Corporal Holmes VC - whose splendid appeals bring many recruits. <br/> <br/>Location of events unknown. <br/> <br/>Very brief shot - CU of soldier looking serious; surrounded by people - most civilian; woman next to him. <br/> <br/>Decorations. World War One. Honours.
Twins on the Ohio
Twins on the Ohio. Ohio Valley Electric Company film about construction of two electric power plants on the Ohio River. 1960s, Ohio, Ohio River, barge, river banks, Cheshire, men fishing for catfish from river bank, residential house, man outside home, woman pruning rose bush, woman waving to man departing in car, car driving on road along river, fisherman carrying fish catch from water to land, car pulling to side of rural road and people getting out, man giving bouquet of flowers to his elderly mother, teenage boys petting dog and looking at river, man and teenage boys looking at river view, man looking at Kyger Creek Power Plant along river, facade Kyger Creek Power Plant, Clifty Creek Power Plant facade, Madison, Indiana, Washington D.C., United States Capitol Building, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Atomic Energy Commission, Ohio River Valley, men entering United States Atomic Energy Commission building, AEC meeting, Portsmouth Project, people working, engineer using ruler to make drawing, woman filing folders in file cabinet, barge on Ohio River, coal, Ohio Valley Electric Corporation, OVEC, groundbreaking ceremony at power plant, December 4, 1952, Ohio governor breaking ground in earthmover, construction at Kyger Creek and Clifty Creek Power Plants, construction vehicles at power plant construction site, vehicles laying down sand and gravel, construction vehicle pushing other vehicle out of ditch, construction engineer driving through future Kyger Creek Power Plant site examining foundation, meeting with engineers and technicians, women's hands flipping through calendar, female worker sitting at typewriter and answering telephone, female switchboard operator, construction men walking to site, license plates, power plant construction materials, concrete ingredients traveling up conveyor belt into mixer, male worker operating mixer controls, concrete being poured out of mixer, truck transporting concrete, construction workers setting form in place, construction worker welding together steel reinforcements, construction workers laying out concrete on forms, men working down staircase to construction site, construction workers building power plants, construction workers climbing steel beam, construction worker sitting on steel beam kicking them together, winter at construction site, power wheelbarrows transporting concrete mixture, construction on stacks, construction workers climbing down transmission tower, power lines being strung, construction workers using porcelain insulators to haul power lines up to transmission tower, construction workers stringing power lines, construction workers splicing cables, brick layers, welder, roofers, insulators, worker tightening bolts, Ohio Valley Electric Corporation train, worker ascending completed stack, coal barge on river, tugboat, coal being unloaded, tons of coal waiting to be unloaded, coal reserve, boilers being erected, interior of boiler lined in tubing, workers setting turbines in place, generators being set up, workers checking circuit breakers, workers setting up control room, February 1955 calendar, February 15, 1955, Kyger and Clifty Power Plants start up, smoke coming out of stack, workers constructing Kyger and Clifty Power Plants, completed power plants, Ohio Valley Electric Corporation Headquarters, man closing door on power plant meter in control room, Portsmouth Project, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission sign, switchyard, Portsmouth Uranium Diffusion Plant, May 1956, Kyger Creek Power Plant dedication day, ceremony, American flag being hoisted onto flagpole, power plant construction engineers talking, family shaking hands with construction engineer's boss, officials speaking at dedication event, people dining at tables, Kyger Creek Power Plant plaque being unveiled, facade power plant, worker walking through power plant, workers monitoring levels in power plant control room, electric companies
Business conference speaker with data on screen
Business conference speaker presenting at a conference, with data displayed on the big screen.
Bush Pretzel; 01/08/02
George W. Bush walking toward camera from White House lawn; Bush makes joke to press about "chew before you swallow" when eating pretzels; EXT shots of the White House NICE; Bush says he "hit the deck" after choking on a pretzel; Bush climbs aboard the Marine One Presidential Helicopter; Bush speaks at podium during some John Deere corporate event; Bush with bruise on cheek, makes pretzel joke; Bush shakes hands with Deere VIPS on stage; Bush visits the John Deere factory, watches men welding; Bush climbs into big truck/ harvester on factory floor;
Automaker Porsche is one of the first to use Sistine Chapel for corporate event
Evdokia Petrova being forced to return to Soviet Union
Group of diverse businesspeople celebrating during meeting with high five. Cheerful businesspeople cheering their success and victory. Passionate excited professionals motivate and support each other
Group of five diverse businesspeople giving each other a high five while having a meeting in an office at work. Business professionals joining hands in unity and support
Russia Olympics
Moscovites on Russia's Olympics participation
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin unveils the Euro at a public event. He drops a banner displaying the Euro logo, revealing an international conversion chart. A large Euro logo is visible in the background.
Winners of individual events and teams pose with trophies as officers congratulate them at Camp Perry in Ohio, United States.
Annual matches of the National Rifle Association of America at Camp Perry in Ohio, United States. Lieutenant A. L. Lane poses and smiles. Trophies on a table in the background. Commanding General of the 8th Infantry Sergeant W. F. Bissenden stands and smiles with the trophy. U.S. Corporal R. A. McAllister,Co 6th Engineers poses with a rifle. The U.S. Cavalry team with the trophy. The U.S. infantry team poses. Chief of the infantry Major General R. H. Allen arrives and congratulates the team members. Chief of staff of the United States Army Major General Charles Pelot Summerall congratulates the captains of the teams. Location: Ohio United States USA. Date: 1927.
