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INTERVIEW CONCLUDES: David Susskind 48:54 In your work, don't you wind up feeling like a counselor sex counselor? Something psychiatrists without credential? Yeah, sure. And that is a sex. "Anthony" (male prostitute) 49:04 Yes, we very therapeutic. It's like the couple that makes them I know, that made them feel better about each other is very therapeutic for me. It's a lot of conversation, a lot of like, I like you and I like you and you should be together. And even when they're alone. It's like yeah, you're a nice person. Don't worry. Don't feel guilty about what you're doing. You know, and affection. It's just making men feel better. "Joe" (male prostitute) 49:28 People do feel relieved, believes tensions they're more prepared to go on with the rest of their life. Maybe if they if it's first time they realize they do have an outlet sort of at their command. I think it improves a lot of people's lives David Susskind 49:45 when you are alone Does she tend to tell you her problems. confess her "Bill" (male prostitute) 49:50 Yeah. My experience has been that they want to have a good time. And I mean, you can be a counselor I guess I'm not trying Did that I? I do what I do. And I think that usually takes the mind off of it. But you're, you know, you give them a company and usually you try to give them good company. "Antonio" (male prostitute) 50:10 companionship? David Susskind 50:12 Most of the time? Are you working with Jessica? Are you working alone? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 50:15 Mpst of the time I'm working with Jessica? We try to work together as we offer something special. Yeah. So I guess when we work together, we feel comfortable together. David Susskind 50:24 What do you offer? The special beside the fact that one is white one is black. Is that sufficient? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 50:30 Um, I guess. Yeah. Sufficient? I guess we offer specialist the two of us, okay. Like most people, like a woman will call one of the gentlemen here, and it'll just be one. And some people like maybe they'd like a Minage a toir. Okay, or they just just don't want to be involved. They just want to watch some people like to be voyeurs David Susskind 50:50 And you satisfied. But how are you paid? His money change hands does she say here's 100 A quarter for you "Joe" (male prostitute) 50:58 That's an awkward part. But people who are experienced or insightful usually have a way of putting it by the front door, where it's visible. So that now there's no concern on your part. It's, it's handy when you go out and you don't really have to discuss it. "Bill" (male prostitute) 51:17 I think what happened, my experience has been that people tend to give you the money first, even without asking for a reason that they want to make you relaxed in the situation. I think the husbands are the ones who understand that I've been paid many a time by the husband. If I walk in the house, and the people are in the phone, you know, their everything's legit, I don't mind taking the money. If I go to their house, if they come to my house, I just asked him to put it on the dresser and I and I say it in a way, you know it, put my fee on the dresser, then we get that over with and we'll have to discuss it anymore. And I don't make a lot of tips because of that. But I'm not like a sound I don't. I'm not hustling people out of money. I've already made the financial arrangements over the telephone or whatever. And that's it. David Susskind 51:57 What about the publicized fact that drilled through alcohol and drugs are rampant on the male prostitute circuit? "Bill" (male prostitute) 52:07 Well, you think you're limited to your drugs, if I know that if I sat down and did a gram of cocaine and I wouldn't go to function. So I know my limits are right there. "Anthony" (male prostitute) 52:17 I'm gonna be health conscious. I know a lot of people enjoy doing Emile nitrate while they're having sex or getting high and liquor and stuff like that. But I tend to have to avoid it because I need to control myself with the situation for someone. Especially I need to control. "Patrick" (male prostitute) 52:34 I drink I don't take I won't take any drugs, you know, so I could drink and go with a woman no problems. "Bill" (male prostitute) 52:40 I might smoke relaxes me a little bit but I'm not gonna go out there and get blitzed because I want to be able to walk out of there. "Joe" (male prostitute) 52:47 And you don't tend to see people who are blitzed when they call you either because you know that it's gonna it's gonna be difficult, long drawn out David Susskind 52:56 Now the female prostitute is constantly harassed by the police. "Joe" (male prostitute) 53:02 I think the ones who are out and obvious are harassed "Patrick" (male prostitute) 53:05 They are standing on corner. You know, if they're hanging out on corners, we don't go hang out in corners. Now, you know, in shorts and December's on "Antonio" (male prostitute) 53:14 the Hangout and sting operations in hotels, and they call their agencies and have them come over. And when you come over and like step in the room, you're automatically arrested for solicitation. "Bill" (male prostitute) 53:24 Well I don't deal with organized companies anyway. I'm not interested in working for services. Ah, I don't take checks. I deal strictly with cash. I don't you know, it's good to cash and carry business for me. "Anthony" (male prostitute) 53:38 I have a few escort agents, friends with me. I have I do know some escort friends that are in agents just to the business. You can't avoid them. They sometimes there's a couple that calls a girl from an escort agency and calls me at the same time I get to know her. And then they call us back, you know if they need an extra guy for see. So it helps to know escort agency. David Susskind 54:02 Is there any future in male prostitution? "Bill" (male prostitute) 54:07 as a career? I doubt it "Joe" (male prostitute) 54:09 And the retirement program is Not very good. "Bill" (male prostitute) 54:12 I think it's just like taking vitamins as a supplement. You know, I don't think anybody's gonna sit here and say that he's, you know, I don't sit in brag and say I'm a professional anything. I just do it. And I happen to be good at what I do. And I wish more people knew how good I was. I mean, I don't say sincerity to because I think that I have have a way to you know, make people relaxed and still give them what they want. I don't give them any, any less David Susskind 54:38 What are you going to do in the future when when you're god given equipment? "Bill" (male prostitute) 54:43 I've already worked with some of the best makeup artists in the world and I've you know, I've I've done that and I still do it. i i I do hair and makeup in my apartment. And I do it. David Susskind 54:55 What are you going to do? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 54:56 I'm just going to go to school, go to college. I'm using this as a stepping stone to get my fees for college and get myself together. That's all it is. David Susskind 55:06 And what are you going to do when you go to college? I mean, what do you wang to be? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 55:09 law "Joe" (male prostitute) 55:15 I'm sorry, you asked me David Susskind 55:17 Well what's your future? "Joe" (male prostitute) 55:20 I do some writing, I've got a couple of published works. My name is in the Library of Congress card catalog. I got two books in work right now, I don't know how long it will take to finish them. But I have a word processor and the the work is on diskettes. And, you know, I've got more things I want to write. David Susskind 55:42 what you've been doing. So what could you call it? It's so odd. And exciting. I suppose in this way. Won't an ordinary job seem lackluster? "Anthony" (male prostitute) 55:55 for me, the vocation right and try have the school teacher makes it very dichotomic. That's the word and it's one extreme to the other. And it's maybe the thrill I get out of it. Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde kind of situation. But I like to just note to tip to the people not to seek that I'm in any kind of a pervert, I separate the job completely from one to the "Bill" (male prostitute) 56:20 other burdens I can because I think they call you for "Anthony" (male prostitute) 56:24 one half of my vocation and one has to pay my rent and this money that I make here is more of those prosperous David Susskind 56:32 You will you see people at their most vulnerable women things clean eating and longing. What does that taught you about life? About women? "Bill" (male prostitute) 56:42 Well you I think you have to be yellow responsible when you're with when people are in that position because same thing can happen to you you know, you're kind of vulnerable, you're a male you have to perform and I don't know I think a lady could keep me from performing pretty easy. David Susskind 56:59 I'm asking whether you drew you draw a basic lesson about human condition from the work you've done. You got people at their at their most primitive, "Bill" (male prostitute) 57:10 right? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 57:11 You learn from them. "Bill" (male prostitute) 57:12 You see what their needs are. "Antonio" (male prostitute) 57:16 There's plenty of things that you learn from like there's different things I can't just say to you, you you learn anything Pacific you learn people's personalities the way they think. Okay, you just find it's a new way of learning about people. "Bill" (male prostitute) 57:28 You find out everybody. Nobody's really that different David.
