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A2 / France 2
US TX Handguns (NR)
On the way to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's desk is a bill to legalize concealed handguns in college classrooms. It was the last major legislation approved by the House and came over strong objections. The bill drew mixed reactions from students. (June 2)
News Clip: Free college access
B-roll footage from the NBC 5 television station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about free college access. This story aired at 6 P.M.
Impoverished buildings and compound of Friendship Baptist College, Rock Hill, supported by African American Baptists, in South Carolina.
Educational inequalities between schools for whites and African Americans. Friendship Baptist College, Rock Hill, supported by African American Baptists. The buildings, quarters, compound and playground of the college. Students of the college doing the daily tasks like cleaning, laundry all by themselves. The poor conditions of the school buildings, classrooms and quarters, with broken glasses and doors. Man walking down rickety, shaking stairs. Students assembled in outside yard. Location: Rock Hill South Carolina USA. Date: 1936.
interior older prep school classroom doors - college
Future Canadian military officers train at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, ON
Japan: College classroom
Japanese cram school college classroom: attentive college students, all men, sit and stand in crowded classroom as professor writes long mathematical equation on blackboard one student arrives late and stands in the back.
PA-0568 Digibeta
Postmark East Lansing
Students in a classroom
Students in a classroom.
A teacher and students inside a classroom in an Ontario college.
Unissued / Unused material. <br/> <br/>Children of foreign representatives in France go to school. <br/> <br/>Various shots Saint Germain College. LS of the building annexed to the college, these are the living quarters. LS of the Saint Germain College. MS's of the school bus arriving and children alighting. Various shots of the children of all ages entering college. Various shots of the teachers holding a classroom-council meeting. LS children at playtime. Various shots line of children of different nationalities sat on steps. <br/> <br/>LS children in playground playing. MS's teenage children in classroom. MS classroom of young boys, one answering questions in Dutch. Various shots classroom of teenage youths, one boy answers questions in German. <br/> <br/>MS's classroom of American children, with boys answering questions. Various shots French boys answering teacher's questions. Various good shots as the children come bounding out of school, and running off towards their living quarters.
Night College classrooms administrative dorm building
Women Teaching College
Two quick shots in college classrooms show women teaching in the front of the rooms, students seated at desks. One student, shot from behind, has remarkably long hair. Also, inside a four-way screen, various scenes of college life appear and disappear. DOC/WA - 1970's - CLR
Technical college student conversing with teacher
View from back of tiered lecture hall as mature professor stands at whiteboard, discusses equations, then calls on student for comments.
Cree Way
Shots of First Nations college students in painting class at Manitou College, CSs of traditional paintings.
Christ College, Christchurch, New Zealand, medium shot open air classroom
Christ College, Christchurch, New Zealand, medium shot open air classroom
Bridgeman Images Details
Various views of German students in Frankfurt, post World War 2.
Student life in Frankfurt, West Germany after World War 2. Young men and women listen to a uniformed American soldier conducting class inside a classroom. A young woman asks the soldier a question. Various drawings are displayed on a wall behind students. Inside an elementary school classroom, a young German girl wearing braids stands up from her seat. Young girl reciting with her book in class. Young girl raises her hands inside classroom. A hand flipping through pages of a German book. College students follow a professor in a university corridor. German college students, some talking, waiting for class to start inside a lecture room. Location: Frankfurt Germany. Date: October 1946.
1973 College Campus
College - exterior brick building - UCLA campus - University - office building or school classroom
Classroom - Adult Ed
Classroom Students receive lessons in a clasroom, adult education, high school / college class room.
University students listening to instructor in lecture hall
Over the shoulder view in slow motion of mature male teacher standing in front of students sitting at tiered desks and taking notes.
Solar lamp manufacture
Women on a solar workshop, learning how to make solar lanterns at the Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India. The Barefoot College is a worldwide charity, founded by Bunker Roy, its aims are, education, drinking water, electrification through solar power, skill development, health, women empowerment and the upliftment of rural people. Many of the women are illiterate or semi literate. They are trained from countries all over the world, so that they can take their skills back and cascade the learning.