This young man and woman decide to tie the knot on board a boat at the base of Niagara Falls. Rain slickers keep them dry through the ceremony until it's time to kiss the bride.
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Couples eating - outdoor restaurant, outdoor dance rehearsal - modern dance, int. hotel, couple check in at reservation desk, upscale art gallery - woman looks at art, fancy upscale restaurant - couples dining on terrace, women in pool, gondola/tram over mountains, Bike race - small town, wildflowers and daisies, couple hiking, rock climbing, backpackers sit on rocks, high angle resort in mountains, couple biking and hiking, two women, camping, tent, mountain pass, rain on pine tree, outdoor festival street fair in small town, skiing team, aerial mogul skier, woman exercising
DN-227 1 inch
City Officials Gather To Attend Wedding of John F. Curry's Son
A2 / France 2
b&w commercials for AT&T phone company - telephone commercial - communications - communication - old man standing in the clouds - bowler hat - people with the blues - depressed - bummed out - couple cheers up - family picture - phone - rain - rings - woman answers - happy - leaves blow in the wind - girl talks on the phone in bed - laughs - tips his hat - winks
Transport Then And Now.
Old fuel trucks drive through factory. Old cars and bike by old style fuel pumps. Hand cranked pump turned by man. COLOUR. Man leaves house carrying bag. Gets into old car and drives pass houses near factory. Shots inside car man steering wheel windscreen wipers as raining. Wipers operating from outside car. White Mercedes sports car driven off through mansion arches into country roads. Another old car driven in village lanes. Couple and child out and swap drivers. Car lurches off driven by learner woman. Old Bentley polished up. Man opens driver's door and man climbs in. Bentley drives from stately home, out drive. Shots inside car, man, steering wheel. Bentley in country road allows previous car to overtake.
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Glass frogs mating
Mating glass frogs (family Centrolenidae) in the characteristic amplexus position, with the male grasping the female from behind. Glass frogs are named for their translucent skin, which allows internal structures to be seen. The female's yellow eggs are prominent here. Glass frogs live in the moist tropical forests of Central and northern South America. Filmed in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.
Storm Footage #3
00:00:07:23 - 00:00:42:06 Hurricane Gordon / Cedar Key, FL couple walking in the wind/rain
Glasgow, Scotland <br/> <br/>LS & MS Couple walk up to front door, knock and walk in. VS In living room of the house the couples greet each other and the visitors hand over a lump of coal, a tradition of the "First Footers" VS The host prepares drinks. CU Each member of the couples toast each other. CU Candles being lit. VS The hosts bid their friends goodbye. VS Dancers on the floor in the Glasgow Ballroom. VS Elevated view dancers performing "Auld Lang Syne" and the balloons rain down. Also they dance the "Hokey Kokey" (wrong speed) (dance).
00:00:00:00 - people outside taking pictures in the rain shaky video of rough sees, rain 16:36:40 boat moving along 16:38:05 couple planning to ride out the storm and &quot;experience a hurricane&quot ...
Austin - Rain (03/08/1999)
Some welcome rain falls on Central Texas.
Acid Rain: Requiem or Recovery
MS of large trees in park, street in background, LSs with ZOOM IN to CS of four teenagers, two boys and two girls, riding bikes towards camera on path. Similar shot with older couple walking in background, straight on shot of same teenagers riding bikes away from camera, on tree surrounded path. LSs to MSs of two teenaged boys jogging on path, one has "Key Club 25" written on his sweater.
Helping Umbrella
HD1080p: Businesswoman in a red coat standing all wet in the rain while her colleague surprise her with an umbrella. After covering her under his umbrella, she give him a warm hug.
Newly married couples parade out of church and down street through Littoria, Italy
Restaurants and clubs at night time in Paris, France.
(Only Fragments of Sound.) Night time in Paris, France. A neon sign at a night club in Paris for Le Rat Mort. Visitors seated at tables. Acrobatics performed on stage. Neon signs at clubs and cafes. People seated at tables inside a restaurant. Women follies dancers perform in the center. Men and women seated and talking. A woman dances. Couples dance with each other. The moon over a lit tower. People outside a club in the rain as a car approaches. Workers on a raft in the water and in a tunnel carrying hand lanterns. Location: Paris France. Date: 1933.