Happy young couple dancing in their new home
Happy young couple dancing in their new home
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Marriage Today
Old City Jerusalem
Jerusalem - Old City, Dome, tourists, soldiers at the Wall and people praying, mural of temple in Roman times. Street scenes, bus stop and people, airport.,EXTERIOR 8:00:20 to 8:00:32>>> walls of the Old City, Dome above 8:00:33 to 8:00:58>>> close on people digging near wall, wide to above shot. 8:00:58 to 8:01:34>>> Asian tourists walking 8:01:35 to 8:01:50>>> Tourists take pictures 8:01:53 to 8:02:03>>> A Hebrew sign 8:02:04 to 8:03:12>>> Israeli soldiers relax, hang-out near Wall 8:03:13 to 8:04:12>>> soldiers are now lined-up, listening to commander 8:04:13 to 8:04:25>>> soldiers disperse, people pray at Wall in background 8:04:29 to 8:05:06>>> A soldier stands at his position, near the Wall 8:05:07 to 8:05:13>>> Soldiers relaxed, in a group, talking 8:05:14>>> A female soldier (back to camera) prays at Wall 8:05:30 to 8:06:23>>> A pretty blonde female soldier comes over 8:06:24 to 8:06:56>>> Several groups of soldiers lined up in the square 8:06:57 to 8:07:27>>> Wider of same. Shot pans from soldiers at one end of square to people praying at the Wall at the other end 8:07:28 to 8:08:02>>> Pan over buildings surrounding square, scaffolding on one 8:08:03 to 8:08:23>>> A sign says Please refrain from smoking on the Sabbath- 8:08:24 to 8:08:50>>> Two soldiers on guard. One plays with a mike while the other talks on the phone. 8:08:52 to 8:09:06>>> Two female soldiers cross the square 8:09:12 to 8:09:18>>> A couple sits on bench 8:09:19 to 8:09:29>>> to Pan from Wall to near fence 8:09:30 to 8:09:54>>> Hasidic man holds a soda can, walks past a woman holding her baby. 8:09:55 to 8:10:17>>> Hasidic man davening 8:10:22 to 8:11:31>>> Tunnel excavation, workers, pan over to prayer room below where men pray below, partition to women's area 8:11:32 to 8:11:37>>> A man sits and prays 8:11:38 to 8:11:45>>> Hebrew words on wall 8:11:46 to 8:11:55>>> Man prays 8:11:46 to 8:12:08>>> Door leading to exterior praying area at Wall 8:12:09 to 8:12:25>>> A soldier sits and prays at the Wall 8:12:26 to 8:12:48>>> camera shot up the wall, back down to people praying 8:12:48 to 8:13:20>>> Above soldier stands and continues to pray, seems suspicious of cameraman, he puts his hand on his gun. Camera goes tight on soldier's hand on gun. 8:13:21 to 8:13:54>>> A camera crew interviews someone 8:13:55 to 8:14:17>>> A woman sits in grass and sketches. 8:14:18 to 8:14:40>>> A girl swings on a chain fence 8:14:41 to 8:15:13>>> A religious woman holds a baby as men pray below 8:15:14 to 8:15:54>>> A mural shows what the outer walls of the Temple may have looked like with booths and shops in Roman times 8:00:00 to 8:01:19>>> Flags, Israeli and others flying, sun in bg (different angles). 8:01:20 to 8:01:40>>> From car, street signs etc. 8:01:41 to 8:02:11>>> Children getting out of school, a man sipping coffee in a candy store 8:02:12 to 8:05:44>>> (From car) An apartment building w/political banners, more children out of school, political signs. As descend from Jerusalem, a long look into the valley and villages dotting hillsides. 8:04:00>>> Highway sign pointing to airport/Tel Aviv, etc. 8:04:20>>> Highway sign pointing to Be'er Sheva and Haifa. 8:05:50 to 8:06:07>>> A man-made sign along the highway (political? In Hebrew) 8:06:10 to 8:10:02>>> Camera on road itself, other cars, signs 8:07:06>>> Old destroyed army vehicles (?) along road 8:07:34>>> Trees, green along road,8:09:15>>> Ben-Gurion, planes on ground 8:10:02 to 8:11:30>>> Pedestrians, young people at a crowded bus stop, crowd boarding bus, bus pulls away 8:11:30 to 8:13:26>>> Individuals (mostly girls) at bus stop 8:13:27 to 8:13:38>>> (From parked car) Angle down street, on intersection 8:13:39 to 8:14:36>>> (From moving car), highway, Tel Aviv skyscrapers in distance 8:14:37 to 8:15:01>>> (From moving car), a bus pulls up to intersection 8:15:02 to 8:15:21>>> A passenger plane low in the sky, over the buildings 8:15:22 to 8:17:32>>> Tel Aviv coastline, beach, pan to mosque 8:17:33 to 8:18:15>>> Still on buildings and mosque (a bird at the top of mosque) 8:18:16 to 8:18:58>>> Tight on bird 8:18:59 to 8:19:57>>> Willie Helmreich and IR in foreground (people walk by) view of Tel Aviv coastline 8:19:58 to 8:20:13>>> (From moving car) buildings, etc. 8:20:14 to 8:20:35>>> People on the beach 8:20:36 to 8:20:41>>> People in the water 8:20:42 to 8:21:04>>> People walking along beach, dogs on beach 8:21:05 to 8:21:13>>> A boy playing at water's edge 8:21:14 to 8:21:29>>> Sunset (?), the sun off the water, a jogger on the beach 8:21:30 to 8:21:35>>> Friends talking on beach 8:21:36 to 8:21:51>>> kids playing in surf, a dog in the water 8:21:52 to 8:22:00>>> Old guy in a Speedo, stretching 8:22:01 to 8:22:24>>> Kids hitting around a volleyball 8:22:25 to 8:22:40>>> A guy reading a book on beach 8:22:41 to 8:23:50>>> Sunset (?) Volleyball players, close and wide, and daylight 8:23:51 to 8:24:25>>> People walking along boardwalk 8:24:26 to 8:26:12>>> Busses pulling away from bus stops and intersections 8:25:23 to 8:25:38>>> Empty bus pans across
Mala Mala, Africa. <br/> <br/>Several shots of a twelve-year-old African girl doing a traditional dance "that initiates her into womanhood"; several other villagers watch, some beat drums. Elsewhere in the village women pound grains and prepare food. Commentator says we are amongst the Shangaan tribe deep in the bush. L/S of a small propellor plane flying low and preparing to land; antelopes and buffalo run away; elephants amble away from the area. <br/> <br/>The aeroplane lands on a dusty runway in the bush; a small group of tourists get out. C/U of sign reading 'Mala Mala'; several shots of this luxury village show the swimming pool, a couple relaxing in an air-conditioned rondavel / mud hut apartment and holidaymakers being served drinks in a lounge. A tame Cheetah sits in the lounge and is stroked by a woman. <br/> <br/>Several shots show buffalo in the wild; two couples sit in a land rover and watch them through binoculars. Giraffes, elephants, ostriches and rhinos (including a baby rhinoceros) are also seen. The tourists are driven to a tree house / observation platform to look down on lions that are attracted and distracted by a dead wildebeest; the lions are seen eating at the corpse. <br/> <br/>Aerial shot of a bush fire from a rather shaky plane; several shots of the fire from ground level. African men are seen starting a controlled fire downwind of the bush fire, producing a burnt out area that the flames can't reach across. The men are seen fanning the flames with animal skins on the end of sticks. L/S of the smouldering remains of the countryside after the fire. <br/> <br/>Note: mute neg is quite scratched towards the end of the story and has some obvious joins. Cuts exist - see separate records.
