AFP-32AC 16mm; VTM-32AC Beta SP; NET-283 Beta SP (at 01:17:30:00); DigiBeta
TAPE_NUMBER: EF01/0178 IN_TIME: 14:28:13 LENGTH: 03:46 SOURCES: APTN/PARAMOUNT PICTURES RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: xfa Title: Down to Earth Premiere Date: 12/02/2001 Location: Los Angeles The heavens may have been pouring down on Los Angeles but Paramount Studios will be hoping that they are smiling on CHRIS ROCK ("Nurse Betty", "Dogma", "Saturday Night Live") and his new picture, DOWN TO EARTH. The actor attended the world premiere Monday night, and had every right to be a little nervous: it is the first time he has had to carry a movie as leading man. He also co-wrote and executive produced it. Co-stars CHAZZ PALMINTERI ("Hurly Burly", "Usual Suspects", "Bullets Over Boradway") and REGINA KING ("Mighty Joe Young", "Enemy of the State", "How Stella Got Her Groove Back", "Jerry Maguire") also turned up, along with JERRY SEINFELD, VIVACA FOX, MAGIC JOHNSON and singer, MONICA who cut the key song for the soundtrack. The film is based on the Warren Beatty classic 'Heaven Can Wait' which was scripted by Elaine May. This time Beatty, working as the screenwriter, has given the story a modern twist. Brothers, Chris and Paul Weitz are the co-directors. Paul Weitz previously directed "American Pie" and, together, they wrote the screenplay to "Nutty Professor II, The Klumps." In "Down to Earth," Rock plays, of all things, an aspiring comedian who is taken to heaven before his time and, after all the paperwork is sorted out, he is given a second chance with a new body. Some of Hollywood's top comedy names showed up, despite the rain, to support one of America's favourite new comedians. It all began as a lunch meeting with Warren Beatty, who made "Heaven Can Wait" in 1978. That film, too, was a remake of Ernst Lubitsch's classic 1943 movie starring Don Ameche and Gene Tierney. Rock and Beatty decided it was time for another version but with a new twist. When Rock arrives in heaven, God and his co-workers quickly sort out the mistake but they aren't able to give Lance Barton back his body. So he gets a new one - that of an older white man. What ensues is a comedy - a double edged one - which looks at how people are perceived, a hot topic in Rock's stand-up routines. Rounding out the cast is Hollywood heavy hitter CHAZZ PALMINTERI who plays a no-nonsense head angel who sorts out the mess when Rock arrives too early at the pearly gates. REGINA KING plays the skeptical love interest. After all, she thinks she is being wooed by an elderly man. Also part of the A-list comedy team is WANDA SYKES another stand-up regular. She says the film got her thinking about how she might like to come back if given another chance The movie opens in North America on SHOTLIST: Hollywood, California 12 February 2001 1. Wide shot of Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood 2. Wide shot Chris Rock arriving with Magic Johnson in background 3. Various: set up shots Chris and scene at the premiere 4. Film Clip - Down to Earth 5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Chris Rock 6. Film Clip - Down to Earth 7. Set-up shot Chazz Palminteri 8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Chazz Palminteri 9. Film Clip - Down to Earth 9. Jerry Seinfeld walking past photographers 10. Set-up shot Regina King 11. Cutaway cameraman 12. Vivaca Fox talking to press pull to Chazz Palminteri 14. Magic Johnson talking to press 15. Monica talking to press (she did the key song for the soundtrack) 16 .Film Clip - Down to Earth?
Don't Let Go The Coat
Funnyman Hugh Woo-Woo Herbert drunkenly admires himself in a mirror near a coat check room, then learns he's taken another man's coat and hat. Hugh curses when he can't get the coat off. FIC/WA - 1938 - B/W
1PM: [22 December 2022 issue]
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Representative Bob Stump / (R) Arizona FASELY announces the death of actor and comedian Bob Hope.
