Citizens of Spokane, WA, participate in "Operation Walkout" civil defense drill in 1954
Yaël Braun-Pivet
Radio France: filmed programmes
Citizens up-keeping the Podolsk village in Russia.
Citizens of Podolsk village in Russia participate in up keeping the village. People can be seen paving streets, spraying trees, gardening. 1948. Location: Podolsk Russia. Date: 1949.
b&w - Jimmy Durante and Peter Lawford teach Anna Maria Alberghetti how to sing - happy american family - american dream - various Hollywood celebrities talk to camera and film clips trying to get people to vote, politics - Democracy - civic duty - responsibility - good citizen - participation - political - US - United States - U.S.A.
Sarto Fournier, leader of the Citizens's Party, with his family (?) on election day. Sarto Fournier''s daughter brings him a document in the living room. Sarto Fournier with his wife and his daughters look at the document. Sarto Fournier and his wife examine the document. Keywords: MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS,MONTREAL (CITY)
AFP-28AK 16mm
09:23:27:28 HD FOOTAGE // FIELD DISK // Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) holds a news conference to release its 2012 Congressional Pig Book, a database of pork-barrel projects. PARTICIPANTS: S ...
DAY OF ATONEMENT II (10/16/1996)
Citizen reactions to the World's Day of Atonement being held in New York City, New York.
National Night Out; 8/2/1994
Black citizens participate in night out
Liguria, 1975 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
Location: Genoa, Italy La Spezia, Italy Savona, Italy Imperia, Italy Creator: Massimo Mida The documentary - made on the occasion of the 1975 regional elections - exposes the problems of a region like Liguria, in which the regional institute and the Christian Democratic majority have so far operated with a management closed to the unitary participation of all the popular forces. Liguria concentrates in itself the basic problems of the entire Italian society: those of industry, agriculture, urban planning; the need for an overall planning that promotes a general development in the interest of all citizens and the popular classes in particular, who in recent decades have been sacrificed and subordinated to the interests of the great monopolies. The documentary, which analyzes the socio-economic situation of the provinces of Liguria, also indicates in the experience of Savona, administered by the United Left, an example to follow, precisely because, through a correct management of public affairs and the participation of citizens, it was possible to face and solve the problems of the historic center, social services, the port. 01. Headlines. Title: Liguria, a region that wants to change 02. Pan from the top of the city of Genoa to the port 03. Zoom out on the symbol of Genoa: the Lantern 04. Historical center of Genoa 05. Pan of destroyed houses next to a skyscraper. Pan of the landscape seen from the sea. Pan from the top of the Genoese hill. Buildings under construction 06. Children play soccer 07. Tanks 08. Pan della Vallata Val Polcevera, inq of industrial plants 09. PP by Tea Benedetti, a manufacturing worker from Biella, while speaking. Factory indoor pan 10. Pan of industrial plants, inq della Ferrania 3M 11. PP by Remo Vaccotti while speaking. It is located in Val Bormida 12. Images of workers on the street 13. Pan from the top of the Brugneto valley. Bruno Cordazzo speaks, next to him a farmer. Interior of a stable 14. Pictures of the country 15. Bread from the port of Imperia. PP on Francesco Run, regional councilor of the PCI Imperia 16. Pan of the external and internal greenhouses. Flower trade 17. Photographs of youth events. Moving images of interviewed students 18. Bread from the port of Savona. PP by Narciso Vignola, port. Images of working in a shipyard 19. PP by Giovanni Agosti, consul of the single company of port workers 20. Stock images of work in shipyards 21. PP by Antonio Montessoro, Secretary of the Federation of the PCI of Genoa 22. Images of the city of Savona 23. PP by Giuseppe Rebusello, Vice Mayor of Savona 24. Images of old people 25. PP by Aldo Pastore, Councilor for Hygiene and Assistance of the Municipality of Savona. Pictures of the city. Images of the interior of a house. A woman cooks for an old man 26. Picture about children. A man speaks to children 27. Bread from the port of La Spezia 28. Workers, one of these is interviewed: Dino Grassi, Muggiano shipyard worker, La Spezia 29. Picture of a man being examined by a doctor 30. PP of a priest who speaks. Pan of the listening audience 31. Stock images (1960?) 32. Port bread. Images of workers 33. Still image on the Communist Party coat of arms
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French Army practices emergency relocation of citizens in Paris during Cold War civil defense exercise.
French Army practices relocation of citizens in a civil defense exercise. Civilian participants seen climbing down from a truck. French military trucks equipped with long seats practice carrying citizens from Parts of Paris to safe locations, in a training exercise. Participants look at a large map posted at a park, and get instructions from French soldiers. The trucks are seen, filled with exercise participants, traveling about in the city, as military police direct the traffic.The trucks display signs that tell about the Army serving the country and helping to defend the citizens in case of aggression. Location: France. Date: 1951.
b&w - Jimmy Durante and Peter Lawford teach Anna Maria Alberghetti how to sing - various Hollywood celebrities talk to camera and film clips trying to get people to vote, politics - Democracy - civic duty - responsibility - good citizen - participation - political - US - United States - U.S.A.
