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TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Selected originals - VICTORIA LINE OPENED
Selected originals (offcuts, selected scenes, out-takes, rushes) for story "Victoria Line Opened" - 68/72. <br/> <br/>M/S man drilling, M/S rubble falling away, pan along men working on the new tracks. M/S following big machine. M/S big crane outside. M/S plan of the line, someone points with pen. M/S from below as train speeds past, pan down to supports underneath. Various shots men welding and constructing the line. M/S as train goes through tunnel. M/S man propping up canister on line next to it. M/S train passing. Various shots as men work on the line. Good construction shots. M/S foreman looking at his watch. <br/> <br/>Various shots as pieces of the line are swung into place. Exterior shots line being constructed. The rubble is hauled up in big net. M/S people walking past part of line covered and still under construction. M/S entrance to tunnel. Exterior shots of construction, pan along beams etc. M/S interior of ticket hall. C/U sign 'Careful please temporary floor surface.' M/S people's legs and feet walking over the surface. M/S people walking along the tunnels onto the platform, pan across to line under construction. M/S cars and buses driving by outside. M/S workers travelling down on train. Various shots lots of workers in tunnel sawing and hammering etc. M/S train coming through tunnel. M/S workers wheeling stone on trolleys. M/S drilling away stone. Various shots of the tunnels under construction. M/S long train travelling along outside. Various shots as the tracks are laid from it. M/S men standing on the tracks as they move. Various shots of the tracks and tunnels under construction.
Building For The Nations #59, 1950s
1950s: Construction worker climbs narrow steel beam. Hoist swings steel beam into place. Man reaches out for beam. Workers eat lunch on construction site.
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Houses under construction in the United States.
House construction work underway in the United States. Houses under construction. Construction workers take measurements on the roof. A man pushes a wheel barrow full of bricks. A worker saws wood. Beams of a house roof under construction. A worker with papers. Houses under construction. Location: United States USA. Date: 1958.
Ambassador Bridge construction (00/00/1929): various shots of bridge under construction, steel beams being hoisted into place, workers walking about steel structure, sitting on beam eating lunch.
Crane operator standing on the roof and controlling the crane to put a wooden beam into place
Medium handheld shot of a crane operator standing on the roof and controlling the crane to place a wooden beam into the wedge. Shot in Slovenia.
b&w newsreel - Chicago iron workers construct Lindbergh beacon, ironworker walks on girder with no safety harness, view down to street, construction worker at end of beam - skyscraper
Construction Crew at Site
A member of a construction crew walks across a beam on a structure in progress.
CUTAWAYS OF SEATTLE HOME CONSTRUCTION SCENES FOR A CS ON LAX FEDERAL ENFORCEMENT OF SAFETY STANDARDS IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. 07:00:11 vs of carpenters balanced atop the wooden skeleton of a house, cutting ceiling beams with a circular saw. Tight shot of a saw blade tearing through a beam. Nice cu's of a carpenter's hands nailing support beams between wall studs. Clips of a construction foreman reviewing blue prints with an architect on the site. ws of the construction site. CI: INDUSTRIES: CONSTRUCTION. OCCUPATIONS: CARPENTER. OCCUPATIONS: CONSTRUCTION WORKER.
Chinese Construction Site
Work goes on at a big Chinese construction site. The camera zooms out on a group of cranes. A foreman in a hardhat, waving flags, directs the lowering of an i-beam. A pile of big pipes sits on the site. DOC/WA - 1980's - CLR
DN-LB-187 Beta SP
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Timelapse of people placing steel trusses on a roof
Timelapse of people placing steel trusses on a roof.
Various Subjects
Vintage footage-pit crew gets cars ready to go back on race track/men do skyscraper construction on Empire State building in New York, cranes lift beams, workers put up American flag, workers clean rubble from burnt building, old subway excavation and street construction, workers eat lunch/contemporary footage-construction workers on scaffolds and with heavy machinery
Construction of a 17th century ship by a reinsertion company
Germany? <br/> <br/>Story about construction workers who wander precariously up and down narrow beams and planks. Camera at ground lever tilts up to the top of a large building. M/S of two men working very high up sitting astride an iron girder on a pulley system. Various shots of men standing on precarious girders, working in vertiginous circumstances, balancing on narrow iron walkways etc. The men have a drink - although the intertitle states that they are drinking tea, it looks more like beer! Short segment - probably incomplete. <br/> <br/>Was an item in Pathe Pictorial issue number 663.