Too many resistance bands for workout walking around gym, Comedy concept
4K Too many resistance bands for workout walking around gym, Comedy concept
Boxing match between Rocky Marciano and Jerry Lewis for 1954 national Muscular Dystrophy drive
Jaurais had to buy Pokemon cards
Radio France: filmed programmes
Man using abdominal exercise machine the wrong way at the gym then his friend telling him. Funny comedy concept
4K Man using abdominal exercise machine the wrong way at the gym then his friend telling him. Funny comedy concept
Entertainment Daily: Novocaine - Steve Martin plays a dentist accused of murder in this comedy
TAPE: EF01/0732 IN_TIME: 13:35:45 DURATION: 4:04 SOURCES: APTN/Artisan Entertainment RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance DATELINE: Toronto SHOTLIST 1. Film clip Trailer - 'Novocaine' 2. SOT Steve Martin - "It's sort of the definition of normalcy, the dentist. Of course like everybody there is a deep underlife going on of desire and lust." 3. Film clip 'Novocaine' 4. SOT David Atkins, Director - "What's exciting about this film is to take an ordinary mand and put him in extraordinary circumstances and see how he gets out of it. I find that anti-hero very interesting." 5. Film clip 'Novocaine' 6. SOT Steve Martin (on people being worried that he's playing a straight role) - "I haven't had that much, it's mostly the studio that worries about that and I think 'well what did you hire me'." 7. SOT David Atkins (on using Steve Martin to keep people guessing) - "I wanted the audience to sit down and go on this wild ride but keep it constantly unpredictable so you think you are going in one direction but actually you are going in the other. Then you are walking down the hall and there is two doors and you think you are going to go in A and no you go in B. In that way casting Steve Martin where everyone has preconceived notions of his work. Into this role as an ordinary man who is very human, he's not perfect, he makes mistakes and they get him in to a snowballing spiral, is part of that whole idea." 8. Film clip 'Novocaine' 9. SOT David Atkins - "This film is about in a way debunking the myth of the American Dream. I am interested in the underbelly of the American Dream. Here is a guy who is living the American Dream, he has it all, he's got the beautiful house and the beautiful fiance, everything. Yet underneath this perfect surface there is rot afoot, just like a rotted tooth." 10. Clip trailer 'Novocaine' STEVE MARTIN PLAYS STRAIGHT MAN IN INDIE MOVIE "NOVOCAINE" That wild and crazy guy Steve Martin isn't known for his dramatic roles. Films in which he's veered into serious acting territory ('A Simple Twist of Fate', 'Leap of Faith') have tended to fall flat at the box office. But having been buoyed by the recent success of his comedy 'Bowfinger', he's ventured back into drama with the new indie flick 'Novocaine'. In a perhaps unusual role for the wacky comedian, Martin ('Roxanne', 'Bowfinger') plays a quiet dentist, Frank Sangster, living in a Chicago suburb whose life gets turned upside down by his involvement with one of his patients. Susan Ivey, played by Helena Bonham Carter ('Fight Club', 'Planet of the Apes') is the drug-addicted patient the dentist falls for. He finds himself trapped in a web of lies to cover for her, as well as getting himself mixed up in a world of drugs and crime, forcing him to betray his fiancee (Laura Dern) and landing him as the main suspect in a local murder. Throughout his career, Martin has played a range of roles. But, he is best known for his comedic characters in such films as 'The Jerk', 'Roxanne', 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' and the 1999 movie, 'Bowfinger', which he also wrote. Helena Bonham Carter may have started her movie career in period pieces like 'A Room With A View', but after starring in 'Planet of the Apes', she seems to be showing a predisposition for appearance-changing roles. In 'Novocaine' she dons a set of fake teeth. The film's directed by Canadian David Atkins, who wrote the Johnny Depp film 'Arizona Dream'. FILM CLIP DETAILS Novocaine Artisan Entertainment 1 310 449 9200
Young Jane Wyman Blooper
Two bloopers featuring young Jane Wyman. She flubs a line in the first and gets angry at herself, in the second her co-star flubs a line and curses. FIC/WA - 1937 - B/W
HL-1A Beta SP 3 4in. HL-1B 3 4in. Beta SP
Gym Accident. Asian man using exercise machine at gym. Testicular Injuries, Broken ball
4K Gym Accident. Asian man using exercise machine at gym. Testicular Injuries, Broken ball
Voice - of - Big - Tex - Dies
Philippines Elex Preview - Despite Estrada's fall many movie stars want to run for office.
