John Kerry Campaign with Columbus, OH Union Members
[John Kerry Campaign with Columbus, OH Union Members ] [COLUMBUS, OH]
Ohio State defeats SMU in college football game in Columbus, OH, in 1951
DN-237 1 inch; NET-553 Beta SP (at 01:00:00:00); DigiBeta
White Is Inaugurated With Simple Rites As He Starts 2nd Term
US OH Blue Jackets (CR)
Columbus Blue Jackets Open Camp
Aviation; Famous Fliers
Rickenbacker-born Columbus, OH; former racing driver; PBY plane lands; Rickenbacker emerges from plane in bad shape CU; CU; walks with pilots from Eastern Airlines; places time capsule in cornerstone; CU at desk as business exec;
Setting Sun Shining through Downtown Columbus Skyscrapers on Ohio State Capitol
Aerial establishing shot of the state capitol building in Columbus, Ohio at sunset.
NEWSFEED: 2/19/07 POOR AERIAL FREEWAY ACCIDENT & TRAFFIC JAM, JETBLUE COUNTER AT AIRPORT, MTN CLIMBER RESCUE, HILLARY CLINTON, RIVER RESCUE ;MULTI VEHICLE ACCIDENT MIAMI Aerial accident aftermath- several wrecked cars on fwy, bad feed, officer letting cars pass singly ;Aerial traffic jam- backed up for quite aways. RUSSIA BIRD FLU snow covered village, woman takes chicken from grocery bag; Factory, Int cardboard boxes on conveyor belt, chicken dressing plant - dead birds hanging from conveyor ;JETBLUE BOSTON DELAYS passenger bringing luggage to counter, unhappy customer ;OH JET BLUE COLUMBUS AIRPORT snowy tarmac, Jetblue counter, flight schedule ;MOUNT HOOD CLIMBERS NX mtn climbers (or rescuers) walk past in snowfall, Aerial snow covered mtn, people on mtn ;IRAQ US TROOPS/SECURITY OPERATION soldiers raiding house, standing on guard, kids watching, Iraqi soldiers, convoy ;Soldier standing with machine gun (a curious donkey nearby), civilians try to talk with soldier ;SC HILLARY CLINTON APPEARANCE campaign rally. NC TRAIN VS TRUCK Aerial truck hit by cargo train, not much to it ;RIVER RESCUE Aerial rescue workers along road, this might be campers stranded in island, its very pale ;POSSIBLE RIVER RESCUE better image, Aerial campers taking down tent on narrow island not far from the bank...Rescue vehicles along road, readying raft...rescue worker easily crosses river with rope...
Jt13. Cinema harry potter - actors have changed well in 10 years
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Vote 2000: Gore in Columbus
[Vote 2000: Gore in Columbus] [COLUMBUS, OH]
Drone Flight Over Ohio State Capitol As Sun Hits Horizon
Aerial establishing shot of the state capitol building in Columbus, Ohio at sunset.
Jesse Owens at 1936 meet in Columbus, OH
NEWSFEED: 8/8/05 EMS AT TORONTO PLANE CRASH SITE, HEAT DEATH PREVENTION BILL SCHWARZENEGGER, F-22 RAPTOR JET, MARINE FUNERALS ;DX-EXT: EMS at scene, Toronto, flashing lights, airport arrival terminal, t/h fire & explosion of plane, lots of interviews ;DX-EXT: PLANE CRASH, INJURED PASSENGERS, T/H of injured, crash as plane lands, Air France ;DX-EXT: CA Heat Death prevention, Gov. Schwarzenneger, podium speech, people died working outside in heat, heat related dangers on job; DX-EXT: CA Offensive Hooters billboard, t/h on billboard, pics of billboard; DX-EXT: MA, dad shot dead while holding child, car at scene of shooting and death of dad, t/h ;DX-EXT: KS, FROG FOUND IN GREEN BEANS, animal parts found in food can, Green Giant, t/h ;DX-INT: TAIWAN, GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN CABLE CHANNEL, tv monitors, employees bow down with leader, man shuts down tv monitors ;DX-EXT: MEXICO, US CONSULATES SHUTS