WABC FTG NEWSER ON CONSTRUCTION CRANE WHERE TWO CONSTRUCTION WORKERS DIED AFTER A PIECE BROKE OFF AND HIT THEM Queens, NY: News conference on crane accident that killed two construction workers when a beam fell onto the crane
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T/L & RT CONSTRUCTION 17:00:29:15 MS Construction Site, Cement Trucks, Cement Pumper x2, cranes lift concrete & steel beams, foundation prepared. SUSPENSION BRIDGE (MINNEAPOLIS?) 17:05:14:10 CU Bridge, Sunset Through Arch, Traffic Low, Bus, Pulls Back To Wider; 17:05:32:29 MS Suspension Bridge, Sunset Through Both Arches 2x; 17:05:51:03 CU Hennepin Avenue Bridge, Look Down Roadway, Sunset Behind, Traffic Fg, Pull Back; T/L & RT CONSTRUCTION II 17:06:11:28 VS < Apartment/Housing/Condo Construction, workers hammer, nail guns, framing walls, carpenters work, cement poured, cranes used.; 17:09:40:18 MS T/L Multi Housing Construction Near City Downtown, Tall Buildings Bg, Busy Workers; 17:09:47:06 Tele Construction Workers Moving Beam Atop 2x4 Studs, Office Towers Behind; 17:10:03:24 WS Multi Housing Construction Site Near Downtown, Minneapolis Skyline; 17:10:12:20 WS T/L Large Construction Site Near City Downtown, Busy Crane Center, City R; 17:10:25:07 MS T/L Construction Workers Pouring Concrete And Smoothing Out, Looking Down; 17;10:37:08 CU T/L Concrete Worker Walks Machine Back & Forth, Long Shadow, Short; 17:10:42:24 WS T/L Downtown Construction Site (Jail), Cranes Move, City Buildings Behind; 17:11:00:20 MS Construction Site From Level 3 (Jail), Crane Moves; 17:11:09:28 MS Backyard And Small Garage, Winter; TIMELAPSE FLOWERS 17 11 36 11 MS T/L Several Yellow Buds, (Mums?) Daisy Like, Slowly Open; 17:12:16:23 MS T/L Lavender Primrose? Bud Opens Slow, Others Already Open; 17:12:20:16 MS T/L Purple Primrose?, Decent Motion, Several Open; 17:13:02:14 MS T/L Acorn Germination Center, Blue Bg, Slow Leaf Development, No Roots; 17:14:12:05 MS T/L Acorn Germination, Low-No Root Vis., Blue Bg, Some Leaf Development; 17:14:34:20 CU T/L Easter Lily Opens Center, A Little Low Then Lifts Up, Good; 17:15:04:22 CU T/L Fuzzy Flower Bud, Droops; 17:15:06:03 CU T/L Fuzzy Flower Bud, Slow Droop, Lift Up, Elongate, Falls Off; 17:15:36:18 CU Sunflower Bud Partially Opens, End Of Shot, Short; T/L & RT CONSTRUCTION III 17:15:56:17 VS High rise Construction Site, workers, iron framing, cranes, elevators; 17:16:38:23 CU Many Satellite Dishes On Rooftop; 17:16:44:11 VS T/L High rise Construction Site Action; RURAL MINNESOTA 17:21:15:21 WS Soybean Field, Breeze In Leaves; WS Soybean Field Slightly Dif <, Leaf Motion 8" Plants, Trees Right; CU Soybean Plants; 17:22:14:02 WS Marsh Grass Blowing In Summer Breeze, Amber Heads; MS Marsh Cattails In Summer Breeze; Closer MS Cattails Swaying In Breeze; 17:23:27:03 WS Corn Field, Early Summer, Distant Farm, 12" Plants; MS Cornfield; MS Cornfield In June, 12" Plants, White Barn, Very Green, Blue Sky; WS Small Cornfield Rows Move In Breeze; CU Rack To Corn Leaves W/ Highlights; 17:25:15:01 MS Country Road and Rural Power Line Telephone Poles; MS Power Line, Summer Evening; CU Power Line, Good Late Afternoon Clouds Bg; MS Power Pole, Late Afternoon Sky; CU Twin Power Pole, Warm Light At Angle; MS Power Line Poles, Late Afternoon Sky; 17:26:03:23 MS T/L Sunset Behind Small Farm Grain Bins, Tele, Day To Night;(CONT'D...)
Floor beams brought and placed at foundation of Empire State Building during construction in New York City.
Empire State Building under construction in New York. Floor beams brought to the construction site. Derrick lifts up beams from truck. It is placed on foundation floor of the building. It is connected to columns. Beam and column panels at the foundation. Beams are to form floor planking. Workers at construction site. Location: New York City USA. Date: April 8, 1930.
United States, 1960s: Cranes on construction site
United States, 1960s: Cranes on construction site. Crane lifts metal beam. Worker holding cable. Man operating crane. View of construction site.
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New York World's Fair - 1964 - construction - traffic in front of a building - Ford Motor Company Pavilion - construction site - equipment - workers - man up in the air on a metal beam - worker - hard hat - crane lifts beam - Unisphere being built - Florida lifted into place - globe - machinery operator
Construction site on a sunny day.
Closeup low angle view of a construction site with unfinished building and couple of cranes delivering construction material.
Riding the Tornado
Several shots from different angles of two construction workers unloading steel beams from a truck using a crane (on a construction site for a hospital at Mills Wood).
Renovation Of The Royal Ontario Museum - 3
The signatures of iron workers and financial supporters on the last steel beam to be put into place at the construction site of the new Crystal building at the Royal Ontario Museum. The architect Daniel Libeskind signs the beam. The beam is moved into place. A model of what the finished building will look like.