Recreation in NYC's Central Park: dining, dancing, playing, picnicking, rowing, relaxing
TAPE_NUMBER: EN9927 IN_TIME: 10:50:09 LENGTH: 01:13 SOURCES: Shots 1-2 = BBC, Shot 3 = GRANADA, the rest = APTN RESTRICTIONS: BBC = No Access UK/CNN/Euro News/Fox/CNBC/Internet, Granada = No Access UK Internet, Shots 5-6 = No Access Ireland FEED: SCRIPT: xfa Story: Posh Wedding Location: Uk/Dublin Date: July 6 1999 + file The first pictures of soccer star David Beckham and his bride Posh Spice Victoria Adams at their lavish wedding show the couple in matching ivory outfits and seated on luxurious gold and red thrones. The photographs, which appear in the Sun newspaper on Tuesday, show the couple surrounded by candles and sitting behind an enormous arrangement of ivy and red roses as they enjoyed their wedding banquet at Luttrellstown Castle near Dublin on Sunday night. Adams is pictured in her wedding dress - a sleeveless creation with a tight-fitting bodice and full skirt, topped off with a tiara - while the smiling Manchester United star is wearing a cream suit and matching tie. These are the first pictures to be published of the wedding of Posh Spice Victoria Adams and Manchester United footballer David Beckham. They appeared in Britain's Sun newspaper on Tuesday. Only 29 close family and friends, including the three other members of the British pop group, were at the wedding. Geri Halliwell, who quit the group 13 months ago, was not there. The couple tied the knot in the grounds of a Dublin castle on Sunday afternoon in what was billed as the show business wedding of the year. A single white dove was released at the end of the ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle. Posh Spice - one of the architects of the girl power philosophy - stuck to her principles and did not pledge to "obey" the Manchester United player. After the ceremony the couple joined more than 230 guests - all asked to wear black or white - for the sumptuous wedding celebrations. Their baby son Brooklyn was also at the ceremony and will be with the couple throughout the evening. Details of the nuptials were a closely guarded secret to safeguard the one (m) million pound contract with OK! Magazine. David, 24, and Victoria, 25, although young parents, observed tradition of staying apart in the last hours before their wedding. His best man was fellow team member Gary Neville, and Victoria's bridesmaid was her sister Louise. The bride's fabulous gown was designed by American Vera Weng. An 18-piece orchestra played especially rehearsed numbers, including a Spice Girls medley. Apart from Manchester United stars, Sir Bobby Charlton and a few other football friends and the Spice Girls, there were no celebrity guests. Before the wedding on Sunday, David Beckham relaxed with a game of golf with best man Gary Neville and two other friends. SHOTLIST: BBC - LONDON, 6 JULY 1999 1. FRONT PAGE OF SUN NEWSPAPER WITH PICTURE OF POSH SPICE AND DAVE BECKHAM'S WEDDING 2. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD IN SUN NEWSPAPER OF WEDDING PHOTOS GRANADA - FILE, CHESTER, U-K, 25 JANUARY 1998 3. POSH SPICE AND DAVE BECKHAM AFTER ANNOUNCING THEIR ENGAGEMENT APTN - LUTTRELLSTOWN CASTLE, NEAR DUBLIN, IRELAND, 4 JULY 1999 4. CHILDREN AT THE GATE OF THE CASTLE APTN - LUTTRELLSTOWN CASTLE, NEAR DUBLIN, IRELAND, 4 JULY 1999 5. BUSES ARRIVING AT THE GATE OF THE CASTLE 6. CHILDREN SCREAMING 7. BUS DRIVING DOWN THE LANE?
AFP-99AU 16mm VTM-99AU Beta SP
INTERVIEW BEGINS: David Susskind And now to talk about disco and their own Saturday night fevers. I'd like you to meet my guests first. Victor Medina works in a paint store as a salesman. Carmen Pisani is a hairdresser. Jody Oliver is a professional actress. Gene Robinson works as a delivery man. Chuck Rusinak is a DJ at the 2001 Odyssey disco. Susan Rainone is a perfume salesperson, salesperson I like that. Diane Ludwig is a senior in high school. And finally Alex Marchak is studying to be a mortician. All of you are in the movie Saturday Night Fever so I take your victims of it. Yes. What? What is that fever what happens on Saturday night in that kind of place? Gene Robinson Well, Sunday night you just can't wait to get out. Alex Marchak You want to release your energy? David Susskind The energy that's been pent up all week. Because your jobs are boring. Alex Marchak Just life. let it out like some people, some people snort coke and some people, you know, some people like to just Just Dance, David Susskind party dance, party dance. Victor Medina There's been times I mean store and put on radio and paint store. I dance right there. Some big thing to me when I go over somebody else's house like if I go to their house I say, Let's get together, see if we could get some new turns. Relax David Susskind when you're in a disco and the music is going in the lights and all of that stuff. Are you transported? Are you no longer a paint salesman? Jody Oliver You forget about anything and everything David Susskind You do? Forget it. Victor Medina I'm dancing. The same way, he's a DJ, he's a light man. on the floor? Jody Oliver You're in your own world? Do you just let all your emotions go and you pour everything into your dancing and you project an exhibit yourself to the best way you can while you're on that dance floor. While you hear that music? Gene Robinson Surely build yourself up. You only want to show people you can do and you will have fun when you hear that music. Everybody is in their own mind. David Susskind Do you go alone? Or do you go as couples? You go as a couple once a week, twice a week? Alex Marchak Well, it depends what you know. Depends what kind of mood she's in or David Susskind which one are you talking about. Oh that's your couple, right? Diane Ludwig Just depends if we have other things to do. We'll step down the Odyssey later and dance. We go to the movies we go out to eat first. Whatever's going on in town we might go see that most of the time. At the end of the night. We went up in the Odyssey dancing, we meet our friends there. And it's very comfortable atmosphere there. Jody Oliver usually Friday nights or like single nights clubs and Saturday nights a couple nights. David Susskind Oh, wait a second. You as a couple. Would you leave her home on a Friday night? Are you a couple? Victor Medina I'm a couple and I think I would leave a home on a Friday. David Susskind Is that the other piece? Victor Medina That's my parter. That's my one and only David Susskind Wait a minute. you leave her home Friday is why. Victor Medina Friday to me. He's a solo night Carmen Pisani Friday is his night. If I want to go out I go out. But I go to school all week long. Victor Medina She wants to wait for me. David Susskind She wants to wait for you? I know you're living another age. When you know he's out at the disco on Friday. You're sitting there sewing twiddling your thumbs are you out having a good time Victor Medina I think she falls asleep Carmen Pisani Either I fall asleep my house is like a disco David Susskind are you jealous? Carmen Pisani No. I used to. Forget it. David Susskind used to get jealous. You'd be through. You take her what night? Victor Medina Saturday night. I'd say a couple night. Sport night David Susskind I saw the dancing at the beginning of the show that you did. And the other couples and it's very sensual. very sexual. Alex Marchak Its pride pride pride the way you look for it the way you know the way you look. Your appearence who dress Diane Ludwig It's a competition I think it's like one couple wants to try and do better than the next couple you want to practice you want to do you know the best you can on the dance floor you want other people to look to and say hey, that guy's good dancer. David Susskind Chuck Rusinak, talk about it. I mean, do you feel a kind of euphoria out there Chuck Rusinak Well I'm in a different position because on the being the DJ. I'm more or less taking it all in. And rather than being a part of it, you know, at the end of the night, I get on the floor myself David Susskind He's a judge. You learn what? Victor Medina Just from watching the people alone. Dancing David Susskind You learn what other stuff? Oh, I see you learn other steps you don't learn about other people's characters. Personality. Victor Medina Just you can learn that step. Once you got it in you just look and you wouldn't have to go to any of these dance studios. I know I never did David Susskind about it sensuality. Do you get heated up? I mean, do you think at the end of the evening? Yeah. I'm I'm ready to take this girl home if I if I knew where home was Gene Robinson always a challenge. You build yourself up with all that confidence to sweep a girl off her feet. You're always trying to show David Susskind Well, when you twirl her around, Bender over and right. When do you know you own her? Gene Robinson Just about when she's real close to you David Susskind when she meets you every week. Victor Medina She'll call you up and tell you I am I gonna be at the club this weekend. Come down. I'll say Yeah, maybe. And find me today I'll go with somebody else. David Susskind Boy you're cruel. Gloria Steinem. Your using them as a sex item? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The other half of your couples says Yeah. How long does it take you to prepare for the evening? Gene Robinson It takes me about an hour, an hour all week I can't wait till Friday comes or Saturday. When Saturday comes. Once you get in there Victor Medina Sometimes it takes me all day David Susskind all day? Victor Medina all day to get ready, go shoping. wash the car. David Susskind Shop for what? Victor Medina clothes for shoes, whatever. That's what mostly I spend my money on. Clothes. Yeah. David Susskind So you're shopping for shoes, right? Then you're doing polishing the car Victor Medina polishing the car making that Saturday, Friday. Right? Make it look clean. It's been turned. That's what he spends his day or we would call him up and say, Where's Alex? Alex would wax in the car. Right? Alex Marchak That's one thing in the movie that I was really dissatisfied about the way he was such you know, a superstar like, you know, Travolta was a Disco King. I think he should have had, you know, he should have had a nice car. So, you know, you know, parading down like, Well, we do 86 stree where all foxes, you know, on a Saturday afternoon are all thrown back and forth. You know, that was like, anybody who talked from Brooklyn. So the way it is, I mean, a Saturday actually going down and checking out the girls for the night. So when they go to the club at night, they say that's the girl and so on 86th street they will move into a niche so like that, you know, the way it was not like the way it was a Hollywood movie the way it was? Wasn't really true. Diane Ludwig I think the guys take a lot of pride in their cars. I think even like as much as their dressing. I know. He spends most of his day waxing his car, you ride down the blocks and there they all are out with the polish on the