damage. There were no fatalities.
Full title reads: "That Other War". <br/> <br/>China. <br/> <br/>Good air to air shots of close formation of Japanese bombers dropping bombs, possibly on Chungking. <br/> <br/>Good air to ground GV of bombs exploding on the town and in the river that passes it and along the banks of the river. GV and MS Chinese civilians playing hoses onto gutted and burning buildings. <br/> <br/>Chinatown, London. <br/> <br/>GV Ext. Chinese restaurants in London at Piccadilly Circus. CU. Sign in the restaurant window saying No Japanese Served Here. <br/> <br/>N.B. Part of Sino-Japanese war.
Telephone exchange in San Francisco for Chinese-speaking inhabitants of Chinatown
San Francisco, 1970's, Chinatown, detail, close up of signs in Chinese characters
San Francisco, 1970's, Chinatown, detail, close up of signs in Chinese characters
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1996 San Francisco Chinatown
San Francisco - Chinatown establishing shot of Grant Avenue - Close on pagoda lights
Various crime and fire - Homicide in Brooklyn, Plane wreck at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Chinatown shooting, Bank robbery, Water Main Break, Teen Thugs
1 - >>>LIRR cop shoots himself - Atlantic and Flatbush Ave. Shows station, street cop car, station interior, cops walking through, interiors, LIRR sign. (12/29 WL/JR) 2 - >>>Fire in Project 159-28 Harlem River Dr. Shows firemen, broken window, firemen going through apartment, door, fire engines. (12/29 JH/CD) 3 - >>>Homicide Broadway and Lewis Ave. Brooklyn. Shows building corridor, door, body being removed, street sign. (12/29 MS/JL) 4 - >>>Homicide McDonald and Ditmas Ave. Brooklyn. Shows street sign, blood covered body under sheets near lamppost, police car 20th Pct., blood and body, police car. (12/29 MS/JL) 5 - >>>Plane Wreck / Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Teaneck, NJ. Shows plane on ground smashed near car, plane upside down, close up of wreckage overhead view, campus security car, police car, talking head, wreckage. (12/29 OK/CD) 6 - >>>Chinatown shooting - Market St. and Division. Shows interior of car with broken window, police examining it, glass with bullet hole, car street sign. (12/29 MS/JC) 7 - >>>Woman under bus - 181 St. Broadway. Shows victim, bus, crowd, woman being put into ambulance, street. (12/29 JH/CO) 8 - >>>The DeSoto Arrest. 91st and Broadway. Shows perp arrest, getting into cop car, street, police car leaving, bus, the DeSoto sign/canopy, street, police cars, street sign. (12/29 MS/JL) 9 - >>>Staten Island Fire - Not submitted. Shows water, some smoke near dock, fire engines in front of pier, ladder with hose, firemen on roof. (12/30 JH/CD) 10 - >>>Water Main Break - 17th St. and 5th Ave. Shows water gushing out of street, flooding, cars stuck, more flooding, street sign, police cars, street flooding. (12/30 JL/CR) 11 - >>>Homicide in Park / Marine Parkway and Fillmore Ave. Brooklyn. Shows park, blood, park, overturned garbage can, street sign. (12/30 JL/CR) 12 - >>>Bank Break-In via Window Chase Manhattan 14th St. and 5th Ave. Shows bank interior, Chase entrance, crowd outside, window with ladder, street sign. (12/30 JH/CD) 13 - >>>Auto collision with 1 injury Grand Concourse and E 169th St. Shows street, street sign, smashed vehicle, street sign. (12/30 JL/CR) 14 - >>>Booking of N.S. Teen Thugs - 6th Pct. W. 10th St. Shows teens brought in, led through hallway, led into cars in separate groups, inside cars. (12/30 JH/CD)
16 million men register themselves in United States for the WWII draft, and President Roosevelt addresses from White House.
As World War II heats up, 16,500,000 men between ages 21 to 36 register themselves throughout the United States, signing up during the first peacetime conscription in U.S. history. (This was triggered by passage of the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, also known as the Burke-Wadsworth Act, the genesis of "Selective Service.") Opening scene shows men lining up to register for the draft before the United States entered World War 2. Views of men filing out their registration forms. At TC:00:22 famous prize fighter, Barney Ross, is being registered. .(He jokes that the registrar shaking his hand has too strong a grip.) At TC: 00:34 Hollywood cowboy Gene Autry is seen registering. Close up view of street signs at Chinatown intersection of Bayard Street and Mott Street in New York City. Sign below it notes "School Street. Drive Slowly. Make no unnecessary noise." Line of many registrants of Chinese-American descent waiting in line, and processing paperwork. Scene changes to another area of the city, where a line of mostly African American men wait outside a registration building. Some cheer and wave for the camera. A police officer at the entrance hustles them inside, pulling some of them along. View of the exterior of the White House in Washington DC. United States President Franklin D Roosevelt addresses the nation's men of draft age, telling them that the call up of 800,000 men for training in year one, and less than one million men in each subsequent year, is a program of defensive preparation only. Roosevelt says to the registrants that "Democracy is your cause. The cause of youth." ( Note: silent except for President Roosevelt speaking at the end.) Location: United States USA. Date: October 16, 1940.