TAPE: EF01/0396 IN_TIME: 07:18:49 DURATION: 3:29 SOURCES: APTN/Reyna Films/Estrada VNR RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance DATELINE: Manila, The Philippines - 10/9 May, 2001/File SHOTLIST: APTN - 9 May, 2001 1. Armida Siguion Reyna walking up the stage 2. Crowd waving 3. Siguion-Reyna waving Reyna Films - Movie Title: "Just call me Joy" 4. Excerpts of Armida Siguion Reyna in a movie scene APTN - 9 May, 2001 5. SOUNDBITE: (English/Tagalog) Armida Siguion-Reyn, Candidate for Congress "The showbiz people felt that our beloved President (Joseph Estrada) was insulted severely, so we would like to prove to the people, especially of our country, that we are capable. We are capable." Estrada VNR 6. Excerpt of Joseph Estrada in a movie scene APTN File - 25 April 2001 7. Estrada behind bars after his arrest 10 May, 2001 8. Connie Angeles, met by crowd, shakes hands 9. SOUNDBITE: (English/Tagalog) Connie Angeles, Candidate for Vice Mayor "Since the President Estrada is from showbiz, of course, it will have some effect, but nowadays, the electorate are very intelligent and they will always look for the credentials, and the track record and the performance of the candidates." APTN - File 10. Actor Edu Manzano (in yellow vest - running for Mayor) with crowd 11. Close-up of comedian Joey Marquez (running for reelection as Mayor) in campaign 12. Philippine superstar Nora Aunor (in white shirt- running for governor) shaking hands with people 9 May, 2001 13. Siguion-Reyna on stage dancing 14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Ricardo Lo, Entertainment Writer "I think its more of adventurism for them. I can say that I don't think they know what they are getting into. Politics, holding a public office is a very demanding job, it isn't just entertaining people, its serving the people." 15. Movie billboards with campaign billboard in the middle 16. SOUNDBITE: (Tagalog) Vox Pop "I will still vote for actors. Just because one made a mistake, does not mean all of them are like that. Each of them have their own principles and their own desires for their constituents." 17. SOUNDBITE: (Tagalog) Vox Pop "Their line is entertainment, and politics is not their line, so I can say that I will not vote for any show business personality." 18. Crowd cheering 19. Dancers on stage during campaign rally STORYLINE: Armida Siguion-Reyna's name (pronounced "Armeeda Seegyawn-Rayna) is familiar in every household in the Philippines, as a singer and a character actress. So it is not such a surprise to hear people cheering and applauding when they see her on stage. But this is no concert, this is Siguion-Reyna's final campaign rally - part of her bid to win a congressional seat in the coming May 14 elections. She has never been into politics and has spent more than 20 years singing or acting in movies, except for the last two years, when she served in government as head of the Movie Television Review and Classification Board, under the administration of Joseph Ejercito Estrada, also a former movie star. Siguion Reyna left that post after Estrada was forced to step down from the presidency in January for allegations of corruption. But Estrada's fate did not discourage Siguion-Reyna from making a try for politics, in fact she says she felt more strongly about running, to show the Filipinos that people from show business are very capable of serving in government. Joseph Estrada was elected president in 1998 mainly due to his popularity as a former action star. He was elected with the widest margin ever in the history of Philippine politics, but he is now in jail awaiting trial for economic plunder. Connie Angeles has been acting in movies since she was seven years old. She now hopes to get a second term as Vice Mayor of suburban Quezon City. She concedes that what happened to Estrada may affect people's perception about voting for show business personalities, but in the end she thinks that the voters are intelligent enough to go for track record and performance. Many more from the entertainment industry are running, as it seems Estrada's fate has not discouraged them at all. Entertainment writer Ricardo Lo says that there are at least 60 people from show business running in this election, more than the number that ran in the last election. The public has mixed feelings. Some say they do not see anything wrong with show business people moving into politics, while some say that entertainers should stick to entertaining. On Monday, May 14, some 34 (m) million registered voters are to elect 13 Senators, the entire House of Representatives and thousands of municipal officials nationwide.
