Interview with Halevi & B-Roll pt 2
Interview with Yossi Halevi as he drives his car and discusses his new book about a paratrooper in the Israeli army.,3:47:24 to 3:58:08>>>Halevi by his desk in-front of his computer, at times talking on the phone . shots of the view from Halevi's terrace. Halevi's home study. Halevi talking with his wife.,3:58:08 to 4:04:41>>>Halevi talking with his wife in the kitchen. Halevi in his home office on the computer. Shots of the view from Halevi's terrace. Halevi's children enter the house. Halevi and his children.,4:04:41 to 4:16:58>>>Halevi walking down the stairs from his apartment. Halevi in the car driving. Shots of the city streets from the car.,4:16:58 to 4:29:25>>>Halevi walking in the street. Halevi walking by the wall then into the old city. Halevi walking in the old city. Halevi explaining a map that is posted on the street.,4:05:48>>>,Halevi:,There is an event I need to cover for my book, I hope to catch it ..I'm doing a book about the paratroopers who fought in Jerusalem in1967. And one of the paratroopers is head of the movement to rebuild the temple.,Interviewer:,What's his name? ,Halevi:,Ariel, he's not from the Temple Mount faithful, hes from Machon Hamikdash. Machon Hamikdash is the organization that is recreating the ritual objects from the temple. And hes having an event today where they are going to be circling the temple mount. ,Interviewer:,When's that?,04:06:50>>>,Halevi:,Should be at about 5 in the Kotel plaza. What's interesting about the paratroopers who fought in Jerusalem is that the full range of political responses is contained within this group. So you have on the far right, I would say far right to far left. You have of course the settlers and the peace movement but you also have on the far right someone like this Ariel who's head of the Machon Hamikdash of this temple mount institute. And on the far left you have someone who sat in jail for collaborating with the Palestinians. ,04:07:47>>>,So you have a fantastic range of characters. And they all fought together in Jerusalem, right at the wall. ,Interviewer:,Are they all still friendly?,04:08:08>>>,Halvei:,Mixed, mixed you know I'd say that most of them have managed to transcend the political differences. But you certainly have some people there who won't talk to each other for political reasons. ,04:08:36>>>,So I felt it would be very good for the book to , just like you need a scene of me, I need a scene of him,Interviewer:,When is the book coming out?,04:08:45>>>,Halevi:,Not for at least another two years, maybe another three,Interviewer:,In English:,Halevi:,it'll be in English ,For sale in the U.S. It'll be published in the States. And I hope it will be translated into Hebrew. I very much want it to be. This guy is having trouble here,04:09:16>>>,People would be surprised that in Jerusalem we have problems with our cars, we have daily scheduling issues, we have tax issues, not everything is the situation. ,Interviewer:,Just that CNN shows..,04:09:36>>>,Halevi:,Really here's a poor guy who's not at all thinking of a Palestinian state-got to get his car going.,Interviewer:,You knew Isidore from childhood?,04:10:20>>>,Halevi:,Yea we were apparently in camp together. I kinda remember him, I mean we were kids, not exactly the same age. But I do remember him. I should have remembered the name Isidore. It's a great name.,Interviewer:,Where are you from originally?,04:10:46>>>,Halevi:,I'm from Brooklyn, a place called, a little village called Bourgh Park.,Interviewer:,Eyal gives his life story, you've all heard it, no need to transcribe it,Halevi:,And what did you do in the army?,Interviewer:,Eyal talks about the army,Halevi knows areas in Gaza,04:12:20>>>,Halevi:,You know an Israel band called Shaygiz? Great band, really a terrific band. They have a song called Halom hazeh masrich meh new york vad orfiayach. ,Interviewer:,What kind of music?,Halevi:,Good solid rock band.,They have another song, chayil shel meah shearim. Recites lyrics in hebrew..Great band.,04:13:04>>>,This area here is a very important part of my book, This is where the paratroopers fought. One block in, where that mosque is, you have the American consulate across the street. That was the street where one of the toughest battles of the Six Day War happened. And there's a memorial for the paratroopers across the street. And one of the reasons that I was drawn to doing this book on the paratroopers is because my daily life runs along the route of their war experience. We are about to turn into the street that's called paratrooper avenue, that runs along, opposite the gates of the Old City. And I live in a very real sense, I live in the consequences of 1967. ,04:14:16>>>,So its been this great experience for me, rediscovering that period, looking up people who now are of course in their late 50s, 60s. This is now paratrooper avenue , there's going to be a monorail in Jerusalem-,Interviewer:,How long have you been doing the research for the book for,04:15:55>>>,Halevi:,For the last year on and off, not intensively. I hope to put in a lot more work this coming year.,Interviewer:,You write for the New Republic?,Halevi:,Yes the New Republic,Parks car, walking,Halevi:,So what do you want to talk about?,Interviewer:,The last 6 months, since Abu Mazen, how life has changed-,04:17:39>>>,Halevi:,Well at the moment we're having a happy hudna(?). Everybody feels a lot more relaxed. I don't think too many people believe this is going to last. Let's cross the street. I think most people realize that the hudna doesn't have the substance to endure. And I think the reason for that is that Abu Mazen who doesn't have basically right approach, the right intentions, is either unable or unwilling. He's not ready to do the only the move that will make the process work, and that is to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. Israelis are, ,Israelis are ready to make a big move to resolve this, to make the major and traumatic concessions. But on one condition, and that is that we have some guarantee that we're not creating a terrorist state five minutes away from here. The only way that I personally would be willing to make those kinds of concessions and see to the creation of the Palestinian State would be if I knew that the Palestinians were also sacrificing something for this peace. It's not only going to be me who has to uproot settlements and withdraw and subject my society to the possible threat of civil war. I want to see their society go through the same kind of trauma because otherwise there won't be peace. and if Abu Mazen thinks he can somehow make this segue to a Palestinian state and bribe Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Arafat's militias into joining the Palestinian Police, the Palestinian army which is what hes talking about. Then he's either a fool or a liar. Because that won't bring the necessary conditions for an agreement. ,Films him walking..,04:23:25>>>,Halevi:,I should say something about Tisha B'av, is that necessary?,Well you know this book that I'm doing about the paratroopers is very much related to this fast day. This is the of tisha ba'av, the day when the temple in Jerusalem , which the Palestinians say never existed, was destroyed. And the return of the paratroopers to the old city , to the Western wall, was seen by many Jews at that time in 1967 as an undoing of Tisha ba'av, of the destruction of the temple. And I remember the first time I came to Israel, I was a 14 year old tourist from Brooklyn, and I came at the end of June 1967, a couple weeks after the war, and the atmosphere was so charged here in Israel, there was such a feeling of redemption. That summer, that tisha ba'av , I was with my cousin, my Israeli cousin and he said we don't have to fast anymore because the Kotel,the wall, is in our hands. And we both went, we went downtown, we bought falafel and broke the fast. And it was this sense of unlimited possibility, that we no longer had to mourn, that we no longer had to worry about an existential threat to the Jewish people. ,That was the feeling in 1967. Suffice to say that I fast now on Tisha ba'av and that sense of dread for the survival of the Jewish people is more intense probably than in any time for Jews since the 1940s. , ,04:26:33>>>,So tisha ba'av has once again become very relevant, very central, emotionally to the Israeli calendar, religious Jews.,I'd be very happy to give up on Tisha Ba'av. It's one of the Jewish..It's one of the holidays that I'd be happy to stop observing. For their no longer to be a need for tisha ba'av. ,04:27:30>>>,This is the Armenian quarter here, the entrance to the Armenian quarter. And I spent time here for the previous book that I wrote, which was a journey that I took into Islam and Christianity. And the Armenians are of course a community that are focused on genocide and survival. You can see over here, they've put up these maps of Armenian Genocide. ,What you feel in Jerusalem. In the Armenian quarter, to the Jewish quarter, to the Muslin quarter, to the Christian quarter is just how deep the suffering and the trauma goes in this city, its impossible to experience Jerusalem without moving from one people's trauma to the other and that's the tragedy of Jerusalem and its also the power of Jerusalem. ,04:28:58>>>,I have a friend of mine who wrote an essay about the quarters of Jerusalem and he made a very interesting point that there is essentially three peoples living in the old city of Jerusalem. The Jews, the Armenians, and the Palestinians . And all three of those peoples have known exile.