Zooming out from a close up of the roof of the Pui Tak Center to view the entire Gateway to Chinatown in Chicago.
Italy Virus Chinatown
Businesses closed for 2nd day in Milan's Chinatown
People disappear from China Town Street for impact of the Quarantine for New York State on PAUSE ORDER of COVID-19 at New York City NY USA on May. 20 2020.
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San Francisco, Alcatraz aerials, trolley inner workings, POV trolley, est. houses, painters painting house, CU moldings, making plaster moldings, archival earthquake photos, low angle office buildings, map and measuring earthquake - seismography, Golden Gate, traffic, POV Golden Gate, Golden Gate in mist, CU store signs, Buddha, Chinatown, jade, artwork and crystal, Hotel St. Francis est., Hotel est. shots, grand dining room - people eating, various bank signs, scales, gold bars 02:22, Levi Strauss, making fabric in factory, sewing machine operators, Fisherman's wharf, baking sourdough bread 02:32, jail cell closes - Alcatraz prison, hi dive, musicians, clowns, Chinese brush painting, judo, parade and marching band 02:48, Blessing of the Fleet, POV street, stained glass, through tunnel, est. Paramount theatre, people crowds into subway, cities, man looking through telescope
San Francisco's Chinatown
Study hard children. In a visit to a Chinatown classroom there are nice shots of San Francisco including aerials of the city and exteriors of Chinatown buildings. Inside the classroom, children sit at desks writing Chinese characters in their work books while their teacher writes characters at the blackboard. DOC/WA - 1950's - B/W
San Francisco Chinatown - close shot on Grant Avenue sign in English & Chinese, restaurants, apartments, stores, sidewalk, various angles, takes, street scenes, traffic,
Various crime, fire, news events - Cop killing in Bed Stuy; Cross Burners booked; No Nukes Rally in Battery Park; Car accident; Chinatown shooting; Stable fire; Boat Basin suicide
1 - >>>Leak in Duplex Apt. at W. 72nd St. and Columbus Ave. Tape shows street sign into building exterior, close-up of water leaking into a long shot of water cascading, firemen on scene, piano in room, more water, name on door, street sign. (9/22/79 JH/MS) 2 - >>>Perp arrested for pushing 2 women onto subway tracks. Tape shows Lenox Hill bus in garage, Lenox Hill exterior, emergency sign, Lenox Hill bus leaving, RMP by hospital, transit sign, detectives walking perp out of station and into bus. (9/22/79 NG/PL) 3 - >>>Perp arrested for cop killing in Bed Stuy. Tape shows detective walking perp into Queens Central Booking. (9/22/79 NG/PL) 4 - >>>Perp arrested for killing Ohio cop in Queens. Tape shows perp walked to desk and into car. 67th Pct. exterior. (9/22/79 NG/PL) 5 - >>>Booking of Cross Burners at 63rd Pct. Tape shows perp walked out of Pct. and into car. Perps walked into Brooklyn Central Booking. 63rd Pct. exterior RMP logo. (9/23/79 MV/RE) 6 - >>>Anti-Nuke Rally at Battery Park. Tape shows Ralph Nader, Bella Abzug, crowd shots, plane flies by with No Nukes banner. More crowds, stadium with No Nukes banner, Bella Abzug close ups, old woman speaker, more crowds, Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden at podium, crowds, Jane Fonda, No Nukes banner, more crowds, twin towers into crowd, t-shirt, high shot of crowd from top of Twin Towers, ambulance, traffic, bus, Battery Park sign. (9/23/79 NG/PC) 7 - >>>People trapped in car at Pelham Park near City Island. Tape shows firemen trying to get passengers from car wrapped around tree, firemen on scene, rescue 3 box, driver close up. (9/23/79 JH/MS) 8 - >>>Shooting scene at Attica Ave. and Withrop St. in Brooklyn. Tape shows crime scene sign, into exterior, street signs, forensics arriving, bar interior, exterior with forensics car, bus on scene, pan from RMP to hospital, RMP. (9/23/79 JH/MS) 9 - >>>3 shot in Chinatown at 15 Mott St. Tape shows restaurant exterior, blood on sidewalk, shoe by blood, cops in restaurant, Wo-Hop sign, cops looking at blood, blood stains, forensics RMP on scene, detectives on scene. (9/23/79 MV/RE) 10 - >>>Stable fire with 3 DOA horses at Pelham Parkway - New England Thruway. Tape shows firemen on scene, horses on scene, highway scene, long shots of scene, horse close up. (9/23/79 JH/MS) 11 - >>>Suicide in the Hudson - 79th St. Boat Basin. Tapes shows Marina sign, long shot of marina, RMP on scene, shoes on scene, house boat. (JH/MS)
