Japanese soldiers torture Chinese citizens during Second Sino-Japanese War
Young Chinese woman with a baby on her back
Young Chinese woman with a baby on her back
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Chinese girls donning traditional dresses bowl and keep score in their language.
1953 Chinese Family Eating Dinner
Documentary on Salmon Industry - San Francisco, California - c/u Chinese woman - w/s woman prepares food - c/u woman's hand uses chopsticks to stir food - w/s Chinese man and young girl seated at table as woman serves food - Chinese family shares dinner - c/u Chinese girl eats with chopsticks
Chinese marketplace, MS pan old women & men
Chinese marketplace, MS pan old women & men. CU of elderly Chinese man smoking a long pipe. Men playing game at outdoor table. CU of elderly Chinese woman people watching.
Woman scratching her arm
Woman scratching her arm and looking concerned.
Various Subjects
Chinese Textile Factory
Ext. and int. shots of a Chinese textile factory. A woman stacks large spools of thread. DOC/WA - 1980's - CLR
Young woman having make up
Land, China, Beijing, Asian Ethnicity, Beauty, Chinese Ethnicity, Indoors, Japanese Ethnicity, Make up, Two People, Waist up, Young Woman, People
North China Commune
CS of woman preparing prescription and talking.
China MOFA News
China on Chinese woman who got into Trump’s club
The ' stooping ' or how to make good finds by tracking abandoned objects in the street
Le Parisien
AFP-133J 35mm Nitrate Negative, WRS# 374-2; VTM-133J 1 inch
Two asian women and team working on sustainable innovation project.
Asian Co-workers colleagues taking about a project about renewable energy with a windmill model and solar panel at office.
Chinese woman lights incense in Buddhist Temple in Chinatown, New York, 1971
Chinese woman lights incense in Buddhist Temple in Chinatown, New York, 1971
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US Trump Chinese Arrest (CR)
Trump unconcerned about Chinese woman's arrest
Average Chinese People
Chinese people of all ages, walk down a street, the wall of a building behind them. Other people stand in a small crowd, watching something. DOC/WA -1980's - CLR
Portrait of woman in front of pink wall
Close up shot looking at camera
Shadows starring Lon Chaney
SF-18 Shadows (Lon Chaney) 1922 2000 b/w silent Reel two and three of a silent film starring Lon Chaney. Stooped over chinese man with bad posture, bowl haircut and chinese clothing standing on dock next to overweight boy in overalls and sailor hat. CU boy looking warily at piece of candy in his hand. CU chinese man smiling awkwardly, boy bites and chews candy, smiles and thanks chinese man who gives him more candy and they talk and converse Crowd of well dressed men and women waering hats and fancy clothes mingle on dock. CU men with coats, bow ties and hats shaking hand of new minister and smiling. CU two older ugly women look on with very fancy hats and paisley shawls, one smiling and the other very smug. One woman shakes her head children playing games on wharf dock. old chinese man with basket on laundry on shoulder walks by. boys and adult dock workers surround and taunt him. CU two boys in overalls, sailor hat and straw hat. Boy fires slingshot. CU stone hits hand of chinese man and he drops laundry basket clutching his hand in pain while surrounded by men and boys. CU one boy punches the other and knocks him down. laughing boys and men throw laundry around dock while chinese man falls down. chaos, melee and free for all. Women in fancy dress tries to help chinese man. CU man looking serious and concerned walks over and breaks up the riot and comforst chinese man. CU chinese man looking very sad. chinese man grabs his hurt shoulder and talks to minister. Woman in fancy dress and hat with crowd of boys and chinese man on dock pickup laundry and put into basket. Crowd of serious men and women church goers look on. Woman and minister pull on smae piece of clothing. CU woman with lace dress and fancy hat. CU serious handsome minister with bow tie. She drops laundry and gasps shyly and coyly and embarassed, putting her hand to her mouth. CU crouching chinese man with bowl haircut gives strange appriving smile. interior of cluttered dilapidated house boat, man woman with fancy hat and man wearing suit sit at small table with table cloth while chinese man wearing traditional chinese hat serves them tea and cakes. man talks to chinese man. CU minister shaking his head and speaking. CU chinese man speaking with folded hands. interior of dilapidated cluttered house boat cabin. woman with fancy hat and lace dress and serious man wearing suit and hat get up from table while