Benefits As Ma Bell Employee?
A woman carries papers through an office. Three shots of a woman on the phone in an otherwise empty office. A man inserts wire in various circuits. Two women work at desks. Man rolls machine past large consoles. Man in cuttoffs steers boat. Man breathes in as lady physician listens to chest via stethoscope. Older couple walks along beach. DOC/WA - 1970's - CLR
Senior couple dancing during happy hour
Senior couple dancing during happy hour
8 p.m.: [program March 22, 2019]
A2 / France 2
A07. HRN-767 In: 01.26.27 Out: 01.29.11 Sound Bite: Christian Oliver Well thee amazing part about that was really when I step onto that set it was a clean slate it wasn’t like the kid from so and so it was like I was one of them and feeling that and letting that in and allowing myself to be part of that was I think the biggest hurtle because they just accepted me as one of them. I was there for a reason, I was there to work and they knew why they wanted me there and I just had to realize ok I got the job and now its about having fun and you got to step it up so it was really, it was kind of like a switch that I had too because first day of shooting was like 600 extras, Universal back lot, it was just Cate and myself walking and this huge beautiful shot they rebuilt Berlin. I mean I walked onto that set and it gave me the chills because I was like this is amazing what he had created here in the back lot of Universal, this is like German, German signs, German coffee shops and it’s all like war and its destroyed, it gave me the chills, it was wow. And it was just amazing to see that nobody had any judgments whatsoever I think that was the magic for me at least on the set that I didn’t felt judged one day, I felt like you know Steven Soderbergh creates an environment where everybody is equal in a sense where everybody matters, everybody counts, there’s no egos on set, at least I didn’t encounter any maybe they kept me away from that. But it was so refreshing and so amazing to see that on a level like that where you hear all those nightmare stories about you know A-List celebrities blah blah you hear all this crap but it was, I mean it was the total opposite. There was no egos involved and it was just a working environment where he created it was, I was able to trust anybody if it was the camera, anybody on the set it was such a great relaxed environment. And the only thing I had a problem was myself, allowing myself to accept that and it took me a couple of hours and I was like oh fuck this is great, this is amazing you know. And it was just a pleasure to go to work everyday because it was so surreal I mean I didn’t want to go home, we finished early Steven Soderbergh he does one or two takes and you know moving on and like three o’clock came along and it was wrap time like I don’t want to go home. There were so many movies where I wanted to go after 16 hours like get me out of here and I was like this movie I could shoot 24 hours a day it was great.
Southampton, Hampshire. <br/> <br/>L/S of the ships and boats in a busy harbour. C/U shot of a nice looking old ship. Camera pans to a couple of little ships - tugs. M/S of one of the tugs "Flying Kestrel" with its Captain Collingwood observing. M/S of "Queen Elizabeth" - the largest passenger liner in the world. "Seven tugs go into action when "Queen Elizabeth" leaves Southampton" - tells a voiceover. <br/> <br/>M/S of Captain Collingwood giving instructions on the bridge of "Flying Kestrel". M/S of the tug approaching "Queen Elizabeth". Low angle M/S of the front of "Queen Elizabeth" - one can read the name and a flag is flying from the prow. A rope has been thrown from "Queen Elizabeth" to the tug and men catch it. <br/> <br/>Succession of shots demonstrating how difficult and physically hard is to lead as large a ship as "Queen Elizabeth" from the harbour. Several close up shots of the faces of sailors show some extremely young faces, probably between 13 and 15 years of age. Job definitely looks too hard for boys as young as those. <br/> <br/>After a job well done, men can relax. C/U shot of a man drying his sweaty face with a handkerchief. Another man drinks from a white mug (probably tea). L/S of "Queen Elizabeth" sailing away. <br/> <br/>However, shots of the people finishing the job and relaxing look staged, sailors definitely wear make-up and are most probably typecast for the film. <br/> <br/>There are some beautiful shots of "Queen Elizabeth" as it leaves the harbour - magnificent.
U.S. Rangers and Filipino guerrillas rescue Allied prisoners from Japanese prison camp in Philippines during World War II.
