African native tribes under Belgian Colonial rule. A native African village, Bamburi women come out of huts (have distended lips) Women sit outside huts, women smoke pipes through distended lips, (weird.) A small village in the jungle, huts clustered together. A station wagon drives through jungle road. Efe Pygmies with bows and arrows hunt through jungle. A Pygmy village with small huts, pygmies use bows and arrows Close Up shot of a pygmy. Pygmy tribe dances around while a native african tribesman plays drums (war dance). Mangbetu tribe (long headed people, voice over claims 'former canibals') village. Explaination of native body modification, binding of skulls. CU African women with bones in hair. African tribe chief poses for camera as natives play in background. Son of King sits on little throne. Mangbetus dance around. Tribal Queen sits in profile.
Nyamuragira Volcano erupting in Belgian Congo (later known as the Democratic Republic of Congo)
Ill patients at the American Presbyterian Congo mission's outdoor clinic and outside their houses in
The victims of sleeping sickness, Trypanosomiasis caused by the tsetse fly in Congo, Africa. Ill patients at the American Presbyterian Congo mission's outdoor clinic. A doctor examines the patients. People outside the houses. Location: Congo. Date: 1940.
Mechanism of Congo basin drying, animation
Animation showing the causes of the recent drying of the Congo basin in central Africa. This region hosts the second-largest tropical rainforest on Earth, but it has been drying over several years. This is due to higher sea surface temperatures in the western Indian Ocean. This leads to more convection and cloud formation, but the rain falls over the ocean, not over land. The resulting air that blows westwards over the Congo is much dryer than it was historically, which is weakening the rainforest ecosystem.
Demonstration for Congo near the Embassy of Rwanda (February 17, 2024, Paris, France)
Afrique libre
The Congo story: ceremonies involving King Leopold of Belgium and various Congolese dignitaries rejoicings as Congo becomes independant, dancing in streets, shots of native leaders.
1958 Las Vegas Nightclub
b&w - Las Vegas audience enters Congo Room showroom at the Sahara Hotel and Casino - c/u Congo Room sign - Well dressed nightclub patrons
Congo Trip, 1980s
The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo, DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo is a country located in Central Africa. Here are various scenes of raw footage from a family vacation to the Congo in the 1980s.
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Congo LLuvias
Congo LLuvias
Scenes in Pygmyland
Furlong - Scenes in Pygmyland Scenes in Pygmyland. Footage shot on the Furlong East African Expedition of 1929 in the Congo. Africa, Congo, pygmys
AFP-89-I 16mm
Dust lifted from tropical storms carried aloft, animation
Animation of dust being carried aloft by updrafts from powerful storms, and transported widely across temperate regions. The view is looking west over equatorial Africa, with storms over the rainforests in the Congo basin. Strong convection lifts dust from the surrounding regions high into the atmosphere, where it travels long distances. At the end of the clip the dust fades onto a transparent background, for compositing of footage of its destination.
The Evening Team of February 7, 2024 (EDS).
DN-B-057 Beta SP
Congo Crisis Echoes Round The World
United Nations troops arrive and Belgian troops stay at key positions in Congo during the Congo crisis.
United Nations troops in Congo during the Congo Crisis. A U.S. aircraft stationed at an airport. Troops carry crates. The crates kept at the airport. Troops arrive in Congo. Belgian troops patrol on street. The troops control the crowd. The troops at various places fire rifles. People on road. Troops under wing of a aircraft load ammunition. A truck parked near the aircraft. Location: Congo. Date: July 21, 1960.
1940 Congo Maisie
Congo Maisie - 1940 b&w trailer - comedy Ann Sothern, John Carroll, Shepperd Strudwick, Rita Johnson second in Maisie series - African natives revolt - Sothern sings Saint Louis blues to hold off natives
1960s CONGO (CQ04303)
THE CONGO: Congo east village people. CU starved boy (famine). People get out of plane. Old man on metal stretcher. President Kasavubu. Crowd of people with signs (Lumumba). Street riot. War scenes .Long shot inside missionary hospital (doctor and nurse). Soldiers shooting. Dead people. Paramedical put woman on metal stretcher. Belgian King arrives in Congo to grant the colony independence. Map of African nation, Congo. Congo River, boats move along the Congo. Long boats and villages along the shores of the Congo River. Hillside villages, drummers, natives dance wearing costumes, masks. Patrice Lumumba carried through the streets after elected first Premiere of Congo, crowds celebrate. Rioting, military revolts, Lumumba captured in a coup d'etat, Colonel Joseph Mobutu seen. Civil war fighting in Congo, gunfights in village streets between Congolese military and rebels. United Nations troops into Congo, treaties signed ending civil war fighting. UN Troops pulled out of Congo due to lack of funding. Army troops board personal carrier planes. Moise Tshombe made Premiere of unified Congo, carried through streets. Staff of Russian embassy forced out of Leopoldville. Communist backed insurgents rebel against Congolese government. More shots of civil war fighting in the cities and villages of Congo. Aerial of rural Congo from an United States Air Force plane bringing Belgian paratroopers to extract American and Europeans caught in civil war fighting. Americans and Europeans evacuated from Congo. UN ends peace-keeping mission. Exiled Moise Tshombe summoned to Leopoldville. POV from helicopter. POV down city street. Dead people on street. Stanleyville in the hands of Christophe Gbenye, who holds 1200 white hostages. Mercenary shooting (Simba Rebellion). Dead hostages. Gbyenye with soldiers. Hostages arrive in Leopoldville. People hug on tarmac.
The Peacekeepers
LA PAN SHOTS of façade of ruined bombed-out building.
THE NEVILLE BROS. performs CONGO SQUARE on Austin City Limits in 1994
THE NEVILLE BROS. performs CONGO SQUARE on Austin City Limits in 1994