The last five minutes: Thierry Lhermitte
Hugh Herbert's Bizarre Outtake
The king of woo-woo Hugh Herbert smashes a vase over of Alan Mowbray in a bizarre outtake. FIC/WA - 1937 - B/W
Entertainment: Billy Crystal - Comedy star honoured by MOMI
TAPE: EF03/0136 IN_TIME: 14:35:47 DURATION: 6:16 SOURCES: APTN /Broadway Video/Castle Rock Entertainment/ Warner Bros/ Sony Entertainment RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/vTV clips without clearance DATELINE: 12th February 2003, New York QUALITY OF FILM/TV CLIPS AS INCOMING SHOTLIST 1. Tilt down chandelier to Billy Crystal 2. Cutaway media 3. Pull back media to Billy Crystal and wife, Janice with Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City 4. Mid shot Billy Crystal, his wife and Bloomberg 5. Mid shot Billy Crystal and Robin Williams 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Robin Williams: "He's just loyal and honest and gutsy, funny. He'll call up and bust your heart. And he laughs for me, if he laughs I know it's a good one." 7. Setup shot Harold Ramis 8. SOUNDBITE (English) Harold Ramis: "Billy is the best friend you could have. He's a faithful friend, he's attentive, he has a great memory which is important for a friend. As successful as he is he still understands people on the most basic emotional level, he's really a good person." 9. Mid shot Billy Crystal with Jack Palance 10. Setup shot Molly Shannon 11. Setup shot Cathy Moriarty 12. Wideshot push in Billy Crystal 13. SOUNDBITE (English) Billy Crystal: "I've always known this is what I wanted to do... I've had few jobs fortunately. I taught school for a while, It was fun but I knew it wasn't me, I was a theater manager in a North Broadway show tearing tickets and learning all the parts of 'You're A Good Man Charlie Brown'. I can't believe what I have done, I'm surprised myself that I'm still around and maybe some other people too." 14. CA press 15. SOUNDBITE (English) Billy Crystal:" When it all comes down to it being in front of people live, getting laughs, there's nothing like it and I hope to get back out and do more of that." 16. Clip from Saturday Night Live (1984-1985) 17. Clip "Salute to Billy Crystal" 18. Wide shot ballroom 19. SOUND UP Kevin Spacey: "'When Harry Met Sally' was of course a huge hit. So what if it's not realistic. Who wants reality when you can have romance. Let's watch a scene that is truly the ultimate in romance." 20. Clip 'When Harry Met Sally' (1989) 20. SOUND UP Robin Williams: "We put together the first Comic Relief, and for me the great joy was I finally got to work one-one-one with Billy and Whoopi and I got to see how generous my brother is and what he did was a lot of times let me do what I have just been doing with you know except he would feed me stuff and provoke me to do stuff that even my therapist would go 'don't do that'." 21. Clip - 'Comic Relief' 22. Mid shot Billy Crystal walks up to podium 23. Wide shot Billy Crystal on stage 24. SOUND UP Billy Crystal: "When I was a little kid in third grade I had a tray in the cafeteria loaded with food and I stumbled and dropped the tray and everybody laughed and I liked it, the next day I came in I threw the tray down. The third day I came in a bully took 15 percent of my lunch money and I was in show business." 25. Cutaway 26. SOUND UP Billy Crystal: "I've gotten to do a lot of things. I was thinking about it when I was sitting there, I've birthed a calf, I've thrown momma from a train, I've watched Meg fake the orgasm and the I purposely made a mistake so I could watch it again. It's hard to believe that Harry met Sally back in '89, things were so different then, Bush was president, the economy was tanking and we were about to go to war with Iraq. So different." 27. SOUND UP Billy Crystal talking to Robert De Niro in audience: "Would you like to do it again? I know you like to do a lot of takes. Do you want to come up here? I'm happy for you to do it again." 28. Robert De Niro goes back up to stage 29. Billy Crystal waiting for De Niro 30. Robert De Niro on stage with Crystal 31. SOUND UP Crystal: "I've been through some amazing pauses with you -- this one!"