On January 30, 1945, 121 members of the 6th Ranger Battalion and 286 Filipino guerrillas are seen setting out on a 30 mile trek behind Japanese lines, to free Allied prisoners of war (POWs) and civilians from a Japanese camp near Cabanatuan City, in the Philippines, during World War 2. They stretch out in a long, informal column as they traverse low flat lands and ford a wide shallow river. The men carry weapons and supplies (some on their heads) as they move along, almost like a Safari. Scene shifts to rescued prisoner, Major Emil P. Reed, U.s. Army Medical Corps,26th Cavalry. He was the senior officer among prisoners at the Cabanatuan prison camp number 1. He recounts being told by the Japanese Commandant that commencing January 7th, they were free at their own risk, but also assured them they would not be molested by the Japanese if they stayed within their regular camp area. Sergeant Samuel E. Goldy, Signal Corps, also speaks a few words about that period when Japanese were departing. Next the camera records the Rangers and Filipino guerillas returning with the approximately 500 freed POWs. Some Filipino women and children watch them return. At one point, the cadre climb aboard army trucks and continue their journey in a convoy. The POWs climb down from their trucks at the 92nd Evacuation Hospital, in Guimba, Luzon. Some take pleasure is simply lying down on the grass at the site. Many gather around hospital staff handing out packages of treats, including cigarettes, candy and the like. A couple of them express pleasure as they smoke cigarettes. Two frail and injured are seen hobbling with canes. Some appear seriously malnourished. A group are seen trying on new clothes. A British prisoner, Sergeant Robert Bell, Manchester Regiment, British Army, speaks of his experience. He was taken prisoner in Singapore and sent to Thailand where he worked to build a railway for the Japanese. Many prisoners died there from disease and malnutrition. He was one of a small number who survived after being on a Japanese ship with other prisoners when it was sunk by American dive bombers. Sergeant Walter Ring, of San Roque, Luzon, is seated, relaxed on a chair, as he recounts his experiences. Two young Filipino boys sit on the grass at his feet. He reaches to one, whom he says is his son Louis and to the other, his son Sam. His captivity began on Bataan in 1942. Finally, after rest and rehabilitation, the former POWs are seen heading away from the battle fronts to be transported back to the U.S.A. Location: Philippines. Date: January 30, 1945.
PA-0554 Digibeta
Relaxed Wife, The
INTERVIEW CONTINUES: David Susskind 14:22 the thing that staggers my mind is that sex maybe we're conditioned this way but sex is a private intimate affair having to do with you Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 14:40 would you really say that? Did you really say that? All the all the massage parlors and prostitution David Susskind 14:45 those are aberrations those are sicknesses that those are Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 14:48 really it's it's not a sickness. David Susskind 14:52 love making an affair and sex is an intimate affair has been the orientation of all of us, right? In our schools take this. Now you take this deeply traumatic experience this very emotional, private thing. And you publicize it, you do it in public view. And you mix it up with strangers, and you watch and are watched. Isn't there something very sick about that? Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 15:25 No, David. David, David Susskind 15:28 you went as a journalist. Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 15:29 You are asking a Provocative rhetorical question. No, I don't believe David, you think it's sick? I don't I think you're trying to get us to react to that. And I will David Susskind 15:39 No I do think it's sick. No, I'm not not trying to get a reaction. I really do Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 15:39 It would be sick for you. But you in what you're giving us though. I think you are trying to David Susskind 15:48 Was it not sick for you. When you went. you went to report this? Mary Levinson 15:52 I think it's sick for a man to go To a prostitute? I think that sort of thing is sick, I think for a woman to lie to her husband and have the grocery boy entertain her in the afternoons. I think that's sick. Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 16:07 Okay, David, you You are what you're saying is it's unaesthetic not sick. It would mean disgust you. But you don't think it's a pathology these people yet I have seen are having fun. They are enjoying themselves. And there's no way you can attach the the the pathology of the label of sickness on them Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 16:27 Who can say what is sick and what is not? Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 16:28 The same way you can say this is sick, I could say your whole concept of society is sick, in your marriage of one of every two and a half marriages and divorce in this country. And the cheating and the Kinsey report that came out that 92% of the married male population cheat will have affairs there. This isn't sick. There's a total honest relationship. This is getting married in the eyes of God and saying that, that I will never be with another woman sexually my whole life, David Susskind 16:55 there is a lot of cheating and Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 16:57 a lot of cheating. Your 92% are cheating. I don't say a few people that cheating. And this is when you sit there and say that all a concept is sick. David Susskind 17:07 Yes. Because Because swinging, making love sex in public or groups is a voyeurism. Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 17:15 Why is that a sickness? Why is voyeurism, a pathology? David Susskind 17:20 Well, I think that taking a very private moment and wishing to exploit it, and to have other people observe you it's not a sacred is narcissism that so of course, Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 17:32 if it turns you on David, then it is pleasurable. It's certainly not sick. It is a victimless activity. Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 17:39 Why do people everybody, David Susskind 17:41 you're the victim, Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 17:42 David, I presume that you do things that turn you on sexually. You would not do anything that wasn't exciting to you. You don't find this concept exciting to you. But David Susskind 17:52 I find it revolting, Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 17:53 of course, but you do things that turn you on Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 17:55 Excuse me. How can you find revolting, if you've never seen it. You have never seen anything like this in your life. And you're saying you're making a prejudgment without even seeing what this is all about saying that this is sick. David Susskind 18:07 Are the pictures from the article in Playboy, yeah. Are the pictures from the article and penthouse. Of course, they are wrong that with a distorted Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 18:16 They are not real picture they are posed pictures. I would never allow a camera David Susskind 18:22 They are posed pictures, because the text says taken at Platos Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 18:26 They were taken at Platos. We were closed. And I had people come here and they pose these people in the in the different ways they David Susskind 18:33 let me rephrase the question. All right, those were posed, but with those activities in those photographs. Are they typical of what goes on at Plato's retreat? Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 18:44 Yeah, I would say those but you could see this at Plato David Susskind 18:46 sexual intercourse Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 18:46 If youWant to see it David Susskind 18:48 fellatio. cunnilingus Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 18:50 but everything is done in certain area Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 18:52 done in people's I presume in in the friends of yours bedrooms, David, David Susskind 18:57 I presume it is Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 18:59 What we are discussing here is whether it's done in public and David Susskind 19:02 yes, we are. Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 19:02 Andyou find that sick? David Susskind 19:04 Yes, I do. Don't you? Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 19:06 Absolutely not. Mary Levinson 19:08 That's the beautiful thing in the world to see a couple of people together a couple making love Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 19:16 Nothing wrong with it, it's why does it have to be such a turnoff? Why? Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 19:21 Because we're all different Larry David is different from you and Jack and Bonnie and Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 19:26 from our parents. David Susskind 19:28 You can't put me on the defensive. You think is what has been true for my lifetime and the lifetime of all the people I know what Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 19:38 David say that Plato's is sick for you then not that it's sick. According to your work, maybe your morality, it's sick, but you really you want to use a different word than sick David Susskind 19:48 that is aesthetically revolting. Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 19:51 You mean the the fantasy the common male fantasy of an orgy is revolting to you. Have you never fantasize being present at an orgy and perhaps enjoying yourself. David Susskind 20:03 No, I've never fantasized never Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 20:06 Honestly never. never David Susskind 20:07 I've never had that fantasy Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 20:14 But think of it, David. Think of it now we'll give you a minute. David Susskind 20:17 No, I don't need a minute Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 20:18 I think about the Romans, the ancient Greeks Trojans, the whole society civilization was built, David Susskind 20:25 they crumbled all those societies. They got too decadent Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 20:32 our society, the Romans had the first flush toilets, we forgot them. David Susskind 20:35 I don't know what the hell you're saying? Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 20:38 You take a lot of things from the ancient times David Susskind 20:40 Alright let me give you the aspect of it that I found most disturbing. All right, I'll throw out Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 20:46 and I have reservations about the place too. David Susskind 20:48 Okay, well, we'll get to yours. They're married in the eyes of themselves. I guess they're married in the eyes of the law. And I presume you had a religious ceremony to take your wife to a place of public sex, communal sex, and expose her to the eyes of others. And maybe the suggestions of others are the activity of others. Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 21:13 Well, it seems to me quite an add anybody looks will burn their eyes out. As far as this goes, they just told you there are a couple of came down to the club, because he brings his wife down to the club. That doesn't mean that she's open for everybody there to have sexual relations. So you get the wrong idea played on David Susskind 21:30 But she is technically Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 21:31 no. Available for nothing. Available for what she and he wants to do with a club that they meet another couple. They don't kick the take off their clothes, and jump together. They sit there they eat, they go into a whirlpool, they talk and they really are stimulated by each other, the place available for them, they can do a sexual encounter. But a man doesn't bring his wife down and say to him, when they come down says here it is honey. Now go get it. It doesn't work that way. We're nice people. We're good people. Philip Nobile - New York Magazine Syndicated Columnist 21:59 Well some couples that way. Some couples because we're all different. I know some men who come in to Plato's and they separate. As soon as they hit the dance floor. They don't see each other all night Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 22:09 that's true. But the wife still, if she's going around, she still does what she wants to do. She'll meet a man there maybe, and converse with him, Get acquainted with him get to know him. People come in the first hour, hour and a half, two hours of Plato's person comes in, they stay fully dressed. They dance they get to know David Susskind 22:26 Are you there every night Mary? Afe you there often Mary Levinson 22:29 not that often anymore.No. David Susskind 22:31 Once a week, twice a week. Mary Levinson 22:33 More than that, usually three times. David Susskind 22:35 Do you? Do you have relationships with other men there? Mary Levinson 22:38 Occasionally? Yes. David Susskind 22:39 Does he know about? Mary Levinson 22:40 Yes. David Susskind 22:42 You countenance it. You Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 22:43 I think it's fantastic? Why not? If I'm at the bar, you know, we have a bar with juices. And I'm standing there. And she comes out of the one of the private rooms or the mats with a man and I see a look of content when she's happy. she'll introduce me to the gentleman. this is wonderful. She enjoyed herself. She's not gonna love me any less. Because she had a sexual encounter five minutes before, I'll shake the man's head. Just because we're friends we're being introduced of is nice enough person. I'll get to be friends with it. The same thing if I come out with a young lady. David Susskind 23:14 I think the world's gone crazy. Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 23:20 He gave my my lady pleasure, didn't he? He's gonna be a good fit. He was he wouldn't have Mary Levinson 23:28 very often I do get a lot of pleasure out of it. Yes. And very often I give a lot of pleasure to I hope. David Susskind 23:34 Doesn't that diminish Your intimacy, your private relationship, your emotional commitment to each other Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 23:41 not at all. She's a human being. Mary Levinson 23:43 Remember what I said at the beginning? I feel as if we're going to spend the rest of our lives together. And that's David Susskind 23:49 why because he's so tolerant of yourself. You feel the same way about his Mary Levinson 23:55 Don't you think I would have to worry about all these beautiful young women chasing my Larry. He lines them up and he gives them numbers. That's sort of thing? well, no, but David Susskind 24:07 is he active at his own club? Mary Levinson 24:09 Of course. David Susskind 24:10 He is Mary Levinson 24:10 Yes, We're both swingers. David Susskind 24:12 You see, Mary Levinson 24:13 that's a horrible word. Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 24:14 It is. It's awful Mary Levinson 24:16 let's think of a new one. something that's suits it more. David Susskind 24:20 You see him you know about that and you accept it in as enthusiastically as he does. Mary Levinson 24:27 Well, I I accept it. David Susskind 24:30 There's no twinge of jealousy or Mary Levinson 24:30 yes, there is from time to time. There is jealousy. David Susskind 24:35 What makes you jealous? Mary Levinson 24:36 If he were to single out one particular girl and be with her time and again, or a girl were to single him out and constantly chase after him that kind of a situation David Susskind 24:46 Has that happened Mary Levinson 24:46 does make me nervous. It has happened. Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 24:48 I'm in a different position for the actual person that comes in, you see, and there's no question about it. I'm the owner of the club. So that gives a say certain advantages, but really aren't real, but you can't help the situation. It's like anything else in any club, an owner or something like that. But as far as the average couple of comes into Platos it's a lot different. You see, in my position, I have a lot of ladies coming down, and more or less chasing because I'm in the position I'm in. But it doesn't happen to an average couple that comes down. Everybody is on their own, and they just go along these things happen. Mary Levinson 25:24 For example, how about you? Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 25:26 Before Jack and I got into swinging there always be this thought in the back of my head, when Jack would go out on a Friday night or whatever night with his friends? Or where is he what bar is he in what girls he with? What phone numbers he copying down. And since we've started swinging, and especially going to Plato's I have never had this thought, David Susskind 25:49 where you don't have to anymore he's exhausted. I think Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 25:57 because it's just not cheating. When you're at this club, it's not considered cheating David Susskind 26:06 Then it's sterile and empty Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 26:08 physical sex is physical, Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 26:10 It's a physical thing. You play tennis, What is it, it's a physical enjoyment after it's over, it's over. You go home and say they were Plato's Plato's, David Susskind 26:17 Sex is not like tennis Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 26:18 David what is it. We're all kinds of Plato's is not realistic. We don't want it to be. We don't want people to live their life according to just Plato's retreat. It's a Disneyland it's a fantasy land for adult couples that come enjoy themselves for one evening at the club, and go home and forget about it David Susskind 26:34 And back and back and back. Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 26:36 As long as many times as you need to David Susskind 26:38 they go every week. Larry Levinson Owner Plato's Retreat 26:39 They enjoy it. They don't swing every week. Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 26:42 No we go there for the freedom of relaxation. What we need. We sit down Mary Levinson 26:46 there's so many lovely people there to meet and talk to and dance with Bonnie & Jack Swingers Couple 26:50 We made a lot of good friends there David Susskind 26:51 We'll come right back to the lovely people at Plato's retreat in one minute