she cradles cat. stooped over chinese man wearing traditional chinese jacket and hatshakes his head and they leave the room. Exterior floating house boat shack tied to large rocks. They exit through door and converse. chinese man shyly points to welcome sign in chinese letters. they shake heads and nod. chinese man walks back into houseboat stooped over chinese man wearing traditional chinese clothes and hat walks into cluttered cabin interior with incense burning on altar. he pets cat sleeping on chair and speaks shaking his head. He walks to altar and prays, lights candle and bows and gets on knees stooped over chinese man wearing traditional chinese suit and hat interior cluttered houseboat cabin moving tea pot and cups from table with tablecloth. chubby boy chewing food and wearing cap and striped shirt walks in and hands wrapped package to man. boy smiles and reaches into pocket. chinese man shakes head, walks to back of room and brings candy and gives to boy who laughs. they are happy. chinese man opens parcel and removews dirty clothes for laundry stooped over chinese man in traditional chinese suit and hat and chubby boy with cap stand in cluttered dilapidated house boat cabin. Boy holds old fashioned starched collar in hands and looks puzzled at chinese writing characters. he speaks. CU chinese man with wide eyes. he speaks and turns back to writing. boy pulls cookie out of pocket and bites it smiling and offers it to chinese man who refuses. boy leaves. barn dance social party with streamer decorations from ceiling. children playing in background. men with balls of yarn reel in women attached to other end of yarn. Cu women in party dresses smiling and talking with anticipation. confused crowd on dancers. CU seated older women with fam. CU short man with ball of yarn walks to older tall woman with fan and kisses her on cheek. minister holds hands of younger woman and gives her a shy kiss while others laugh. man walks into room, takes off hat, slicks back hair with hand and looks puzzled. he looks into party barn dance room and sees man clasping woman's hands and proposing marriage and announcing to the crowd. CU man looking stunned and sad. crowd congratulating the coiple. CU older women seated, one crying, another fans her. crowd does three cheers hip hip hooray with raised hands. depressed dejected man grabs door frame and walks out of room. crowd is huddled embracing couple young boys banging on pots and pans and drums making noise and cheering. people talking in parlor room, woman holds hands to ears. older weoman piks up cake and tales into othe room. all walk out. rowdy boys see cake and stop banging and are happy stooped over chinese man stands shyly in front of porch and reluctantly walks up steps and into group of men and women. he pulls small package out of his pocket. young woman unwraps gift package. CU hands holding metal sculpture of three monekys with eyes, ears and mouth covered see no eveil, hear no evil speak no evil. she shows present to friends and thanks chinese man. he walks off porch while group watches. older man congratulates betrothed about to be married couple, shakes hands, puts on hat and walks off porch dejected while couple goes inside and closes door. he looks back depressed and weary and sees their shiloutte through door window. stooped chinese man looks back and shakes head and walks away man in buggy with horse in front of house. interior bedroom. woman in nightgown sitting up in bed covered in quilt with man holding leather satchel suitcase. she puts in old fashioned starched collars. He sits on edge of bed and puts arm around woman and kisses her mouth and her hands and leaves. man sitting in buggy with house in front of house with picket fence. chinese laundry man walks up as another man walks out of house with satchel suitcase. chinese man gives him package and he takes money out of pocket and gives to chinese man. They talk and man gets into buggy and drives away interior hotel lobby with dining room sign. man at reception desk. group of well dressed men walk in talking. minister is given envelope with telegram.he opens and reads. CU telegram. man smiles at good news and show telegram to friend who shakes his hand and congratulates him then group congratulates him Reel two and three of a silent film starring Lon Chaney Clip #: SF-18 Length: Year: 1922 Color: B/W Sound: Silent Decade: 1920s Original: 35mm
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Chinese Islamic woman prays wearing head covering
b&w - woman breaks bottle - launches ferry boat - Chinese refugees from Boxer Rebellion - street and palace - Japanese soldiers in street - rickshaws - narration