The Royal Visit / La Visite royale
HA PAN over city of Winnipeg. Shot of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth consort stepping off train, being met by lieutenant-governor Tupper of Manitoba and Premier John Bracken. Shot of the King inspecting guard of honour, a company of the Winnipeg Grenadiers. Shot of royal procession driving down Main Street in rain to cheers of spectators. Shot of procession turning into Portage Avenue. Back shot of mounted escort. Shot of provincial Legislative Buildings. Shot of royal party arriving, soldiers at attention in foreground. Shot of royal couple going up steps, waving to crowd from platform in front of north entrance. Shot of tremendous crowd cheering, King saluting. Shot of Premier John Bracken officially welcoming King and Queen. HAS of crowd sporting umbrellas. (00/05/1939)
1961 Paris Blues trailer
Paris Blues - 1961 b&w trailer - drama Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Joanne Woodward, Diahann Carroll, Louis Armstrong high on exterior Paris railroad station with train exiting station leaving behind billowing smoke - film has Duke Ellington score - Newman and Poitier portray jazz musicians - nightlife in Parisian cave - night club - couple kiss under an umbrella in the rain
14:01:51:24, Couple caught in downpour (rain), man covers up car, puts up no trespassing sign,, Woman rides piggyback on man through rain as man holds umbrella, wind and rains, push man and woman around, man dries off girl in cabin, warm up by fire, Man locked outside in storm w/ rifle, wolf howls, woman locked out in fierce storm,, lock forced (someone trying to get in), lightning strikes chimney, woman hides, under covers, clock spins (from 5 to 8), Man woos society woman w/ ring, Couple enter office. Man peeks through bosses keyhole. boss comes out, man goes, through letter at desk, man w/ black eye comes in, other man (who hit him earlier), hides under desk, Cu pen into ink, ink splashed into man's eye, couples embrace, happy. Happy couple (smiling) drive open car down street, Man physically pushes, parked car out to clear parking space. Car steals parking space from other car,, Man argues, second man puts hand to ear to hear, couple park in vacated spot, hit, car behind. Cars in shoving match over spot (one car rams the other and visa, versa), Drivers argue about parking space. Car pulls out of parking space. Cars, collide while parking. Man slips on banana peel (classic), car bends when hit by, other car. Jilted vamp socks man in face, falls against wall and vase falls on, head, Cu engagement ring on hand, woman looks at it through jeweler's eyepiece, man, falls through door and hugs girl. Couple blown down in front of cabin. Couple fall, into cabin. Couple dry off in cabin, man helps woman off w/ boot, sent into flour, (man covered in flour), Wolf howls NICE, Cabin in stormy night, bullets fall into, fire, bullets explode on man's butt. Man looks through keyhole at boss, man pushed, into boss, Boss gives man cigar, Woman rides horse through rural area, man looks at, woman, car smashes into fence, woman falls off horse, man comes to help, looks at, leg, clouds overhead, storm pours rain. Suitor comes to door w/ flowers, couple sit, on couch, Man hides under sofa as other man comes in. Couple sit on couch w/ other, man under, fat man sits on couch almost crushing man under couch, fat man leaves,, man returns to office and hugs girl
PET-940 Beta SP
Young couple run across the street in the rain
Young couple run across the street in the rain
From the north and south to Vietnam, 1967
Location: Various, Italy Various, Vietnam Creator: Franco Taviani The film is the chronicle of a singular demonstration, compared to the many taking place in Italy in support of Vietnam's struggle for peace and independence: a march started in Milan on November 4, 1967 by nine thousand people, organized, among others , by Danilo Dolci, by the painter Ernesto Treccani and by professor Rodolfo Margaria. The march then continued for twenty-five days throughout Italy and ended in Rome on 29 November. The film is built mainly around the stories of some of the march participants. The latter becomes an opportunity to show aspects of Italian daily life, during its journey along the peninsula, and of the solidarity of citizens towards the Vietnamese people. 01. The opening credits follow one another on the scrolling images, showing the preparation of the event. Citizens prepare the signs. Signs leaning against a wall. Pan of the gathered crowd 02. Archive images showing the landing of US marines in Vietnam, the suicide of monk Thich Quang Duc self-immolation, moments of the war and bombing in Vietnam, the victims of the bombing, the desperation of family members 03. Milan. The procession of demonstrators goes along a street, then passes through Piazza del Duomo (inq of the facade). At the head of the procession, we recognize Danilo Dolci, Ernesto Treccani, Professor Rodolfo Margaria, Vo Va Nai (?), A young Vietnamese woman, who is applauded 04. PPP of the faces of some demonstrators 05. Interior. Vittorio Battaglia, graphic designer, is filmed while making statements, continuing to draw at his work table. During the interview, images of daily metropolitan life in Milan flow by. Battaglia is portrayed as he gets on a tram, while reading a comic on the way 06. From a moving car, the march of the demonstrators is resumed, in the rain, near Pavia 07. Interiors of the opera house in Pavia, desert. Filming of the procession marching in the rain alternates with people who, inside the theatre, place signs with slogans against the war in Vietnam 08. Interior of a school classroom. Moments of a cartoon lesson to a group of children. The marching procession. Glimpses of street corners with parked protesters and signs. Shooting from a moving car: a group of young protesters stop by the side of a road. Inq of a couple (he is the cartoon teacher), sitting on the ground to rest and eat, along a city street 09. Interior of a house with a bedroom inq, where a young woman sits and combs her hair, and of the study where the cartoon teacher works at a table 10. Filming, from a moving car, of the march of the procession, at night, in the rain 11. Interior of the Pavia theater. Inq from the top of the crowded theater. On the stage there is a banner with the inscription: Pavia for Vietnam". Protesters enter the theater
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Travelogue of Hawaii State in Pacific Ocean.
1980s travelogue of Hawaii State and also scenes from a few mainland U.S. locations. Map of Hawaii. Pictures show people and sites located in Hawaii. People gathered on a sunny beach in Hawaii sunbathing on the sandy beach. People swimming and surfing in the ocean water. A catamaran beaching. Some people windsurfing. Tourists in 1980s fashions at resorts, chef preparing food, native dancers perform. Scene of lush rain forest area and waterfall. A hula dancer beckons toward camera. forests and waterfall at islands. Tourists travel in a tour bus as a tour guide speaks to them on the microphone in the bus. They visit a restaurant by the beach. Tourists take drinks from a waitress and enjoy local musicians playing music. Map shows North America. Montage of rapid scenes, including Statue of Liberty in New York harbor with twin towers of World Trade Center in the background; a cowboy riding a horse in a canyon area; a car in the northeastern United States driving over a covered bridge; a Ford Bronco driving on a dirt road in the American west with rock formations in distance; a child holding the hand of a Mickey Mouse character as they walk toward the Magic Kingdom castle at Walt Disney World. A couple waves to the camera. A sun tanned woman skier waves. American flags flying on flagpoles in the wind at night, with fireworks lighting up the sky in background. Dancers on a stage do a high kick routine as the theater curtain closes. Location: United States USA. Date: 1986.