Mature couple talking while making a celebratory toast in the restaurant at rooftop
Mature couple talking while making a celebratory toast in the restaurant at rooftop
The virtues of the nap
A2 / France 2
Reel 2 continued. Check Copyright for material used in this documentary.<br/><br/>Reel 2."Cleaning was traditionally a woman's chore" states the narrator and we see various shots of women at work cleaning shop windows, railway engines (good C/U of two women cleaning wheels of a steam train), railway carriages etc. "...but as more and more men enlisted, women found themselves taking over more responsible positions. Various shots of women at work including guards on trains and ticket inspectors - good shot of woman checking tickets of lots of military personnel - some of this footage is Ministry of Information material. Tram approaches the camera, two women conductresses had been taken on by the Glasgow Municipal Tramways. This experiment had been successful. We see a woman conductress go to the back and front of the tram to change the overhead electric arm. Woman conductress seen on a London bus - a male passenger pays his fare and takes a ticket. Punch cartoon - a woman conductress on a "women's suffrage bus" helps Mr Asquith aboard saying, "Come along sir, better late than never."<br/><br/>Two high angle shots of women on a factory production line making gas masks. Women aviation workers help to prepare aircraft for flights - good shots. Narrator talks of the new emancipation of women. Over a shot of woman performing a repetitive factory job the narrator states: "...some girls might have argued whether they felt liberated or enslaved." <br/> <br/>High angle shot of a demonstration demanding votes for women in 1916 led by Sylvia Pankhurst. The procession was also demonstrating against women receiving less wages than men for the same job. Various shots of the demonstration. Mrs Pankhurst (Sylvia's mother) had become a fervent nationalist and is shown making a speech on the government's foreign policy to a large crowd in Trafalgar Square. <br/><br/>Food shortages. Image of women queuing to buy food at a vegetable stall. Ministry of Information film called "A New Version" is shown. Intertitle reads "Come into the Garden, Maud..." M/S of woman wearing a large hat and tea dress looking out of a lounge room window. Her husband is working hard in the garden, he beckons to her to join him after wiping his brow. She turns away. "I'm sick of this old war. I wish there was something decent to do." She goes into the garden looking bored and fed up. "Well, you've spoilt the lawn it took us all that time to make" says she. The husband replies "Shouldn't we be a bit ashamed of our lawn, dear, if we knew that people were starving for want of the food we might have grown?" Image of the husband and wife dissolves into an image of a mother and her two hungry dishevelled children. The children both cry. The woman shrugs and walks off. "That Evening." The wife helps her husband in the garden. "And the moral is that one is happier doing useful work than loafing around in drawing rooms." <br/><br/>Footage of girls of the land army marching through a city street on a recruitment drive. They hold large banners asking for volunteers. "Come Girls, Sign On - Land Women's fair recruiting sergeant addressing London business girls." A land army volunteer stands on platform making a speech. Narrator states that there were still thousands of women who believed that loafing around in drawing rooms was the only proper activity for a lady. Special films were made in an attempt to change this attitude.<br/><br/>M/S of a lady of leisure lazing on a sofa in a drawing room setting. Another woman comes in and looks at the curtains. "Time hangs heavily on their hands." reads the intertitle. [I think the film may have been called "Women's Land Army" made by Broadwest Films.] One of the women opens a letter which is sitting on the table, it is from her "affectionate brother Harry" who writes of how much the men at war think of the women at home who are doing something for the war effort. "..if you two have not already joined something, do so at once..." he urges. "They decide to join the women who are helping so much." M/S of a group of women lined up. L/S of land army girls working in a field. Various shots of women doing agricultural work, gathering fruit, feeding animals, etc: taking on jobs "that before the war would have been considered degrading even perhaps impossible for a woman to handle." After a shot of two women herding cattle an intertitle reads: "Women are no longer Afraid of Cows." Good shots of a female fire fighting team, they line up in front of the fire station then we see shots of them in training. Ministry of Information footage of the women's Police Service (ironically including many ex-suffragettes) <br/><br/>Pathe Gazette item: "A lady teacher instructs convalescent Tommies the art of Motor Car driving." Various shots of the woman showing the men how to start a car. A woman in uniform is handed something and the men all gathered around her give three cheers and wave their hats and arms in the air. <br/><br/>Intertitle bears a message from D. Lloyd George. "The Prime Minister's Message to the Women of this Film: "The Women of Britain have shown that they can share the hardships of the War...All recognise that a share in the hardship means a share in the triumph." <br/>Over shots of men in the trenches voiceover speaks of the scandal of the number of men fighting for the country who were not able to vote. Revision of the franchise to allow fighting men to vote also led to women being able to vote. C/U of section of the "Representation of the People Act of 1918." Lists the voting rules for women of thirty years and above. M/S of group of men in uniform celebrating the signing of the Armistice by dancing around in a circle holding hands and dancing with each other. High angle shot of crowds of people in Trafalgar Square (?)<br/><br/>Footage of people surrounding a polling booth in Plymouth. Women were allowed to stand for parliament from 1919. M/S of candidates drawing up to the polling booth including Lady Nancy Astor. Footage of Lady Astor at a hospital talking to the babies. Voiceover of one of her speeches. Montage of shots of Lady Astor speaking to various groups of people. On soundtrack she speaks of how Winston Churchill had told her that she had given a remarkable performance when she entered Parliament and how they had hoped to "freeze her out". <br/><br/>Pathe Gazette item: "Our 8 Lady M.P.'s Photographed together for first time at the House of Commons." 1924 - panning shot of the eight women. Margaret (Maggie) Bondfield became the first women Cabinet Minister in 1929 (this shot probably from G1614). <br/><br/>Topical Budget footage of the interior of a dance hall. Cameraman and special light are seen in silhouette in foreground of the picture. M/S of the band on the balcony. Shots of the couples dancing. Narrator speaks of the "gay twenties when women were on a much more equal footing with men."<br/><br/>1924 - an infant welfare centre is shown, women push prams and lead children up steps into the centre. Shot of a woman doctor examining a baby. The centres were set up to educate women on how to bring up healthy children. Camera pans across group of babies. Narrator speaks of changes since Victorian times when subjects such as sex were taboo and "Family Planning" did not exist. <br/><br/>Still photograph of Marie Stopes - pioneer of birth control. C/U of a leaflet advertising "The Mothers' Clinic - the first Birth Control Clinic in the British Empire." Still image of front of a Mothers' Clinic. Panning shot of group of girls sitting at desks getting an education at the Mothers' Clinic.<br/><br/>Sport - various shots of female tennis players. Victorian women could not show their legs - contrast with Suzanne Lenglen one of the post war heroines of post war emancipated women. Montage of shots showing sporting women: cricket players, rowers, shot putters, athletes etc. Women at work: a typist. The new independent woman of the 20s is seen smoking cigarettes, mixing paint, painting a wall, and relaxing with a cup of tea after their hard work. 1928 - all women over 21 were given the right to vote. L/S of group of women M.P.s (?) outside the Houses of Parliament. Film ends with the narrator stating: "Even today, discrimination against women continues." <br/><br/>Credits. Historical Advisor - Arthur Marwick, Professor of History, the Open University. Film Research - Lisa Pontecorvo. Written and Produced by Richard Dunn. The Producers gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of: Pathe Film Library, National Film Archive, Imperial War Museum, Visnews, Movietone Film Library, Normans Film Service, Scottish Film Council, BBC Sound Archive, The Suffragette Fellowship, The Fawcett Society, Slade Film Department, University College, London, University of Sussex, British Universities Film Council. <br/><br/>The song "Your King & Country Need You" was reproduced from the film "Oh What a Lovely War" by permission of Paramount Records.<br/><br/>Produced and Distributed by EMI Special Films Unit.<br/><br/>London © 1970. <br/><br/>Note: 16mm mute neg and track neg exist for reels 1 & 2. Also section exists (not checked).