car. Really, it's like getting as though they were getting dressed. They have to dress their car also. David Susskind In other words before the dance before the night come you are going up and down the avenue. Alex Marchak No not me Friends, you know David Susskind I mean your car and you Alex Marchak Yeah my car? Yeah. Well the other guys cars David Susskind your other women parading up and down? Alex Marchak Well, the parading in a sense going through stores buying things you know, and you checking them out. David Susskind But you got a girl? Alex Marchak I'm not saying me. That's the act of Bensonhurst or Bayridge or 86 street. That's what's going on? that's the true. You know the true scene. Not the Hollywood Scene. David Susskind What about the women? How much preparation? Are you beauty parlor? Are you getting? Carmen Pisani No Just whatever you have or get something new. Just stay home fixing your hair. getting ready to go out Jody Oliver yeah, usually takes me about two hours to get ready for only the time it takes David Susskind Wait a minute. why does it take you two hours. What are you doing? Jody Oliver I have to dry my hair. I don't use a blower. I just let it dry naturally. Right. So it takes like two hours before it's dry. David Susskind Then the eyes. the mascara Jody Oliver getting ready takes me like 15 minutes, just the hair Victor Medina Like my girlfriend would get dressed and take about three or four hours. Let's say this only takes what man 20 minutes to get dressed, shower, shave whatever you had to do. And you'd be waiting around the suit beyond and we'd be sweating. By the end of the day you will sweat it up ready to go into the disco old sweat it up. You know feel right? We go into disco. When you go into a disco you want to feel fresh? You've started from the beginning. David Susskind Right? How many hours do you put in? What time you get there? Victor Medina You get there about 10. Right? And I would stay the longest I could. If it would go on to the next day I think I would stay Alex Marchak The later it gets the more the more active. You can get like mean by three four in the morning. Chuck's got a turn the music off whatever and everybody just hit turn the music off. Victor Medina But the music has been happy times when you know a lot of people stood late and they say come on Chuck just keep playing it. Yeah, everybody get to Jody Oliver Yeah it's surpring though. The crowd seems to get much larger around one or two in the morning at a disco. I mean like 10 o'clock you walk into places empty at one o'clock all of a sudden you have mobs you know mobs coming in, and it's much it's packed. You can't move on the dance floor. It's a pleasure to dance earlier, but a lot more difficult to dance later on. Gene Robinson The combination of like people going out more enthusiastic the crowd is the better it's gonna be. David Susskind Is it true that most of you live at home? No, you have your own place. Yes, . You live at home, you Victor Medina No I live by myself. Carmen Pisani I live with my mother David Susskind You live with your mother Carmen Pisani sisters and brother. David Susskind What is their attitude toward your creeping in exhausted four or five in the morning? Carmen Pisani It don't bother them as long as I'm alright. Victor Medina You got the good excuse. Well, they were they know that she's with a good man Jody Oliver I know when I left home I used to have one o'clock curfew. a one o'clock curfew when I lived home. So I moved out because nothing ever happened till one o'clock. Jody Oliver I have a very early curfew also David Susskind you're in high school. Diane Ludwig Right And my father's quite strict on that he gives me all the curfews, but I still can't say that I don't enjoy it. I still have very good time. Even if I have to be home one two o'clock. I enjoy it just as much as I would if I had to stay later David Susskind But he only springs in the Real Glory at three, four. No, no, I Diane Ludwig No, no, I wouldn't say that. I I think we have a good time all night. I wouldn't say that, you know, places dead until three, four. I think all night. We have very good time. What time we leave. Well, you know, it doesn't really matter. Because you could still enjoy yourself. Even if you have to be home at one two o'clock. David Susskind Susan, are you with us? Okay, yes. You agree with me this? Are you living at home alone? Susan Rainone No I'm living at home David Susskind You're living at home? Wouldn't it be better? How old are you? Susan Rainone 20 David Susskind Oh, when do you intend to open your own establishment? I mean, have a place of your own. While you're here right now. I see he has a place of his own. No. You live at home too. Chuck Rusinak Yes, currently? I've been in that house. I've had my own apartment. David Susskind Right? Aren't you a little old? You live in a home? Well, you like it at home. good cooking Diane Ludwig I don't think You really have to put on an age on what age you should not be living home anymore. I don't see anything wrong with living at home. No, I don't think there's much of a difference. All right. So you might get a curfew. When you're old enough. You don't get a car curfew. So I've been homeless, you have problems with somewhere else. Victor Medina That would be a problem with the family. Like I have older brothers and they never gotten along with them. So I just went out on my own. And now they're following me. I'm the youngest. Alex Marchak And it's like a lot of parents got bad attitudes towards disco. you know, they think it's like, just like drugs. David Susskind Well is it Alex Marchak you know? It's no, it's no, it's not. David Susskind Are there drugs. Diane Ludwig There's drugs anywhere you go today David Susskind Are people sniffing cocaine. Gene Robinson No, not in our place. David Susskind Smoking refer Victor Medina outside and when they come in like they they're a little whacked out we try to throw them out. Even I would try to throw them out. I don't even work there. And I don't want any hassles against them. Because they would figure is a good couple on the dance floor, let me try to rap to the girl. There would be a fight going on. They don't look like David Susskind so actually, there's very little dope of any kind Alex Marchak Yeah, the Odyssey at the at the Odyssey, David Susskind which is your palace. Victor Medina Right? Come here and say we're taking over No. Okay. I mean, just because we dance, we're not fags. No, we're there. We're gonna protect the place David Susskind Disco dancing and Disco records have a style all their Own. Now what makes a good disco record? Good beat. Good beat. Gene Robinson Good disco record the combination of like, background music, like guitar like bass. Enough that everybody's gonna enjoy it. When is the right word? David Susskind What are samples of some real top disposed songs at the moment? Jody Oliver Well, I think everything from the movie from Saturday Night Fever, the whole entire soundtrack. Oh, well, I think it's very hot. As far as young people go Alex Marchak bionic Boogie risky changes. Diane Ludwig Songs something you could dance to they have fast be fast enough to dance to. They have words that are catchy and slowly catches on. David Susskind How would you answer the charge that all that disco music is kind of monotonous? Because it all sounds kind of the same? No, no, Chuck Rusinak it's not. It's not when I cue records, meaning I go from one record to another. I do my homework I do I use a metronome and I tempo out the beats and so on. It's all different. Like you have 90 beats to a record up to 130 beats to record. It varies. We have some slow disco and fast disco domestic European discos is very big now music machine Gene Robinson It only sounds the same to people that don't understand music. You know, people don't like classical music, but to them it all sounds the same but they don't understand the meaning what the song is about actually David Susskind right now let's talk about the chuck You could use the analogy between that and let's say a parent telling the child and all that rock sounds the same but the child you know the round the Rock sounds different. David Susskind Alright, let's talk about the dancing. The steps change who invents the steps? Alex Marchak by accident, you're fooling around. And you could just do something like that look sharp like, you David Susskind know, you're fooling around the funeral parlor. No, right? Victor Medina No at the Odyssey, well we fool around like on a Wednesday night, we'll go dance, hang out practice. All of us Diane Ludwig Pick up steps from other people. You watch other people dancing. You like that turns you sort of work it into your dance, right? Victor Medina Its all the same steps. Seven steps, seven steps seven. basic steps, your company's do your own thing, which your body was turning wise, David Susskind can you show us the seven steps if I take your mic off? Victor Medina Not me. Chuck can do it David Susskind Chuck. show us the seven basic steps. Oh you need her to Okay, take your mic off
TAPE_NUMBER: EN9927 IN_TIME: 10:29:55 LENGTH: 02:12 SOURCES: APTN/TV3 RESTRICTIONS: TV3 Pix = No Access Ireland, All No Access Internet FEED: SCRIPT: xfa Story: Posh-Beckham Wedding Location: Dublin Date: July 4 1999 It was billed as the wedding of the year. And certainly it was one of the most lucrative with a magazine paying a reported one million pounds sterling for exclusive rights to the event. And so it was that POSH SPICE VICTORIA ADAMS yesterday, July 4, married her football star boyfriend DAVID BECKHAM in a ceremony shielded away from the prying eyes of rival publications and the TV media. The Spice Girl wed England and Manchester United soccer hero David Beckham Sunday at a 15th century Irish castle. Victoria reportedly wore a diamond and gold coronet that outshone royalty. Just 29 close family and friends, including the three other members of the British pop group, Baby Spice Emma Bunton, Sporty Spice Melanie Chisholm and Scary Spice Melanie Brown, witnessed the wedding. Geri Halliwell, who quit the group 13 months ago, was not there. Instead she was performing at the charity Party In The Park event in London. A single white dove was released at the culmination of the ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle. Posh Spice - one of the architects of the girl power philosophy - stuck to her principles and did not pledge to "obey" the Manchester United player. After the ceremony the couple joined more than 230 guests - all asked to wear black or white - for the sumptuous wedding celebrations. Their baby son Brooklyn was also at the ceremony and with the couple throughout the evening. Details of the nuptials are a closely guarded secret to safeguard the lucrative contract with OK! Magazine. David 24, and Victoria 25, although young parents, have observed tradition by staying apart in the last hours before their wedding. His best man was fellow team member Gary Neville, and Victoria's bridesmaid was her sister Louise. No description of the bride's fabulous gown was given, apart from the fact that it is designed by American Vera Wang. An 18 piece orchestra was playing especially rehearsed numbers, including a Spice Girls medley. SIR ELTON JOHN, a close friend of the Spices, was due to attend and perform a few songs at the reception but fell ill. Earlier in the day Beckham relaxed with a game of golf with best man Gary Neville and two other friends. They hired two golf carts and played nine holes of the 75 par course on Sunday. A respectable swing was showed off by Beckham, who was wearing a black and white checked shirt, baggy grey pants and a baseball cap. In his last game as a single man Beckham was very cheerful and smiled and waved to the members of the press. A massive security ring including an air exclusion zone has been placed around the wedding. Only helicopters carrying the couple's guests to and from exclusive the castle outside Dublin were to be allowed to fly overhead according to an Irish Aviation Authority order. SHOTLIST: EXT LUTTRELLSTOWN CASTLE; VS CROWDS OUTSIDE CASTLE; VEHICLES GOING IN; SOT JUDITH LIPSEY, SPOKESWOMAN, SPICE GIRLS; DAVID BECKHAM PLAYING GOLF WITH FRIENDS (JULY 4TH); PERFORMANCE GERI HALLIWELL (JULY 4TH - PARTY IN THE PARK, LONDON); SOT THE CORRS (ON CHOICE OF VENUE); SOT RONAN KEATING; SOT BOY GEORGE PIX MAN CHESTER UNTD BOARDING BUSES OUTSIDE HOTEL - TV3 PIX - NO ACCESS IRELAND?