Les informés de France Info: issue of November 17, 2022
Radio France: filmed programmes
Ingrid Betancourt receives the Award of Courage at the Reporters Without Borders Gala (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) at the Palais des Congres de Montreal. Speech by Michaëlle Jean. Prize given to Ingrid Betancourt by Michaëlle Jean. Speech by Ingrid Betancourt. Keywords: GOVERNOR GENERAL OF CANADA,JOURNALISM,MONTREAL (CITY),HOSTAGE,MONTREAL PALAIS DES CONGRES,PERSONALITY,PRICE &amp; REWARD,CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION
The Duke and Duchess of York during the unveiling of the plaque in Beasley Head Memorial in Eastbourne, England.
Duke and Duchess of York unveil the Beasley Head Memorial in Eastbourne, England. A motorcade arrives on a street in Eastbourne. People gather on both sides of the street in front of the buildings. The street being decorated. Military guards are lined in the front. Duke and Duchess of York emerge from the open-top Rolls Royce which lead the motorcade. The Duke and Duchess are greeted by officials and military guards. The military guards standing in a line. A large crowd gather to witness the unveiling of the Beasley Head Memorial. The Duchess of York unveils the plaque commemorating the purchase of the Downs from Beachy Head to Folkington by the Eastbourne Corporation. The officials standing beside, watch the event. The Duke and the Duchess leave the memorial led by the town officials. The motorcade passes through a decorated archway across the road. The crowd gather on both sides of the road look on. Location: Eastbourne England United Kingdom. Date: November 13, 1929.
++France Dinner
Parisians enjoy annual 'Dinner in White' mass picnic event
Speaker giving presentation
Speaker giving a presentation to an audience, gesturing to the screen behind him.
The president of CBC, Laurent Picard inaugurates the Maison de Radio-Canada, accompanied by Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Jacques Houde hosts opening night in the lobby of Radio-Canada. Arrival of the PM of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau with President of Radio-Canada, Laurent Picard, Jean-Paul Nolet shakes their hands and addresses the people. Laurent Picard at the microphone. Keywords: CEREMONY,CONSTRUCTION,MAISON DE RADIO-CANADA,MONTREAL (CITY),CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION
Various Accidents and Fires
0:00:10 - 0:03:01 >>> Night. Firemen lay out hoses in street, enter store on corner. Two story wood building. Fireman on first story roof in back cuts open window grating. Ladder tower used to break out window in second floor. ,0:03:04 - 0:05:36 >>> Night. FDNY ambulance drives away, lights flashing. Truck tower to fifth floor window. Residents standing in street. ,0:05:39 - 0:09:30 >>> Day. Truck ladder to fifth floor window modern high rise apt. bldg. POV to front, canopy #401, firemen carry fans into bldg, PAN up hose water coming out window.,0:09:37 - 0:10:52 >>> Day. Fire Dep't fans in store doorway.,0:11:01 - 0:16:21 >>> Night. Motorcycle accident on highway. Barrier stopping traffic. ZIs and ZOs wrecked motorcycle lying on road by a scarred tree. ZI to steel plate that moved from open hole, may have caused accident. Sign on pole Queens Blvd - 66 St.,0:16:24 - 0:18:40 >>> Night. LSs to accident on highway.,0:18:44 - 0:21:50 >>> Night. Coney Island. ZIs to Astroland printed on pylon, Ferris wheel. Good shot big lighted sign Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Ladder # 168 deployed. ,0:21:51 - 0:22:22 >>> Night. Firemen at a two story bldg. ,0:22:27 - 0:28:31 >>> Night. Accident on Guy R Brewer Blvd. (sign). ZI man sitting in car with neck brace. FDNY ambulances. Man taken out of car and put into ambulance. ZIs to other car broadsided on passenger side and angle shot showing depth of penetration into car. ,0:28:38 - 0:29:29 >>> Night. ZI into rear door Jamaica Hospital ambulance, man with bandaged hand. ,0:29:44 - 0:33:39 >>> Night. Car submarined under a semi trailer, charred sign of fire on trailer's side. Firemen working to free auto victim. ,0:33:52 - 0:34:21 >>> Day. Truck ladder knocks down peaked roof on shed. ,0:34:26 - 0:37:06 >>> Day. Fire in a two story wood house. ,0:37:13 - 0:40:04 >>> Night. Situation at Herbies East. Police Emergency vehicle arrives. ,0:40:06 - 0:44:11 >>> Day. A wrecked mini bus next to a tilting tree. Sheets covering windows on both sides of bus. ZI to shoes on ground under bus. ZIs and ZOs.,0:44:12 - 0:46:45 >>> Day. Flooded road. Cars drive thru. ,0:46:52 - 0:48:23 >>> Night, raining. Sign on pole Corbet & 221 St. Tree down across road. ZI to tree pulling down wires from poles. ,0:48:24 - 0:54:20 >>> Night. Hotel Pennsylvania. PAN up outside. ZI canopy. Fire equipment arriving. Inside lobby with people sitting around, one man with no shirt. Hose water coming out a window. A command post set up in lobby. Firemen leave. ,0:54:24 - 054:43 >>> Night. Cafe Metropole Corporate Catering and Events sign on building.
Note: Location of events unknown. <br/> <br/>Full titles read: "ALL KHAKI WEDDING" <br/> <br/>Various shots of the wedding of Sergeant Major Stayton to Corporal Janet McCardel of the Auxiliary territorials. <br/> <br/>Cataloguer's note: Soundtrack for this item is missing.