New York, USA. <br/> <br/>Various shots of parade through Freedomland. M/S horse drawn tram, M/S old fashioned street lamp. M/S man dressed like Keystone Cop patrolling the street. Various shots of clown on street, M/S tram. Various shots of locomotive, L/S aeroplane taxiing into hangar. M/S lever pulled. Various shots of Idlewild airport, people leave aeroplane. M/S people boarding helicopter, M/S luggage put in it and door closed, L/S as it taxis. L/S from air, M/S people in helicopter. Various shots in cockpit, L/S it lands at Manhattan. Various shots skyscrapers, M/S Rockefeller Centre and fountain. L/S down Park Avenue, M/S policeman. L/S public library. L/S Empire State Building, M/S from another angle. Various shots tourists at the top. Various shots over New York. Various shots horse drawn carriage in Central Park. Various shots children playing in park with animals. Various shots people playing chess in Washington Square. L/S Washington Mews, L/S busy street in Manhattan. L/S Grant's Tomb. M/S people going down into the subway. L/S Guggenheim Museum, L/S Washington Arch and fountain. Various shots people walking in Harlem. Various shots Chinatown. <br/> <br/>L/S Yankee Stadium, various shots of baseball game and crowd. M/S two surveyors at World's Fair site, various shots as they construct it. M/S huge globe lifted by crane. Various shots of a model of how Fair will look. Various shots Statue of Liberty. Various shots Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge seen from boat. Various shots United Nations building. Various shots of tourists on boats. Various shots of a Paddle Steamer. M/S cable car. L/S Freedomland. Various shots of children's rides. M/S Keystone Cop blowing whistle. M/S fire truck, M/S children pumping it. M/S man puts out fire. M/S tug sailing up Hudson river. Camera tracks down 42nd Street at night showing cinema signs all lit up. L/S buildings lit up in Times Square. L/S Manhattan skyline at dawn taken from boat. L/S Statue of Liberty at dawn. <br/> <br/>Cuts exist - see separate record.
Close up of young Chinese girl learning Chinese writing techniques in Chinatown, New York, 1971
Close up of young Chinese girl learning Chinese writing techniques in Chinatown, New York, 1971
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People disappear from China Town Street for impact of the Quarantine for New York State on PAUSE ORDER of COVID-19 at New York City NY USA on May. 20 2020.
Investigators are looking at the possibility of bribery charges involving cops and owners of brothels. Six such establishments were raided yesterday following a lengthy investigation involving officers giving money to owners while under close supervision. So far 34 persons have been arrested in houses of pleasure in Queens and Chinatown.
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NEW YORK CITY (VIDEO): All aerials- 0:28:11 Color bars; 00:28:42 Downtown skyscraper south of the Empire State. Fly East over Williamsburg Bridge, East River and South to bridges; 00:30:03 Eastern approach to Financial District/Twin Towers @ AM magic hour; 00:31:40 V. close wrap-around/pass-by of Twin Towers, dusk sun viz.; 00:32:15 CU Woolworth Bldg, wraparound to show towers & old buildings mixed w/ new. AM light. Pass again from south, show American Stock Exchange/AMEX, Merrill Lynch & Oppenheimer Towers. 2x; 00:36:00 Skyscrapers south of Seaport- Continental Center, Citibank Bldg., Financial Square, 55 Water St., 125 Broad St. and New York Plaza; 00:36:55 Southern tip of Manhattan from harbor, Staten Island Ferry; nice shot of Ferry w/ GREAT skyscraper reveal. Circle a few times; 00:39:22 Staten Island Ferry from behind; approach Manhattan, Ferry from side w/ Statue of Liberty bg (going to Staten Island).CU statue & pull out reveal Ferry, vs ferry <'s, good skyline reveal; 00:42:59 Fast approach low over water to reveal lower Manhattan. V. dramatic. Lift up over skyline. 00:46:40 U.S. Courthouse fly-by; 00:47:50 < down on Lower East Side/Chinatown to East & West Village, tilt up reveal Midtown in distance; 00:49:41 Misc. Empire State Building <'s incl. ECU & pull out; 00:52:20 MetLife and Chrysler, favoring CU Chrysler, details viz, pull-out reveal ESB. Lots of sun reflecting. Nice CU window washers on Chrysler; 00:55:29 Met Life & lower midtown, < dn, Bryant Park viz.
AFP-45AEK 16mm AFP-45AEL 16mm
Mme. Chiang Kai-shek visits Chinatown during visit to New York City during World War II