Interview with Halevi & B-Roll pt 2
Interview with Yossi Halevi as he drives his car and discusses his new book about a paratrooper in the Israeli army.,3:47:24 to 3:58:08>>>Halevi by his desk in-front of his computer, at times talking on the phone . shots of the view from Halevi's terrace. Halevi's home study. Halevi talking with his wife.,3:58:08 to 4:04:41>>>Halevi talking with his wife in the kitchen. Halevi in his home office on the computer. Shots of the view from Halevi's terrace. Halevi's children enter the house. Halevi and his children.,4:04:41 to 4:16:58>>>Halevi walking down the stairs from his apartment. Halevi in the car driving. Shots of the city streets from the car.,4:16:58 to 4:29:25>>>Halevi walking in the street. Halevi walking by the wall then into the old city. Halevi walking in the old city. Halevi explaining a map that is posted on the street.,4:05:48>>>,Halevi:,There is an event I need to cover for my book, I hope to catch it ..I'm doing a book about the paratroopers who fought in Jerusalem in1967. And one of the paratroopers is head of the movement to rebuild the temple.,Interviewer:,What's his name? ,Halevi:,Ariel, he's not from the Temple Mount faithful, hes from Machon Hamikdash. Machon Hamikdash is the organization that is recreating the ritual objects from the temple. And hes having an event today where they are going to be circling the temple mount. ,Interviewer:,When's that?,04:06:50>>>,Halevi:,Should be at about 5 in the Kotel plaza. What's interesting about the paratroopers who fought in Jerusalem is that the full range of political responses is contained within this group. So you have on the far right, I would say far right to far left. You have of course the settlers and the peace movement but you also have on the far right someone like this Ariel who's head of the Machon Hamikdash of this temple mount institute. And on the far left you have someone who sat in jail for collaborating with the Palestinians. ,04:07:47>>>,So you have a fantastic range of characters. And they all fought together in Jerusalem, right at the wall. ,Interviewer:,Are they all still friendly?,04:08:08>>>,Halvei:,Mixed, mixed you know I'd say that most of them have managed to transcend the political differences. But you certainly have some people there who won't talk to each other for political reasons. ,04:08:36>>>,So I felt it would be very good for the book to , just like you need a scene of me, I need a scene of him,Interviewer:,When is the book coming out?,04:08:45>>>,Halevi:,Not for at least another two years, maybe another three,Interviewer:,In English:,Halevi:,it'll be in English ,For sale in the U.S. It'll be published in the States. And I hope it will be translated into Hebrew. I very much want it to be. This guy is having trouble here,04:09:16>>>,People would be surprised that in Jerusalem we have problems with our cars, we have daily scheduling issues, we have tax issues, not everything is the situation. ,Interviewer:,Just that CNN shows..,04:09:36>>>,Halevi:,Really here's a poor guy who's not at all thinking of a Palestinian state-got to get his car going.,Interviewer:,You knew Isidore from childhood?,04:10:20>>>,Halevi:,Yea we were apparently in camp together. I kinda remember him, I mean we were kids, not exactly the same age. But I do remember him. I should have remembered the name Isidore. It's a great name.,Interviewer:,Where are you from originally?,04:10:46>>>,Halevi:,I'm from Brooklyn, a place called, a little village called Bourgh Park.,Interviewer:,Eyal gives his life story, you've all heard it, no need to transcribe it,Halevi:,And what did you do in the army?,Interviewer:,Eyal talks about the army,Halevi knows areas in Gaza,04:12:20>>>,Halevi:,You know an Israel band called Shaygiz? Great band, really a terrific band. They have a song called Halom hazeh masrich meh new york vad orfiayach. ,Interviewer:,What kind of music?,Halevi:,Good solid rock band.,They have another song, chayil shel meah shearim. Recites lyrics in hebrew..Great band.,04:13:04>>>,This area here is a very important part of my book, This is where the paratroopers fought. One block in, where that mosque is, you have the American consulate across the street. That was the street where one of the toughest battles of the Six Day War happened. And there's a memorial for the paratroopers across the street. And one of the reasons that I was drawn to doing this book on the paratroopers is because my daily life runs along the route of their war experience. We are about to turn into the street that's called paratrooper avenue, that runs along, opposite the gates of the Old City. And I live in a very real sense, I live in the consequences of 1967. ,04:14:16>>>,So its been this great experience for me, rediscovering that period, looking up people who now are of course in their late 50s, 60s. This is now paratrooper avenue , there's going to be a monorail in Jerusalem-,Interviewer:,How long have you been doing the research for the book for,04:15:55>>>,Halevi:,For the last year on and off, not intensively. I hope to put in a lot more work this coming year.,Interviewer:,You write for the New Republic?,Halevi:,Yes the New Republic,Parks car, walking,Halevi:,So what do you want to talk about?,Interviewer:,The last 6 months, since Abu Mazen, how life has changed-,04:17:39>>>,Halevi:,Well at the moment we're having a happy hudna(?). Everybody feels a lot more relaxed. I don't think too many people believe this is going to last. Let's cross the street. I think most people realize that the hudna doesn't have the substance to endure. And I think the reason for that is that Abu Mazen who doesn't have basically right approach, the right intentions, is either unable or unwilling. He's not ready to do the only the move that will make the process work, and that is to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. Israelis are, ,Israelis are ready to make a big move to resolve this, to make the major and traumatic concessions. But on one condition, and that is that we have some guarantee that we're not creating a terrorist state five minutes away from here. The only way that I personally would be willing to make those kinds of concessions and see to the creation of the Palestinian State would be if I knew that the Palestinians were also sacrificing something for this peace. It's not only going to be me who has to uproot settlements and withdraw and subject my society to the possible threat of civil war. I want to see their society go through the same kind of trauma because otherwise there won't be peace. and if Abu Mazen thinks he can somehow make this segue to a Palestinian state and bribe Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Arafat's militias into joining the Palestinian Police, the Palestinian army which is what hes talking about. Then he's either a fool or a liar. Because that won't bring the necessary conditions for an agreement. ,Films him walking..,04:23:25>>>,Halevi:,I should say something about Tisha B'av, is that necessary?,Well you know this book that I'm doing about the paratroopers is very much related to this fast day. This is the of tisha ba'av, the day when the temple in Jerusalem , which the Palestinians say never existed, was destroyed. And the return of the paratroopers to the old city , to the Western wall, was seen by many Jews at that time in 1967 as an undoing of Tisha ba'av, of the destruction of the temple. And I remember the first time I came to Israel, I was a 14 year old tourist from Brooklyn, and I came at the end of June 1967, a couple weeks after the war, and the atmosphere was so charged here in Israel, there was such a feeling of redemption. That summer, that tisha ba'av , I was with my cousin, my Israeli cousin and he said we don't have to fast anymore because the Kotel,the wall, is in our hands. And we both went, we went downtown, we bought falafel and broke the fast. And it was this sense of unlimited possibility, that we no longer had to mourn, that we no longer had to worry about an existential threat to the Jewish people. ,That was the feeling in 1967. Suffice to say that I fast now on Tisha ba'av and that sense of dread for the survival of the Jewish people is more intense probably than in any time for Jews since the 1940s. , ,04:26:33>>>,So tisha ba'av has once again become very relevant, very central, emotionally to the Israeli calendar, religious Jews.,I'd be very happy to give up on Tisha Ba'av. It's one of the Jewish..It's one of the holidays that I'd be happy to stop observing. For their no longer to be a need for tisha ba'av. ,04:27:30>>>,This is the Armenian quarter here, the entrance to the Armenian quarter. And I spent time here for the previous book that I wrote, which was a journey that I took into Islam and Christianity. And the Armenians are of course a community that are focused on genocide and survival. You can see over here, they've put up these maps of Armenian Genocide. ,What you feel in Jerusalem. In the Armenian quarter, to the Jewish quarter, to the Muslin quarter, to the Christian quarter is just how deep the suffering and the trauma goes in this city, its impossible to experience Jerusalem without moving from one people's trauma to the other and that's the tragedy of Jerusalem and its also the power of Jerusalem. ,04:28:58>>>,I have a friend of mine who wrote an essay about the quarters of Jerusalem and he made a very interesting point that there is essentially three peoples living in the old city of Jerusalem. The Jews, the Armenians, and the Palestinians . And all three of those peoples have known exile.