Dugger asks Silver to explain why he feels Mississippi is nearly a police state and is what Silver calls a "closed society". Silver explains why he came to this conclusion - he talks about how Mississippi does not participate in Society itself, and the majority of Whites agree on what he calls "the official orthodoxy" which in 1850's was slavery and which today is "White Supremacy". This is backed up by fundamentalism and religion. He states that the citizens that don't go along with this are told to keep quiet and if they don't keep quiet they are threatened, run out of the state, and/or suffer violence.
PA-0049 Beta SP
Sing a Song of Friendship
Emmanuel Macron, a second five-year term in turmoil?
France 5
Peace rallies in London and Vienna in 1923
Perscription Drugs - Senior Citizens Rally
Rally by senior citizens for universal prescription drug coverage under medicare. House minority leader, Representative Richard Gephardt, and Senate Minority leader, Senator Tom Daschle participate
08:53:23:00 Sen. John Kerry, (D) Presidential Candidate participates in TownHall with Waverly citizens (typical stump speech)NOTE: typical town hall format, Kerry remains standing/walking throughout ...
From the north and south to Vietnam, 1967
Location: Various, Italy Various, Vietnam Creator: Franco Taviani The film is the chronicle of a singular demonstration, compared to the many taking place in Italy in support of Vietnam's struggle for peace and independence: a march started in Milan on November 4, 1967 by nine thousand people, organized, among others , by Danilo Dolci, by the painter Ernesto Treccani and by professor Rodolfo Margaria. The march then continued for twenty-five days throughout Italy and ended in Rome on 29 November. The film is built mainly around the stories of some of the march participants. The latter becomes an opportunity to show aspects of Italian daily life, during its journey along the peninsula, and of the solidarity of citizens towards the Vietnamese people. 01. The opening credits follow one another on the scrolling images, showing the preparation of the event. Citizens prepare the signs. Signs leaning against a wall. Pan of the gathered crowd 02. Archive images showing the landing of US marines in Vietnam, the suicide of monk Thich Quang Duc self-immolation, moments of the war and bombing in Vietnam, the victims of the bombing, the desperation of family members 03. Milan. The procession of demonstrators goes along a street, then passes through Piazza del Duomo (inq of the facade). At the head of the procession, we recognize Danilo Dolci, Ernesto Treccani, Professor Rodolfo Margaria, Vo Va Nai (?), A young Vietnamese woman, who is applauded 04. PPP of the faces of some demonstrators 05. Interior. Vittorio Battaglia, graphic designer, is filmed while making statements, continuing to draw at his work table. During the interview, images of daily metropolitan life in Milan flow by. Battaglia is portrayed as he gets on a tram, while reading a comic on the way 06. From a moving car, the march of the demonstrators is resumed, in the rain, near Pavia 07. Interiors of the opera house in Pavia, desert. Filming of the procession marching in the rain alternates with people who, inside the theatre, place signs with slogans against the war in Vietnam 08. Interior of a school classroom. Moments of a cartoon lesson to a group of children. The marching procession. Glimpses of street corners with parked protesters and signs. Shooting from a moving car: a group of young protesters stop by the side of a road. Inq of a couple (he is the cartoon teacher), sitting on the ground to rest and eat, along a city street 09. Interior of a house with a bedroom inq, where a young woman sits and combs her hair, and of the study where the cartoon teacher works at a table 10. Filming, from a moving car, of the march of the procession, at night, in the rain 11. Interior of the Pavia theater. Inq from the top of the crowded theater. On the stage there is a banner with the inscription: Pavia for Vietnam". Protesters enter the theater
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Perscription Drugs - Senior Citizens Rally
Rally by senior citizens for universal prescription drug coverage under medicare. House minority leader, Representative Richard Gephardt, and Senate Minority leader, Senator Tom Daschle participate
VOTER TURNOUT HIGH? (5.55) You know, I think there is the old story, when America is sick, black folks have pneumonia. And I think there is a general trend for Americans to remove themselves from the political process. We are all very cynical about politicians, about politics about Washington. And I think that since black folks are suffering even more than the general population, more anxious, their lives are unstable, what that means we are even more cynical and more skeptical about the political progress. So I think this is an ongoing problem. The key components to keeping voter participation up and political participation up is for leadership to assert itself and make clear to the general population that politics does matter, that very concrete life choices are effected by what happens in Washington, D.C., or Springfield or the city council That it can make a difference in terns of a benefits check, it can make a difference in terms of school funding and that citizens can’t just remove themselves from that process they actually have to engage themselves and not just leave it to the professionals. (7:26) Whether it’s participation in voting. Participation through community organizations or what have you, that we’ve got to get involved if we are going to make a difference. And that’s an up hill battle and I think the bu on all the political leadership in the black community to operate with clarity and integrity to make that message clear at the grass roots level. (7:51) HF-YTV