Multiple older couples celebrate and have fun dancing together on beautiful balcony in Chile
Various duos of active and well-dressed seniors enjoy dancing together and socializing on lovely balcony outside in the spirited city of Valparaiso, Chile
US Central Park - New Yorkers enjoy the day after the blackouts relaxing in the park
TAPE: EF03/0735 IN_TIME: 21:53:49 DURATION: 1:40 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: New York - 15 Aug 2003 SHOTLIST: 1. Wide shot, Sheep's Meadow, Central Park 2. Wide shot, Bethesda Fountain, Central Park 3. Dog taking a stroll in the fountain 4. Close-up, people eating ice cream cones 5. Youths playing football in Sheep's Meadow 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City: "New Yorker's should use their best judgement as to whether they go to work. As I said last night, there are worse things than taking a summer Friday off from work." 6. Couple playing volleyball in Sheep's Meadow 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Liza Soidan, New Yorker: "I'm not really sure if I'm off, I kind of just took it. Yeah, I did the same thing, I took it off." 8. Pan left, mother with twin babies on blankets 9. Mother with baby on lap 10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jennifer Rosenblum, New Yorker: "Airports, delays and there are still a lot of power outages, getting the kids food and all that stuff was just too much to go away right now. So here we are, this is vacation." 11. Various saxophonist in Central Park 12. Men walking in Central Park 13. Wide shot, Central Park with Plaza Hotel in background 14. Central Park carriage trotting through the park 15. Couple riding in horse carriage, SOUNDUP: "Blackout or not, New York is a great place to be...Central Park." STORYLINE: The day after, may not be so bad. The day after the nation's largest power outage in history many Manhattanites took the day off from work, beating the heat with ice cream cones and tossing a football and headed for Central Park, the 834 acres of woods and meadows in the centre of the city. And, after all, they were just following New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's orders. New York's subway system remained paralyzed, as did its two major commuter railroads and Mayor Michael Bloomberg encouraged the locals to treat Friday as a 90-degree snow day - stay home from work and relax. To reinforce their point, all state parks and beaches were open to the public for free. Bloomberg said: "New Yorker's should use their best judgement as to whether they go to work. As I said last night, there are worse things than taking a summer Friday off from work." He also praised New Yorkers for their calm response to the massive power failure and compared it against the looting and chaos of the last great blackout in 1977. Indeed, in Central Park the scene was serene. Families found relief from the heat under a large tree in Sheep's Meadow, dogs played in Central Park's fountain and New York's troubles seemed far away.
INTERVIEW BEGINS: David Susskind 0:01 Do you see an appreciable difference between old men after 60? Let's say, and younger men, given that the younger man can't afford prostitutes of your cost, to the extent that you see younger men, are they better? Worse, the same as the older men, "Melinda" (prostitute) 0:21 the older men seem to be more considerate. They've made their mark in the world, they've gotten over themselves, they know who they are, where they've been, and where they're going. The younger men are still trying to prove themselves, they have more insecurities, they have more hang ups, the older gentlemen are a lot more comfortable. They're much more relaxed, and they have more of an attitude of they want to have a good time. The younger fellas tend to have more hang ups in the older fellas do "Nina" (prostitute) 0:56 sure I would not want to greet six men a day, my age that we're interested in, you know, they're 25 or 27, or whatever. 30. And they're very young, macho, energetic and very sexual. I'm not interested them coming in and showing me all their tricks. I'm not interested in interested in them coming in there. And having sex with me for a full hour and saying, Well, geez, I still have 30 More seconds left. Let me continue. You know, I haven't reached my fifth orgasm. I'm not interested. What David Susskind 1:25 Are there such men? "Nina" (prostitute) 1:28 I can't rarely. I mean, really rarely. Do you want to scale? "Catherine" (prostitute) 1:36 What I don't like and I won't see a gentleman who has its attitude. That's important. You know, for me, if somebody comes in and says, Okay, you know, whore. What are you gonna? What are you going to give me for $100 or something? I'll tell the man that I'm not comfortable. I don't think this will work. And I'll ask him to leave. I am not about to subject myself to such abuse. The people that I see are very considerate, very kind, loving and warm. And I don't see those kinds of people. "Nina" (prostitute) 2:10 And if you do see them if they do want three or four releases fine. So they usually tell you upfront, hey, I have an incredibly high sexual level. Can you fulfill it or not? Yes, no. That's it. And goodbye. I don't waste time. That's all. Like for our particular situation, we charge one price. Here's the price here's we offer, do you want it yes or no goodbye. And you know, if you're on the street or something, then that's a whole different thing, which I'd like the gentleman who paid $12 an hour. First of all, I myself would not even lay my naked body or anything else done close body down in a place that was $12 an hour period. That's my outlook on it. But if someone just wants to release, yes, I David Susskind 2:48 Nina, if a man wanted a triple release, if he wanted oral sex if he wanted missionary sex. And if he wanted a fantasy fulfilled, and he could accomplish it all within 60 minutes, would you go along with that? "Nina" (prostitute) 3:02 If he knew his body that well and knew that he could be completed? Yes, sure. Because it really doesn't happen that often. So what is the big deal of if? Four times a year man can climax three or maybe four times which I don't think I've ever seen anyone? 21 year old guy who could climax four times in an hour less than David Susskind 3:23 Damn him "Nina" (prostitute) 3:25 They're a bit more rare, though. He was. But that four times was induced with heavy heavy fantasies in involvement session, I mean, heavy fantasy. So that's David Susskind 3:39 What's a heavy fantasy? "Nina" (prostitute) 3:41 A heavy fantasy might be a man who requires three to four, three quart enemas per hour. David Susskind 3:49 Oh, listen, "Nina" (prostitute) 3:51 You wanted it, I gave it to you. David Susskind 3:54 to do most men? You've not my question, right? Do most men that come to you come from the condition of marriage. In other words, they're not single men, because there's a lot of sex out there in the single world "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:08 75% of my clientele is married. 