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4k video footage of a young couple having a conversation during a relaxing day at home
Be well. The boom of meditation and yoga
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
INTERVIEW BEGINS: David Susskind 0:01 Do you see an appreciable difference between old men after 60? Let's say, and younger men, given that the younger man can't afford prostitutes of your cost, to the extent that you see younger men, are they better? Worse, the same as the older men, "Melinda" (prostitute) 0:21 the older men seem to be more considerate. They've made their mark in the world, they've gotten over themselves, they know who they are, where they've been, and where they're going. The younger men are still trying to prove themselves, they have more insecurities, they have more hang ups, the older gentlemen are a lot more comfortable. They're much more relaxed, and they have more of an attitude of they want to have a good time. The younger fellas tend to have more hang ups in the older fellas do "Nina" (prostitute) 0:56 sure I would not want to greet six men a day, my age that we're interested in, you know, they're 25 or 27, or whatever. 30. And they're very young, macho, energetic and very sexual. I'm not interested them coming in and showing me all their tricks. I'm not interested in interested in them coming in there. And having sex with me for a full hour and saying, Well, geez, I still have 30 More seconds left. Let me continue. You know, I haven't reached my fifth orgasm. I'm not interested. What David Susskind 1:25 Are there such men? "Nina" (prostitute) 1:28 I can't rarely. I mean, really rarely. Do you want to scale? "Catherine" (prostitute) 1:36 What I don't like and I won't see a gentleman who has its attitude. That's important. You know, for me, if somebody comes in and says, Okay, you know, whore. What are you gonna? What are you going to give me for $100 or something? I'll tell the man that I'm not comfortable. I don't think this will work. And I'll ask him to leave. I am not about to subject myself to such abuse. The people that I see are very considerate, very kind, loving and warm. And I don't see those kinds of people. "Nina" (prostitute) 2:10 And if you do see them if they do want three or four releases fine. So they usually tell you upfront, hey, I have an incredibly high sexual level. Can you fulfill it or not? Yes, no. That's it. And goodbye. I don't waste time. That's all. Like for our particular situation, we charge one price. Here's the price here's we offer, do you want it yes or no goodbye. And you know, if you're on the street or something, then that's a whole different thing, which I'd like the gentleman who paid $12 an hour. First of all, I myself would not even lay my naked body or anything else done close body down in a place that was $12 an hour period. That's my outlook on it. But if someone just wants to release, yes, I David Susskind 2:48 Nina, if a man wanted a triple release, if he wanted oral sex if he wanted missionary sex. And if he wanted a fantasy fulfilled, and he could accomplish it all within 60 minutes, would you go along with that? "Nina" (prostitute) 3:02 If he knew his body that well and knew that he could be completed? Yes, sure. Because it really doesn't happen that often. So what is the big deal of if? Four times a year man can climax three or maybe four times which I don't think I've ever seen anyone? 21 year old guy who could climax four times in an hour less than David Susskind 3:23 Damn him "Nina" (prostitute) 3:25 They're a bit more rare, though. He was. But that four times was induced with heavy heavy fantasies in involvement session, I mean, heavy fantasy. So that's David Susskind 3:39 What's a heavy fantasy? "Nina" (prostitute) 3:41 A heavy fantasy might be a man who requires three to four, three quart enemas per hour. David Susskind 3:49 Oh, listen, "Nina" (prostitute) 3:51 You wanted it, I gave it to you. David Susskind 3:54 to do most men? You've not my question, right? Do most men that come to you come from the condition of marriage. In other words, they're not single men, because there's a lot of sex out there in the single world "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:08 75% of my clientele is married. 25% is single, approximately David Susskind 4:14 same thing for you "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:16 approximatly "Nina" (prostitute) 4:16 fairly Yes. David Susskind 4:18 And their major complaint in their marriage is that it's too boring. Or it's too, there may be one dimensional "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:25 Too one dimensional that's a good way to describe it. There may be sexual activities they would like to indulge in that their wives would not like to indulge in David Susskind 4:33 Are there fantasies or sexual activities that you forbid, you will have no part of "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:38 I will not get involved with any sort of domination David Susskind 4:42 beating "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:43 that's correct David Susskind 4:43 whipping? "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:44 That's correct, David Susskind 4:45 right. "Catherine" (prostitute) 4:45 I don't I don't know either. I mean, if somebody wants, whatever, An emena I mean, I don't. That's not my clientele. David Susskind 4:51 Do you have any latent fear of violence. I mean, these are strangers. Maybe though you don't care because you will for the money. participating, but "Nina" (prostitute) 5:00 I will participate. Not I won't participate in violence per se. I'm not going to participate in anything that hurts me, or that hurt someone if someone has a fantasy. If you have a fantasy of having your nipples pinched, I'm not going to bite them off. I'm not going to put a pin in them for Christ's sakes. I'm going to just do what you said. I'm not going to carry anyone's fantasy farther than it is if whether being gardeners or what have you. Of course, there's no of course there's crime, I do a tremendous amount of alcohols I do a tremendous amount of hotel work. Yes, there is That danger of finding a lunatic when I when a criminal a bank robber can afford $1,000 Day suite at a very reputable hotel. And I do serve as only the reputable hotels and in New York City. Fine, but there is that risk of a man just going to kill me for no other reason than he just doesn't like my looks or whatever reason. But so what I could be killed crossing the street tomorrow. So why am I going to worry about these things? "Melinda" (prostitute) 5:58 After a while you hone your intuition to a very, very fine point. And if I'm not comfortable with someone when they walk in the door, I'll ask them to leave also. In addition to which I have a very large trained German Shepherd, who will go on command, and fortunately, I have never, ever had to use him. David Susskind 6:20 Then you got a husband and the next room course. I mean, you could always say Tom. Well, that is when you come in. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:26 That isn't the key word. But yes, I do have a key word. Of course, I'd call the police immediately if I had a problem. Oh, yes. Oh, absolutely. I'm not going to let myself get there. David Susskind 6:34 You say that the secret of good sex is not a loving companionship caring relationship. The secret of good sex is just good sex. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:42 Yes. David Susskind 6:43 Without any emotional basis at all. "Nina" (prostitute) 6:46 in most cases, yes. Yes. David Susskind 6:49 have you ever fallen in love with a client. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:51 No, no. I become very attached to clients insofar as I like them very, very, very much and feel very close to them to fall in love. No, David Susskind 7:01 Do you feel you've gotten an equal break tonight. I mean, have you answered every thing you wanted to with respect to the show on John's? "Catherine" (prostitute) 7:09 Pretty much I just David Susskind 7:11 should John's be prosecuted "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:13 if they're going to prostitute the prostitutes yes David Susskind 7:17 If they prosecute prostitutes, they should prosecute John. "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:21 Yes. David Susskind 7:23 Right. "Nina" (prostitute) 7:23 Or vice versa. David Susskind 7:24 Do you feel that you got equal time and a fair shake tonight? "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:28 Pretty much so Yes. "Nina" (prostitute) 7:29 Very much so Yes. David Susskind 7:29 Anything else you want to say? "Nina" (prostitute) 7:30 I know that I just I'm not here for myself to to fight for prostitution to be legalized. I'm just here for it to be possibly criminal to say that it's not that we're also to say that prostitution is not bad. It's that I am not a loser. I have been to college, we have all been to college. Many, many women have been to college, many women are have doctorates. So and also our clientele are not losers, whether they be women on the streets. I know many women streets who are very well educated and pick up a very upper echelon clientele. So they're not losers by any social standard. David Susskind 8:09 But you're being hookers can't be the object of a fine education. I mean, you were trained to be an accountant "Nina" (prostitute) 8:16 sure we have a master's degree in homan nature, I can assure you. David Susskind 8:19 Masters degree in human nature "Catherine" (prostitute) 8:21 I've always loved psychology, one of the things I wanted to maybe get into would be social work. The problem was I said, Why deal with this negative aspect of people? You know, I mean, I'm not gonna be able to help these people or do anything that I want to do you know what I mean, that don't have any money, the poor the ghetto. I mean, I said, there's gonna depress me. So what I did is I got involved with sales jobs or people oriented jobs. I've always been people oriented. And this is no different than that. This is a it's a service. It's a business. David Susskind 8:52 But you're using prostitution as a social instrument to better the human race. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:02 In many situations, you have to give to someone no matter who it is you yourself. You have to answer to someone. I have to answer to someone you have to answer to somebody. It doesn't matter who it is, whether it's Uncle Sam, no matter who you have to do some sort of prostituting one way or the other. We do it in a sexual way. Weprostitute ourselves sexually. You may not David Susskind 9:24 Would you want your daughters to be prostitutes. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:26 Well, if she did I tell you I would definitely make sure she's doing it the right way. If that was her decision, I was not able to talk her out of it and that she was just formed. That's her decision. Fine. Well, let me tell you something, she better be doing it the right way. And she better be doing it is as good as I have a better that's I would just lend her help. My parents are very well educated. David Susskind 9:48 Do They know what you do. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:49 I would think yes, David Susskind 9:50 the answer is no "Nina" (prostitute) 9:53 I would think they do David Susskind 9:53 your parents know? "Catherine" (prostitute) 9:54 no. David Susskind 9:55 Your parents know "Melinda" (prostitute) 9:56 no. David Susskind 9:57 Okay. "Catherine" (prostitute) 9:59 Simply because it is illegal simply because prostitution has been kind of dropped all together prostitution is bad it's ugly. It's dirty. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:09 They always told me Honey Don't give it away make him pay for it if they're gonna you know and he let me tell you David Susskind 10:16 Yeah but he was talking about a good marriage, he wasn't thinking a good hooking? "Nina" (prostitute) 10:19 How do you know? David Susskind 10:20 Cause Daddy's from Alabama? "Nina" (prostitute) 10:22 Daddy is very well educated and Daddy knows what in the heck he's talking about. David Susskind 10:26 Daddy will break down. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:28 Daddy says Don't be a whore don't slut yourself around. I mean, you know, get you know I'm doing I am single, I'm doing the same thing that the acceptable girls are doing. The only thing is the passing of the dollar. That's it. In my opinion. "Melinda" (prostitute) 10:39 They get paid to dinner in the theater. We paid in cash. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:43 I have been to these sexual retreats and what have you had been the sexual Hangouts these discoteques and things where they do allow sex sexual activity going on. I have seen women my age or any age or anything, having sex are five and six and 10 men for nothing, but they're fine. They're very acceptable. David Susskind 11:01 But nobody says they're fine. They're sick. Those people "Catherine" (prostitute) 11:03 listen. No, no. I was I was married for eight years. When I got divorced. I went through withdrawal almost from I needed somebody to be with the warm a touch anything. What I did is I went out bars on Friday and Saturday nights in search of somebody to be with I not necessarily Well, the sex but to be naked to be held in bed. And I went and gave it away. I think I had more intercourse over those couple of years. Looking for a companion, some company some affection. I gave it away for free. Now, I do it, but I'm getting paid for it. "Nina" (prostitute) 11:45 That's the only difference the only thing David Susskind 11:48 that's what your daddy talking talked about sloughing around. Don't you see you come to the ultimate Sluttery. "Nina" (prostitute) 11:54 It's not the ultimate Slattery. David Susskind 11:56 Yeah, because you're selling it "Nina" (prostitute) 12:00 and selling it. David Susskind 12:02 Yeah, "Nina" (prostitute) 12:02 well, I am selling it. But David Susskind 12:06 at an outrageous price "Nina" (prostitute) 12:07 Everyone sells herself whether it be an outrageous price or whether it be a cheap price, it doesn't matter that your prerogative. I set my standards. And I know like the man who goes to the $12 place to have a sexual release. Those women set the price at $12. And those women let me tell you don't even get $12 they get five or $6 at a 50 or 60% of the cut off of that. $12. So the girl who prostitute herself for $5 is no different from me who prostitute myself for $100 an hour. David Susskind 12:36 No one is paying just 5 dollars. Pakistan is $5 "Melinda" (prostitute) 12:40 Oh, no, no, no, you can go to a $10 massage parlor down in the village. And that girl gets $5 You're only there 10 minutes only there 10 minutes and all you get is a hand job David Susskind 12:53 is there. Is there a look of stupidity about him? Or? "Nina" (prostitute) 12:57 No, of course not. What if you walked into a place where there be a look of stupidity about you? I mean, what if you just went out of curiosity? If you're a newscaster? Is there a look of stupidity about you? When you walk in "Melinda" (prostitute) 13:07 Your hair wouldn't fall out. You wouldn't get pimples. You wouldn't get hair on the palms of your hand. David Susskind 13:13 You wouldn't walk with a limp and you wouldn't go blind "Melinda" (prostitute) 13:15 wouldn't have a big red a on your forehead. Nobody would know "Nina" (prostitute) 13:17 And also another thing I'd like to bring out which it reminds me of your last John hour all women are not pimped out. You said that three times in your last interview. If all women are pimped out, you said, Aren't you aware these women are pimped out quote unquote, aren't you don't you know, these women are pimped out you said, let me ask you something. How do you know? If you know all these women are pimped out? Tell me because I don't know what David Susskind 13:42 you mean under the control of pimps "Nina" (prostitute) 13:44 Under the control of pimps. I've never even met a pimp. David Susskind 13:47 Not women operating out of their apartments the way you do. "Nina" (prostitute) 13:51 I've operated on the street David Susskind 13:52 You've operated on the streets "Nina" (prostitute) 13:52 sure it doesn't matter on Park Avenue, right by the reputable hotels, right in the center of town. What is the matter? I have? No I don't have a pinp. Do you see any big man around and as you as you think everybody thinks a pimp is a big black man or anyone. I don't even have a boyfriend or anybody. So there's nobody around me. David Susskind 14:11 You're a tribute to American capitalism. "Nina" (prostitute) 14:17 Women do women. There are women like ourselves who just want to do our own thing. It doesn't matter who just want to have a career and not be hassled for it. And there's nothing the matter with us. And there's nothing the matter with a man who patronize us. And we are not owned and we are not slaves. You know and where I came from, the masters are not black. So I don't even think of Pimps in this way them end up in north all of a sudden it's all turned around the masters of pimps and pimps are black down south. It's the masters of whiten the slaves are black. So I don't even think of these. I never met a pimp. I have never met a pimp. I did. I didn't know it. Okay, so all these women are not pimped out whether they're on the street. I've met some gorgeous women on the street. And of course they're not pimps. I don't know so often, and they're very well educated. Some women prefer to work on the street. It's something we're done in life because of the stuff that we're going through to, to be talking to a man for an hour. I know a lot of very well educated women that can't waste their time. You know, they don't want to know anything about them. And vice versa. If a man is on his lunch hour for 15 20 minutes, half an hour, he doesn't want to know, he doesn't want to tell you all his problems. He doesn't want to know all your problems or whatever David Susskind 15:26 your frequently a man's lunch "Nina" (prostitute) 15:31 If that be the occasion, yes David Susskind 15:31 It's better than a sandwich I guess "Nina" (prostitute) 15:31 It Absolutely is. David Susskind 15:36 Better than a ham and cheese at your desk. "Melinda" (prostitute) 15:39 Defintely "Nina" (prostitute) 15:39 Much David Susskind 15:40 Anyway, I hope you're satisfied that you got your reply, John. "Nina" (prostitute) 15:44 Sure Yes. Thank you very much. "Melinda" (prostitute) 15:45 Thank you. David Susskind 15:46 I don't really quite understand your psyches. "Nina" (prostitute) 15:51 And vice versa. We don't understand yours. David Susskind 15:54 Well, that's America. You've been terrific guests. You've been forthcoming. And you've been quite candid. And thank you very much. And I hope you enjoyed it. We'll be back with more show.