! SOT De Niro: "It was something I put together not as well as I should have." SOT Billy Crystal: "You'd never know it." SOT Robert De Niro: "All the things I wanted to say." SOT Billy Crystal: "Don't read my script, that's not going to help you." SOT De Niro: "All the things I wanted to say, you are a great person and I love you." BILLY'S SUCCESS IS CRYSTAL CLEAR Hollywood funnyman Billy Crystal's drew an A-list crowd to the celebration of his career held in New York Wednesday night. Among the presenters at the American Museum of the Moving Image's annual event held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel - Robert De Niro, Robin Williams and Kevin Spacey each of whom toasted Crystal for his friendship and for his work as a comedian, actor, writer, producer and director. Crystals' friends and colleagues paid tribute to him in speech after speech at the Salute, but Crystal was not satisfied with his friend Robert De Niro's speech so he invited him to do a second take. In one of the funniest and most touching moments of the evening, DeNiro ran back up to the stage to apologize for not being better prepared and then told his friend that he loved him. Guests included Harold Ramis who has starred with Crystal and DeNiro in the hit 'Analyze This' and the sequel 'Analyze That,' Jack Palance who starred with him in 'City Slickers,' Cathy Moriarty who worked with him in 'Analyze That' and 'Forget Paris,' and Molly Shannon a fellow 'Saturday Night Live' alumnus. Crystal told guests at the gala dinner that he got his start doing standup comedy as a kid for relatives and friends in his family's living room, but he broke ground when he played Jodie, the first gay character in prime-time television, on a series called 'Soap.' In the 1980s he was a regular on 'Saturday Night Live' where he played among many other memorable characters including Sammy Davis, Jr., the fabulous Fernando, whose catch phrase "You look mah-velous" became an American cultural phenomenon. He went on from there to the movies. He co-starred with Meg Ryan in the blockbuster romantic comedy 'When Harry Met Sally.' He starred in 'City Slickers' with Hollywood great, Jack Palance who won an Oscar for his role in that film. Latterly, he has had success alongside Robert DeNiro with 'Analyze This' and 'Analyze That' - the list goes on: 'Monsters, Inc.,' 'Deconstructing Harry,' 'Hamlet', 'Forget Paris,' 'Mr. Saturday Night,' 'The Princess Bride,' 'Throw Momma from the Train' and 'This Is Spinal Tap.' Crystal has also produced, written and directed. He has won six Emmy awards, five American Comedy Awards, three Golden Globe nominations and recently a Directors Guild of America nomination for his work behind the camera in '61.' a movie about the 1961 home-run race between baseball legends Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. Indeed, Crystal is a baseball fanatic. He Is a partial owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, but a lifelong supporter of the New York Yankees. The two baseball teams played each other in the 2001 World Series, Arizona ended up winning. He is also well known around the world for his role as the comic host of the Oscars -- he's done it seven times. He's teamed up with Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg to raise $50 million for Comic Relief ,an organization that aids the homeless and in 1989 he was the first American comedian to give a concert in Russia.
Brown Released
Asian man falling from exercise gym ball while working out with a friend at gym
4K Asian man falling from exercise gym ball while working out with a friend at gym
The jealous lover where false appearances
A2 / France 2
Closeup On Abbott & Costello
Abbott and Costello talk with off-screen gangster Sheldon Leonard, who mistakes them for hitmen. Costello deviates from the script at end of scene, cracking up his partner and the crew. Outtake from "Hit The Ice." FIC/WA - 1943 - B/W
8 p.m.: [program June 6, 2008]
A2 / France 2