25% is single, approximately David Susskind 4:14 same thing for you "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:16 approximatly "Nina" (prostitute) 4:16 fairly Yes. David Susskind 4:18 And their major complaint in their marriage is that it's too boring. Or it's too, there may be one dimensional "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:25 Too one dimensional that's a good way to describe it. There may be sexual activities they would like to indulge in that their wives would not like to indulge in David Susskind 4:33 Are there fantasies or sexual activities that you forbid, you will have no part of "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:38 I will not get involved with any sort of domination David Susskind 4:42 beating "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:43 that's correct David Susskind 4:43 whipping? "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:44 That's correct, David Susskind 4:45 right. "Catherine" (prostitute) 4:45 I don't I don't know either. I mean, if somebody wants, whatever, An emena I mean, I don't. That's not my clientele. David Susskind 4:51 Do you have any latent fear of violence. I mean, these are strangers. Maybe though you don't care because you will for the money. participating, but "Nina" (prostitute) 5:00 I will participate. Not I won't participate in violence per se. I'm not going to participate in anything that hurts me, or that hurt someone if someone has a fantasy. If you have a fantasy of having your nipples pinched, I'm not going to bite them off. I'm not going to put a pin in them for Christ's sakes. I'm going to just do what you said. I'm not going to carry anyone's fantasy farther than it is if whether being gardeners or what have you. Of course, there's no of course there's crime, I do a tremendous amount of alcohols I do a tremendous amount of hotel work. Yes, there is That danger of finding a lunatic when I when a criminal a bank robber can afford $1,000 Day suite at a very reputable hotel. And I do serve as only the reputable hotels and in New York City. Fine, but there is that risk of a man just going to kill me for no other reason than he just doesn't like my looks or whatever reason. But so what I could be killed crossing the street tomorrow. So why am I going to worry about these things? "Melinda" (prostitute) 5:58 After a while you hone your intuition to a very, very fine point. And if I'm not comfortable with someone when they walk in the door, I'll ask them to leave also. In addition to which I have a very large trained German Shepherd, who will go on command, and fortunately, I have never, ever had to use him. David Susskind 6:20 Then you got a husband and the next room course. I mean, you could always say Tom. Well, that is when you come in. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:26 That isn't the key word. But yes, I do have a key word. Of course, I'd call the police immediately if I had a problem. Oh, yes. Oh, absolutely. I'm not going to let myself get there. David Susskind 6:34 You say that the secret of good sex is not a loving companionship caring relationship. The secret of good sex is just good sex. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:42 Yes. David Susskind 6:43 Without any emotional basis at all. "Nina" (prostitute) 6:46 in most cases, yes. Yes. David Susskind 6:49 have you ever fallen in love with a client. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:51 No, no. I become very attached to clients insofar as I like them very, very, very much and feel very close to them to fall in love. No, David Susskind 7:01 Do you feel you've gotten an equal break tonight. I mean, have you answered every thing you wanted to with respect to the show on John's? "Catherine" (prostitute) 7:09 Pretty much I just David Susskind 7:11 should John's be prosecuted "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:13 if they're going to prostitute the prostitutes yes David Susskind 7:17 If they prosecute prostitutes, they should prosecute John. "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:21 Yes. David Susskind 7:23 Right. "Nina" (prostitute) 7:23 Or vice versa. David Susskind 7:24 Do you feel that you got equal time and a fair shake tonight? "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:28 Pretty much so Yes. "Nina" (prostitute) 7:29 Very much so Yes. David Susskind 7:29 Anything else you want to say? "Nina" (prostitute) 7:30 I know that I just I'm not here for myself to to fight for prostitution to be legalized. I'm just here for it to be possibly criminal to say that it's not that we're also to say that prostitution is not bad. It's that I am not a loser. I have been to college, we have all been to college. Many, many women have been to college, many women are have doctorates. So and also our clientele are not losers, whether they be women on the streets. I know many women streets who are very well educated and pick up a very upper echelon clientele. So they're not losers by any social standard. David Susskind 8:09 But you're being hookers can't be the object of a fine education. I mean, you were trained to be an accountant "Nina" (prostitute) 8:16 sure we have a master's degree in homan nature, I can assure you. David Susskind 8:19 Masters degree in human nature "Catherine" (prostitute) 8:21 I've always loved psychology, one of the things I wanted to maybe get into would be social work. The problem was I said, Why deal with this negative aspect of people? You know, I mean, I'm not gonna be able to help these people or do anything that I want to do you know what I mean, that don't have any money, the poor the ghetto. I mean, I said, there's gonna depress me. So what I did is I got involved with sales jobs or people oriented jobs. I've always been people oriented. And this is no different than that. This is a it's a service. It's a business. David Susskind 8:52 But you're using prostitution as a social instrument to better the human race. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:02 In many situations, you have to give to someone no matter who it is you yourself. You have to answer to someone. I have to answer to someone you have to answer to somebody. It doesn't matter who it is, whether it's Uncle Sam, no matter who you have to do some sort of prostituting one way or the other. We do it in a sexual way. Weprostitute ourselves sexually. You may not David Susskind 9:24 Would you want your daughters to be prostitutes. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:26 Well, if she did I tell you I would definitely make sure she's doing it the right way. If that was her decision, I was not able to talk her out of it and that she was just formed. That's her decision. Fine. Well, let me tell you something, she better be doing it the right way. And she better be doing it is as good as I have a better that's I would just lend her help. My parents are very well educated. David Susskind 9:48 Do They know what you do. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:49 I would think yes, David Susskind 9:50 the answer is no "Nina" (prostitute) 9:53 I would think they do David Susskind 9:53 your parents know? "Catherine" (prostitute) 9:54 no. David Susskind 9:55 Your parents know "Melinda" (prostitute) 9:56 no. David Susskind 9:57 Okay. "Catherine" (prostitute) 9:59 Simply because it is illegal simply because prostitution has been kind of dropped all together prostitution is bad it's ugly. It's dirty. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:09 They always told me Honey Don't give it away make him pay for it if they're gonna you know and he let me tell you David Susskind 10:16 Yeah but he was talking about a good marriage, he wasn't thinking a good hooking? "Nina" (prostitute) 10:19 How do you know? David Susskind 10:20 Cause Daddy's from Alabama? "Nina" (prostitute) 10:22 Daddy is very well educated and Daddy knows what in the heck he's talking about. David Susskind 10:26 Daddy will break down. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:28 Daddy says Don't be a whore don't slut yourself around. I mean, you know, get you know I'm doing I am single, I'm doing the same thing that the acceptable girls are doing. The only thing is the passing of the dollar. That's it. In my opinion. "Melinda" (prostitute) 10:39 They get paid to dinner in the theater. We paid in cash. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:43 I have been to these sexual retreats and what have you had been the sexual Hangouts these discoteques and things where they do allow sex sexual activity going on. I have seen women my age or any age or anything, having sex are five and six and 10 men for nothing, but they're fine. They're very acceptable. David Susskind 11:01 But nobody says they're fine. They're sick. Those people "Catherine" (prostitute) 11:03 listen. No, no. I was I was married for eight years. When I got divorced. I went through withdrawal almost from I needed somebody to be with the warm a touch anything. What I did is I went out bars on Friday and Saturday nights in search of somebody to be with I not necessarily Well, the sex but to be naked to be held in bed. And I went and gave it away. I think I had more intercourse over those couple of years. Looking for a companion, some company some affection. I gave it away for free. Now, I do it, but I'm getting paid for it. "Nina" (prostitute) 11:45 That's the only difference the only thing David Susskind 11:48 that's what your daddy talking talked about sloughing around. Don't you see you come to the ultimate Sluttery. "Nina" (prostitute) 11:54 It's not the ultimate Slattery. David Susskind 11:56 Yeah, because you're selling it "Nina" (prostitute) 12:00 and selling it. David Susskind 12:02 Yeah, "Nina" (prostitute) 12:02 well, I am selling it. But David Susskind 12:06 at an outrageous price "Nina" (prostitute) 12:07 Everyone sells herself whether it be an outrageous price or whether it be a cheap price, it doesn't matter that your prerogative. I set my standards. And I know like the man who goes to the $12 place to have a sexual release. Those women set the price at $12. And those women let me tell you don't even get $12 they get five or $6 at a 50 or 60% of the cut off of that. $12. So the girl who prostitute herself for $5 is no different from me who prostitute myself for $100 an hour. David Susskind 12:36 No one is paying just 5 dollars. Pakistan is $5 "Melinda" (prostitute) 12:40 Oh, no, no, no, you can go to a $10 massage parlor down in the village. And that girl gets $5 You're only there 10 minutes only there 10 minutes and all you get is a hand job David Susskind 12:53 is there. Is there a look of stupidity about him? Or? "Nina" (prostitute) 12:57 No, of course not. What if you walked into a place where there be a look of stupidity about you? I mean, what if you just went out of curiosity? If you're a newscaster? Is there a look of stupidity about you? When you walk in "Melinda" (prostitute) 13:07 Your hair wouldn't fall out. You wouldn't get pimples. You wouldn't get hair on the palms of your hand. David Susskind 13:13 You wouldn't walk with a limp and you wouldn't go blind "Melinda" (prostitute) 13:15 wouldn't have a big red a on your forehead. Nobody would know "Nina" (prostitute) 13:17 And also another thing I'd like to bring out which it reminds me of your last John hour all women are not pimped out. You said that three times in your last interview. If all women are pimped out, you said, Aren't you aware these women are pimped out quote unquote, aren't you don't you know, these women are pimped out you said, let me ask you something. How do you know? If you know all these women are pimped out? Tell me because I don't know what David Susskind 13:42 you mean under the control of pimps "Nina" (prostitute) 13:44 Under the control of pimps. I've never even met a pimp. David Susskind 13:47 Not women operating out of their apartments the way you do. "Nina" (prostitute) 13:51 I've operated on the street David Susskind 13:52 You've operated on the streets "Nina" (prostitute) 13:52 sure it doesn't matter on Park Avenue, right by the reputable hotels, right in the center of town. What is the matter? I have? No I don't have a pinp. Do you see any big man around and as you as you think everybody thinks a pimp is a big black man or anyone. I don't even have a boyfriend or anybody. So there's nobody around me. David Susskind 14:11 You're a tribute to American capitalism. "Nina" (prostitute) 14:17 Women do women. There are women like ourselves who just want to do our own thing. It doesn't matter who just want to have a career and not be hassled for it. And there's nothing the matter with us. And there's nothing the matter with a man who patronize us. And we are not owned and we are not slaves. You know and where I came from, the masters are not black. So I don't even think of Pimps in this way them end up in north all of a sudden it's all turned around the masters of pimps and pimps are black down south. It's the masters of whiten the slaves are black. So I don't even think of these. I never met a pimp. I have never met a pimp. I did. I didn't know it. Okay, so all these women are not pimped out whether they're on the street. I've met some gorgeous women on the street. And of course they're not pimps. I don't know so often, and they're very well educated. Some women prefer to work on the street. It's something we're done in life because of the stuff that we're going through to, to be talking to a man for an hour. I know a lot of very well educated women that can't waste their time. You know, they don't want to know anything about them. And vice versa. If a man is on his lunch hour for 15 20 minutes, half an hour, he doesn't want to know, he doesn't want to tell you all his problems. He doesn't want to know all your problems or whatever David Susskind 15:26 your frequently a man's lunch "Nina" (prostitute) 15:31 If that be the occasion, yes David Susskind 15:31 It's better than a sandwich I guess "Nina" (prostitute) 15:31 It Absolutely is. David Susskind 15:36 Better than a ham and cheese at your desk. "Melinda" (prostitute) 15:39 Defintely "Nina" (prostitute) 15:39 Much David Susskind 15:40 Anyway, I hope you're satisfied that you got your reply, John. "Nina" (prostitute) 15:44 Sure Yes. Thank you very much. "Melinda" (prostitute) 15:45 Thank you. David Susskind 15:46 I don't really quite understand your psyches. "Nina" (prostitute) 15:51 And vice versa. We don't understand yours. David Susskind 15:54 Well, that's America. You've been terrific guests. You've been forthcoming. And you've been quite candid. And thank you very much. And I hope you enjoyed it. We'll be back with more show.
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Christmas party with friends. Drink champagne without worry.
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