FTG FOR STEVE OSUNSAMI WNT CS VO ON MISSING UVA STUDENT / EXT BROLL BUILDING WHERE SUSPECT LIVED / INT W/ LANDLADY ON SUSPECT NY INTERPLAY SLUG: TVU4 MISSING UVA STUDENT MON FRANCIS LEE-VANDELL , LANDLADY How long have you owned these apartments? 161016 Almost 8 years. Did you say he was a sweet guy? 1023 He was being real sweet, that when Thursday night I thought it was unusual, but he was sweet I mean he has been more relaxed now that he's gotten roommates. Two roommates in the second bedroom, so that was much better. 1052 Well, he was really sweet on Thursday it was almost unusual. How is he normally? 1100 Well, I don't think he particularly wants to say 'oh I owe you more rent' but he'll say 'oh yeah, sure'. Was he behind on his rent, or was he up to date? 1109 Well, I don't think he was very clear. He kept- he doesn't keep track of things very well. What could you tell us about him? 1123 He's 33 years old, right. Works at the hospital. 1138 I mean, I don't know where the girl is, or what happened I'm just as shocked as everyone else. 1200 BROLL of the apartment building- shots of the apartment door. 1445 Exterior shots of the building FRANCIS LEE-VANDELL , LANDLADY 1529 Jesse Matthew was living here and he took in tenants, two people a couple and he had a dog named Popcol (sp?). The plants here, were on the back patio also. How would you describe him? 1552 He made a special effort to be watching football a lot and he was close to his family, is very close to his first cousin which is much younger. And um, and he was pleased that he had had a promotion at the hospital to the emergency room. He lifts patients to the emergency. 1619 Nice guy. He would fuss about things he wanted. He would speak with some hesitancy, but always said it pretty firmly. He wanted this, he wanted that. Thursday night, I was talking about rent to him, this past Thursday and he was so sweet about it and said, 'I'm going to pay you'. and I said, 'don't you think you should check with your bank to make sure?' 1650 And um, he was really kind. Did he get along with his neighbors? 1655 Yes, he did. Got along with his neighbors. They may not be talking but he did. Are you surprised that's he's- 1712 I'm surprised and I'm shocked and you know I'm just waiting to see what happens. I don't have a feeling about it. 1724 When he moved here he had a girlfriend. That's right. But she left and that made the expenses a little bit high. Now this girl that's missing have you ever seen her? 1736 No. I can't believe there's a connection prior to them meeting. 1813 His father was really nice to me, Friday night. Told me how he was. He's a family person, close to his family. When you spoke with him Thursday, did you encourage him to- 1838 I didn't know anything about this until Friday. People called me Friday afternoon 1854 He was nicer than normal. You haven't heard from him since then? No. BROLL 1619 Francis' car pulls away. 1948 Wide shot of building 2040 Nice single shot of window, slow push in. 2105 '164' building number. Tight shot. Authorities in Virginia are searching for a man believed to be the last person seen with a University of Virginia student before she disappeared Sept. 13 in Charlottesville. Jesse Matthew is wanted for misdemeanor reckless driving. He has not been charged with the disappearance of 18-year-old Hannah Graham. Police say Matthew recklessly sped off from the Charlottesville police station Saturday after stopping by and asking for an attorney.
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The survey: French retirees in Portugal, the end of the eldorado
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Mid adult gay couple playing with their pug lying down on rug at home
Mid adult gay couple playing with their pug lying down on rug at home.
South Korea Reunion - Soldier released by North Koreans is reunited with his family
TAPE: EF03/1154 IN_TIME: 01:09:28 DURATION: 2:24 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Seoul - 26 Dec 2003 SKOREA REUNION 261203N SHOTLIST 1. Jun Yong-il, who was captured during the Korean war and held by North Korea for the past 50 years, walking into a meeting room and hugging family members who live in South Korea 2. Pan from photographers to Jun and his family 3. Medium of Jun and his younger sister 4. Wide shot of Jun's younger sister and her husband bowing on their knees 5. Close up of Jun Yong-il 6. UPSOUND (Korean) Jun Yong-il, Former South Korean soldier: "Sister, God let me live this long so that I can see you again." 7. Tilt down from Jun to his older sister 8. Close up of a Jun's younger sister crying 9. Family bowing 10. Close up a Jun's older sister 11. UPSOUND (Korean) Jun Boon-yi, Jun's younger sister: "I am so happy and relaxed to see your face. Now I have no worries." 12.Tilt up from hands to Jun's face 13. Wide shot of Jun's family posing for photo. STORYLINE: A South Korean soldier who was held in North Korea for 50 years returned to his home country for an emotional reunion with his family on Friday. Wearing a black felt hat and striped silk tie, Jun Yong-il walked into the Defense Ministry room where officials arranged a brief reunion with his two sisters, brother and nephew. After 50 years apart, 72-year-old Jun did not immediately recognise his younger sister Boon-yi. Boon-yi, who is now 57, was just a toddler when Jun last saw her before joining South Korea's military during the 1950-53 Korean War. Jun apologised and told his tearful sister: "God helped me remain healthy enough to live this long so that I could see you again." Jun's 65-year-old brother, Soo-il, kneeled down on the floor and made a deep bow to his brother. His older sister, 78-year-old Yong-mok told Jun his mother had talked about him often up until she died. Upon landing in South Korea on Wednesday, the gray-haired man proudly said he had never forgotten he was a South Korean soldier. Jun joined the South Korean army in 1951 and was captured by Chinese troops who fought alongside North Korean forces in the Korean War. In June, he reportedly fled North Korea by swimming across the river-border with China. He was then arrested with an unidentified female companion in eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou in November while trying to board a flight to South Korea with forged passports. Until his arrest in China, the South Korean government had counted him off as killed in action for half a century. After lengthy diplomatic negotiations, China allowed the couple to fly to South Korea on Christmas Eve. South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun hailed it "a precious Christmas present." While China has a treaty with Pyongyang obliging it to send home fleeing North Koreans, it routinely lets them leave if their cases become publicly known. The fighting between the two Koreas stopped in 1953 but the North and South are still technically at war after the conflict ended in an armistice, not a peace treaty. Jun is the latest of more than 30 South Korean prisoners of war who have managed to escape the North since 1994, as the communist country relaxed control over the movements of its hunger-stricken populace. The aging POW's return galvanises South Korea's resolve to pursue the fate of at least 300 others still believed to be held in the North. Efforts to bring the forgotten soldiers home have made little progress, as Pyongyang denies holding any POWs. Details of Jun's life in North Korea were not yet known. He is going through a two-month debriefing by South Korean authorities. Jun, who was a private first class when captured, is expected to be promoted to staff sergeant before being formally discharged from the military. He could get up to 334,000 US dollars in unpaid salary and other compensation. Soo-il said he was proud of his elder brother and wished that the Defense Ministry would release him soon.
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4k video footage of a young couple using a laptop on the sofa at home
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France. Heat alert
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
ACL-3027 Digibeta; Beta SP