DOWN OPS, logo on building, troops raid house, armed, bullet holes in car, wall, EMS on scene ;DX-EXT: BORDER CROSSING 'sign, Welcome to the United States', in English and Spanish, traffic ;DX-EXT: CA, ASSAULT, GIRL RAPED, BOUND, STABBED, t/h, police at scene, crime scene unit at scene NX, t/h ;DX-EXT: KICKER MASCOT COMPETITION,crowds, toy mascots race down slide, Piggly Wiggly ;DX-EXT: TX, BALLOON FESTIVAL, filling up hot air balloons, a few in the sky, lots of crew work on the ground ;DX-INT: BRAC meeting Oh, officials tour DOD office in Columbus, t/h on why to keep it open ; DX-INT: SUDAN, T/H OF professor, pics of school and teacher ;DX-EXT: WI, Memorial park Dedicated to Hunters, people walk around with children, t/h on memorial site; DX-INT: MI, Gov. Granholm, press conf. on Trade Trip to Japan, intl investment to Michigan, growth ;DX-INT: KOREA, press conf, talks on negotiatons, no audio; DX-EXT: TORONTO, PLANE CRASH, t/h passenger on Air France plane, passengers exit plane bus in blankets ;DX-EXT: CA Red Tide, shows up on So. Calif beaches aerials of red tide, washing against rocks, on sandy beach line ;DX-EXT: NM, Wilberger suspect arraigned in court, judge listens to defendants attorney, aerial school campus, ext estb ;DX-INT: TORONTO PLANE CRASH VICTIMS REUNITE IN HOTEL, hugs and relief on passengers faces, lots of inteviews ;DX-EXT: CA, NEW RAPTOR JET F-22, military, takes off and you see the rear jets, also Stealth bomber footage in start ;DX-EXT: TX, FLIGHT 121 CRASH MEMORIAL DAY, FAMILY AND PEOPLE REACT, LOTS OF T/H, plane flies over memorial fence, 137 dead ;DX-EXT: NC BRAC, visit Pope AFB, base closures, locals plead their case, planes land AF, army troops marching, lots t/h ;DX-INT: OH, IRAQ, MARINE KILLED, FATHER REACTS, TWO STARS ON DOOR, photo of sons & dad, dead marines picture, Marine headquarters ;DX-EXT: CA, INDIA CULTURE FESTIVAL, colorful floats, music, crowds listen to music, Krishna wagon ;DX-EXT: CO, searching river for missing boy, plane over river bed, hikers in river with poles, view of river and bridge; PETER JENNINGS OBIT PKG, death and career of newsman, highlights of his career as journalist, news anchor ;DX-EXT: IA, SOLDIERS DEPLOY TO GERMANY, t/h soldiers on leaving, women and children crying, shaking hands, speech, color guard; DX-EXT: TX, child killed parents investigated, police o/s house, t/h police, arrest of parents, t/h neighbors ;DX-EXT: FL, POWERLINES KILL SEVERAL ANIMALS, nx crews at work on downed lines, horses, dead goat removed, t/h ;PETER JENNINGS DEATH, CHARLIE GIBSON ANNOUNCES HIS DEATH abc SPECIAL NEWS REPORT, DO NOT USE; DX-EXT: OH, Marine body arrives for burial/Boskovitch candlelight vigil, people line route with hearse, marine honor guard ;DX-EXT: COLOMBIA, ANNUAL FLOWER FESTIVAL, LOTS OF FLOATS, DISPLAYS OF FLOWER PICTURES, PARADES, FLORAL DISPLAYS;
DN-216 1 inch
Production Swing Pursues Upward Course As Industry Continues...
WALK FOR AIDS (05/05/1997)
1930 BIDEN COLUMBUS OH FS5 84 Joe Biden event in Columbus, OH
Republican nominee for governor of Ohio Myers Y. Cooper in Columbus, OH
COLUMBUS RAIN (07/23/1997)
Weather video of rain in Columbus, Ohio.
Columbus, Ohio with Storm and Rainbow
Columbus, Ohio with Storm and Rainbow
DN-LB-508 Beta SP
Huge Bowling Alley Built In City Streets for Unique Tourney
Panning Drone Flight Over Downtown Columbus at Twilight
Aerial establishing shot of the downtown skyscrapers of Columbus lit up after sunset, arranged around the Ohio Statehouse.